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  • madinah_writes 2w


    These memories are driving me insane,
    like oozing dark clouds before rain.
    Home in ruins, nothing feels certain.
    With actions and deeds, as easy as it seems, I can't abstain.
    Today is another day filled with scares to obtain
    Why does it hurt this much? Again and again?
    Why do I complain?
    When all of me have gone insane?
    How do I abstain from these memories that keep me in chains?
    Why am I insane?


  • sugandh_ankahi 7w


    I am unreasonable.
    I throw net to catch shooting stars , and send dandelion seeds to its fairy .
    I look for universe in a marble and keep shining pebbles .
    I write my letters with invisible ink and
    present sand castles to air .
    Yet the most unreasonable of all is
    I cry for things that are not even there .

  • _desaiagraja 8w

    JoKeR [ಠಿ_ಠಿ]

    Have you ever felt so lonely,
    That, Even your thoughts leaves you alone.

    But still you continue to jump and ski,
    With that fake vertical smile on.
    As you fall from the swings so high,
    The audience laughes at their peak
    Wondering in the sky...

    Because you are the joker,
    Joking around like a mediocre,
    And they are the voters,
    Judging you like you're insane.
    Who cares of that heart breakers
    Cause you did the best you can...

  • unquiet_spirit 12w


    Inside a maze
    Solving puzzles
    Unlocking doors
    Some pieces are missing
    How long
    Till I'm stuck
    In this freedom

    Came a note
    Flying through the walls
    "What you seek
    Is within you"

    "Within me?"
    I laughed
    "Isn't this maze too? "

    My mind, my maze
    My heart, my puzzles
    Those doors, my escape
    My soul is missing
    How long till
    I'm stuck
    In this freedom

    This maze's my safe
    From the reality I breathed
    Reluctantly for days.

    The force is gravitating around me
    Pulling me back to where I belong

    I'm holding on
    to be alive
    This world
    calls me insane

    Insane is the world
    That calls itself
    A place to live in.


  • vishalbeaster 16w

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    Eh Munde Paagal Ne Saare  Gallan Waddi’an Wadde Laare  Umar Di Hauli Adiye Tu  Ni Bach Ke Reh 

  • _barbie__ 17w

    Meri zindagi ek kore kaagaz ki tarah hai
    Koi chaahkr bhi pdh nhi skta

  • stellaire_mystique 18w

    *Maybe I Am Too High To Be Low On Myself*

    I get these insane anxiety about every thing in my life these days....maybe because everything feels so relatable....that I feel like...this has become a part of me....just pondering around with no strings attached....

  • b_gotti 19w

    Tragically Forsaken

               She wears my role like a crown, I watch her ascend. When, while it was mine, we all nearly drown. In the end, I couldn't face putting my son in the ground. So ashes to ashes we all fall down. 

               Into the madness I boldly go. Yes I am a crazy bitch, but this you already know. I am told my reality is not, but a glitch . My kindness for weakness the final blow. Dealing with the cards I have been dealt has given me a twitch. So to cope With emotions I flipped the switch.

                Cold as ice, it is now time to think twice. Emotions now gone my tongue will surely slice. Like a knife straight to the heart, it will rip you apart. The will to care dead from the start. Misery shoots out from my very existence like a dart.

                I see the pain i should feel and try to remain sane, but inside my brain is a black stain. Where nothing is gained. Just darkness scattered by the rain. My emotions stay detained waiting for any control I can regain then actually retain.

                Hours to days then days to weeks. When I finally clear the haze, my outlook is bleak. The ones who are around me seem dazed and weak. Obviously, a battle's been fought and not without high cost. Surrender was sought, but now I am just lost. To the wind caution was tossed.

                 Now alone I stand in my own blood. Blood that soaked the land until nothing is left but dirty red mud. 

                 Nobody to care. Nobody who would dare love the girl with a devoided blank stare. Nobody to see inside she's bare but they also miss how, honestly, her courage is rare as is her persistence against despair. 

                  When all is said and all is done I will have to answer for all of the blood. It will be me who is to answer for the death of my son, and it will not matter how many horrific battles I have won. My judgment at the end of days will come down to the perception, of only one.  

                  My faith is broken from too many times of him ignoring the desperate prayers I have spoken. I can not make myself believe all the words in the Bible because, it's man who wrote them. So the fires of hell are waiting for me. Listen. Even now I hear my demons stoke them. It was always going to end that way it is not like I provoked them.

                   Since birth I have always felt forsaken. All happiness in my life is eventually taken. By God's will, or was it really satans? Inside my self was the only place I have ever felt strength in. Turns out, that is the place I went when my mind was breaking. Though even there I could feel my soul shaking and feel all the immense pain my body was in.

                   Could his evil have truly found me when I was the young age of 3? If so, where was God's love then to save me? Why has it never found me or set me free? 

                   As I feel satans horn push deeper inside, he stays astride. I know there is not a place on earth I can hide. I can not help but wish, I'd never been born. That way I'd have never felt my soul being torn or hold the knowledge that due to my scars, It's my dead child I'll always mourn. Who's to decide if I should stay alive? What if the guy with the crown of thorns never meant for me to survive? 

                   Until fate decides what is to be my destiny, here I will remain faithful to my misery. Living a life of banditry. Aggressively rejecting what was never meant for me. Forever seeking the love and peace promised to me, by the very same one who forgot it was he, that was supposed to save me. 

    Somebody please set me free.


  • _truesayings_ 19w

    ज़िन्दगी दरवाज़ा खटखटा रही थी।
    मौत मेरे सिरहाने में छुपकर बैठी थी।


  • _truesayings_ 21w

    काबिल लोग न तो किसी से
    दबते है और ना ही किसी को
    दबाते हैं, जवाब देना तो उन्हें
    भी खूब आता है पर, कीचड़
    में पत्थर कौन मारे यही सोचकर
    चुप रह जाते है...


  • naqsaif 21w


    "Flirting with insanity was one thing; when insanity started flirting back, it was time to call the whole thing off".
    ~Rohinton Mistry.

    Sometimes insanity is all that sanity isn't.
    Great people embrace insanity with a pinch of humor. Be that person.

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    In this life
    And after,
    Till eternity
    I hope you can endure
    All the despair
    And the sanity.


  • nocturnal_enigma 22w

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    * 29.8.2021; 4.19 A.M

    #Schizophrenia #Seizure #Insane #Madness #Mania
    #Scissors #enemies #egomania #worsen #hatred

    SZR = SchiZophRenia, SeiZuRe
    & ScisZoRs (sound like this)

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    SZR ~

    I have...schi-zoph-renia;
    I had few sudden seizures.

    I am very insane; Madness; Mania.
    Once, I sliced my thumb with scissors.

    I do still have insomnia.
    It’s worse than seizures.

    If I have enemies; Their egomania...
    will worsen; Hatred cut like scissors.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • writingkeepsmesane 24w

    Falling words

    She recited all the words of love ,
    And was ready to bleed willingly and joyfully ,
    It was all set to meditate love's ecastsy ,
    All that's left is gratitude ,
    Tell me how beautiful your thoughts are ,
    Or you sell it to the drunk ones ,
    Cheering irrelevantly at a bar ,
    A tenderness felt due to pain ,
    It's beautiful to be wounded by your own understanding of love chain .


  • lollipop71 25w

    Capable of Love?

    You gave me hope when I thought there was no more.
    You didn't care that I was broken a million times more.
    You saw in me, a big heart, capable of
    Trust, capable of believing, capable of love.
    You saw in me what no one else could.
    You gave me a chance when no one else would
    You saw beyond the fake smile that covered my face.
    You lead me to a better place.
    I thought you were insane, and would never find me
    With fame for I was no one special, not me. I had
    Embedded into my mind to never trust anyone.
    Those walls stood tall and proud for I could take no more,
    That pain that feels like you have a million guns to your head.
    You were the one that broke those walls down one by one,
    Never giving up.
    You are now my world as I am yours. You love me unconditionally
    With your beautiful heart that I shall never part, nor take
    For granted, for this fairy tale shall never end.

  • vikasbabu 27w

    #insane #poetry #broken if you like my poems please do follow me.

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    I am broken once again
    Lots of sorrow that I gain
    Now I am happy in my pain..
    I am fighting a battle
    It is against me
    Got lots of scars on my heart
    That no one can see..
    Love is crying
    Happiness is screaming
    Chaos in my mind
    Made me insane...

  • mazingmee 27w

    #one of those rainy. Night..#rain #pain #both #insane..

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    When it comes,I don't want it to stop..
    When it darkens,I barely see those travelling clouds.
    When it melts before the Sun,I happily look out for rainbow arc.
    When it lingers for a while,it cools my burning thoughts.
    When it fools with handful of clouds,I feel like betrayed by best memories.
    When it become one of these feelings I feel,I miss you more in those raindrops..

  • 3_am__ 30w


    The definition of insanity is:
    Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results.
    They say history repeats itself,
    Or rhymes.
    Nevertheless, an echo of the same behavior we have always practiced, as human beings.
    In societies, throughout millennia,
    We do the same history, over and over,
    Expecting different results.
    So, perhaps, we can presume that
    Humanity, collectively, is insane.
    I believe the default insanity is
    The veil in which we must conquer.
    It is a veil of collective thought,
    Often weaponized or utilized by 
    Higher ups.
    Or even the local con man.
    To break the veil,
    To see the world for what it really is,
    To erode away your nature versus nurture,
    To eliminate the cognitive dissonance
    Of reality that was instilled in you
    Since you were a child,
    Is the goal.
    Ought to be the goal.
    Though, once you breach through
    The surface from the drowning waters
    Of insanity, you achieve air -
    The new enlightenment of self
    And thought.
    Because you are no longer fogged
    By that which is not true: the veil.
    However, this comes with a price.
    You will, without warrant,
    Absorb higher truth and higher meaning.
    You will feel the weight and burden of truth.
    To know so much and not be able to do anything about it.
    Upon being caught up in this new realm,
    Making hearth and settling in,
    The rest of the crowd,
    The rest with the veil still blindfolding them beyond abuse,
    Will call you insane.
    And that alone, that dynamic,
    Solidifies the concept itself.
    You will begin to see the world
    Function as it has, as it does, and as it will.
    And it is maddening.
    But, being mad and being insane are two different things.
    One keeps you in a perpetuating cycle of pseudo thought - subpar, superficial consciousness.
    The other....
    Will make you question what is real and what isn't. But, you will find knowledge from so many creative, abstract, and misunderstood angles.
    The choice is yours.
    Comfort - or - consciousness?


  • quieth 30w

    पहली मोहब्बत तुम थे,अभी भी तुम हो, गलत हर बार ये सोचू मै कोई आ कर तुम्हारी जगह ले सके, तुम्हे भुला सके, दूर कर सके, मगर जो कहानिया साथ लिखी थी? हम दोनो थे उसमे,वो तो हमेशा है ही,तो तुम भी हो,फिलहाल तो :)

  • himayan_writes 32w


    How good is a mind,
    That can trick itself?
    That tends to go blind
    Instead of crying for help!

    How good is the mind,
    That dreams up the dead?
    That reads between line
    Where there're no lines to be read!

    How insane are the genius
    who can con themselves?
    They keep playing stories in their head
    Pretending that helps!


  • falakamit 33w

    Don't bear the pain...
    Sheer the pain...
    The pain is only the pen...
    Who can write everything insane...