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  • kaydeedubb 1w

    with age they say comes frailty,
    but it seems like only a fairytale—
    for the iniquities of this land creates fragility. 
    the older I get the veil is raised.
    I look out clearer constantly amazed—
    at a loss of what even this is.
    my emotions seemingly overwhelmed,
    baffled at how man created a constant of fragility.
    pride and ego are so easily bruised
    that it triggers animosities that lead to atrocities.
    how did we get to this place of fragility?
    this is not a place of comfort,
    not a place of peace,
    and certainly not to be!
    with old age they say comes frailty,
    but it's the young that have grown weak!
    troubled by peer pressure, gun violence, and hatred.
    fragility has become the way of the land—
    this is no longer the land of the free,
    but the terrorization of frailty lies all around. 
    I know, fragility has always been of this mortal body—
    but the reality is, morals have now been compromised. 
    fists fights have long come to pass,
    disagreements result much further than temporal pain. 
    the new fragility of life causes utter grief!
    what is this place that we've reached?
    a new reality is amongst us—
    integrity feels nearly instinct.
    with age they say comes frailty,
    but it seems like only a fairytale—
    for the iniquities of this land creates fragility. 

    *originally written on poetizer under kayd*
    #fragility #life #poem #morals #integrity

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    with age they say comes frailty,
    but it seems like only a fairytale—
    for the iniquities of this land creates fragility. 
    the older I get the veil is raised.
    I know, fragility has always been of this mortal body—
    but the reality is, morals have now been compromised. 

  • cosmixdiva 3w


    I am the integrity that you lost when you became like all the others instead of becoming your true authentic self
    I am the wild, the bold, the fearless and joyful part of you that will always remain humbled and silent

  • markjamesstpatrick 10w

    Set Sail

    I am your captain, are you my crew. Do you trust in me, as I trust in you. To you it feels like a demand. I know it's a request. You feel mislead and I did; just not with deceitful intent. I did stop giving you answers. I stopped being free with information for you to laugh at me about, to use against me when you want to be heard and I went back to protecting myself. I did use the faults I knew you hid and I used that to fuel my beliefs. That's where we should take a brake!

    The idea of relationships is to relate. Somewhere in the ship when the captain feels the mutiny in the ship mates; its time to drop the anchor and have the conversation. Not just any conversation the one where you lay your weapons down as well! Now, there's a scary thought. I'm going to the table of peace, empty handed. Now that's a good starting point.

    The pain is closing all the doors before you sit down to the table. The hurt comes in hearing how others see you and not defending that. Put yourself on trial. Put yourself at their mercy. Some of your crew member will jump overboard, some will stay halfheartedly, some will absolutely stay and well some won't talk at all; leaving you confused. Its okay to be confused. Trust them all, you are not always the hero, the honest John or the creator you think yourself to be. That's a good ending point!

    Take the chance to be abandoned. Take the chance to run the whole ship by yourself. Be bold enough to accept your faults. Don't use the same things you've always used. Be brave enough to know that you lead the ship in the wrong direction and you alone must turn it around. That’s being at a point where you could brake.

    We were made to be inflicted, and at the same time we were designed to heal ourselves. Not through the use their flaws amplified, to overshadow your faluts. To heal, one must take the initiative to count your deeds with, their pain as well. Listen to them; knowing that even in your best interests you still are capable of causation. If you are going to sail and find success, and it causes the deepest sorrow or the happiest moments of life, treat both horizons alike. Master this and you have crew that will follow you to any point!

    On the contrary, should you always be right and never see yourself in lack, then you truly are a poor leader. You should be over thrown and left to man your own ship. When the skipper can't see the square and lacks the ability to quietly look to the compass then is no longer fit to be the ruler. The mantle of leadership should be removed from such a person; either by means of betrayal or revolution. Both are just causes; both are formidable sources to avoid a brake.

    Often, as you chart the cousre, realize that the cruel sea will force you to master it, however you cannot get the ship there without the crew you started with. Remember, the goal is to get there together, regardless of the time, tension or turmoil. Often times you will be thrown overboard; you will absolutely have to abandon ship; you will man the ship alone; you will have a full boat of novices and some with faulty experience. Accept them all the same. That's the point!

    If you want the best ride of your life experience all plotted courses as though they were your first time on the waters terrain. In fact it is. When you realize each moment of life is brand new. If you want the most amazing relationship in the world chart the course, sell you belongs and head down to the sea. Believe in the currents, and Trust the current!

    You need not worry about the weather, things that will bring you comfort or plans that will guide you to another shore safely. You will change ships many times, you will be both captain and crew, more than that you will have to want to make the journey. Come what may, storms will rise, darkness will set, and the sun will shine bright. In it all you will see the other side if you set sail!

  • soulful_sayings 11w


    It's always the skill or quality which people love and admire, not a Person as such.

  • mmbftd 26w


    I understand now
    Your fear
    Your cowardice
    The way you violently
    Kept us in line
    To make yourself feel important.
    And I've been your sounding board, since I was four years old. I was a wise child even then, because I had to be, to survive your rule.
    Now, even after your coma and near death sequence miraculously gave you more chances to live again ...
    You change nothing
    You have always been a liar
    A manipulative man
    Seeking out sympathy from your daughter before she could even ride a bike.
    Your marital strife, was a saga you versed me in.
    Now, you are almost 90. Ancient. Their should be wisdom acquired by now, but there are only more lies, more boiling hatred for anyone around you who thinks for themselves. Because you are a follower, begrudgingly. You do it to be a martyr. For sympathy.
    But I've none for you old man. I'm to blame. I've coddled you my entire lifetime and I've suffered from it. You never stood up for me, never got to know me, never heard me or cared to question anything. Your weakness sickens me. Have you never been grateful for anything?
    You tell me how you and mom fantasize about how much better your lives could've been if you hadn't had us kids. With glee you told me this! Even if it's true...why speak it? You want me to know that you are sorry we exist?
    We never asked to be here, under your thumbs, manipulated and diminished by your violent outbursts of fists and screams.
    I used to watch you beat my dog through the window. Horrified and terrified and all at once grateful it was not me in that moment. But I loved my dog so much. He was my one spot of joy. You hurt him. You hurt me through him. You planted seeds of terror in my soul. Your eyes black like hollow holes of rage. I could not save my dog, nor myself. You were my father, the secret monster. Smiles and songs for strangers, jokes and laughter to draw them in.
    And then other times you made me sing. Trained me to be your partner in ways my mother could not. You wanted to be famous. You wanted adoration above all else. You still do. And when I was little I sang and thought we sang together for the joy of song. The purity of harmony filling the air around us. But I was your monkey. You fooled me. You pretended to know me. As I tried my best to communicate with you through song.
    I'm so angry all this time later. Mostly at myself. For not seeing through you sooner.
    You created a jester that only a child would accept.
    I kept your secrets because you told me your life depended on them. I grew up angry at a mother you made into my enemy, with your lies. Your groomed me to be your soldier, your mascot, your shield against her.
    And even now, with your second chance at a valuable life...you cannot step into a life lived with integrity.
    You can only brag, about yourself incessantly.
    Old man, I loved you so, idolized you, took punches for you, gave you so much of my time and protection. Above my own life, I cared for yours.
    You are a bad man.
    You are on your own now.
    I can't save anyone but myself now.
    And you'll not even notice me gone.

  • kp_singh 27w

    To make the most of my life,
    I made integrity my wife. -Kps©2021

    #freshthoughts. #tomakemylife #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #integrity

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    To make the most of my life,
    I made integrity my wife.

  • mmbftd 30w


    I'm weary
    And I am free
    No posterity to worry about.
    I have a choice.
    Most do not.
    Fate led me to this freedom
    Never having children.
    I see headlines, scripted
    Injecting fear as they inject
    Unknown concoctions
    Into your babies.
    I am hurting for you.
    Your choice and theirs has been
    Your body is no longer your own.
    Logic no longer stands.
    You say you got protected, yet you need protection from others who are not yet protected.
    Does this make sense?
    I am only an observer.
    I'm in a unique position. I have been in a subconsciously self-imposed quarantine for years now. I do not leave my home. Ever. Agoraphobia is the contagion's neighbor.
    And so, I spectate and speculate.
    And I'm not that woman that blindly trusts, not for many years now.
    I can understand both sides. I believe in autonomy. I believe you should choose for yourself. As adults. But now your children? Where do you draw the line? They are your most important beautiful creations. Your absolute responsibility to care and protect.
    You must begin to follow reason. Admit that something is not right here anymore. It's been this way a long while now. White sun instead of yellow, air no longer clear, sky no longer blue. Mandela no longer dead nor alive.
    Simulation of what we once were.
    You think me irrational, crazy even. Perhaps you are right if I get measured by today's standards. But I am not from this place. I was of the before. Where now their are only simulated shadows puppeteering existence. But much like children getting all the answers from the A.I. yet lacking the life knowledge to process that answer...this current time seems like that. Built on old ways and fading memories of old times, but lacking depth, meaning or weight. This place is paper ready to burn.
    So why am I so concerned about everyone else? Your children? Free will? Autonomy? Choice?
    I suppose I'm old enough to remember that it's what we all fought so hard to maintain. And without those things...are we all not slaves?
    Just free thinking here, while it's still allowed.
    Tick tock.
    I've got one choice.
    I can stay or go.
    But you need to stay, for your babies...so find your values and get ready to stand up for them.
    My best wishes are with you all.
    And this, this is my way of standing up. Thinking and writing and sharing. It's what I can do.
    It's all I can do. It's the least I can do, for all of us.
    I'm not here for likes or hearts or any other electronic phantom of perceived adoration. I'm here to leave a record of what once was. From one tiny spec, one pixel of time itself.

  • muskanmathur 35w


    I uncovered my Scars to you
    I trusted ,
    I held my heart heart to you
    You misused it ,
    You laughed at it ...
    You created circus...
    But you know ?
    You failed the integrity of a Human

  • enchantedmedium 42w


    Position yourself to do great things. They don’t have to be grandiose, they don’t have to be witnessed, they just have to be honest, have integrity, come from your heart and be without ego. These are the elements for which greatness is born.

  • enchantedmedium 48w


    When faced with uncomfortable truisms ask yourself why does this make me uncomfortable? Have you compromised your integrity somehow? Never give up your integrity for it is your internal you. Your truths. It is not to be lied to or treated without respect. It is all you have, it is your core. Do not compromise you. Staying true and keeping your integrity in tact will solve the issue of ever finding yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

  • cherish312 49w


    The weakest point in your life will always
    disclose the deepest principles of your characters that you uphold.

  • yannuzzi12 50w

    Communication issues

    When you said don’t give up on you
    I never have
    Through all the pain
    Through all the time
    Through all your lies
    I’ve been patient
    But yet here I stand without reciprocation of something as simple as communication.

  • naakmaanericbijakin 54w

    #integrity scribbles

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    @integrity scribbles

  • beensn 57w


    When things or qualities are not used for long,
    There is a natural tendency that they become useless and less strong.
    Charles Darwin has said it in his theory,
    We have witnessed it and is in our memory.
    So disheartening that it is happening to some of the qualities,
    Honesty, efficiency, trust and integrity are few of those.
    Integrity is one of the sweetest notes of life's song,
    It is the ability to do right things when one can do away with a wrong.
    Integrity is no more heard and applied these days,
    May be because no one minds or cares.
    Slowly the 'note' is losing its value,
    Before it is too late, let us try to preserve.
    © beensN

  • roopa7 58w


    Integrity means what you think and how you act, how you are.....
    .. Integrity doesn't mean bunch of values or ethics.....
    it's ok ..if you don't have ethics...just you lost respect from others...
    If you don't have an Integrity, you lost respect from urself....

  • sarahrachelea 52w

    Liberty without integrity will only cost you misery

    Mr. Mystery


  • keithallencovell 71w


    I chose to build my walls stronger
    After kicking some bricks down
    I smashed them into the ground
    I used a better material this time
    To secure the newness I know
    Will stick with me from here on


  • avigraceproverbs 72w

    An expensive gift given cheaply is a cheap gift.


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    -Life is like a game. We got all those minutes to learn,plan, execute and achieve a goal. It’s also like Moving forward carefully watching around, creating gaps, assisting others and getting assistance, making inroads from bunch of hurdles to achieve a goal. In journey of success we don’t need to pull anyone down, if so we do that then sooner or later it will befall on us. Assisting others doesn’t mean stopping our journey, it actually means we are creating a resources for success. I agree sometimes assisting others doesn’t ripe a tastier fruit but we can’t to anything about that as it is their nature. In journey of success what we have to concentrate is that we don’t change our nature of patience, never giving up attitude, honesty, integrity as well as assisting others. Being a cool head will take us further in our journey than hot head(short tempered, impatient). Be calm, relax, be wise to take a right decisions with a precise timing.
    #life #game #minutes #calmnessofnature #journey #relax #coolhead #hope #honesty #integrity #stayhopeful #staystrong #stayput #assist #dontpull #staypositive #stayblessed #Mirakee #staypositive

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