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  • teewhyteejay 26w

    Shoutout to all the Men masking their emotions
    with no one to turn to
    the world wrongly believes males dont have emotions

    silent doesn't mean strong, open up
    dont man up, Men are humans too
    the world should care

  • shivankittiwariofficial 26w

    "पुरुष दिवस"

    पुरुष धर्म,ध्येय,धारणा और ध्यान रूपी ध्वनियों का आंतरिक आवेग होता है!
    ~© शिवांकित तिवारी "शिवा"


  • k_kshitij 26w

    To the child that became Man

    To the child that became Man:

    It is just your body that has to become hard,
    Do not let this world harden your heart.
    Like a gentleman shaves away his beard,
    Shave off all that unwanted experiences,
    Shave off all that undue expectations.

    To the child that became Man:

    Always remember,
    You are a man, not a mannequin:
    Void of any emotions,
    Your eyes can also be filled with droplets of tears,
    Your soul can also be filled passion, your heart with compassion.

    To the child that became Man:

    It's not necessary to know everything now,
    It is nowhere written you cannot be vulnerable,
    It is okay to feel the fear,
    If you fail, remember it is not the end,
    Remember you are still that child, with life experience.


  • sonalbhatiarandhawa 26w

    A big shout out to to all the supportive, compassionate and caring men. A heartfelt thanks to you all for being there,for sharing our loads (sometimes more than us)for giving a shoulder when needed,for being doting fathers,loving brothers,caring husbands, respectful affectionate sons,compassionate friends,supportive colleagues and even at times helpful strangers.
    ...and yes!you can look up to us women with the same expectations that we have from you whenever needed in your low moments...after all “ mard ko bhi dard hota hai “
    Happy International Men’s day!

  • thesagacontinues07 26w

    Here's to the one that we lost,
    those self-s that never made us feel who we are,
    Now like phoenix we rise from our own ashes,
    and bash the expectations to live to the full extent of our hearts.

    #internationalmensday #men #beyourself #you #yourself #real

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    Put down the act

    Boys don't cry,
    They just smile,
    Is a blatant lie,
    That ruins life.

    Men, a majority of them,
    Have grown up to listen,
    And follow what causes mayhem,
    To not show emotions and pretend,

    Everything's alright and fine,
    Nothing can break us,
    It's a facade and hazardous standard to align,
    And walk with it, it's tough,

    Is it really called to man up, or is it okay to let it go,
    Let go of the pain that we hold,
    Let go of the screams that we conceal,
    Within the chambers of heart that won't heal,

    The flames that burn, never showing the scars,
    Always pretending to be strong but always falling apart,
    Humans are born to express, not supress,
    That's the difference no one wants to learn I guess,

    It's a mess, when expectations are too high,
    For us to even reach the sky and still fail to abide,
    Or even show that the act is perfectly on,
    Ironically, what's being shown as all-right, is what is all wrong!

    Responsibilities, rules, restrict from opening freely,
    Expectations, lessons taught are what destroying us completely.
    So for a change, today in the name,
    Of everyone that wants to be free,
    This poem vents out and reaches out for you to be,
    You as you and not what is expected,
    Put down the shield, it's alright, be well rested.

    Invest time in yourself, change the norms that don't ingest,
    Follow your gut and vomit out the mess,
    Freedom is an illusion if it's a crime to be yourself,
    It doesn't matter, become that criminal and change for the best!


  • mansur_alam_writes 78w

    I read many comments on those Posts which are about #InternationalMensDay , where some girls wrote 'we are not celebrating this day because Every day is Men's day'.
    I just wanna say to all of them that first understand why there is International Men's Day -
    There's International Men's Day because

    International Men's Day is celebrated on November 19 every year to raise awareness about the health of men and boys and focus on the issues they face.

    The common line is that “every day is International Men’s Day” may bear some truth, but the fact is, that not all men are celebrated to the same degree. International Men’s Day reminds us that there are lots of different kinds of men in the world, and they all deserve a voice.

    International Men's and Women's Day are considered to be 'gender focused' events, they are not ideological mirror images because they highlight issues that are considered unique to men or to women.

    International Men’s Day observed on November 19 focuses on men’s health, improving gender relations, highlighting male role models, and promoting positive expressions of masculinity. It’s also an opportunity to recognize men who don’t fall into traditional manifestations of masculinity, such as gay and bisexual men, transgender, or masculine non-binary people.

    Men face a lot of pressure in society—for example, they're expected to be providers, and to refrain from asking for help or sharing their feelings. International Men’s Day is all about addressing these problems and redefining masculinity.

    [and there are many more reasons]

  • oliver_lyngdoh 78w

    Strength - Oliver Lyngdoh

    "Daddy, Does it hurt to have to stay strong all the time?"
    "Of course it does, little one;
    But I do it for you my little princess...
    So that you can always smile".


  • aishwarya_24 78w


    I'm sure we all have heard and supported women all over world in our life , we try to bring them up.
    As there is a saying that behind every Man's success there stands a women.
    I feel behind every strong women there stands a man too.
    I'm so thankful for each n every man in my life thank you for making me as strong, you made realise my worth and every other small selfless things you have done for me.
    Today's your day I want to wish you all Happy International men's day !

    And to all men out there I know being a man is tough enough.
    You're a son , dad , soulmate and what not.
    You can be emotional and sensible too.
    You can still cry out , men can cry too.
    You don't have to be strong always you can show your weak side as well.
    You don't have to be the pillar always, you do need help too.
    You do have this protective energy but you do need to get protected as well.
    You do have mood swings and want that understanding as well.
    You do deserve the Respect , love n care.
    You're a human too so let out all those emotions of yours it won't make you less man.
    I don't think there is any real man should be like this stereotype just be yourself and do care for yourself because without you we are still incomplete !


  • cogentminds 78w

    Dear Men,

    Not everything in your life is a responsibility.
    So calm down, take a deep breath and relax.
    Don't forget to be loved in the process of loving.

    Your loved ones


  • tharush_11 78w

    Men's Day

    There's nothing more malleable than a man's spirit
    There's nothing more deeper than a man's thought
    There's is nothing more enduring than a man's promise
    And there's nothing more calming than a man's silence.

  • super_saiyan 78w

    Always stand up for what's right even if that makes you feel alone.

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    As a man it is very important to understand the difference between what is right and what people think is right.

  • gargee_30 78w


    Since school at the age of 9 you were taught that you are boy you cannot fear you cannot shed even a tear...
    At the age of 19 you learnt that you need to stay strong so that others can have your shoulder to lean on...
    But, Hey aren't there times when you feel the need of a shoulder too??...
    It's not always about being a MAN
    You are a human too...
    And its okay!!!
    Keeping it in that's not brave
    Facing it takes courage
    It's okay to let it out...
    And that's how starts equality right!!

  • cubiee 78w


  • pari_phrasis 78w

    It's not easy

    As easy it is to satirize and ridicule a woman, the more difficult it is to be a woman.
    As easy it is to call a man harsh and vulgar, the more difficult it is to be a man.


  • zoya_charmz 78w

    **Happy International Men's Day**

    // Hope you would grow with us,
    love us and lead us to the 
    eternal happiness //

    #internationalmensday #men #beingmen

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    Dear Men

    We know you hide your pain behind your smile but be our support in the darkest hours. 
    We women love you in many ways, 
    care you more than ourselves. 
    We believe you but just be you
    because together we can make
    a better tomorrow,
    a better future.


  • _rakhi 78w

    तेरे पूरा समय लण्ड दिखाने से तेरी मर्दानगी साबित नहीं होगी,
    पर ज़रूर तेरे रोने से तेरी मर्दानगी कम नहीं होगी। पुरुष दिवस की शुभकामनाएँ सिर्फ़ उनको जिनमें सच में पुरुष होने के गुण है।

  • yashsaini 78w

    पुरुष दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं ❤️❤️

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    मैं पुरुष हूं

    मैं पुरुष हूं ...
    मैं नारी का स्वाभिमान हूं,
    मैं पिता का अभिमान हूं,
    हां मैं पुरुष हूं...
    मन की बात मन में रख कर,
    रहता हमेशा खुश मिजाज हूं ,
    मैं मां की ममता और बहन का सम्मान हूं,
    हां मैं पुरुष हूं.....
    बहन की शादी के सपनों का,
    मेरे अपनों का,
    पिता की उम्मीदों का मैं ही तो आधार हूं,
    हां मैं पुरुष हूं...
    मैं कह नहीं सकता ,
    रो नहीं सकता,
    ऊपर से अभिमानी पर अंदर से निबट असहाय,
    पर परिवार का मैं एतबार हूं,
    बुरा नहीं हूं मैं,
    पर कुछ शैतानों की वजह से मैं भी नफरत का शिकार हूं,
    हां मैं पुरुष हूं...
    पत्नी की इच्छा ,
    बच्चों की ख्वाहिशों ,
    पापा के गुस्से का मैं ही शिकार हूं,
    मेरे मां-बाप के सपनों का मै ही तो आधार हूं,
    हां मैं पुरुष हूं...

  • _gypsy_writes 78w

    संसार के निर्माण से,
    आज के समय तक,
    कर्मठ, कर्त्तव्यपरायण,
    चलता जा रहा
    समय की चाल से,
    आज को निभाए,
    कल को बनाता,
    कल से सबक लेकर,
    कभी दिल में छुपाए,
    कभी ना कह पाए,
    पर वो चलता जा रहा,
    अपनों को संभाले,
    अपने लिए।

  • shivatado 78w

    Yes we all are men,
    But we all aren't same.

  • sherlynpetricia 78w

    He was told

    His birth silenced the uncertainty
    He was born along with his forever duty
    As he grew, he was strengthened outward
    And was made to believe that without it he was a coward!
    His own master he was, with no rules to abide
    The stronger he appeared the more weaker he was inside
    Though his eyes wanted, it wasn't let to shed tears
    His frightened heart was made to suppress his fears.

    His veins and muscles gave him a false hope that he was strong
    All through his life he was grown wrong
    A tender hand was given to him to show his superiority
    But keeping it forever tender was his responsibility.
    To all life's tests, an arrow was he who bent like the bow.
    When his target scared him, he reminded himself about his vow.
    Until his last breath he heard the words "man up"
    So his promises were all kept up!

    Although for being the Man he earned the praise
    He wasn't able to live as a Human, Disgrace!