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  • dasu24 4d

    The stifling emotions coursed through her like lava within.
    She could feel it lashing around, coming up to almost her throat.
    She wanted to spit it out but was afraid of causing destruction around her.
    She fell silent in those moments trying to process her thoughts, staring resolutely in the distance.
    Sometimes she felt it best to let it settle down by itself.
    She didn't want to waste her energy forcing herself to calm down with false hopes.
    Anybody who spoke to her in those moments had to make peace with her nods and shakes.
    They often accused her of being rude, ignorant of the turbulence she was going through.
    Anyone who looked at her eyes found them blank as she stared into the distance.
    Yet felt unexpectedly uncomfortable when she turned her staring gaze at them.
    Even though they still looked blank, there was something unsettling about them.
    Almost like she was exposing their neediness to them.
    They turned and left.
    Finally, she got the peace she needed to douse her inner flames.

  • alextheft 2w

    Isolation is a chronic disorder,
    It comes by you
    Wherever you take,
    Dance on the string, fella,
    Too fragile for two,
    Whilst they reckon you levitating,
    It's just
    The weakness
    From the long stretched illness
    And now,
    It's making you afloat


  • mmbftd 6w


    I'm weary
    And I am free
    No posterity to worry about.
    I have a choice.
    Most do not.
    Fate led me to this freedom
    Never having children.
    I see headlines, scripted
    Injecting fear as they inject
    Unknown concoctions
    Into your babies.
    I am hurting for you.
    Your choice and theirs has been
    Your body is no longer your own.
    Logic no longer stands.
    You say you got protected, yet you need protection from others who are not yet protected.
    Does this make sense?
    I am only an observer.
    I'm in a unique position. I have been in a subconsciously self-imposed quarantine for years now. I do not leave my home. Ever. Agoraphobia is the contagion's neighbor.
    And so, I spectate and speculate.
    And I'm not that woman that blindly trusts, not for many years now.
    I can understand both sides. I believe in autonomy. I believe you should choose for yourself. As adults. But now your children? Where do you draw the line? They are your most important beautiful creations. Your absolute responsibility to care and protect.
    You must begin to follow reason. Admit that something is not right here anymore. It's been this way a long while now. White sun instead of yellow, air no longer clear, sky no longer blue. Mandela no longer dead nor alive.
    Simulation of what we once were.
    You think me irrational, crazy even. Perhaps you are right if I get measured by today's standards. But I am not from this place. I was of the before. Where now their are only simulated shadows puppeteering existence. But much like children getting all the answers from the A.I. yet lacking the life knowledge to process that answer...this current time seems like that. Built on old ways and fading memories of old times, but lacking depth, meaning or weight. This place is paper ready to burn.
    So why am I so concerned about everyone else? Your children? Free will? Autonomy? Choice?
    I suppose I'm old enough to remember that it's what we all fought so hard to maintain. And without those things...are we all not slaves?
    Just free thinking here, while it's still allowed.
    Tick tock.
    I've got one choice.
    I can stay or go.
    But you need to stay, for your babies...so find your values and get ready to stand up for them.
    My best wishes are with you all.
    And this, this is my way of standing up. Thinking and writing and sharing. It's what I can do.
    It's all I can do. It's the least I can do, for all of us.
    I'm not here for likes or hearts or any other electronic phantom of perceived adoration. I'm here to leave a record of what once was. From one tiny spec, one pixel of time itself.

  • lostthoughts73 6w

    Slow Regrets

    Can I ask you why
    When I close my eyes
    I see night sky all happy and bright

    I want to know why
    Lingering sighs feel heavy inside
    But heavier to confide buried and hide

    If I only cry why would I
    I would know what I'm breathing
    What I needed as my lungs seceded
    Like drowning in oceans freezing
    All slow no motion senseless
    Like another office meeting

    Had I known I would have shown
    What it was to own myself

  • ayu004_ 7w


    Her thoughts were deep as the ocean ,
    Accepting the tormenting forlornness,
    Where sails were sailing by

    She was a hidden oracle within the ripples of the sea,
    Withstanding the thriving storms embolding by

    She was a sundry of colours ,
    Waiting to be painted on a thick white canvas ,
    Of her versions trapped by veins of stabbing thorns,
    Encircled in her life.

    The rose which was lively;
    Is now withering ,
    And that's her,
    Her passion of awaiting a love ,
    Was tilting into a pitch of dejection

    Her numbness of melancholy ,
    Was her misery ,
    Of devastating her hope,

    ' Please,please
    My dear ,
    Isn't it still time to come near?'

    She would seek the moon of her tranquil;
    Collided in a turmoil of solitary ash -smoke,
    Awaiting a call of her hymn of hope ,
    The night -blue skies,
    Resonating through the enchantness of her sweet calls

    ' Please,please
    My dear ,
    Isn't it still time to come near?'

    Her calls;
    They weren't neglected,
    By the blessed ones passing by,
    As her tears were the drops of innocence,
    Of a pure being ;
    Living beneath the skies..


  • ariamz 8w

             someone asked me
             why do you look so lonely?

              don't you have
              a circle of friends
              or even just
              a bestfriend?

              and i answered
              "maybe i am alone
              because i'm bad with people."

               "maybe the reason
              why i don't have a
              circle of friends or
              a bestfriend because
              in the first place
              i can't get out of
              my comfort zone -
              my own safety shell."

              "or maybe i'm just
              not the type of person
              that is good enough
              or worthy
              to have some comrades."

              ; ariamz. | maybe, i'm just afraid.

    #poem #isolation

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    "maybe the reason
    why i don't have a
    circle of friends or
    a bestfriend because
    in the first place
    i can't get out of
    my comfort zone -
    my own safety shell."


  • kange_360 10w


    I'm your
    little brother.
    There's lack of
    comfort and joy.

  • anshuman_sant 12w

    The thing about isolation is that, you evolve different. Like a separate ecosystem, with it's own habitat. Parallel with others, but never intersecting.


  • heartofbabel 18w

    [ Nights Like This ]

    It’s on nights like this
    Wish I had a thousand friends
    That we would gather around the fire
    And let the fun begin
    Because my home is vacant, silent
    And I cannot pretend
    That this loneliness in life
    Is every gonna end

    For plagued is my soul
    Displaying absence in the whole
    Where friendships are as valued
    As an eternity of gold
    And life has a funny way
    Of drawing distance, making cold
    And I shudder just to think
    That I could die alone

    Yeah, on nights like this
    I wish I could raise a chalice
    To drink my fill of love
    If I am being honest
    Because life is too short
    To live within your malice
    I’d rather tip the scales
    Then have an even balance

    Focusing my actions
    Solely into love
    Where the heart has meaning
    A reason beating blood
    Gathered altogether
    Embraced into a hug
    No striving for acceptance
    Through a system of a judge

    It’s on nights like this
    Where purpose speaks to mind
    And I am left to look about
    Seeing that we’re blind
    Distracted from one another
    Worked into a bind
    While longing for our freedom
    Yet never having time

    And what of all these actions
    Do they set the course of life
    Transforming us to toil
    Until all we know is strife
    Repeat the generations
    Repetitions of advice
    Veiled from our design
    So we may never reach our heights

    It’s on nights like this
    When things seem the darkest
    Where all the problems of your life
    Are seen at their largest
    And all the little things
    They seem to hit the hardest
    And pierce right to the heart
    And cut you at its sharpest

    That you wish that you had somebody
    That you were not alone
    That life was really different
    Then all that you’ve been shown
    You try to hold your head up
    You try to stay composed
    But whether things will change or not
    You really never know

    On nights like this


    #HeartOfBabel #Babel #GaratheDen
    #Isolation #Solitude #Loneliness #Depression

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    [ Nights Like This ]

  • starkanonymous 18w

    An Ode...

    Oh! For this, right here

    is my ode to speak of freedom

    But loneliness, I fear

    holds the keys to my own kingdom

    For all that I hold dear

    I don't know what made me eat them

    When bad times were near

    That's exactly how I beat them

    I'm free to shed no tears

    For all my inner demons.

    And all too unprepared

    To rise on up to meet them

    Not that I'd have dared

    Cause my freedom keeps me free from

    Every passing year

    That's not fair, revered and fearsome

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • a_lee_chambers 19w

    Dry your tears,
    Gain composure.
    Chin up dear;
    Appear unbothered.
    Tidy your appearance,
    Fix your face,
    You may be broken,
    But show some grace.
    You are a leader;
    Don't let weakness show.
    You have to be strong
    Don't let them know.
    Your foundation is unsteady,
    But you can't falter.
    You're life is crumbling;
    You must hold it together.
    No room for mistakes;
    An illusion of perfection.
    The weight of others
    Will lead to your destruction.
    No one will rescue you,
    You are your own salvation.
    The price of your strength?


  • manognaboppudi_ 19w

    Upside Down

    One day...
    One day took all of it...
    Staring outside the window blankly,
    Wondering how empty the streets are...
    Days turned blue and grey,
    No more black and white...
    Longing for things once annoyed,
    Praying to relive them...
    Cold keeps creeping in,
    Forgetting what warmth is like...
    Nights pass with suffocating thoughts,
    Morning come with a confused mind...
    Hoping to meet the loved ones,
    Just for one day...!!!

  • sonysehgal 19w

    Some souls would hang up there, at night ...
    while some down there, would doom in pain ...


  • kaiotyk 21w

    I found this draft I liked, and I'm glad I did because I got to revise and add to it! This bad boy is finally finished ��
    #miraquill #kaiotyk #spokenword #improvement #selfcare #reflection #isolation #togetherness #comparison #love #relationship #friendship #family

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    Difference 365

    The most fun I’ve had in 2020
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who never loved me
    Two. dancing in my room alone
    to songs about boys who may have loved me at one time
    and could give a damn less now
    Three. imagining the laughter of the people
    when they realize it’s another poem
    about loving solitude more than anything else
    Four. Every time I see my younger sister smile
    Five. Realizing I’ll always be whoever I want
    and remain both nothing and everything else
    Six. Sitting in bed alone
    thinking about hugging my friends
    Seven. Hugging my friends

    The most fun I've had in 2021
    listed by amount indulged:
    One. Finding love in the obvious place, the home of arms
    that welcome you with ease
    Two. Hobbies become fun again, the daily grind now but a pile of dust
    that has lessened its grip on my mind
    Three. Posing for Polaroids with my favorite ring of human beings
    Four. Imaging the laughter of the people when they realize it's a new poem
    about embracing the change for once instead of
    sad boy central up in this bitch
    Five. Seeing my loved ones smile
    Six. Sitting in bed shoulder to shoulder
    thinking about the possibilities of tomorrow
    Seven. Getting to tomorrow.

  • starkanonymous 22w

    in the thick of it

    silence... listen for the crickets

    I'm stuck in the thick of it

    the pervading silence of

    this empty house

    the quiet... sickeningly illicit

    I'm stuck in the thick of it

    this invading quiet of

    my empty head

    why this..? this, my quicksand mistress

    stuck me in the shit of it

    a suffocating silence in

    this empty house

    which used to be a home

    but now I'm left alone

    to fend on my own

    in a place where I have nothing

    where I have no one.

    (All Rights Reserved)

  • nuances_in_life 23w

    I don't want to be a choice I want to be the only option

  • burried_thoughts 23w


    How much more should I wait for ?
    Will they always remain the same ?
    Wouldn't they budge even an inch ?
    Will my feelings ever be validated ?
    Will I ever be able to connect with them ?

    Is there a human who can relate with it ?
    Am I the only imperfect human;
    Am I the only one with flaws here !
    Even if it is, can someone be broad minded enough to accept me in my fullest ?

    They say they love me;
    But what about my emotions and feelings ?
    They name it concern;
    But why don't they understand ?
    They call their abuse correction;
    What about the bruises they cause?

    They demand obedience;
    What about the share of love that I deserve ?
    They brand my assertion as selfishness;
    what are they when they destitute me ?

    They deny my reality;
    What about the things that i experienced?
    They call my act of expressing myself drama;
    What about their melodrama to appeal me?


  • nuances_in_life 26w



  • maxedson83akalyricalslouch 27w


    Its 4:30 in the morning and anxiety consumes me. I find it hard to face every new day. I was like this before but the isolation from this covid definitely made it worse. The anticipation of social interactions makes me very nervous. Still like every other day I will face my fears and face another day.

  • cicily 59w

    #cicily #isolation #arrows #mirakee
    Your isolation is your freedom to live the way you want. When none care about you... You will know your strength and capabilities. So smile can be your weapon in your isolation.

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    Isolation is the
    only arrow that