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  • nocturnal_enigma 7w

    * 20.10.2021; 1.33 P.M (Malaysia)

    #introduction #wod @miraquill (Less than 10 lines)


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    Self-intro ~

    My zodiac is Pisces.
    I am mixed-races.
    Blood-type: AB.
    Writing as hobby.
    I want to be happy.
    Life-path: Eleven.
    I wanna enter Heaven.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • 7secondsauthor 19w

    An Introduction

    I am a native resident of Karnal city.
    I did my schooling from 4 schools of the city.
    I did my B.Tech degree from MDU, Rohtak.
    I almost died in a road accident in the end of my 2nd year B.Tech, which also cost me all my friends as I had to shift colleges from Faridabad to Rohtak.
    I have authored, edited and self-published multiple novels on KDP.
    I did my M.Tech from the NDRI, Karnal.
    Now I'm doing my PhD from NDRI again.
    I am an only child of my parents.
    ©Atul Kaushal

  • shubham_20 20w

    Hello myself bcb

    Bcb maatlab

    Bahut cute bacha

  • ashwinkrao 20w

    #introduction #wod
    Tyranny & Tumult - The Emergency
    Paradise - Kashmir

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    Billions of years in the making
    I was conjured up from cosmic dust
    To birth on this beautiful earth

    My birth was witness to tyranny and tumult
    And paradise continues to burn long after I left

    I dreamed my way through education
    Found my path through my work
    Travelling across this beautiful country

    I found my love in the unsung verse
    And found myself through my love


  • cruisey 20w


    When someone asks in school,
    "Why are you eating alone?"
    I smile.
    My loneliness is with me,
    And eating me.
    I'm not alone.

    When someone asks,
    "Why do your friends leave?"
    I smile.
    My friends would stay,
    If I let.
    They don't leave.

    When someone asks in school,
    "Why are you unknown?"
    I smile.
    My unknownness is what,
    I'm known for.
    I'm not unknown.

    When someone asks,
    "Why are you absent in parties?"
    I smile.
    My absence keeps present,
    The air of party.
    I'm not absent.

    When someone asks,
    "Why do you like cycling?"
    I smile.
    My liking it prevents me from disliking,
    The life's cycle.
    I like cycling.

    When someone asks,
    "Why are rainbows rare?"
    I smile.
    People don't love things,
    Common and awaiting.
    They ain't rare.

    When someone asks,
    "What is the color of hope?"
    I smile.
    Even colorless things can be seen,
    In the mirror.
    Hope is colorless.

    When someone asks,
    "Is happiness playing hide and seek?"
    I smile.
    If happiness didn't hide, what to seek,
    We won't know.
    It is playing.

    When someone asks,
    "Is it easy to fall and break?"
    I smile.
    After dawn's fall and night breaks,
    It is difficult.
    Else it's easy.

    When someone asks,
    "How many poems have you written?"
    I smile.
    Now someone else's to be beheld,
    Like people once mine.
    I can't recall.

    When someone asks,
    "Is everything beautiful, tragic?
    I smile.
    If it's beautiful today, surely,
    Once was tragic.
    Maybe yes.


  • bloom_tia 20w

    Blue skies, city lights
    in this broad planet
    You can feel small,
    and you'll never know why

    Look at the mirror,
    let out a pitiful sigh
    Ask your reflection, "who am I?"
    only to never hear a reply

    You look away;
    as silence pierces through your lungs,
    you ask the person in front of you
    if you were good

    "no," they said.

    You shall yearn for things you cannot attain,
    envy to bring thyself more excruciating pain,
    tell one the untruth just like you do to, I.

    Face the mirror,
    find yourself,
    and meet me in due time.

    Made by my own hands and mind.
    #introduction #wod #whoamI @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Lost and stuck in a trance.

    I still don't like the self that I see in the mirror every day.
    Yet, pointing every part of myself out is the only way to keep me from dreaming too much along with its pain.

    Being left to dream the impossible is the thing I despise,
    for I cannot do what I want, and this leaves me inside a cage of lies.


  • namratasharma_thoughts 20w

    An introduction


    I am like an cold air..
    Not visible but try to spread joy.
    I am like a confused child
    Not know what to do just enjoying the life.

    I am like a cloud want to freely roam around..
    I am the silent storm hiding lots of emotions not know how to express it.
    I am sometime prisoner of my own thoughts and the next moment like a free bird I just Rome around.
    I am the one who don't know what i want to become, but clearly know that anything I became should give me utmost pleasures.

  • iizerim 20w


    Death never cares whom you love , it comes and wipes everything off...we have the moment now , don't be angry or sad , live it love it and wait .

  • lonesome_artist 20w

    I was just exact

    I want to make a song
    but I don't know how to start

    I want to write poetry
    but I don’t know the right word to begin with I want to sing
    but I can't catch the songs

    I want to dance
    but I have no strength to cry out
    I like to draw and paint but I am not as good as others

    The amount I want to do and lesson
    but I can't
    because a lot is missing from me

    I don't even know if my talent will be lifted Maybe that's all I can do
    Maybe I just believed in the illusion
    that I was good
    Because the truth is I'm not good

    I am not smart
    I was just exact..


  • theafropoet 20w


    The humming bird that never flew
    the late blooming flower
    the thorniest part of the rose bush
    get to close you will get cut
    I am the sharp edge of a knife
    fire warm beautiful and dangerous
    arms like ocean wide and willing
    Love like a storm Wild and free
    I am


  • lonesome_artist 20w

    What is the difference between a heart and a brain?

    The brain, you can forget,
    you can stop, you can think of others
    to make him forget.
    You can make her happy,
    you can comfort her,
    you can deceive her and think
    that you don't really feel for her anymore.

    But heart, you can never be deceived.
    Because even if your brain dictates it
    and says "forget him"
    you still can't really do it.
    Because the heart really feels.
    This is what knows if you are really loved
    So that's why you know what love is...


  • iamnot_her 20w

    Who am I ?

    Is a question in between your lips and mine
    In a quest to discovery
    But I do know a little to be proud
    But like a puzzle
    Remain with missing pieces

    Who am I?
    Is a question between your lips and mine
    I love the feeling of the sun
    Burning on my brown
    I love the filling of raindrops
    Hitting on my skin without doubt
    For it has a way to my calm
    I love palm trees under a beautiful summer sky
    I am talking about winters
    Which take away my smile
    For I love spring
    Like the midnight sky
    When I wish to take walks along the stars
    For I am
    Who I am
    Without doubt


  • sweedle 21w

    I am a sunflower still blooming in a world without her sun.

    © Sweedle

  • bellemoon99 21w

    Who am I?

    I'm a passionate critical thinker.
    My art and job is born in words.
    If you want to know me dig a little deeper.
    I'll show you magic new worlds.

    Who am I you say?
    A few words aren't enough.
    I'll never go away.
    And I'll hold your time when times are rough.

  • aryaa_anand 21w

    who am I

    am I what they call me; a jerk?
    or am I what they want me to be; a virtue so pure, the snow would've blushed
    am I a reflection of the scars on my face?
    or am I what the mirror says?
    am I what my mind does?
    or am I what my heart contemplates?
    a lively child's play
    or a matured hard clay
    sparkling as the sun
    or shining as the stars
    am I what I am meant to be?
    am I the light of someone's life?
    or am I a dark nightmare?

    whatever I am
    I'm the best,
    of what the omnipresent power
    of the universe
    made me.
    and I'm rare
    for what I can do, none can
    and I'm precious
    for what I am, only I am.


  • miss_silentlyweird 21w

    Hands down, it's messy introduction but sure it is me for real
    (life is a mess) ��

    #separation #introduction
    #newwayc #miraquill #wod
    @miraquill @writersbay

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    One: I am potato trying hard to be french fries—mediocre in everything I do.

    Two: The separation of my feelings and thoughts are onerous: I don't go insane, I'm insane and weird —just going sane every day.

    Three: I'm in series of mistakes, film of regrets and literary imperfections.
    Four: Lost and wandering a route of oblivion hoping to find metanoia.

    Five: A clandestine full of nemesism with beliefs and perspectives that can be glimpse in noctiphany.

    Six: My soul is fireworks sometimes its spark and glow yet mostly its just become ashes and smoke.

    Seven: Sometimes I'm a sinner, lover, believer, somebody, nobody or anybody.

    Eight: For me life and death are interchangeable loops of surviving, living and suffering.

    Nine: Honestly, I just live whimsically. Well in fact you don't know me neither do I.

    Ten: Lastly, I'm not good in my words and writing but I'm almost certain what I compose is the kind of person I am likewise I'm certain that occasionally it's not who I am.


  • iizerim 21w


    A time comes when you lose old friends without even realising the void , that's life ...it removes people slowly as their respective time gets over with you and let's you to come across the new ones

  • juanogando 21w

    Limitless Soul

    I have limitations
    Holding me back
    A snail’s pace of progress.
    My dreams are unfettered
    Flying in multidirectional airways
    Artistic epiphanies too vast
    And fast to capture.
    In life it’s a step at a time,
    I long for the Soul - everywhere,
    All the time - light as life.


  • jadethelittlewitch 21w


    I walked through fire,
    Tamed seas, calmed the wild winds in your head,
    Screamed away each demon, only to see you still standing, gracefully and menacingly, staring death into existence
    I fought devils and angels, deliberated my deserving of a mere soul, only for you to devour it before my eyes
    I died for you, I lived you for you, I breathed my last breath in hopes that it would carry life into you
    But you were gone before I could close my eyes the final time
    I shut out every golden ray of sunshine to live in your desolate darkness
    Now I am but a husk of who I once was, a shell full of cracks, ready for fall apart for you in spite of it; instead of selfishly guarding what is left of me, I dreamed of ways to save you first
    Wicked you are, and wicked you will remain, and yet, I love you anyway.


  • jpdiya 21w

    ~I'm just a teenage ('05) girl from Kolkata ��~


    I'm nothing more than an imaginary digit,

    My soul seeks to live
    Outside the anatomy,
    My tangled thoughts
    Hang from hair curls,
    And my dreams...
    They wander and wander
    But never find out its destiny.

    A brown skinned complex girl,
    Sometime with some stiff scars,
    And sometime full of soft feelings.


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    I'm nothing more than
    An imaginary digit,