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  • sheez_happiee 16w

    Her senses failed her. Her wings were burnt. Her body was broken. But still her heart was beating faith and hopes and love. Her eyes masked her pain with the fire to achieve. Everyone thought her beautiful mind was to be shackled. Everytime she tried, she was beaten down, down until there was no more to go. She got nobody left to believe. She had no time to waste her futile hopes in some unknown human. With the fire in her eyes and the smoke of the burnt wings, she chose to rise. It's not the difference that matters, it's the perceptions that matter. She wrenched her mind from the shackles that confined her. She pushed above the bottomless place she seemed to be falling, with such a force that the smoke from her destroyed wings caught the fire of her eyes and high she went flying as bright as the sun.

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    That was all she had,
    A wisp of smoke, for her wings were burnt.


  • _scratched_emotions 19w

    For Women Hockey Team ❤️

    हार कर भी जिन्होंने सबका दिल जीता,,
    उस खेल का नाम हॉकी हैं
    ये तो लड़कियों के दिल में लगी एक चिंगारी है,,
    2024 में आग लगाना अभी बाक़ी हैं


  • _scratched_emotions 20w

    SSR ❤️

    क्या होता है ऐसा इस ज़िंदगी में,, जो लोग इतना डर जाते हैं
    ना जाने क्यों हंसते हुए कुछ लोग,, मरने से पहले ही मर जाते है


  • _scratched_emotions 21w

    Unconditional Love

    Ek Shaam Ho jisme Sirf Ham or Tum Ho
    Ek Jaam Ho Jisme Sirf Tum or Tum Ho


  • mrsinghnota_ 25w

    Never forget Who

    helped you out
    while everyone else
    was making excuses.

  • siotisms 29w

    Envisaging the End

    Not everyone you started with,
    will be with you at the end,
    really makes you wonder,
    if peace will really be found,
    and will soulful hearts at least attend….

    Someone once said a wonderful thing,
    it’s certainly a tune you should sing,
    We all have two lives,
    and the second one starts,
    when you realise you have only one….

    You can only be kind so much,
    people need to be cut off and such,
    as opinions are formed without even getting in touch….
    You hear em say bad stories about you,
    society doesn’t care if they are false or true,
    Though there was a time when you were good to those people,
    and bonds were strong and shined as tall as high steeple,
    But they’ll never speak about that,
    how can they when it belittles em and make the lies squat….

    So why have so much negativity around,
    the crying needs to stop and tears need to be downed,
    for there are always reasons to resonate laughter abound,
    almost like a rainbow shining after a hailstorm nearly drowned….

    So it really doesn’t matter if soulful hearts will attend,
    peace can actually be found, if you remember,
    not everyone you started with,
    will be with you at the end….

  • c_inspira 31w

    My friends depression

    I grew daisies and sunflowers in your heart and watered them all winter, only to lose them again through a lack of light.

    Last week they seemed to be so strong, so full of life.
    But darkness appeared out of nowhere..
    It sneaked its way in to your mind, absorbed the glowing energy i gave for months, like clouds do to the sun...
    Eventually it took over the little garden i created in your heart.

    I knew that that darkness had been there before.
    You told me so, shortly after we met.
    But i was determined to chase it away.
    I failed.
    Instead, it took you away.
    Now there’s nothing but emptiness and death left and i can feel the same darkness trying to sneak its way in.

    I can only hope that i have enough light left inside me to overrule the darkness.

  • totempole 38w

    I'm Not Afraid Of Love

    I am only afraid of the consequences of Love,
    I am not afraid of love,
    But the falling apart which starts the antonyms of love,
    I am not afraid of love,
    But the sweat, toil and blood, shed for love,
    I am not afraid of love resulting precipitation,
    But the lifelong effort to sustain such results to its fruition,

    Looking around,
    At folks surround,
    Makes one wonder
    What is love?
    Further ponder,
    If but toil, sweat and determination to keep flames burning on the stove?

    How different then love be from war?

  • darkrealmqueen07 39w

    Some people are very forthcoming in public, but they are very withdrawn in private.

  • kitabezindagi 43w

    "Don't worry, you got this", "yes I got this" these were the self-motivation sentences Almas was telling herself before entering the HR room for an interview, " just remember you have a family to feed you can't afford No", she reminded herself again, Interview went well and she got selected, this was her first job ever,

    On the first day of the job Almas was very nervous and didn't have any idea what's going on, " Good morning, everyone, this is Vivek your Hr, I want all of you to fill this form, it's for security purposes, you all have 30 min. to fill and submit, see you" Hr completed and exit the training room, 

    Almas took the form and looked for a pen in her purse, but soon realised she forgot the pen, she looked around, everyone was busy with their forms, it was embarrassing for her to ask for a pen, 

    "excuse me, can I sit here," the guy asked she nodded, the guy sit beside her and started filling his form too, 

    Almas gathered all her courage and asked for a pen " Do you have extra pen sir "? he looked at her interestingly and gave his pen and took another pen from the bag and filled the form, after submitting she tried to recall whom she borrowed a pen from, as she was nervous she didn't look at him, but she remembered he was wearing a green formal shirt, 

    "oh no, there are two guys wearing the almost the same color, what should I do now" she was scolding herself, " ok, now I have to ask both of them simple" she gathered her confidence again and walked to the guy talking with Hr " excuse me, Mr. is this your pen I borrowed, sir"? this time the guy looked her closely as no one in the entire room called him 'sir' he said with a smile "yes, " 

    this was their first meet,

    Training started, a few days later trainer asked them to create their profile on company portal, and the responsibility to complete the task was given to that guy only, "Miss. Almas, please come I need your details" he said, she walked to him and start giving details, 

    " your birth date?" he asked, 

    " It was 25 January," she said with a very low voice,

    "I am asking for your birth date not yesterday's date," he thought she is confused, 

    "I know and I am telling you my birth date only, it was yesterday," Almas replied with confidence,

    "Ohh, happy belated birthday, I thought you got confused" he chuckled, "I think we haven't introduced each other yet, my name is Sharjil" "Almas" she smiled,

    "I know, everyone talks about you here"

    "Really!? why ? have I done something wrong?"Almas was shocked,

    "no, no, it's just that you don't talk much, not even with girls" Sharjil replied,

    "I am not sure if I can make friends"

    "well, you should try at least, they are nice, hey! you can have lunch with us" Sharjil asked Almas,

    "Okay" Almas agreed to Sharjil,

    Almas was sitting on the last seat,

    "Almas, can I sit here," Sharjil asked after completing the given task,

    "hmm" Almas just nodded, 

    "If you are not comfortable I'll sit somewhere else"

    "no that's ok, please be seated" Almas replied quickly,

    "thank you," Sharjil said politely

    After an uncomfortable silence, Sharjil decided to start the conversation,

    "so, what are you doing here? I mean I know working, but why here, I heard your location is far from here" 

    "yes, it takes almost 2-3 hours to reach here" she replied

    "What!! are you serious ?" sharjil was shocked

    "yes, I am" 

    "wow, you are a very strong girl, but why are doing this?"

    "Discovering who am I" Almas replied with little sadness, however she couldn't tell him that she had no choice but to work, as she had a family to feed,

    "This place is full of bad people Almas, just be careful" Sharjil was concerned about her, both felt something but couldn't understand what is it,

    Time passes through Almas worked truly hard and completed the training,

    As time passes Sharjil and Almas came closer, 

    she never allows any boy in her life, but Sharjil and her relation was totally different, they use to sit together, eat together, having unlimited long long conversations, having fun together,

    One day Sharjil felt Almas is worried about something so he asked but Almas was not comfortable telling him he felt that, but few days later Almas was carrying same worries this time Sharjil couldn't control so he stopped her after shift end,

    "Almas, what's wrong?" Sharjil asked

    "no.. nothing, why " Almas tried to cover her face,

    "don't try to hide it, please tell me what happened? you are worried about something, I can see that" He holds her hand and asked as he was really concerned about her,

    Almas looked at Sharjil's hand and started crying,

    "Kaushik," she started but couldn't complete

    "Please don't cry, you know you can trust me, right! "

    "Sharjil, I don't want to work here anymore" she was unable to understand where to start from,

    "why Almas, please tell me what happened, is it about Kaushik?" Sharjil tried to guess,

    "Sharjil would you do me a favor please" 

    "tell me, you don't have to ask like stranger"

    "please kill me Sharjil, I want to die" Almas was crying badly,

    "How could you say something like this, I am warning you, you will not harm yourself, Please tell me what happened, we'll figure something out" Only Sharjil could understand how he controlled himself, "please stop crying and tell me, I am requesting you please..."

    "when you were on your holidays off, Kaushik was sitting beside me, he did something that's unexplainable" Almas covered her face with hands and started crying again, "now he touches me wherever he wants, it kills me Sharjil...."

    "and what you were doing? , didn't you reported it? you just tolerating him, why?" Sharjil tried to keep himself calm, however, he was extremely angry, but controlled himself and start comforting Almas by holding her hands tightly,

    "No, I can't do that, how can I say this to anyone else if I am not able to tell you?" Almas asked

    "Almas, you know I can break all his bones right away, but I won't do that, do you know why"


    "because I want you to do that, the girl I know who's name is Almas, is a very strong girl, she admires me, she has the courage to face anything in life, she manages her job, family and friends positively, she is very helpful and kind yet no one can break her, I know my sister very well, she can fight and she will," Sharjil said

    Almas smiled didn't reply anything, sharjil started saying again

    "do you know everyone in the office thinks we are a couple," Sharjil asked her

    "hmm I know"

    "See people talked wrong things about us but you never did anything wrong, because we both know what we are and who we are, don't need to explain Anyone anything, but when someone makes a wrong move you have to raise your voice, whatever happens, I will be standing with you but I won't fight for you because I want to be your support system, not your wheelchair, you are my strong sister naa, tomorrow you are going to report it to the management, understood dear sister"

    Almas nodded in yes,

    The very next day she reported it to the management, and Kaushik got kicked out of the office, and one more good thing happened that day, manager stopped all workers and made an announcement, " Today we came to know about something very serious matter, I want all girls to understand this and also guys, you have to respect each and every single person in the office, girls!! if you feel anything bad is happening to you, you can just walk to me and report it, don't be afraid, I repeat please do not afraid of anyone, if any boy even if it's your senior touches you with wrong intentions,just walk to me, be blunt and report it, do you understand!!" all workers replied in chorus " yes , sir!"

    Almas found herself as a completely different person, A girl who was shy, a girl who couldn't complete her sentences infront of anyone told everything whatever was killing herself,a girl who is soft yet hard to break, 

    A girl who is in a public place is not a public property, she's responsibility, please understand this,

    one last massage for girls 'Be proud to be who you are, you don't need to be afraid of anyone, you have to help yourself and the world will help you,

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    #zindagi #inspirations #hindi #quote #live #mirakee #life #long #story #pod

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    Discovering who I am



  • roel_gonz 44w

    love be
    the reason
    I've been alive
    today, everyday
    and the very next day


  • tanvirsra 47w

    Many seek a reward before they have prepared to receive it. A gambler can suddenly obtain a fortune but lose it all because he did not have the knowledge of how to save it. An artist can become an overnight superstar but find herself trapped in scandals because she did not take the time to gain experience while she was still unknown. A president can gain the highest power but find that the pyramid’s top is a lonely place if he lacks the wisdom to choose honest advisors. If you seek greatness, is it not better to spend your time preparing for it instead of simply thinking of how much you deserve it? If you cannot learn to manage your life with a little, how can you expect to manage it with a lot? Spend every waking hour in pursuit of your goals and every minute between in search of the knowledge you will need when you finally reach them.

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    Greatness has no destination. Its road must be travelled endlessly to be understood.

  • ms_shayara 49w

    Baat toh tab bnti hai jab
    humara ek baar nikla alfaaz
    unke liye zindagi bhar
    qubool ki lakeer bn jaye!

    ~ Nancy Uppal


  • soultie_krane 53w


    On of the biggest mistakes we can make is living our lives to please other people.It makes you condemn yourself,degrade your abilities and live like a fool.

  • atherjan 55w


    The day when I restored my hope
    A person came in my life
    With a candle of dim light
    Slowly slowly trying to be mine
    Honestly making the things right
    He came with an incentive
    To make me feel retentive
    Holding my hand so tightly
    So he can make me happy aright
    Knowing it's going to be hard
    But he still tried to guard

  • cosmicenergy 55w

    Everything has an expiry date, even the hard times


  • siotisms 60w

    Tum Kaun Ho

    Tum kaun ho,
    khud se kabhi mut poochna,
    Tum kaun ho,
    Wo khade honge tayaar,
    zehrile shabdo ki aayegi bauchaar,
    poochenge tumse tumhari bisaat hokar nisaar,
    ho sakta hai karna pade mazboori mei ikraar,
    par na poochna khud se hokar lachaar,
    Tum kaun ho....

    Hate at times is too strong an emotion,
    when disliking someone can just be a harmless notion,
    moments feel like an eternity moving in slow motion,
    but positivity should soak it all in like a soothing potion….

    Tum kaun ho,
    kaun ho tum,
    Din bhar ki rannjish ke baad ghar ki dehleez se wapas muskaan rakhne wale wakta ho tum,
    apno ke sapne unse pehle dekhne wale karta ho tum,
    karke samna har mushkil ka, apno ko rakhte sajda ho tum,
    Tum kaun ho,
    kaun ho tum…..

    Ye khel to hai abhi lambi der chalna,
    aisi bani shristi ki ye anokhi rachna,
    kisi ke hisse mei hai upar uthna,
    kissi ke hisse mei aata hai neeche girna,
    par sahas fir bhi nahi hai chodna
    aur nahi kabhi bebas hokar hai khud se poochna,
    Tum kaun ho, kaun ho tum.....

  • siotisms 69w

    The Second Baby

    They say it’s a wonderful feeling,
    Dates get marked with excitement tingling,
    Old memories and emotions begin rekindling,
    also the 1st born’s cute arms will be outstretched to get all cuddly and embracing,
    2 kids, wow!
    Parents take your pick now, which one you’ll eventually be chasing......

    Times certainly have been tough,
    Husband would agree, for mood swings have been rough,
    all the while keeping an eye out for even an ounce of cough,
    and Covid beckoned he stay at home and dare not scoff....

    The wife all the while looks absolutely radiant,
    she scorns, why the world thinks my husband so is bloody obedient,
    come and take a look his antics so resilient,
    if only he could breathe a little less loudly, that would have been so brilliant......

    But there also resides Gods little angel,
    the first born brokers the peace as he/she is so able,
    daddy can’t always show his shy innocent face,
    he can sometimes at least hold mommy in an affectionate embrace,
    and how forgets that I am the little version of him,
    just throw in a little attitude and some wily grace.....

    Alas, it’s the time to be happy,
    in an otherwise year, which has all but been crappy,
    we had to make do with so much, as things got scrappy,
    and we sincerely hope that this time at least,
    the mister will learn a thing or too about changing a nappy......

    So in this moment of joy,
    we shower all our love,
    get all ecstatic and we roar,
    for we christen you guys as the new Fantastic Four.....
    God bless you guys.....

  • hwriteworld 72w

    “Take the challenge as an opportunity,
    which will help to experience something new in the life.”

  • hwriteworld 72w

    “We pay more attention to what has happened,
    but we never pay attention to what is happening”