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    15 June 2021 5.10 am

    / Cinquain 24682 - In Seasons
    5 Cinquain & an Inverted Acrostic /

    Sun ~

    Sun shine
    Resplendent rays
    Illuminating days
    Serene scintilla of splendour
    Gold mine


    Leaves ~

    Dead leaves
    Auburn Autumn
    Shedding dried confetti
    Awaiting angelic apron
    Mend hopes


    Snow ~

    Snow flakes
    Frozen florets
    Crystalline silvery
    Velvet veil all over, melting
    Heart beats


    Posy ~

    Sweet Spring
    Beauty blossoms
    Cuddling shrubs and cwtching seeds
    Adorning uni-verse bloom words
    Scent cling


    Rain ~

    Pours down
    Dulcet drizzle
    Melancholic musings
    Cathartic tears of tragedy
    Pains drown


    Rainbow ~

    Wondrous wall of the high empyrean aplomb
    Opens up afront in awe inspiring holistic hues
    Benevolently bewitching and breaching bleakness
    Nullifying negligence and nourishing nuances vital
    Iris awakens to iridescent imagines to inspire
    Abyss of artistry, avid spirits with Vibgyor ventures
    Rustic runes engraved renaissance to resplendent
    r a i n b o w s


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