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  • joban8 38w

    On lies u can't make world ,
    but u can derive a bubble.


  • random_writer_ 52w

    Lyrics of a song makes more sense
    than our own life !!


  • brain_dump 97w

    "one who blames the almighty for his losses is the one who is unaware about the true meaning of all lives"

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    Life isn't easy

    As days and years go by
    Complicated your purpose becomes 
    but why ?
    Because you see
    That life isn't easy

    What am I supposed to do
    What am I supposed to be
    There might be confusions
    But why ?
    Because life isn't easy

    So many questions will feel your mind
    Asking if this is the right path for me
    You might start questioning yourself
    But why ?
    Because life is not easy

    But the truth is that you may never
    Answers to any of these
    Disheartened you may become
    Because life isn't easy

    but those questions are enough without any answers
    And all that you have got to see
    Is that it's absolutely fine
    Since life isn't easy

    Create your answers
    Your intuition shall tell you how it should be
    And I think it's meant to be that way
    As we all know
    That life isn't easy

    Trust your heart and make moves based on it
    Greatest thing you can do is believe
    Because I didn't say that you cannot change how it is
    All that I said, you see
    Is that life isn't easy.

  • ___nujazi_farooq 105w

    Fear is a weapon dominate over strength not always but in a few people who give space ......
    #fear#people #isn't#fare ...

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    She covert herself in the fear immersed over decades,
    The fear of talking
    The fear of watching
    The fear of expressing
    With assemblage of all the fears
    She submerged herself in the fear of people
    Getting over her mind off and on
    Snatching her confidence making her calm
    Unease her dismal and pure heart
    Weakened her limbs with skin pale
    Enervated her self ,worn to frazzle ,
    Till death struck its dreadful claw on "The Gazelle "...

  • lilac_14 123w


    Solitude isn't found, it's made

  • hidden_feelings___ 126w

    #GIRLS stop playing with BOYS'S FEELINGS
    .#Isn't it Guys?

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    There are thousands of things to play with,
    But don't know Why?
    Girls still prefer Boys to play with.

  • ashnaaa_ 146w


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    Life flows in between the trails of
    Tide & ebbs!


  • pa_luck 148w


    I remember you,
    when I wish to
    remember nothing.

    You look like my guilty pleasure.
    But then pleasure is
    sometimes more than guilty.

    This Time :

    I'm guilty about,
    doing it still,
    knowing it won't last,

    Sorry for not being sorry.

    Convicted of being a culprit,
    by corrupting you by my adjectives.

    Being sausy in my
    pseudo sassy spirit.

    Staying shameless under your skin,
    which will pass away like clouds.

    I'll fall like rain that day,
    to grow up a new sapling.

    But I'll not mourn about
    the moans I won't have anymore.

    After all, smiles should travel for miles
    and I won't sit with sips of sorrow.

    I'll let you go, like I let him too. .



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    I'll let you go, like I let him too..


  • caglar 161w

    Silence isn't empty
    It's full of answers

  • avoided 161w


    Antisocial isn't a choice
    It isn't a decision either
    It's something that comes with not trusting people the way you wish you could.

  • tselharingmo 167w


    Days grows
    Nights grew..
    People changing.
    That's the cyclic
    From birth,
    Sickness and death.....


  • a____2 167w

    Stop victimizing your self

    Stop finding bad things happening to you and start seeing what's good..
    Thinking about yourself and what you want is just a cyclic process which never ends takers may eat good but givers sleep good........!!!!!!!!!
    It's not always about you,
    You are not always the victim in a act of injustice sometime you are doing it without even realizing.........!!!!!!

  • lifeistooochota 168w

    #Love #Lyrics #thatspecialperson #isn't #Friendship #Relationship

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Keep on Wait Hours and Hours,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom Our Dislikes Changed to Likes,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom His/Her Esmile We Can Do Anything,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Went Miles Away Just For their Happiness,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Use to Hide with Our Parents to talk to them,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,His/Her Dedicated Posts and Songs were Our Favourite,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Watched the Horror Movies Also,Even When We are Scare to watch it,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,Who Showed Us How to Love,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,Who Gave us the Meaning of Friendship,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,Where We Sacrifised Our Sleep,Just to talk to them,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Became so Responsible Person,Isn't ?

    We All use to Have that One Person in Our Life,For Whom We Sacrifised Our Faviourite Episodes of Web Series to Faviourite Chocolates just to Share with them,Isn't ?

    We All use to have that One Person,For Whom We Prayed Silently for His/Her Health,Job,Love Life,Isn't ?

    We All use to have that One Person,For Whom We Sheded a Tears like a Rally,Isn't ?

    And What If,Sudden a Person Changes ?
    And What if a Person,We were Thinking was a Right but He/She Showed His/Her True Colours ?
    And What a Person,We were Thinking was that Special but the Person doesn't have the Same feelings for Us ?
    And What If that Person is Everything For You ?

    We All are Changed because of that One Person,Isn't ?

    We Still Listen that Song,Which is in Playlist,but not with that Blurry Memories,Isn't ? (Once You are Moved on from that Phase)
    We Started Loving Ourself First,Isn't ?
    We Have Trust Issue,Because For Once We Trusted Some one So Blindly,Isn't ?
    We Still Love the Closed one's but We take Precautions because we don't want to Break Our Heart again,Isn't it ?
    Before Doing Anything,Trust,Effort,We Firstly think,Is that Person Worth it ? Because Once We Wasted Already Time for Unworthy People,Isn't ?
    We Love People Today but We Test them 100Times,Isn't ?
    We Trust People Today but We don't Give them a Room in a Heart on Rent,isn't ?

    We All have that One Special Person,Isn't ?

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    Mai bhi na jaane kaha kho gaya tha
    Zindagi bhi mujhse khafa ho gayi
    Jiss din ki ye sihril ne khud se mohobobbat
    Toh zindagi bhi mujhpe fidaa ho gayi

    Mere paas nahi hai,Koi saath nahi hai ❌
    Horaha hai ab kisika intezaar nahi hai

    Ankhon mai dhua tha maine dekha bhi nahi‍♂
    Khushi bhi chahi thi khade dabi ye hansi
    Dil bhi bola sun baaware ankhiyon ke dusman‍♂
    Na mai kabhi tutta tha na mai khoya tha kahi

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  • shrijalsharma 172w

    #isn't it..��

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    Reh jaati hain seene mai
    Jo 'hissa' ban kar..
    Wo yaadein dassne lagti hain
    'Kissa' ban kar..

  • kartikaddict 173w

    Arijit singh

    हिन्दी की किताबें पड़ने से कुछ नहीं होगा जनाब ।
    प्यार में धोखे खाने पड़ते है उसके गीतों के अल्फजो को समझने में ।।

  • awesomeayush160599 178w

    I am not afraid of your rejections
    Your ignorance kills me every second


  • _kashish_27 178w

    #isn't it??

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    Who do you think a poet is???
    A person who writes a poem....????
    Nahhh......he's the one who jots down his emotions....!!!


  • r__kar 180w

    Hold on to your dreams amidst the wind and snow, for without them life isn't complete.


  • dr_scorvion 181w


    Ye Sama kya janega humko
    Hame to hmari kismat na jaan payi...
    Jara pyaar me kisi k saath
    kya pad gya mai
    Aee khuda teri khudaii...
    panne bikhre pade the jindgi k mere
    Yaha Kori zindagi par humne
    aasuon ki syahi girai...


  • revolutionerkins_rk 189w

    #isn't it right?

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    From starter for 10

    I admit it. I'd made some mistakes. Okay, some big mistakes. Loads of them. But you can't hide in your room forever feeling sorry for yourself. It's not practical. At some point, you've got to get back out there, face up to things, and confront your demons. Ever since I can remember, I'd wanted to be clever. Some people are born clever, same way some people are born beautiful. I'm not one of those people. I'm going to have to work at it, put in the effort, and if I mess it up, I'll learn from it. Besides, sometimes it's not about knowing the right answer. Sometimes it's about asking the right question