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  • bubbly_bluebells 23w


    It begins from you so end this and throw the robe of robbers and work on your identity instead of having tag of immortality and bad.

    Never stop learning out of course,even in the chaos to hold self nicely.I read somewhere , wanting (I want to have,eat,wishing like that one,that place and hating who you are in now) is the root of all corruption and it hitted me hard because this kind of hunger make person away from working with dignity,hard work(baking own plates stuff,insted throwing in the garbage) and leaves everything aside;only preys at the gain without going through the process of lifting own darkness to ignite as passion but hide there;remain stuck( though dragged in mud and suffocating)to backstab who are polishing their stones riverside.He turns astray in own forgetfulness of nature and humanity without exploring personal treasures to open the window of dreams and climb underrated ladders.In the end,how many want to rise with bustling head and heart alone in the midnight not clutched in the greed to work everything smoother and loved by people(fame)?For everyone struggle is different and as everyone has own way of doing it so copying and taking tips from successful people better innovate what you got and how to craft pots,paint and laugh under the Sun.Your road is different,will look wierd to everyone who potters like potterman but heart will alse beat younger and roam wild places, sharpening your reasoning skills and decision making to grow strength in the fragile places and transforming them into an art or flowery landscapes.When one is full with own ideas person won't like to absorb cynical ways.

    Dear plagiarism addicted,I want to say the reason of this trait is the thought that you are worthless gained from our environment but this is the starting point of any journey.After beating this fear,when you scribble yourself in broken words you will feel better and also realise you are not bad you thought.All are ordinary people just poured their true feelings via art.So find yourself who you are, stealing only will destroy you and under this black spell you will never dare be able to build up confidence of self-respect to find out what else you could do.Without going through fear of being laughed , stumbling b,rising, correcting there is no other way to have personal skill which gives estacy of fulfillment.So stop making yourself more poorer than you are now Start looking inside and yourself.Only looking at toppers won't give you top position you have to juggle own mental fibres by involving there.You should work on that stuff where you heart is and accept the truth that it's not important what's approved by society as a trend.Touch your conscious to earn money instead of selling people in the market to maintain your mask to feel good,it's crime!

    Corruption is not just corruption and plagriasim is not just plagriasim.They are the names putted over the mentality of possessions over others things,life controlling(disrespecting) emotions and starts from the same misdeed appears to the world in different forms in different ways.Take the time look into your version of shaded demon cause they are loud in head making weaker in own existence and empowering to bully innocent.Sometimes processing thoughts they are weak and you will never caught by doing whatever kind of stuff.Its the problem of ditching and denying own life's extent;to be responsible.

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    Time shades

  • _osize_ 23w

    It begins with nights like this when you wonder how easy it is for people to sweep away words of honour.

    You held and purred that you would hold me in times of grief and now, you're my affliction.

    And that you would hurt when I hurt and yet again I ask, can you feel my hurt when you hurt me?

    It's all empty now, the smiles and memories I thought we genuinely had.

    Like a doormat, you stomped on my soul taking advantage of my naivety.

    It begins with you teaching me that the worst pain is to be stuck with someone who pretends to care.

  • ersheeen 24w

    Happy birthday ma'am!!
    I wish you a very happy birthday, may all your pets and you stay safe.
    @ersheeen @writersbay @writersnetwork @readwriteunite @miraquill #first #itbeginsc #pod

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    Whenever you feel like you're re not doing well or something like that you get a angel sent by god. And it begins the good flow in your life and make you shine like a star. And especially when you're a student teacher or friends become that angel. And these angels are the person who turn (rusted iron) into a better version (platinum.)
    {MY ANGEL}
    For the first time,
    In my whole life i never meet such a great and cute teacher like you. You treated as like same and appreciated our marks. The most important thing that you talk so sweet and behave so nice; that everyone fall in love with studies. Your that nicknames OMG... i think i got more then 100 names in a every month, but always while calling me you forget them. Really your teaching is so perfect that all my concepts are crystal clear. And remember that comprehension chapter for first time ever you got angry, shouted a bit but still that was so cute....

  • waitaminute 24w

    It begins with one thing,
    And the emptiness inside,
    Demands more,
    This way one thing leads to another,
    It gets messed up in the end,
    We find ourselves empty again,
    With nothing.


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  • cutie_hedgehog 24w

    What a weird journey
    It's beautiful tho

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    It begins with an unexpected meeting
    Our block unblock journey begins


  • blinganshu 24w

    It begins with
    My fingers stroking the keys on the keyboard
    Mind deliberating what to write about this familiar stranger
    The romantic lyrics playing in my ears
    The normal heartbeat
    Lips sans the smile
    Eyes staring at your pixelated smile
    And I sit down to write about love
    The love for you which I sometimes feel and sometimes I don't

    The ticking of the clock
    The moving tires of the car
    The chilly winter wind blowing in my face
    Tangled hair, Cold feet
    Irrational heart, and the rational mind
    All tell me that I am headed the love's way
    And its gonna hit me hard

    It won't come with a timestamp
    The journey is gonna be tiring and the destination would be
    Well have no idea what it would be
    who would trump in this faceoff, the heart or the mind

    But just as a wise man once said
    It is what it is
    It would be what's meant to be.
    #lovec #itbeginsc #sustu #meanttobe

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    Meant to be

  • writersbay 24w

    Good Afternoon! 🌼

    Today, write about the beginning of something. Start your write-up with the phrase “It begins with” and let your imagination flow.

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    The corruption begins with the mouth
    the tongue, the wanting.
    The first poem in the world
    is I want to eat.

    – Where it begins, Erica Jong