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  • caramella 2d

    Unfold ❤

    Gone are the days we did not know mistakes, regrets, bad experiences and dark energy...
    As this journey of life continues we are forced to go through all the trauma regardless.
    "Growing up is a scam" someone would say yet its supposed to be the most beautiful thing ...
    The question still stands " if given a chance to change events or to experience things better, would you do it? And what would it be?" Personally I would love to erase most of it because bad decisions Have been made and bad things have happened but without those things I wouldn't have been this person I am.
    Our past does not define us, never!
    What ever we didn't do right was a lesson in disguise. You learnt the hard way. Though the hard way isn't always the right way... all that can be changed. Its not history if you are still living it. It can never be a past if you still dwell on it. Leave the past were it belongs. IN THE PAST! we are not perfect neither are we made to be. You define perfect...you are a reflection of your own definition of perfection. You define life never let life define you.you are the center piece of it all.
    The goal is to be happy. A positive mindset is the best way to start. Self love follows suit and the ability to spread the love is made easier...
    God got us. Him at your center, you're beyond indestructible...
    Be happy,you deserve it and let God's plan lead

  • realityvision 4w

    Physical World vs Inner World
    #physical #inner #world #realityvision #quotes

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    Physical World Vs Inner World

    Physical and inner world is quiet different, doing exercise physically is difficult, sitting is easy, same thing inside your mind is reverse, thinking on something either useful or useless is easy, keeping your mind thoughtless, clam without thinking anything is difficult, work more in physical world, think less in inner world to gain more in life. Have a nice day

  • puzzledgirl 6w

    There’s a shadow that takes me back
    To its hollow dark caves
    Of insecurity, fear and anxiety.
    It is stronger than a magnetic attraction
    No matter how hard I try to escape it
    I can’t help but get dragged by its
    Deadly dark claws of sadness.
    The medicines don’t work
    The songs are unable to invade inside
    I swim across an ocean of emptiness
    Spiralling back into a black hole of complete oblivion.

    They ask me to start the day with meditation
    Decorate it with sparkles of joy
    Paint the walls of the heart with rainbows and unicorns
    Think of all the good in the world
    Walk with eyes wide open
    Feel as if there’s no pain.
    Just when the wind starts playing violin in air
    Just when my lips make the biggest arc ever
    Just when I finally feel alive
    A shadow of darkness looms over my thoughts
    Again I’m shackled with chains of destruction
    Anxiety takes over the horizon of my mind
    I stumble over the perils of fear
    Wondering if I’m still there
    Wandering in the dark woods of deadly thoughts.

    There’s a war going on inside my head
    The world of reasons is at war with
    The world of detrimental consternation
    I’m torn between these two worlds
    Trying my best to fathom what’s true
    Trying my best to pick words from the cacophony
    To throw away all these gloomy presumptions
    That are keeping me drowned
    In the ocean of melancholy.

    I fight with my inner demons of doom
    I reason with all the negative thoughts
    But the dark forces always smile in the end
    I hear their roaring laughter
    Trying to strangulate my throat
    With the fetters of trepidation
    And I’m back to where I started
    Drowning in the pool of sadness
    Flying in the sky of eternal void.

    #depression #mental #health #stigma #inner #world #sadness #melancholy #pain #selflove

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  • crystalsky 8w

    I am in pain,
    Outside I act fine
    But till how much should I go on...

  • todd_towers 8w


    In slow halting jolts
    The truth unfolds in cold light
    I forgot myself

  • madmans_diary 10w

    Dear special one ,
    I have decided to stay silent
    even with the opportunity speak

    For, I don't have any option to console you
    if my words would break your heart

  • windsor 14w

    Maybe we should let the mirror tell him

    Tempers rise at the sight of his fate
    And though the fear seems Immaculate
    He pushes on
    Did you think our hope was for nothing
    I promise it wasn't. It's all meant something
    Hold on to Eden and the night that scares
    Cherish what was learned,
    and what still remains far from a reverence
    Where does this man's paragraph begin
    When he's trying to explain,
    Or when he finally realizes
    that his goodbye from. this life
    Will be the best of his existence

  • dozeofthoughts 14w

    In the end, one's own Mental health and Inner peace matters most, than anything else!

  • hallgd 16w

    Inner warmth

    The sun shines brightly
    but my face feels the chilled air
    Warmth is found within

  • ami12345 18w

    Little self

    O my darling ,do not shed your worthy tears
    Because after going through the dark
    There is light
    Each and every moment are the best moment
    Which should be treasured in the treasures
    O my darling, do not fear the struggle
    That are waiting for you
    Always remember, there will be time
    where you will spread your wings
    To fly
    Do not worry about the failure you face
    Remember not every prize deserves you
    We wear ornaments very easily
    But do we know ,how much that precious stone
    As gone through to be our jewellery
    Every thing happens with a reason
    Everything has a cause and effect
    Don't worry about the future
    Your future will depend on our present
    Make each and every moment so beautiful
    That you can wear it till the last day as ornament
    O my darling,let go of the worries
    Now enjoy each moment of life.
    Sometimes the wounds are so deep
    It takes time to heal
    But my darling always remember that
    Your wounds are your teaching
    That will make your life beautiful.
    The path that you will go through
    Is never a straight path
    O my darling ,always smile at any circumstances
    Because that's what a warrior do
    At the time of struggles

  • eusmaph 21w

    My Father And I

    Is it wrong for me to want
    To protect my innocence?
    My child-like beliefs?
    The magic that shine in my eyes...
    And you having lost them
    Is it wrong that I want
    To continue holding on to my beliefs?

    Why is believing in this little fantasy
    Such a joke for others?
    Does me believing mean I have not grown?
    Or does it make you covetous
    That I haven't lost my inner child

    True! I am stuck in one of those many Transparent glass baubles
    That hang on your Christmas tree
    Yes, I am protected from
    the cold harsh wind outside
    I am not pierced by biting cold
    Yet to make this glass bauble
    Even I had to bear some heat
    And some pokes

    You talk of the cold season outside
    The harsh cold freezing
    winds of the tropical
    And I talk of the heat on
    the deserts of the same latitude

    Why is it then that your
    words aim to beat the
    innocence out of me
    Why can't I hold on to my
    little fantasy of shooting stars, christmas magic
    And winter wonder!!!

    My mind travels depths
    that I can't comprehend
    Because your words
    hurt me as such
    But I still wonder
    Is it just the way you care?
    Maybe this is not your jealousy
    Maybe it is you showing your love
    Under the hidden layers of being a grinch

    Maybe you poke at my glass bauble
    And break my little fantasy
    So that when others break my bauble
    I am not so deeply hurt
    So that it won't be tough to get up again
    So that I rise like the rising sun
    And the immortal phoenix

    And you always can continue standing
    In the corner
    With the softest smile
    Eyes so proud
    Because I am receiving the award of a lifetime!

    Is this what it is, appa?


  • poojachoudharydedha 26w


    I want free from fake relations ...do u help me god??

  • missdontknowwhattofeel 34w

    Simple joy

    I saw a balloon today
    It brought out the child in me
    I try to buy it for myself
    But had no change to offer the balloon man
    A friend saw and gave the money
    And later said 'keep the balloon as a gift from me'


  • theone07 35w

    Time to begin...

    Jotting down the last pages is always a dilemma as the contents which will lead to prequel or sequal is pre-decided.
    And there is no last moment discoveries, it's the silver linings that were postponed and were earlier looked as extremism.

  • _flow_of_words_ 38w

    Can hatred be fake???

    Why does your every emotion feels fake these days?

    Love turns out to be fake, but can hate be fake too?

    If hatred is real, then why can't I hate you with all my heart?

    Why am I willing to do everything for you if some part of me is trying to hate the worst part of you?

    Does not able to hate some parts of you count in being fake?

    Maybe what you did for me is too much for letting me ignore how the things got worsened. Maybe you were too good for someone like me, but was I too bad for you?

    Was it too hard for you to accept the worst part of me?

    Why can't I hate you the way you hate me?

    Am I too good for you? Or are you too good for yourself that you can't even see the wrong deeds you did? Or was I too bad for you?

    Why can't I just accept the fact that you just don't like the worst part of me and move on with my life just the way you did?

    In all these bundles of questions, the main question still remains unanswered; why can't I hate you with all my heart just the way you started hating me after knowing the worst parts of me? Or you just don't like me for who I am? 

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 27 August 2021 @00:19 hrs IST

  • alekya_gsnvl 39w

    The early morning rain hit differently today
    Wrapping myself up in a cozy blanket
    Tip-toeing into the kitchen for a cup of coffee
    I sat by the window debating my thoughts
    Trying to catch up on life after a long while

  • flame_ 45w

    Umm..skip (^^)#inner monologue

    I remain in oblivion most of the times...
    I do not know what is happening around me...
    Just drinking the loneliness with reading the empty pages of darkness...
    Which is again the source of light !!

    I sink in the blank state of my mind,
    Where I lose the capability of thinking and comprehending,
    Or analyzing and differentiating stuffs,
    All appeal similiar to me as mind stops working !

    Sometimes I find them colourful..
    Other times,colourless...dry....pricking the heart and mind,
    A storm of frustrations like enrages,
    Out of the blue thought encages,
    Aah....okay..let us keep moving....
    Till we find ourselves truly����

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  • seiana23 45w

    Hopefully you can connect ♾♾
    #personality #inner-voice #disguise

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    Heaven Can’t Take me Back

    Oh well, there you are, what do you plan to be today? The nice one or the mean one?
    Do as you please , said the mirror,
    I chose the nice one, smiling brightly
    Hiding all the scars.
    Help? You don’t need it, you have us,
    A thousand shades of yourself;
    With a countless personalities to merge, said again the mirror…
    Why do I prefer them over the others?
    They are me, with my conscience,
    They won’t judge or blame me,
    Neither they think of me as nuisance..
    After all they are a part of me,
    Created by every wound inflicted upon me,
    Each of them survive, within me, with a smile one their faces,
    Shielding the whimpering ME, out of messes,
    What? You gotta be nice. You chose me today after all,
    Yeah I know,
    In the end I chose not to fall.
    Heaven can’t take me back,
    Cause it’s the real ME that I lack…

  • shimmery_vibe 47w


    Water is salty still bearable,
    Mud is swampy still Swimmable,
    Ocean gave birth to many like me,
    Many with fins, yet is without breeze;
    Tho I am someone known as GOLD,
    I am no Shark neither a Black Moor,
    I get less life but little am I found on shore,
    But place which is and would always be mine,
    Gives my name a very delicate, beautiful shine;
    no shark, no whale, neither king, nor tail can be named after GOLD;
    as it is just something for which, I AM VERY WELL KNOW.


  • wise_man 49w


    Is it something we can buy or is it something we can achieve?
    I don't really know what it is to be free
    Because even if i achieve physical freedom,
    My mind in someones cage.
    Can i be really be free?