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  • kaach_ka_panchi 49w

    Cold/mess - Prateek kuhad

    I know 'Cold Mess' is one of your favourites,

    but even today its words sound like our good old days that still inspire me to feel your existence.

    But you know that I know that it won't matter now because my heart is a mess like this song.


  • kaach_ka_panchi 51w

    Just Tinder Things

    I got you in between those two swipes.
    Confused where I'm going to right or left.

    So I decided to swipe left but by mistake I don't know how I touched that Super like.

    Well, Now you're here.
    My super match.
    My super You.


  • aradhana1308 60w

    Won or Lost?

    They see your happy face
    But don't see the sorrow,
    You went through
    They see you smiling
    But don't see the tears
    You shed alone
    They see you winning
    But don't see, what
    You have lost

    Why there were none
    When we were
    looking for someone
    Why there were none
    When we wanted a,
    shoulder to cry upon
    Why there were none
    When we were searching,
    someone to hang up on

    Now there are plenty of them
    But we have lost our
    Ability to trust
    Courage to love
    Chances to open up
    Vibe with them
    But we are winning
    Over us again and again

  • aradhana1308 84w

    "What! Are you going to wear this?" mt best friend yelled after having a look on my newly bought shirt and dark blue jeans. "Dude it's a date not a corporate meeting" opposingly she said. She was more excited than me or she was only excited for me, I was nervous because it had been 3 years after my first and last breakup since I approached any boy or let them approach me. But now life was stable and kinda boring too so I thought what would be more adventurous than bringing someone into life. People always come with a pack of surprises and shocks. So I got a match on tinder a day back and we decided to go on date. The venue i will disclose late right now i need to finalise my outfit. Having a great F in dressing sense i left this decision to my best friend and asked her to suggest whatever she likes. Finally she came up with one of her sea green floral print knee length one piece, picked out a diamond shaped stone earrings from my box and a white high heel to go with the dress.
    The next evening after coming back from office, I got ready and headed into the cab.
    "Location kya hai madam" cab driver asked.
    "Starbucks Cafe, City Centre Mall" i replied. Yes, we decided to meet at Starbucks cafe. I was never fan of Starbucks or CCD, neither I thought he would be but he suggested it and I couldn't disagree. For me a cup of adrak wali chai made by me had always been my favourite.
    Soon i was out of city centre mall, i stepped out of the cab, it was 6:30, sun was setting down behind the clouds, it seemed it will rain today. A guy of 5'7 in white hooded shirt with a Mickey mouse print in the front, styled with a pair of faded blue jeans, those colours on him were giving more glow to his wheatish skin complexion. He ruffled his hair with one hand and offered me the other for handshake. He was my match, "You look pretty" he complimented. "Thank you."You also look amazing." I replied. We went inside the café. It was giant, full furnished floors with wodden chairs and table along side the walls leaving enough space in the centre for a marble statue, and fancy light in the ceiling. He ordered two cappuccino after i told whatever he wish he can order and we sat. "Do you often come here?" He asked. "Yes" i lied because the rule no1 given to me by my best friend was to say things which will look like we both have same choices. And as he was the one who suggested this venue I concluded he might been coming to this place often. It was really awkward sitting their silently, i didn't know what to talk or how to start the conversation. "Is it your first date? Or you had got matched before also" i broke the ice and asked. "No it's not. I have matched with girls earlier also but it never lasted more than a one day date." He laughed and I giggled too. "What about you?" He asked. "Yes it is my first tinder date." Our cappuccino arrived, as I took a sip of it I thought what's on the earth is making Starbucks so good (no offense to Starbucks lover, it's fictional). "It's good no" he said. Again I nodded and told yeah it's my favourite. We talked a little and after an hour we decided to take leave. As we came out, the weather was already being dark and the sound of thunder was loud. "It's gonna rain" he said while giving irritated expression. "You don't like rain? I asked. "No not much." He said. We bid farewell.
    I decided to walk a little, soon it started raining, I took shelter under a tea stall, and ordered a cup of tea. A hot cup of tea adds more beauty to the rainy weather. The old owner of the stall who was in his late 60s handed me tea in a paper cup. While I was sipping my tea, my eyes gazed over a guy at some distance enjoying the rain, standing at the side of road and getting wet. I realised it was him my tinder match. I moved a little closer to him and shoutey "Hey! What you doing here." He looked back with a hesitated expression trying not to make eye contact. "What are you doing here with this?" He asked pointing toward cup of tea. "Umm first you answer you told you don't like rain, then what is this?" I asked again. "I thought you don't like rain so I said so." He replied. "But I never said that" I said."Now you answer me first, you told cappuccino is your favourite and you don't like tea." He enquired."I was just trying to do what my best friend directed to me, being an amateur in tinder and dating she suggested me just to pretend we both have same choices and we could just vibe with but i guessed that didn't work." I said with my head bowed down.
    He burst in laughter, I looked at him confusingly. Finally he said "Even I was doing the same,this means you don't go to starbucks often." "No, and it means you like rain not cappuccino" I asked.
    "Yes." He said we both laughed and enjoyed the rain under the tea stall. He took my tea and sipped out of it. I blushed. "Do you have a pen uncle". He asked the tea stall owner. Old uncle handed him one and he wrote our name on the cup just like we did in starbucks the only difference was there it was on two different cups here we were on one, and our choices were really one this time.
    -Aradhana Ojha

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