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  • darared 5w


    The implication was
    it wasn't for me.
    When pressed, it was
    to be removed
    from my hands
    like an inappropriate
    thing from a child.
    "Ah-ah - not for you!"
    I learned afterwards
    it was a female text.
    The mystery!
    The great unknown!
    Like discovering sex,
    it was only going
    to make me wiser,
    more worldly,
    and more in love with the other.
    Their mark was upon me
    long before they were forbidden.


  • darared 7w

    The Violence

    Drop cloths.
    Turquoise through the window.
    A million pots, a million dots,
    streaks, splashes, splodges,
    splurges, irruptions, coffee rings
    and biscuit crumbs
    and discarded butts
    and orange peels.
    She waits
    and feels.
    She opens herself
    to the thing. And listens.
    Listens. Listens.
    Her ear is bent to the whispers of her soul.
    It comes and she sees it and she knows.
    She knows. She knows.
    Alizarin. Cadmium. Cerulean. Phthalo.
    Seizing the beasts of colour,
    her war cry lets them know she is coming.

  • darared 7w

    View from Space

    It's quite pretty.

    Look again.
    Oh dear. Are they...?

    Yes, I'm afraid so.

    I'm sorry.
    But they've completely ruined it!

    You're hardly surprised.
    No, I suppose not. Disappointed.

    Humans are disappointing.
    Gross. It's completely infested.

    Yes, they get under everything.
    No one would want to live there.

    Except them.
    Ugh, it's vile.

    Yes, but it's their natural habitat.

    Right. Where to next?


  • darared 8w


    I think we live with a lot of closed doors. These doors are connected to our fears and our pain. They are connected to what we believe to be true about ourselves. They are connected to what we believe is possible for ourselves. They are things we treat as if they are dead and buried. They are our wraiths of hope and love. They are our demons of self-doubt and recrimination. If we can open and step through those doors, we can engage and become comfortable with what lies behind them.

    By not opening those doors, we are limiting our existence to one of reduced dimensions. We are narrowing our vision and allowing our world to be defined only by the things we choose to look at. If we are willing to embrace the idea of being open, and that by being open, new existences may become possible, we can radically alter the scope of what we feel is possible for us.

    theClearOut.com, October 2020