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    Graceful SiyaRaam!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Lovely is Seetha, Enchanting is Raam
    Both are reflections of other,
    Both are Beautiful, AbhiRaam!
    Eyes darker than darkest Kohl
    Of Kharhaari and Janaki
    And lips redder than finest Rose
    Bodies have their own glow
    And faces are lovely incomparable
    Moon like is each of their toe
    The jewels on their eloquent form
    Borrow their shine from them
    Like Ocean from Sun at the time of Dawn!
    Oh This beauty who can describe?
    Of ShriSeetha and RaghuNandan
    Which is the reservoir of all Delight!

    Jaya SiyaRaam!
    Jaya ShriHari! Jaya ShrimanNarayana!
    Their jewels borrow their shine from them just like at the time of dawn the dark ocean is lit up by the ocean it's water shimmering and looking beguiling all due to the Rays of Sun falling on them, jewels like Ocean and the Sun is ShriSeethaRaam ��❤
    Pic credit: Pinterest

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @_garimapandey_ @pritty_sandliya @anvaya

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    Graceful SiyaRaam

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    Oh Narsimha
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Oh Narsimha, Oh Man-Lion
    Oh Prahalad's Guardian!
    With A Golden Complexion
    You shine magnificently
    Oh Bestower Narsimha!
    With darkness swayed
    Around those fierce eyes
    You adore mercifully
    The Son of HiranyaKashiyap
    And out of Over-flowing LOVE
    You lick his face, Narsimha!
    You are uncontrollable in anger
    And on your lap Sits Shri!
    Bestowing her grace along with you
    My Beloved, ShriNarsimha!
    You have a Majestic Gait
    And with Ferocious teeth
    And Nails ready to tear apart
    The Sins accumulated, just like
    The Honour* of Hiranya Demon
    You are ShriHari Narsimha!
    Oh God, with leonine Face
    And the body of a Man
    You my lovely Father, and
    The one who emerged from a Pillar
    Are my Marvellous Narsimha!

    *Here Honour means the Chest of HiranyaKashiyap.

    Here, I have tried to describe ShriNarsimha Bhagwan, the bestower of Prahalad (Prahalad-Varda). Prahalad was the son of Demon Hiranyakashyap, who got a boon from Brahma Dev that he cannot be killed, either in day or night, either inside the house or outside, by any weapon, neither at day nor night or by any man or animal. He tortured devotees of ShriVishnu but his own son was a great Devotee. Hiranyakashyap devised many plans to get him killed, but failed each time. Once he asked a Prahalad where is ShriVishnu and he replied, 'He is Everywhere' then Hiranyakashyap signalled to a Pillar and said if your Hari is present in that pillar I will destroy that! And then will destroy you too, if he does not emerge.
    When Prahalad Ji said, 'He is everywhere' then ShriVishnu immediately entered in each and every thing, and was waiting to emerge just to make his devotee's words true!
    Hiranyakashyap smashed the Pillar with his mace and from it emerged ShriNarsimha Bhagwan- with a face of lion and a body of Man. He tore open the chest of Hiranyakashyap with his nails(no weapon) while keeping him on his lap(neither in sky nor ground) attwilight time (neither day nor night) and at the doorframe (neither inside house nor outside). He was pacified by the Hymns of Prahalad himself and made him sit on his lap. Then Bhagwan out of OVER FLOWING AFFECTION (VATSALYA) started licking the face of the five year old Prahalad. ☺ This Katha displays the Affection of Bhagwan Towards his Devotees and his ever willingness to save us from The Ocean of World (Bhav Sagar) by tearing or destroying our Sins which are lofty like Hiranyakashyap and accumulated over infinite births!
    Jaya ShrimanNarayana! Jaya ShriHari! Jaya Prahalad Varda ShriNarsimha! ����

    Pic credit: To the original owner, edit by me
    @ally_18 @mayank_02 @aarsha_ns @anvaya @_garimapandey_

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    'Oh Narsimha'

    -ShriHari Nandini

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    A Sweet Union
    By Bhavya Gogia

    I run to her my Mother
    I am being called by Mother Janaki
    With long arms she calls me
    To her embrace, my lovely Ma Shri!
    The Sun has risen above the Ocean
    The sea behind her scintillating
    And the welkin, is similar to Raam
    In complexion, and the sand is shimmering!
    She calls to me with a smile
    Which seems to play on her eyes alike
    And my little feet move effortlessly
    Towards her, who is lotus-like
    But Oh! see who has come between
    Mother and me, blocking my way
    'Where to?' Says Father with a spirit of Fun
    And I am left without a word to say!
    'Let me go to Mom' I say
    But he out of mischief blocks my path
    And Ma smiles from his behind,
    As if enjoying the game at heart!
    I move left, he blocks from left
    I move right and he is at right
    He does not let me go
    To my Ma, my protest albeit
    But Oh I am small, and he's tall
    I always have a way at hand,
    Enough of his trifle now
    I will trick him this instant!
    And I run below his long arm
    With a single aim in mind!
    To reach my Mother who is standing
    Still with her arms open wide
    And I reach to her my Mom
    While ShriRaam smiles at his defeat!
    In an embrace, we both smile
    And Hari joins our union ever sweet!

    I call this special, as it is Very Close to My Heart
    Another episode of imagination ��
    But I have to say this came in my mind without effort �� and hence I converted it to a poem!
    This is how it goes: I am on a beautiful beach with ShriSeethaRaam. Seetha Ma calls me to her, I am small girl, smaller than the length of her and ShriRaam's arms. She calls me to herself for an embrace, and I run to her, imagine her arms open wide calling her little daughter to her for a hug, as a mother calls her beloved child. I go to her, as my feet effortlessly move to her for embracing her. But as I am about to reach Ma, ShriRaam comes in between us and he says with a spirit of fun, 'where are you going little one?' And I knowing his mischievous nature, refuse to say a word and with a pout, I say, 'Let me go to Ma' but he doesn't, he plays, but I don't understand his pranks! What should I do now? I go left, he moves left to block my way, I shift right he too shifts right, I protest but he doesn't let me go. And then I realise he is soo tall and I am soo small, I can easily escape! Both his arms are blocking my way, but I easily move below his arms, and before he could catch me I reach to Ma, who with open arms embraces me. ShriRaam smiles is now defeated! Now, he comes and embraces us from behind and joins our union which is Forever Sweet!

    @aarsha_ns @ally_18 @mayank_02 @setusrivatsa @_garimapandey_

    Pic credit: To the original owner, From Pinterest. I cropped the whole pic�� Just kind of related it to the poem ��

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    A Sweet Union

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #ram #govind #hari #believe #still #ray #hope #jai_shri_hari

    I still believe
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Blowing verses to my dead breath
    I breath with the wind of your hope
    I believe Oh Merciful One
    I still believe in a ray of Hope
    When vanishing Humanity
    Vanishes love and generosity Lord
    My Father believe me Prithee
    I still believe in a ray of Hope
    Loneliness in mind and heart
    Encircled by arrows of distraught
    Like a little unhatched egg
    I still believe in a ray of Hope
    Dancing amidst grief and melancholy
    Are beings living in past bygone
    But Oh Nectar, come stay here
    For I still believe, in a ray of Hope

    This feels like a time of Distraught. Isn't it? But when is not a time of distraught? We all live in a world which is full of miseries. No one can ever be happy in this world until and unless the person is self realised or the person is a devotee. Keeping this in mind I who is just another worldly person try to believe in 'A Ray Of Hope' which is the only possible way to stay away from Misery. ShriHari is always Sharnagat Vatsal (Dear to the people who take refuge in him) hence if we trust him then he shall help us. Without any hope, we will only lead ourselves to grief hence I request all to believe in atleast a Ray of Hope!

    @ally_18 @mayank_02 @aarsha_ns @setusrivatsa @priya_sandliya

    Pic: From Pinterest
    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana! ������

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    I Still Believe

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #ram #govind #hari #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #jai_shri_hari #beauty #separation #pervade #world #universe #everything #lovelorn #Shri #Vishnu #mylordvishnu #diamond #lakshmipati #shripati #ananta

    Oh ShriVishnu
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Resting under the shade of Ananta(Sheshnaag)
    Is this a majestic blue diamond
    Oh no a diamond's too cheap
    This is the Lord of Shri himself!
    This is the same one who loves
    To tear my heart by his love
    And beauty which allures Manmatha(love God, Kamdev)
    And arrows of his brilliant gaze
    Oh Father understand kindly
    That I have only one heart
    And one mind how may I then
    Oh Hero, live without your sight*
    Oh weilder of Chakryudham(Sudarshan Chakra, discus)
    And simultaneously a lotus
    How may I live without your love
    And without you Oh Vishnu!**
    Oh Mysterious Lord with lips
    More red than thousands of roses
    Oh one shining with Shri
    Don't deprive me of you now!

    *(which will endow mercy on me, it means him looking at me that is turning his merciful eye towards me)
    **(Vishnu name literally means One who pervades the whole world. But still he makes me feel separated from him ��)

    @setusrivatsa @ally_18 @mayank_02 @aarsha_ns @priya_sandliya

    Jai ShriHari! Jai ShrimanNarayana!
    Pic credit: To the original owner(ShriHari under Sheshnaag, now why should I not say he loves to tear my heart with his beauty�� and not just mine, I already tried to describe his beauty(which cannot be described) in my poem 'Unsurpassed Beauty')

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    Oh ShriVishnu

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #mahalakshmi #narayana #shrihari #trivikram #vaaman #upendra #aditi #kashyap #worlds #shrimannarayana #shri_hari_narayana #jai_shri_hari #ceesreposts #ram #govind #hari #shripati #winner #bali #prahalad #mylordvishnu

    TriVikram wins his Worlds!
    By Bhavya Gogia

    Donning Vaaman form
    Has come mighty Hari
    Who bears Lakshmi in chest
    Remover of Indra's worry!
    Trivikram is a beauty
    To all present eyes
    He asks for three steps
    Of Earth his wife!
    The bestower Bali
    Agrees to his wish
    Thus little Upendra
    Conquers two realms!
    The last step he puts
    On Prahalad's scion
    The little one who donned
    The form of giant!
    He makes him the ruler
    Of Patal's lands
    While as his doorkeeper himself
    The Bhaktvatsal stands!

    ShriVaaman Dev is the dwarf incarnation of Lord ShriVishnu. Bhagwan took Vaaman form as the younger brother of Indra Dev(thus called UPENDRA) and the Son of Parents of Devatas: Aditi and Kashyap. Bali the Grandson of Prahalad, was conducting a yagya to win over Swarg(Heaven) and other worlds but ShriHari donned Dwarf Brahaman form and asked for three steps of Earth to great Danveer Bali who never refused alms so he agreed. In the first step ShriVaaman measured the whole Earth, in second step whole Universe(Swarga to Satyalok, abode of Lord Brahma)(He thus became TriVikram-Winner of three Worlds, which otherwise also belonged to him��) and asked where to put the third step. Bali told him to put the step on his head(he surrendered to Lord) Lord was pleased by his act and hence Shifted Bali to worlds below Earth or Patal lok, made him King and himself became his doorkeeper, that's the sweetest Bhaktvatsal(lover of devotees)!
    This avtar has lots of significance, it shows Sharnagati(Surrender)which is the only means to Moksha(liberation). Also, in this avtar Lord did not kill any Rakshas(Demon) but gave a boon to everybody! He placed his feet which are highly revered and worshipped and hard to achieve even by great yogis, on everybody from Swarga to Satyalok to the whole Earth and even Patal! When he placed his feet in Satyalok, Brahm Dev by Lord's sudden gesture of Placing his Bestowing Feet, made the Vedas water and washed his Supreme Feet( and maybe this water later came to be known as River Ganga) So Annamacharya Ji says BRAHM KADIGINA PADAMU(The feet washed by Brahm Dev) It's a great song worth listening �� Though I am not sure of Brahma Dev's story I read it somewhere, so it may not be true. But rest all is true, Bhagwan is the great Bestower in this Avatar and this form is the embodiment of his mercy! ��
    He is the sweetest Vaamana!

    Jai Jai ShrimanNarayanan! Jai ShriHari! ��

    @drinderjeet @setusrivatsa @ally_18 @mayank_02 @odysseus
    Pictures credit: To the original owner (Edit by me)

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    TriVikram Wins his Worlds

    By ShriHari Nandini

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    #shrihari #nandini #embrace #him #shripati #mahalakshmi #narayana #ram #govind #hari #shri_hari_narayana #shrimannarayana #jai_shri_hari

    By Bhavya Gogia

    That broad shouldered one
    Caresses me, his child!
    He embraces me softly
    That lovely lotus eyed!
    On his lap I sit
    Which feels hiding in a lotus!
    Which is as broad as him
    Giving eternal happiness!
    The chakra wielding person
    Wearing yellow garments
    Has come to me today
    Giving me his embrace!
    The black emerald hued
    Who has Shri in his heart
    May remain with me as long
    As sun and moon last!

    He meets me in my thoughts and thus he embraces me, I wish he stays along as long as Sun and Moon last(forever)!
    ����❤����Jai ShriHari!!!

    Pic credit: nidtoons on Instagram, I made a collage out of her two absolutely wonderful works ��
    I wish this happens in real, getting the embrace of Shri and Hari is a must��

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    By ShriHari Nandini