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  • chaithra_nayak 7w

    Geet, Bhatinda Ki Sikhni;
    a bright-chirpy sunflower
    in a field full of roses.
    who smiles from core of heart
    with tinch of sparkling eyes
    Reflecting happiness in galactic
    which makes her special,
    exceptional from all.

    Aditya, a cold feet baron;
    Imperiled for work bubble
    Plunged through the stress
    yet amidst holds lingered vibe.
    The one who fears to smile at zest
    drowns in a sea of responsibilities
    A mere firefly in saffron skies
    who belonged to gloomy night.

    They meet each other in
    the train journey of love.
    Geet drabbing out darkness
    and filling the YOLO motive,
    made him accept awful flaws
    optimising dim tunnel in him.
    Letting him explore life
    like there's no tomorrow.

    Life turned tables' for Geet.
    Her love for Anushman battered her,
    put her in misery of isolation.
    chaotically fear of lost soul,
    Aditya warmth her withered heart
    filled hidden valiance in her.
    Caged her out from tears of ink
    and let her fly from her horror.

    To stand by someone at
    their darkest stormy past;
    answers the peak of love.
    World says heartbreak
    is too cliche to clunch with,
    they proved it wrong all way.
    In a galaxy full of stars,
    you will always find the stellar.

    The realisation of love
    embraced slowly in them,
    promising no fear in dice of life.
    They held each other tight,
    the affinity of never letting go.
    Heart beating in rhythm,
    universe aligning them; for the story
    Happily ever after just started.

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    Jab We Met


  • prachi_33 28w

    Reference-Jab we met.
    Clearly,it's my opinion,just wrote what I felt.

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    Can we even compare Aditya and Anshuman?


  • anantay_12 32w

    Main kahi bhi jaate hoon .... Tumse hi mil jate hoon
    Tumse hi tumse hi

    Shor me khamoshi hai... Thodi se behoshi hai
    Tum se hi tum se hi

  • extrovert_tales_ 43w


    Na hai yeh pana ,
    Na Khona hi hai,
    Tera Na hona jane
    Kyun hona hi hai

    You are the one forever I wanna hold onto I look for love and behave desperately in your absence, The world flatters with me for you are nowhere but near my heart Your face is an epitome of Success and your wide smile and innocent folly talks takes me to new world where your own a galaxy Of twilight, You're my sunshine, you're my love!

    Aankhon mein ankhen teri,
    Bahoon mein baahein teri
    Mera na mujh mein kuch raha hua kya
    Baaton mein baatein teri
    Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
    Tumse hi mil jata hoon Tumse hi

    The galaxy you own in my eyes, the place you have in my heart is always in need of you presence, I remember the first time we exchanged eyes and the sight embarked with the sweetness of your warm hugs. the blackness fade and hues of magenta with glittering stars shines even louder, the loitering of snub heart bends when it finds your fragrance! whenever I go, where so ever my heart flies and it finds you:>

    Aadha sa vaada kabhi,
    Aadhe se zyada kabhi,
    Jee chahe karlu is tarah,
    Wafa ka. Chhode na chhute kabhi,
    Tode na toote kabhi,
    Jo dhaaga tum se jud gaya, wafa ka.

    The day has merrily came, maybe I should face my love, my eternity of patience, I should ask you out and confess my feelings, why is it raining? The moment I stepped forward to touch you, goddam I woke up it was a dream so beautiful at least my eyes were conspicuous to get your glimpse, I know my promises are partly left to be completed, my heart pumps tremendously! The silence after rain. I have woken up to that. I have stared blankly across the room. The memory of your love is the smile on my face. You have managed to hold me from so far away. All the darkness in me has turned into soft whispers of rain. A tear trails down to my lips. Tonight, we meet again:)

    Immortal love, I hope you destined their journey from holding hands to holding tied knots!
    Penned at 2:15p.m.
    #jabwemet #bigfan #shahidkapoor #kareenakapoor #13years
    #geet #aditya #love 3tumsehi #selfless #loveaditya #ig #poems #nightwriters

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    Chore na chute kbhi,
    Tore na tute kbhi,
    Jo dhaga tumse judh gyaaaa
    Wafa ka....❤

  • anushkarathi 68w

    I asked you to leave, but deep down I still think of you when "aaoge jab tum" plays.
    Aaoge jab tum is relatable for every mad-in-love person who got dumped for no reason but just because the other person has changed. For every person who loves rains more than their lives but aren't living the life because of the unexpected move. They just keep waiting in love'.
    There are moments, hugs, kisses and love and then suddenly another person changes. It's hard to wait but still the hope in you keeps you going

    "Aaoge jab tum ho sajna,
    Angana, phool khilenge.
    Barsega Sawan, Barsega Sawan,
    Jhoom Jhoom ke."

    When left without a reason, the other person's rainbows disappear. He/she doesn't feel like watering to his/her garden.
    Love is just like a rain to them which will set everything alright and bring them flowers.
    "Naina tere kajrare hai,
    Naino pe hum dil haare hai,
    Anjaane hi tere naino ne,
    Waade kiye kahi saare hai!"

    These lines play and remind of the beautiful eyes of their lover and all the promises they made in love' but couldn't just keep. Their heart wrenches.
    "Chanda ko taaku raato me,
    Hai zindagi tere hathon me,
    Palko pe jhilmil tare hai,
    Aana bhari barsaaton me."

    People who are in love often talk to the moon about their beloved and name whole of their life in their name. They carry tears in their eyes and a smile on their face, still waiting.
    These lines remind of all the moments where they got drenched in the rain of love together.
    So, no matter what, this song always makes them remind of the person they're in love' with.
    @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld @mirakee #writers #mirakeewriters #writersnetwork #mirakeeworld #readwriterepeat #read #write #writinglove #writerforlife #writerlove #writing #anushkarathi #forever #heart #nottrue #falsepromises #love #writerfeels #feelings #sayings #poetrylove #quotery #wordgasm #wordsareworth #poets #quotes #writinglove #writersofmirakee #love #writerslove #heart #lovepost #loveyou #loveforhim #immortallove #immortality #love #englishpost #love #poetry #poetryandwriting #writerslove #myloveforyou #loveforsongs #bollywoodlove #bollywoodsongs #jabwemet #fromheart

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    I asked you to fuck off,
    But deep down,
    I still think of you when
    "Aaoge jab tum" plays. ❤️

  • vswrites97 75w

    आओगे जब तुम

    नैना तेरे कजरारे हैं
    नैनों पे हम दिल हारे हैं
    अनजाने ही तेरे नैनों ने
    वादे किए कई सारे हैं
    साँसों की ले मद्धम चलें,
    तोसे कहे
    बरसेगा सावन झूम झूमके
    दो दिल ऐसे मिलेंगे....

  • the_end_of_the_fucking_world 78w

    & We met..❤️


  • tiethethought 84w

    To every girl who was once
    A Geet in her life.

    You have smiled and giggled
    at the tiniest Joys
    coming your way.
    You always wanted everyone to know
    the importance of every moment
    and how we should stay positive.

    But when you got to know
    that life is not all "Mauja hi Mauja"
    you did put your foot down
    and stepped into reality.

    Your smiles went
    A bit too weak
    And you preferred
    Silences over constant ranting.

    You crossed paths
    With everything which
    You had been ignoring
    From a long time.

    You realised how important life is
    And what all responsibilities you have
    Towards your family.

    You did notice
    That you've changed
    But all for the better.

    The Geet in you
    Is still alive
    But is overshadowed by your chores.

    Hope you meet her soon
    And be as happy as you were back then.


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    To every girl who was once
    A Geet in her life.

  • mdmoin 88w

    If you are sad
    Just think about the fact that
    “interval tak toh geet bhi anshuman ke peeche padi thi”

  • singh_ankit94 95w

    Hey! Stranger

    Scrolling through my Instagram stories, I came across a page,
    A page about travelling stories & escaping Life's maze,
    The page was exciting and I flooded every post with my likes,
    Little did I know it was a blessing in disguise,
    Commenting on that page story opened up a new beginning,
    A conversation broke and it had a beautiful ending,
    The very next day I woke up with a feeling of joy,
    I was acting like a baby with his favorite toy,
    I gathered some courage and texted the stranger,
    I didn't knew if it was going to last longer,
    Her reply settled me down,
    We surprisingly were on the same page with me being a clown.

    She reminded me of my lost past,
    When time was easy on me and things used to last,
    I was surprised to find so much similarities,
    She was bold , honest and had a clarity,
    It's been only few days and we have gelled,
    We may fight In future and this bond may fail,
    But talking with you seems so right,
    I just can't tell,
    This story has just started,
    It seems it can last,
    Though I am slow at typing, you are very fast.
    So I will listen to whatever you have to say,
    A story about hardship, failure, success or gay,
    I wish you stay happy, you stay blessed,
    Meeting with you Stranger would be great.


  • mashaeir 102w

    Na hai yeh pana
    Na khona hi hai
    Tera na hona, jaane
    Kyun hona hi hai

  • juli70 103w

    Similar but different

    In the full era of finding your joy in aggressive and furious man like kabir Singh

    i still find my peace in serene and cute smile of Aditya Kashyap from

    Jab We Met!!

  • love_your__life_18 109w

    Filmy Hu

    There are mix fav character define My love

    Geet dhillon... ki tarah... Crazy...talkative.....hamesha sapno mein rahne wali .....

    Shabana khan.... Jaisi .... apne pyaar ke liye duniya se lad jaane wali....

    Riya somani....❤ Has many dreams .....❤ Never expressed feeling....but She lovesunconditionally....

    Aisha.....Crazy .... Lovable....Passionate About Career ....

    Last but not the least.....

    Maya mehrotra...... Jitni shiddhat se pyar.....utni hi shiddhat se nafrat (Maya Jaisingh)


  • sreejayaram 118w


    That’s what I first thought of her

    She was south while I was north

    She never shut her mouth while I barely opened mine..

    She lived in present while I hung up on my past..

    Everything was positive for her while I saw only negative..

    She never thinks twice, while I did nothing without thinking thrice..

    She came uninvited

    But her presence only made me believe that,

    Opposites attract...


  • pepper_16 121w

    Kabhi Kabhi Lagta hai ke Jaise Kuch Galat ho rha hai..koi Train choot rhi hai..!
    Life me Sabkuch Waisa nhi hota jaisa Hum Chahte hai..#jabWeMet


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    Because Life has Another plans For You..And You never Know♥

    Pucho na pucho Mujhe kya Milega Teri Baaho me Aakar....Kyuki Tumse hi Din hota hai, surmayi Shaam aati hai....Jab se....Hum Jo Chalne lage hai, Chalne lage hai ye Raste..❣


  • shubhangi_dave 137w

    Chalo na milte hai
    Is baar thode zyada waqt ke liye
    Is baar main thoda kam sharmaungi
    Apni baatein main bhi khul ke bataungi

    To Chalo na milte hai
    Sirf tum hi nahi dekhte rahoge aankhon me Meri
    Is baar nazarein main bhi milaungi
    Waada karti hu is baar main thoda kam sharmaungi
    Apni baatein main bhi khul kar bataungi

    Chalo na please milte hai
    Vo dar ke maare Khana table par ab nahi giraungi
    Tum mujhe khilana main tumhe khilaungi
    Gaadi par tumhare piche bethe hue Yun hi nahi muskuraungi
    Piche se tumhe zor se ab main gale lagaungi

    Chalo na milte hai
    Is baar thoda Kam sharmaungi
    Apni baatein main bhi khul ke bataungi.


  • _not_a_writer_ 151w

    Sapno ki kahani

    Teri aankho mai jo ajab sa nasha hai

    Kya batau dil kis kadar tujhpe fida hai.

    Uff teri julfon ka wo ghana andhera

    Churata hai dil jaisa hai koi lootera.

    Tere maathe pe wo jo kaala kaala til hai

    Haaye usse dekhke machalta ye dil hai.

    Wo tera baar baar mujhse nazare churana

    Aur mera yu hi tere saamne aa jana.

    Khuda jaane kab kahegi tu apni zubaani

    Ab shuru ki jaaye apni prem kahani.

    Kuch baatein hongi kuch mulakaatein hongi

    Kahi sapne sajenge aur kahi neende udenge.

    Dheere dheere badhegi ye bekaraari

    Aur chaa jayegi kuch kuch khumaari.

    Tu sama jayegi mujhme aur me tujhme

    Bhar jayegi Khushiyon se ye zindagaani.

    Mai tera raja aur tu meri rani

    Aye khuda sach krde meri ye sapno ki kahani.


  • _not_a_writer_ 151w

    What's your wish?

    To get the strength to show my notes
    to her where all my unconfessed
    feelings are written for her❤


  • _not_a_writer_ 152w

    I just wanted to confess to you that from last 10 months your presence has made my life more beautiful and happening.
    Your smile is the reason of my happiness.
    Your cuteness and kindness is where everytime i have fallen for you.
    And also i know we dont talk much.
    Before this we have just spent only 10-15 mins together but that were the best moment of my life.
    I just wanted to spend more time with you and add all those lovely moments with you.
    People tease us ,from outside you get irritated but i think deep down you also blush like me.
    And finally i just want to say that
    I think that you are the You in my I LOVE YOU.


  • _not_a_writer_ 152w

    Darta hu mai...

    Tu Hai Mere Etne Karib, 
    Fir Bhi Tujhe Paane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Mujhe Tujhse Pyaar Bahut Hai, 
    Par Mai Zamane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Koi Dekh Na Le Aansu Mere, 
    Essliye Aansu Bahane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Mai Pyaar Karta Hu Tujhe Pure Dil Se, 
    Par Batane Se Darta Hu Mai...

    Mujhe Risthon Se Nafrat Nai, Risthey Toot Na Jaye.. 
    Esliye Risthey Banane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Koi Marham Lagane Wala Nai Hai Mere Paas, 
    Esliye Chot Khane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Hamesha Dhokha Hi Khaya Hai, 
    Esliye Dost Banane Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Aab To Khud Hi Bhool Aaya Hu, 
    Ki Kin Kin Kaarano Se Darta Hu Mai... 

    Bas Etna Jaanta Hu Mai, 
    Tere Dur Jaane Se Darta Hu Mai...