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  • qiu_writes 14w


    A fool I was
    For giving away to humans the love that isn't worthy of them
    A fool I was
    To think i was worth the merit of being loved because I was guileless
    A fool I was
    To believe the lies you all told even when my instincts doubted
    A fool I was
    For letting the fear of loneliness grip me
    A fool I was
    For being so scared to let people go
    A fool I was
    When I believed people's validation mattered
    A fool I was
    To think that the time is now
    A fool I was
    I am no longer.

  • sk_zikardh 15w

    Darn it,
    Those consequences, those abrupt foolishness
    which turned out to lay and commence
    all kind of disturbances
    Into those peaces which've pledged
    to hold on together and forever
    even at any kind of dire state of turbulences
    but lost its grip on the way
    to confront those distances
    which've spread too many diseases
    to start to substantialis all the agony
    which has to experience on the way
    to sink into it
    and experience the enormous state of melancholy
    which flourishes at every other splendid second
    is just the another simplicity state
    of insanity

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    Darn it,
    Those consequences, those abrupt foolishness..


  • rakshanda_iram 17w

    Insanity letter -1

    Dear you,

    Today is a cold day . I have wrapped myself with a blanket trying to get a little warm. I hope you are cosy there. I am sitting at my favourite place in my room with the messy bed with lots of books around me . The only thing to talk to after you. Even my mom has stopped yelling at me for the mess I do on my bed .
    Ok I am leaving with the last note .Much love ,God bless.
    Will write you soon ..
    Till then take care .



  • angeljohn 21w

    Take Me Back!

    Dangling clouds, ding unique sounds.
    Dingling sign to mingle
    with a ripened brinjal.
    Yew! Why do you do?
    Purple you clouds, daily new
    are beautiful and I'm in love with you!

    Ancestors and martyrs' glue are you.
    Orange juice shower, you do.
    White-field of ice-cubes refrigerated,
    is what I love in you!
    Black and white striped pista bites
    you serve me daily, true.

    Don't dingle, oh clouds
    and send me into that drought,
    coloured red with a nasty belly.
    Oh why? Oh why?
    Breathless mane, suffocating and insane.
    I surrender to your wish, with emotional blish.

    Cause I'm death,
    robber of every last breath.
    Hence, unwelcomed by all!
    Is it my mistake,
    destined to be a slaughter under water?
    Cloud, my love aloud, take me back.
    Please take me back.

  • letmethinkplz 30w

    When...,But Then....

    When haste became taste;
    When forgetfulness became nature;
    When taking became a habit;
    When serving became a struggle;
    When wrong decisions became a career;
    When conclusions became life;
    When dispassion remained a word;
    When meaning lost significance;
    When mere acceptance became a scarf;
    When contradictions within, make you a dwarf;
    When compulsions gnaw at the nerves;
    When animalism is no more a disguise;
    When ego loses you mind;
    When perplexity grabs you from behind;
    When the eyes loose their lustre;
    When obnoxious desires give you a posture;
    When your hands tremble with clumsiness;
    When curiousity doesn't last to be a zest;
    When anxiety is no more a guest;
    Some unwelcomed, named "Confidence" if comes into the picture,
    One shall puke poison, making everything else poisonous

  • poems_by_k 54w


    Scared of the society
    People with cheap mentality
    Won't change my morality
    Thoughts can't be reality
    Sick of this insanity
    Want to leave this city.


  • sus_annee 54w


    He was fire
    She had gone mad with pyromania
    He ignited the flame
    She loved the pain
    He watched her burn
    While she called out his name

  • paranoidismarie 54w


    These nocent thoughts
    living inside my head
    such inanition
    this intemperate deprivation
    it's grabbing a hold of me
    I sashay down these empty halls
    my soul an utter absentee
    death and decay
    inside this broken body
    is exactly what I forsee
    someone please oh please just end me
    I'm too scared to do it on my own
    don't make me repeat myself
    suicidal tendencies, they're very well known
    just take this lead and load it right
    just one finger to pull it tight
    I'm just being honest

    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 54w

    Sickly Sin

    I've been senselessly carefree with childlike fairy tale dreams
    swarmed in the Lord's bright white light
    I too felt safe and secure
    I as a matter of fact blended in seamlessly
    no one ever began to notice the devil take hold of me horns piercing through my chest gravely echoing the voice inside my head
    to be alive is to undoubtedly suffer
    look around you
    hell lives within people
    no soul is immune from its sickly sin bittersweet epiphany
    spat in the face of your pain
    listen to the torture
    the heavenly symphony embrace what fools find insane

    © Candice Ballinger

  • paranoidismarie 54w


    I've never visited the galaxies
    yet I still know they're always there
    I made of stardust, it's true
    although my internal suffering is very rare this darkness always seems to linger there
    are you living or are you just alive
    do you share my longing does it?
    disturb your slumber
    drowning in your own misery
    desperately trapped no way to encumber
    no choice but to survive this debauchery
    oh so much crapulence indeed
    it burdens me deeply
    just one of my many unholish sins
    my thoughts held together with nothing but just pins
    delicate, such fragility
    I'm struggling so far within
    © Candice Ballinger

  • pallavi4 55w


    The squeaky door noisily creaked open
    Letting out a decade worth of stale air
    The tarnished , pathetically pale furniture
    Stood empty eyed and at me glared

    Cobwebs had found lonesome corners
    And undisturbed gradually covered it all
    Dirt lay laden on dust covers on furnishings
    Paint peeled off the filthy once white walls

    It was an abandoned and neglected house
    One someone had loved a long time ago
    Then decided it was time to let it sit and rot
    And that attention and affection it should forgo

    A strange putrid smell filled the air in it
    Patches of water were on the sodden wooden floors
    Rusty pipes ran all through the house
    Nothing seemed to be in working order anymore

    The deserted hallways were arched
    And bore paintings from an era long past
    This two storied monstrosity was still standing
    Because it had been built to generations last

    The stairs were ready to collapse
    Water had seeped into the basement below
    The springform mattress had rotted away
    The light bulbs had long lost their electric flow

    This vacant house on 4, Piper Street
    Should have long been torn down
    I stared at the moth eaten interiors and wondered
    Why hadn’t the owners stuck around

    I stood alone in this jilted home
    Wondering what I was doing here
    It was then that it struck me this house of horrors
    Was in reality all I’d ever feared

    I’d stepped into my own twisted mind
    And come face to face with what I’d always been afraid
    To be left desolate, forgotten and forsaken
    And somehow unravel and become unmade

    Trapped in that house I stayed while the world
    Around me moved at their regular pace
    Never did I embrace the relinquishment
    And never was I ever able to leave that place


    9th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • starkanonymous 55w

    However Temporary

    the sound of your voice once soothed me

    now it holds a bitter edge

    calm, comfy pacifier now

    pushing me towards the ledge

    you're just like an angel of death

    here to care, at my despair

    chasing the breath right from my lungs

    until I'm gasping for air

    what changed you, I sometimes wonder

    eyes of storms, piercing, thunderous

    that used to set a thousand suns

    now sets only Arcturus

    you're closed off and narrow minded

    thinking you've seen divine light

    thinking you've reached epiphany

    to set your teeth for a fight

    you try to show that you do care

    allowing me betwixt you

    I think it's your one solution

    (however temporary)

    to indecision, what to do?

    you say that you'll always love me

    right before breaking my heart

    I think it's your one position

    (your only foot to stand on)

    that blinds yourself from your own scars

    you are the poison I'm drinking

    the acrid smoke in my lungs

    poised to kill with not a warning

    (when my life becomes death)

    I'll gladly give it and be done

    to end this strife, my suffering

    to shut out this, all my pain

    cutting off all my confusion

    (cause you have surely all but)

    temporarily gone insane

    "However Temporary"

  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 56w


    Living with co-occurring mental health disorders is a battle everyday. Somedays I conquer my illnesses and cope with it's ever changing symptoms and chaotic elements, yet other days I'm annihilated and astonished by its disguises. Still even though somedays I crumble under its power and find myself destroyed once again, I still find it within myself to rise to the occasion and face yet another terrifying day.
    Dont ever give up and never accept defeat!⚰⚰⚰

  • thedeadink 61w

    Sometimes all I want to do, is smoke some weed, and play to pretend! Just want to rush, what you call "inappropriately". Instigate my adrenaline to the third degree, and pretend like I am never leaving. When your imagination is the only thing keeping you sane, and everything else is a little blurry, its tragic!
    I'll live some other day, let intensities define extremities today!

  • igautamji 62w


    I work in my little cubicle
    at my desk, day and night.
    The windows are closed, the AC is on.
    I am under artificial light

    I did not see the sun set
    I did not see the sun rise
    So when I looked outside
    I got a jolly big surprise

    It was dark
    and it was light
    Was it day
    or was it night?

    I looked at the clock
    and what did I see
    Time was not
    as it should be

    Clocks have numbers till only twelve
    But what it showed was thirteen
    And why was there a pink elephant
    Right where my desk had been

    Then the elephant said with a roar
    Don't you try to ignore me
    I only appear to those
    suffering from insanity

    You've been working hard
    too hard to be healthy
    now wake up and go outside
    If you really wanna be wealthy



  • phoenix_in_ashes 65w

    You waited for rain, spent centuries for it
    But when clouds came along with pouring bliss
    You hid yourself in fear of sickness and death
    Tell me dear how appeased you feel,
    When frowned me in utter dubious way
    Ask you humbly,

    Do you remember Dripping gold of sunshine when you were three and played impatiently in the backyard wearing sister's clothes even though you were a boy, they said adorable is defined by your smile, the way you giggle the way you shine. Were you in peace when you saw violence at home, when she was on the floor, beaten badly screaming your name for help. A cute little boy with brittle bones and Fragile hands, asked to lift the burden of adults who never had any plans
    Though you went out next day, sun shone bright the same way. Kissing your cheeks trying to hug you with hopes for ahead.
    Do you remember all the things you wished then, became so irrelevant once fulfilled, how transition to age twelve had you dreaming and smiling so brightly
    Until the bullies threw on the floor beat you half to death before burning your bags and hopes for serene ,
    Then you went home while spring was on its peak your grandma baked you choco filled cookies with unconditional lovely beam shimmering from her cheeks
    Filling you with some semblance of new light within,
    If hadn't for such early pain you would've stayed a kid
    With pockets full of imaginations that don't exist
    While those young aged bliss gave you memories.

    Remember those times of summer when you were sixteen saw someone while craving for ice creams in scorching heat, getting blushes from far feeling all kinds of butterflies floating, followed from miles away, you felt this might be the best thing. Few words shared and things looked drowned in affection from dreams, even busy urban roads felt romantic. Your broken bicycle against the winds, dwelling to move it faster just gaze at her once everyday before hand waves let you know you're done for the day. Then that ton truck rammed you over and almost broke your spirits, fractured bones and severed arteries, you looked up the ceiling of sky this is it with red elixir coming out of your nose and teeth, had you believed that there are no happy stories, with fatigued body uncared for in medical facilities. Came back weeks later to see there's no patience in crowd these days.. Moving on is such a lovely cliché, people choose it with slightest of choices and handful of Disregards for someone's tears.

    To be inside the head of bittersweet champion, not being able to breathe through moving time or grasp what's going on with life. Do you feel happy for all the wishes you had before, the fairytales you were captivated by and all roses that had you smile wide. With thoughts of receiving positive vibes perpetually or to be able to rise above all Anguish. Why aren't you now elating when clouds are raining when heat has vanished while heartbeats syncing. Is it not the lessons you were in love with, always being champion hypothetical inside all those dairies. Look outside kid the world can't recognise itself, they're moving faster than light can even imagine, seasons have shifted and air turned contaminated.
    Cigarettes vanished, mind bewildered, hands fatigued but your consciousness has surely prospered..
    Truly insane you will be my dear love won't you wait for more questions to get conclusions
    Why are you lying with yourself when the image in mirror is so vivid and pretty. Wave hand, take notice, its a strong three year old boy trying to live.

    #insanity #pod

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    Insanity phase one


  • pratz07 66w


    Wonder if I'm a human or a monster?
    Sometimes you need a monster inside you to stir things up. And monsters need humanity to help mend broken things and keep the insanity in check.
    Maybe we complete each other?


  • penello 68w


    Yes ma'am/sir

    To whom it may concern,
    I've indeed taken a wild turn

    I'm weird!
    With a dash of insanity!

    And an once of loneliness...
    To keep me company

  • _poetandididntknowit_ 72w

    Wide awake while the world sleeps.

    It's late the world's sleeping
    As I should be
    Unable to disengage
    Wide awake
    Alone with silence
    Screaming inside
    Like a haunted child
    Provoking dilapidated thoughts
    Those that
    Would not usually be
    Church bells in the distance
    Diverting the silence
    A distraction
    For the moment
    To regain some clarity
    The voice within my head


  • ylviia 72w

    I want to be able to let myself go
    I want to act like a maniac
    I want to scream out loud
    Throw my stuff away and break them
    I want to cut off all of my hair while laughing hysterically
    I want to destroy a mirror just so I can pick up the pieces and cut myself with it
    I want to drink away my life till I pass out
    I want to run off into the forest in the night
    Just to scare the shit outta myself
    I want to punch the wall till my knuckles bleed
    But I can't
    Knowing the consequences I just stay silent
    While the battle in my head has begun
    Afraid of being judged and called a maniac
    I surpress these desires because I want to keep my sanity
    That's the only thing keeping me from becoming insane
    And sometimes even though that's selfish, stupid and so damn wrong
    I wish to be insane
    To feel no remorse
    And to just not care
    Because maybe I wouldn't be in such pain
    Maybe I wouldn't think so much because I simply don't care
    But that's a wish so inconsiderate and false
    That it goes right outta my brain
    And instead I imagine myself doing all of these things to at least keep me from actually consider doing it