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  • l_chapman 11w

    Self Image

    When we fall over broken fragments
    And hope that beneath all this pain
    We can find the piece to make us whole,
    We realise that it's not easy.
    We drown ourselves beneath a need
    We choke on an air of validation
    We crave to be noticed by them -
    A society's ideals on who you are to be.
    So you hurt to make yourself whole.
    You cradle the body you are
    And nurture the ever hungry beast within
    Just to sit there and realise
    You are not complete.
    Its the sway of guilt that comes next,
    The riptides of sadness pulling you under
    Rocking you to sleep in a crippling embrace
    As you strive through every day
    With a ghost in your eyes
    And a gripping clutch on your still beating heart,
    Because those rippling waters
    Make perfection out of broken things,
    By wearing it down until nothing is left,
    But the idea that we are not yet perfect.


  • l_chapman 13w


    It settles in like rot,
    A loneliness that grows ever so slowly
    Within a body unable to fight.
    She feels it every day
    Creeping deeper
    Coiling around every nerve
    Infecting every organ
    But it cuddles the heart,
    For it's the most broken thing
    It has found in her body
    And though it is disease
    It is also comfort.


  • sherrys_poetry_space 58w

    And if this world has never broken you
    May it never succeed
    If its never threatened to take and run with your love
    May you always feel it
    If it did you are mighty
    If you've never worked hard to see it all crumble
    May life never walk in and break all your pieces
    If this world has never brought you to your knees
    May you never cry to the heavens for even a rain drop
    May you never turn around and your reality sour
    And if this world has swallowed you whole
    Chewed you up and spit you out without direction
    Take those pieces and mend them
    Share your knowledge amd pledge to be better
    And if the world has never broken you be humble
    If it has take that humility and serve

  • juniperspoems 66w

    Broken into pieces
    Yet not dead
    You can kill the body
    Not the soul
    #hangingon #loveagain #itgetsbetter

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    Only Hope

    I know the nights very dark
    But there's always a morning
    The moon isn't enough?
    Wait for the sun to rise
    Someone walked away
    Have they left footprint?
    The wave of happiness will wash it away
    Your heart is sealed?
    I see that door
    Someone will knock it again.
    You find your self in chaos?
    Isn't that a sign of a great mind
    You're scared of yourself
    Only you the secret to be brave
    Has someone closed their arms for you?
    Someone else might have opened one
    Maybe you can't see
    Maybe its because you don't want to
    Just wait my dear for the sun to rise
    I know it will still hurt
    But its a new day, a new life?
    It won't easy,
    I'm not saying its a cake walk
    But have you seen tomorrow?
    Because I've not..
    And you're beautiful the way your tomorrow will be
    Universe is tirelessly working
    To get peace to thee

  • imaniemonique 103w


    I feel like I'm broken in a million little glass pieces,
    I will never be whole again.
    Changed forever,
    My mind has completely shifted beyond repair,
    And no matter how hard I try to convince myself,
    The fact remains,
    I'm broken.

  • zuzeth 110w

    Doing good.
    Feeling good.
    At times I’m not so good.
    Surrounding myself with beautiful good people really lifts my spirit real good.


  • imaniemonique 123w

    Being the sole tenant of your mind can be dangerous
    You live in your thoughts
    & what should be a safe space, can often feel like a battle field.
    A battle filled with intense controllable, control over you...
    Your mind,
    & the things it comes up with, is like playing Russian roulette with your sanity.
    The chamber,
    that is your mind is turning...
    You feel a pit in the back of your throat...
    While laughing and putting on a show for the world (POW!) ONE TO THE HEAD!!
    -You flinched; "Keep smiling" you tell yourself
    (POW!) Ha!! Almost!!
    (POW!) "Just get through the day..."
    (POW!) "Don't break!"
    (POW!) "No one sees I'm dying inside!"
    Where do you take cover?
    Where do you find solace?
    Do you continue to rage this silent but deadly war alone like so many countless others?
    Get out...
    Get out of your mind & seek refuge in your heart.
    Home is where the heart is,
    You don't want to live in your thoughts,
    It's not safe there...
    Find peace in your strength.
    There is beauty and solitude in your ability to fight on...
    ...SO FIGHT ON!!
    Evacuate your current residence & work hard everyday to find your way home ❤
    -Imanie Monique

  • slaythecrescent 125w

    Lol this one is a little to long but it's meaningful to me so.. #Youth #Poetry #Midnight #Mirakee #itgetsbetter @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The summers once so blissful, turn to sour rain in a matter of minutes,
    Daylight to Nightlight, conflicting seasons becoming more erratic like the emotions we carry.
    The cold summer rain, like icicles on our youthful skin,
    Awakening our ever growing senses to what has come and what has passed.

    The dark, grey skies seem sinister in nature, but for some reason it feels like warmth,
    Comforting and relieving the fears we once had and the ones that may still be inside us.
    Feelings pass, they come and go, an important lesson we seem to forget,
    Our youth can seem like torture, but once a flower dies, a new one must bloom.

    In a world of billions of people, creatures and those still undiscovered, its easy to get lost,
    The harshest days can feel like the end, with no hope left that we can treasure.
    Its easy to break like glass, fragile but yet sharp that could cut even the strongest of people,
    But again, you can't have sunlight without the sky releasing its tears for everyone to see.

    Instead of trying to replace the glass, that now feels shattered, build onto it, a new chapter each page,
    A book, that only you and you alone can determine, the author of your own hopes and dreams.
    Ignore the pressure and those that try to mold you, learn to mold yourself into what you'd like to become,
    Because beauty is in the beholder, and fate is in your hands.

    So, don't give up just yet, somewhere out there, stretched across the seas,
    Lies someone, who is struggling, crying and suffering never ending pain,
    Across the opposite moon, a smile is planted on someone's face, tears rolling down, out of joy this time,
    Everyone's time will come and their purpose will be revealed, but time is a healer, slow but the only permanent cure we have.

    To our youth, thank you for the experiences we've had, and the growth we've achieved from it,
    To our past, thank you for the lessons you've gave us, but allow us to keep them there.
    To our present, Help us to keep going, let our challenges become the very thing that defines us,
    And to our future, we haven't met yet, but I'm hopeful one day we can stand in front of each other, proud and happy of what we've become.


  • thrivingypsyman 125w

    Attend to You

    Trust me when I say it's all okay.
    Because it was never your fault anyway.
    "But they," Doesnt matter.
    The only voice that does is the one you attend
    So remember it's all okay in the end.

  • ezza2004 128w

    This is my call to everyone who feels unloved. This is for all the sufferers out there. This is telling you that you deserve better. This is me begging you to put down the blade, give up the drugs, and realise none of things help. This is me telling you you aren't alone. This is me praying you dont make the same mistakes I do.
    Keep fighting my friends xx

  • jynxielynn85 129w

    Her and I, and finally we.

    Going through my memories on an internet screen, as I reread all the words filled with such hurt, self loathing, and pain. Riddled with self doubt, I hurt for her. This girl who so desperately wanted someone to just choose her once. Never realizing that the problem wasn't with the relationship, but with herself. If you knew me, you may remember her. I remember her... I remember hurting her, starving her, trying to change her so she would finally be loveable. It was a long, difficult road, and at times, I had no idea how we'd ever survive. I abused her, and allowed her to be used. But her and I, we walked through that storm, and eventually we made it through. I don't hurt her anymore, somewhere in between being her and becoming me, her and I, became just we. I finally learned to love all the pieces, that make me, me. Bad and good, they are me. I work on making them into what I want, for me, and just me, and that's okay. We haven't reached perfect, but who wants to be perfect? I just want to be me. To those who had to watch as I tore myself apart over and over again, while I made mistake after mistake, trying to find what was missing.. Thank you. Thank you for loving me, especially when I didn't even know how to love myself.

  • storytellergriot 132w


    Laughing during the day
    Crying by night
    It's not the end
    It's just the pure will to put up a fight
    Nothing is a easy victory
    Joy is hard to find
    The darkest hour of life,
    Brings the brightest light
    It is hope that breathes new air
    It is faith that that carries you there
    Love holds the foundation
    Pain comes but Joy is the restoration
    You control your emotions and expression
    We all hurt
    We all cry
    We all lose sight of life
    Greet adversity with a smile

  • ezza2004 133w

    Feet on the ledge
    I'm on the edge
    Say I'm strong
    But not for long
    Its time I go
    To end the show
    Forgive me sweet
    For the slip of my feet

  • parismonroe85 137w

    I met you on a Sunday...

    I met you on a fix...
    I had seen your beautiful face before...
    You made time stop...
    I knew you would haunt me from the beginning...
    In a past life I would've passed you like you're being didn't exist...
    Now the humor is, I wonder do I exist...
    I'm not your fancy...
    It hurts but it's honest...
    I cry because I know no matter how many times I show you loyalty and admiration, it will never be good enough...
    I hold my head down because I feel as a fool...
    I had the thought and fantasy that you saw talent in me but, nothing...
    This shit hurts man!!!
    Instead of talent you saw weakness...
    In the place of intelligence you saw self hate...
    Damn you stupid fool Shana...
    I admire...
    I applaud...
    I have the most veneration for you...
    Yet my vibe tells me different...
    I still love...

  • parismonroe85 139w

    Good morning...

    I wonder what this day will bring.
    I wonder who I will meet.
    Will I meet the love of my life?
    Will I be met with a ghost from my past I haven't released yet?
    Will I enter dreamland with a smile or with tears?
    Will my day be felt with laughter or regret?
    Is today the beginning of a brand new or the ending to this beautiful thing we call life?
    Either way, its time to face it.
    Good morning...

  • monnamoon777 143w

    If you ask me where I go to find God... I would tell you I look for her in art museums, zoos and aquariums. I feel her in centers for science, on mountains & at the planetarium. I look for her in the beauty & knowledge of all things. Even in the challenges that clip your wings. I think of her with every breath and I learn from her with every test. I'm grateful because when I'm not I lose. I'm aware she is my intuition when she tells me the news is nearly fiction. I believe she is the hope wrapped around the fears I mask behind my tears. I found her love on my darkest day. The kind where you wonder would your husband be ok? Whether your mother would survive and would your brother even mind? But these questions weren't from God. They were delusional manifestations of my own creation. I am my own production of heaven and hell and you can't direct a film without knowing all your characters. But i digress... What did you ask?

  • omega_the_virus 158w

    That long sigh.
    Wind rushing along the surface,
    The shoal of an endless glass.
    Ripples and waves of reflections
    The ones in the corner of the eye.
    Pupil looming overhead,
    Swirling, calm, torrential inside,
    Hiding the chaos in the sclera.
    But down...
    Deep down beneath the crashing tides.
    You feel it in the embrace.
    Breathe it in, soak it to the marrow.
    Fill your lungs with the slow tranquil hug,
    Lulling you to rest.
    That slow sigh...
    Return me to the sea.


  • voluntarilyinsane 169w

    The Conclusion

    Sometimes, you
    find out at the
    end of it all
    that you two
    were the perfect
    mismatch, that,
    all this while
    when you thought
    she was perfect for
    you, wind was
    blowing the other way.

  • ellspressions 171w


    "Strong" is the word used to describe those who have carried the world on their shoulders, and managed not to crumble under the rubble.
    Double knock-outs in the boxing ring of life, getting back up after every fall to continue on in fight.
    "Strong" is the excuse people use not to check up on a person, "they're so strong, I'm sure they can endure this!"
    Wrong is the perception of the strong.
    Strong, but one can only be strong alone for so long.

  • janeenpink 173w

    I post this to be heard by the ones that care #itgetsbetter

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    3 YEARS

    I was your fool for 3 years
    I battled my instincts for 3 years
    My rays of hopes and dreams dimmed
    My confidence was beaten
    My carefree soul was weighted down by my insecurities
    Insecurities nonexistent before you entered my life
    I was so desperate only to become so broken
    I want to be tasteful, but you were never tasteful
    So particular about your silk ties, but you were never classy to me
    Is being a better father temporarily to impress your ex Classy?
    Was pushing me up against the the wall Classy?
    Was all those woman Classy?
    Was the load of lies and manipulation I believed Classy?
    I use to think I had to compromise for you to be around my Ni-Ni
    Now I realize I'm settling and I'm teaching her what is to be accepted
    I said no more
    After 3 years, I blocked your calls, kept them blocked
    Text me a date and time to see Ni-Ni
    I haven't seen you, no text
    Now I have not let you access my energy
    Now I feel my happy 18 year old self coming back inside and getting comfortable
    I'm sure and she is 2.0