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    Happy new year dearss����
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    My new year gift!!


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    Time gifts us a brand new journal,
    Empty 365 pages.
    But what shall we pen on those pages?
    With Those forgotten tears, we shall write about those vivid colours, almost monochrome.
    Paint broken pieces of our heart, and stick some dead butterflies, that died because of hope.

    But we shall also write
    With the honey of hope.
    A thousand sonnets, blushing at us
    Paint a new painting , of unknown colours, yet beautiful.
    Stick sunflowers, that will never wither.
    And also some clover leaves.


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    #skinny #wod
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    Warm hope spreads,
    Warm hope spreads


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    Two EC's in a day?!
    What could be bigger delight?��❤️

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    We are in the ocean of love
    Or so, i was told
    But all I see,
    Are the weeds of misunderstandings
    A carpet of dead flowers, put for the broken soul
    Dead butterflies, toxicity killed them
    And a coffin for my poetic heart.
    That once wrote poems
    With the ink of this sea of love.


  • crystal_snow 10w

    Inspired from lovesick girls by blackpink

    #start #lonelyc #wod
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    Means everything ����


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    We are in the ocean of love
    But we are like ships
    That sank long time ago
    Heart decayed, the love too
    The beads that I wore for you
    The waves took them away.
    Kissing the sea bed
    Also kissing loneliness.

    Now I'm smiling
    And it's not fake
    Floating in the sea
    Of loneliness
    It's waters, hugging me.
    The saline water, making me happy
    Or is it my tears?

    // We were born to be alone
    Why are we still looking for love?//


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    @writersnetwork thanks a million for the ❤️ (32) and EC��✨(6). You guys are love��


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    Fate nibbles the four clover leaf
    That grew on my finger tips
    Like the Falling leaves on a windy day,
    could Destiny make it's glittery magic fall too?

    Sadness sips
    The mango juice, that flows from my smile.
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could kindness make it's pink magic fall too?

    Heartbreak stamps
    The flowers that grew in inside me.
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could comfort make it's blue magic fall too?

    Expectations chew up
    All my dreams
    Like the Falling leaves in a windy day,
    Could hope make it's golden magic fall too?


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    Omgggg WN repost again ��....I'm crying TT
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    Tell me, happiness.
    Why did you leave me and go?
    Why don't your petals adorn my neck?
    Why is my canvas empty?
    Why does my smile hurt me?
    Why doesn't your crimson colored sky thrive in my head?
    Why don't your stars replace my eyeballs?

    I know you won't respond
    After all, it's your corpse that lies next to my winter stricken heart.


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    #hyperbole #wod
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    I dreamt of love like flushed pink roses.
    But it came as dead autumn leaves.
    All the butterflies,
    Slowly evolved to moths.


  • crystal_snow 12w

    #leaf #lame
    For those who don't know, 'annyeong' is bye in Korean

    @writersnetwork thank you for the ❤️(21)
    And EC ��✨(5)
    It was totally unexpected (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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    Everybody has their own time.
    And today it's mine
    As I bid 'annyoeng' to the branch, that once held me tight.
    I'm about to touch the ground as hopeless as me. Memories hit me like a wave.

    I'll miss the wind which hugged me each time they blew against us.

    I'll miss each time the happy sun smiled at me and gifted me chocolates of gold.

    I'll miss the rain, who cried with me and then gifted me a rainbow.

    I'll miss the dew drops that gave me a good morning kiss.

    I'll miss the heart felt conversations with my friend, branch.

    I'll miss that beautiful flower, whom I could stare at the whole day.

    And I also keep a smile on my face
    Because I know, when I touch the ground as hopeless as me.
    A new 'me' with lush green hope shall take birth.


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    #simile #oxymoron #wod
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN(20)
    Thank you so much @writersnetwork
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    Really means alot ❤️✨��

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    Hope is like a fragrant less spring
    My heart already withering.
    The lovely flowers, said goodbye
    An awfully ugly one grew.
    I could see a whole storm on its five petals.
    I tried to pluck it out, but it didn't even move an inch from the ground.

    I looked up in the sky, with helpless eyes.
    In return, she smiled at me.
    She covered me with her blue net.
    And kissed me on my forehead.
    I felt happy.
    Realising the fact that the flower wasn't awfully ugly .
    It was awfully pretty.
    Turned lovely blue, F A I T H engraved on its five petals.


  • crystal_snow 14w


    @writersnetwork thank you so much for the ❤️ (14) your kind repost (1)��✨

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    Within and without
    I adorned my poetries with lies
    Beautiful ones, only to disguise myself as a poet.
    Some I stole from the dead autumn leaves.
    Some from the smiling flowers.
    And some even from my own melancholic shadow.
    They had a beautiful fragrance, just like that of cinnamon.
    And yet full of lies,
    I smile, and my poetries look at me and smile too.


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    #wild #wod

    Sorry for posting this sooo late :(
    You can skip this one...it's shit

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    and EC (3)��✨

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    Dear hope,
    It's been ages since I have met you. So long that a memory of you in my head is vivid like unclear water. Were you threads of gold? Did you give out warmth?Did the flowers smile when they saw you?...I can't recall.
    When am I getting to see you?...I don't see a near future with you. I need you. It's WILD inside, with moths and withered flowers, creepers and what not. All this has been happening since you withered too. I wish to see you ... hopefully before I die.

    Love, me

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    #kept #wod #memories
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN (8)
    Thanks a million ✨��

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    A few precious things

    I preserved many things on the way.
    An old dusty journal, it's edges torn.
    Scribbled in illeligible writing,
    My memories lay.
    Some to mend my wounds.
    While others meant to make my wounds deeper.

    I preserved many things on the way.
    A jar of full of honey, flowing from its brim.
    It tasted like love.
    It still tasted the same.
    But at the bottom, it decayed.

    I preserved many things on the way.
    A bag containing the sky
    It was blended with many things
    I carried the sun rays so warm , it would lend a smile.
    I also carried the dark clouds, to create tears.

    Just a few things I preserved...


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    #life #heart #art #colours
    Thank you for the ❤️ WN (7)
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the EC❤️✨
    It's my first time for EC, it makes it more special ��
    Really means alot!!

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    The heart is a beautiful art , a mixture of paintings.
    On that canvas, the mind took its brush dipped in it in the palatte called life which had a mixture of colours.
    A few known, the rest unknown.
    The mind painted many things.
    Some captivating, enough to make your heart flutter.
    The others were captivating too, but...

    Sometimes, it drew the night sky.
    The moon didn't come out as the stars forgot to shine.
    It was dark, not pleasant.
    Sometimes, it drew the night sky, thr starts came out and so did the moon and they shined, making the mind happy.

    Sometimes, it drew a garden of flowers .
    Some were rotten, dead.
    Most of it had bloomed beautifully, all pretty.
    Making the mind all the more happier.

    But one day, that piece of art drowned water.
    All its colours faded.
    It was wet and damp.
    And once it dried again, the mind started making a better picture.