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    Recipe for getting through a panic attack

    One, 1 tbsp of a day where everything seems fine
    Two, 5 tbsp of the perception of a threat or stress
    Three, 2 tbsp of a racing brain
    Four, 7 tsp of the anticipation of exposure to certain situations again
    Five, 3 tsp of the situations becoming cues or triggers

    After Simmering for 5 mins on low heat, add

    Five, 2 tbsp of a feeling of intense fear and anxiety
    Six, 1 tbsp of discomfort and chest pains
    Seven, 1 tbsp of feeling unsteady, lightheaded and faint
    Eight, 1 tsp of the feeling of unreality and detachment from self
    Nine, 1 tsp of numbness, palpitations and pounding heart
    Ten, 2 tbsp of feeling a shortness of breath and smothering
    Eleven, 1 tbsp of trembling, shaking and sweating
    Twelve, 1 tbsp of choking and fear of losing control
    Thirteen, 1 tbsp of severe nausea
    Fourteen, 1 tbsp of feeling like dying and going crazy
    Fifteen, 1 tsp of everything going hazy

    During these 10-20 mins try adding the below given list for improving the recipe .....

    Sixteen, 5tbsp of deep and mindful breathing
    Seventeen, 2 tbsp of becoming aware of your body
    Eighteen, 2 tbsp of progressive muscle relaxation
    Nineteen, 2 tbsp of thinking calming thoughts/ visualisation
    Twenty, 1 tsp of anti depressant/ anti anxiety medication

    Stir and remove from stressful situation
    Once simmering ends, serve immediately
    (Avoid further stress triggers and anxiety)


    24th of October, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- No 69 by amoc777 on deviant art

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