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    Jo really imbibed the name Joker in letter and spirit. He hid his pains behind that infectious humor of his. His words seemed to comfort the fellow writers who had troubles... He kept his posts hopeful and entertaining.

    His words offered new perspectives and information and always he added to it his trademark comedy. His roasts became popular real quick and some sort of celebrity status was conferred on anyone who was roasted by him.

    He spread positivity and cheer whenever he spill ink over paper and truly he became that crack ass comedian he aspired to be. He made a family out of strangers on a writing app, which still sticks together and that itself is an ode to his great persona.

    We all love u Brother��

    From Kini, Sid, and me for Jo:
    //Words of his spread hope so big
    A mine of happiness yielding more the more you dig
    A bright sunshine in a world so sad
    Infectious humor turning things good from bad
    A brother, friend, poet, comedian
    Living by ideology of carpe diem
    Full of vigor making life memorable
    Weaving his own endearing fable
    Always in our memories and our thoughts
    All his battles he bravely fought
    A guiding light to love our lives
    His hopeful vivacious spirit surely never dies!!
    "Words of his spread hope so big
    Words so jovial and band-aid banter,
    His style of comic
    An effulgent ray amongst the world so dark
    With a heart so tender, a rare gleaming spark
    An invigorating breeze chasing away the gloom
    Spreading smiles and giggles in magic woods tune
    A brother, a friend, a kind of light
    Now, A gleaming star in the blue moon delight
    Finding a new place to roast and grow
    Teaching us lessons of unborn tomorrow"
    Words of his, spread hope so big
    Like the fragrance of those old books
    He held wisdom, courage and knowledge
    Whilst hugging humour, love and positivity

    Just like his Pen-name
    He put smiles on everyone's faces
    Whether with the roasts, banter or jokes
    He made Mirakee a home for many

    He welcomed the new budding writers
    Revered and admired the old ones
    Through his quill he wrote masterpieces
    Addressing the societal taboos and issues

    He was a staunch film lover
    Often replied with legendary dialogues
    Even dedicated a post to his favorite film
    But never 'Acted' and adhered to 'Realness' in reality

    And such was our dear brother,
    Who only believed in going forward
    For the show must go on
    Yehi Kehta hai Joker...
    (In order myself, @kin_jo and @the_speccy_outsider )

    PS. The title draws from the fact that Our bro Jo loved and lived the movie Anand...
    #jandjforever #refrain

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    A collaboration worth cherishing for my 200th post!! With the Phenomenal @pj_animation and the Stupendous @sunenasharma on mental health and love. Catch their parts at #pen_for_mental_health

    Part 3. MIND IN LOVE'S BOG

    Many times rejections hurt deep
    They gradually make sadness seep
    So deep that it grows frustration
    Pushing it away with desperation
    Torturous on mind nagging rejections
    Careless neglect nurturing dejections
    A maze of mind trapping me inside
    Thoughts intrusive can't push aside
    Doubting myself for falling for you
    Slits to let sun inside so few
    Unending circles keep mind a prisoner
    The words memories killing like trickster
    Waiting for time to end this game
    Free this trapped mind from blame.

    © Harfkaar 30-10-20
    When the day ends
    and the night begins,
    the dark descends
    and sky drips with ink.
    Of separation, and of solitude
    of broken dreams that lay in ruin
    The poet in pain pens
    and paints the night.
    Breached and broken body
    let's out the light.
    As his words adorn the crumbled parchment.
    He mimics the stars hanging in the curls of darkness.
    He lays to rest,
    the devils he has faced.
    And waits for sleep
    Praying for simpler days. ©kehta_hai_joker
    #pod #200thpost #jandjforever
    @mirakee #daadigotyourback
    BG yuugi83 on IG

    Check out my WN reposts at #wnrepost_of_J
    @writersnetwork thanks for a eighth repost. Means a lot. Gratitude and love.

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    Writing for our brother in the light of the brilliant writer that he was!! Collab with my sisters @sunenasharma and @kin_jo read their respective parts at #writer_bro_joker

    A writer with as many words as stars in the galaxy
    Every genre had mastered well, be it erotica or fantasy
    Political opinions and his two cents on religion
    Knowledgeable mind found in writing an ignition
    Satire, comedy, and pondering musings
    Romantic whims and his sport tunings
    Football, religion, movies and song
    Solitude, heartbreak, failures, made his writings ever so strong
    Well-read on caste, nation, revolution
    Wrote on human fallacies with passion
    His quill against discrimination and abuse
    In a short time to greater causes he put his pen to use
    His words impressed and continue to influence
    To read, think, write on every bit of universal essence.
    © Harfkaar 27-10-2020
    Sharing one of his poem:

    Haven't seen a whole lot
    Nor did I see what you have offered
    But time put us on spot
    as for now I could not be bothered

    I've stayed as my own man
    Did what I had, to enjoy my stay
    And I lived, Oh Yes I did
    //I did it my way//

    Friends, I made real good
    Though they aren't real big number.
    To them I did stay true
    And they to me, even in temper

    Made them smile and made them think
    I hope to god I did okay
    As I lived, Oh yes I did
    //I did it my way.//
    ©kehta hai joker

    BG: Aditi and Amit from Jaane tu ya jaane na...best brother-sister duo in Bollywood ever. And joker will stay my Amit forever! He used this pic as the BG of one of his poems he once wrote for sunena Kini and me.. #jandjforever

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    My dream man- BOND INSIDE BOND

    Make a life
    Make a bond
    Bond of love
    Bond of trust
    Trust in you
    trust so true
    true his feelings
    true his intentions
    Intentions to support
    intentions to care
    Care for my emotions
    care for our future
    Future of possibilities
    Future of hope
    Hope of satisfaction
    Hope of inner beauty
    Beauty of heart
    beauty of soul
    Soul that's pure
    Soul that endures
    Endures all pain
    Endures and sustains
    Sustains despite fights
    Sustains our relation
    relation of strength
    Relation of friends
    Friends we should be first
    Friends we should always stay
    Stay together
    Stay happy
    Happy in adversities
    Happy in sorrows
    Sorrows that never overshadow
    Sorrows never leaving hollow
    Hollow promises he'd never make
    Hollow words he'd never say
    Says what he means
    Says, "I love you my Queen!"
    Queen I'll be of his heart
    Queen I'll be of his mind
    Mind full of knowledge
    Mind full of compassion
    Compassion for my ambitions
    Compassion for my family
    Family we'll make strong
    Family of love and honest bond
    Bond of grace
    Bond of love
    © Harfkaar 26-10-20
    This is my last collaboration with #kehta_hai_joker which I finished today...about the partner I dream of....joker wrote about his dream partner ....catch it at #partners_jandj
    #jandjforever #mera_dream_man
    BG. Joker was crazy for Abhay Deol and Irrfan Khan. I am crazy for Irrfan Khan. So by majority vote, Irrfan is our dream man.

    PS. This is a blitz poem... something joker had once inspired me to write....

    //पैमाने से मेरे तुम हसके बाते जरूर करना
    कमबख्त भूल जाएगा अपने नशे पे गुरूर करना// ©kehta_hai_joker

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    This piece I had written on Vietnamese War (1955-75) and about the brutal American military intervention which killed millions there and still lead to genetic defects in babies due to use of chemical weapon called Agent orange.

    She's got blood on her fair hands
    Dripping silently
    And people have turned away their eyes
    From the macabre sight
    As she sat tight on greed's height.
    She's got blood of countless souls
    On her confident face
    Soaked deep
    The crimson shines in her teeth.
    She's stifled the shrieking fits
    Of those who lived beyond...
    She spits bullets and shells
    On bloodied fields.
    She stomps pompously
    Amidst the cowered zillions
    Vomiting propaganda
    Swallowing hopes.
    Lost count of all the deaths
    Of youth and childhood and love
    Blood, blood, blood...
    Strong and proud
    Bloodied...she towers over us all
    Showering with blood each morning
    At night, sleeping on our graves of detritus.
    © Harfkaar 25-10-2020
    This piece brother wrote on our reckless political alignments leading to all maladies.

    //We elect dark shadows
    to lead us into light
    and then wonder why
    all they do is incite
    Hindu Muslim fights.

    Yep! Reality bites
    but that's a fact alright
    we are voters without sight
    electing crooks wearing white
    who's businesses run in night
    who win by moneys might
    Or goons that create fright.

    Educated turn their eyes
    Politics is dirty man's flight
    Our Hypocrisy reaches height
    sipping their teas, voters whine
    "Nothing good can happen in this country" to their wife.//
    My brother and I used to keep writing on political stuff often..I can never be as politically aware and well read as he was...with his sharp opinions but I am always glad to learn and he is an inspiration to me.
    Let's all read and educate ourselves more, write and work for world to attain peace and intellect.
    #jandjforever #creativearena
    PS. The books I'm reading currently are Annihilation of Caste, man's search for meaning, the god delusion and why I am an atheist. First and last suggestions by Joker Bro.

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    This is a dedication to my brother kehta_hai_joker. It's inspired by the Blitz poem he wrote when he reached 500 followers milestone (in just less than two months!!). So I write a blitz poem for him!!
    Write a poem
    Write a story
    Story of hope
    Story of joy
    Joy of living
    Joy of togetherness
    togetherness of friends
    Togetherness of love
    Love for art
    Love for friends
    Friends are strength
    friends are happiness
    Happiness in smiles
    Happiness in strife
    Strife to survive
    Strife to rise
    Rise above pain
    Rise above shame
    Shame of judgement
    Shame of failure
    Failure to impress
    Failure to lead
    Lead an example
    Lead an ideal
    Ideal of truth
    Ideal of courage
    Courage to confront
    Courage to sustain
    Sustain the struggle
    Sustain the spirit
    Spirit to persevere
    Spirit to empathise
    Empathise with pets
    Empathise with people
    People need love
    People need care
    Care for nature
    Care for passion
    Passion for writing
    Passion for living
    Living to the fullest
    Living in the present
    Present is infinite
    Present is all
    All love is pure
    All art is true
    Ture are feelings
    True are you
    Also a poem he wrote few days ago:

    Dear God,
    Let my struggles refine me
    And my failures not define me
    Let me be the hardest worker in the room
    But always have a moment to spare for self love too.

    Let my journey be filled with ups and downs and crest and troughs
    But my face wear a smile whether the road's smooth or Rough.

    ©kehta hai joker
    24-10-2020 #blitz #jandjforever

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    Doesn't matter how good you are
    You lose your way in life sometimes.
    You take the wrong path,
    and end up in the wrong place. Dark and brooding as it is, believe me you, in the wrong place, at the wrong time, on the wrong road,
    will you eventually
    be the closest to the right path.
    Will you take it?

    ©kehta hai joker

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    My little dedication to my talented brother kehta_hai_joker... not as good as his poems..but a small attempt!
    A brother I never had
    To have you now, I was glad
    You have given me love and care
    Your light dispelled all darkness that was there
    You taught me resilience, endurance, and patience
    You talked of freedom, equality and peace among nations
    You read a lot, and wrote more
    creating magic out of words for you was an easy chore
    the best listener there ever was
    with you humor flowed without pause
    You inspired to know about all things under the sun
    to your brother, an ally and to your parents, the lovely son
    To be your sister, I was the lucky one
    I'll try to spread your message of love through the poems that i'd spun

    © Harfkaar 23-10-2020
    Sharing one of his lasts poems he wrote most probably from his hospital...

    //I lean on the hospital balcony railing
    See cars on the tarmac,like ships in seas sailing
    The smoke from the chimney trailing, making hazy shapes

    While sellers sold fruits, the smoke settled it's soot
    Working women walked to work on foot Rushing to their work or back to their roots
    With all their grace.

    I retired to the room and switched the bulb on the wall
    Put on the music,
    In mood for a song
    And heard this jewel that captures it all

    //Don't you cry for the lost Smile for the living
    Get what you need and give what You're given
    Life's for the living so live it
    Or you're better of dead.//

    Also note that the poem in the BG is by Joker. My favorite.

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    Where my life leads me
    I shall go merrily
    When the climb gets rough I shall keep on steadily
    I have an idea about
    Where in life I want to be I am constantly packing my bags with all the things I'll need.
    Beyond the light
    and the dark Successes major
    And failures stark
    The dim lit road
    A perilous journey to remember
    The torches of hope
    burn bright in me, I am my own ember.

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    // Do not pity the dead Harry! Pity the living and those who live without love!”

    This is especially for my sisters @_maybe @anush18 @wild_aish @kin_jo and @sunenasharma

    It’s indeed a sad loss for us all, and you are all devastated. But having experienced exactly same experience in 2018 when I lost my brother (more of a friend) and was stunned beyond belief.

    This is just my learnings from life’s rude shocks and may not apply to you but, they may help, so listen, (I mean read!)

    1. It’s ok to cry, be sad, feeling maudlin, saturnine for a long stretch of time, a week or month, how can you just overcome the grief of losing someone who was so much to you? So don’t bother about moving on so fast. If you feel down and dejected, it’s absolutely normal and in fact it is good for your memories of J. Take time, remember what he said to you and what he meant to you. What he wanted you to become. Remember he is watching.

    2. Talk to friends of Joker, best would have been family but since we are all not so close to his family and it’s their very personal loss, talk to friends here. It helps, very underrated yet most effective. I’m available.

    3. Read Joker’s posts, through the ones we are sharing, for when you read it feels as if he is here, among us. Also reminds of his thought and ideals, and again that he wanted us to write continuously.

    4. Joker might have died, and you might want to have his pictures, chats etc. which might help a little but trust me, they will only aggravate the pain, rather learn what the person stood for, in this case, joker was positivity personified. Instead, though painful, write about him, for him or for his ideals, though this step takes courage and lots of tears and sadness, once you write, it starts acting as therapy and helps to let go of the pain. Tried and tested.

    5. Lastly, keep distractions, still listen to your music, or paint, or read, or do what you used to do usually to get out of blues. Touch base, if any issues.

    //And when you go away
    I still see you
    With sunlight on your face
    In my rear view
    This always happens to me this way
    Recurring visions of such sweet days.//

    Grief is not yours alone. Millions suffer from loss of family, and friends from illness or accidents. Remember Joker is gone but we are here. Suppose tomorrow we also leave due to some reason, you will regret not having bonded well etc. So why not share moments now? Why not keep a watch on how our friends are doing?

    //And it's just as good as I knew it would be
    Stay with me I don't want you to leave//

    Once born, the only finality is death, our parents, friends, children, siblings, idols all die, at different points in life. The point is to remember the things they lived for and take it further. There are people like Joker who try to mend the broken souls while their own selves are being smashed like a house of cards, so be sensitive and kind.

    // I do give a fuck about you everyday
    Guess it’s time to tell you the truth
    If I share my toys will you let me stay?
    Don’t wanna end this play date with you//

    Be sad, take your time and then move on…. We will miss him but we also will make him stay in words and memories and our laughter and strength.

    //The truth is he's gone,but he won't die until we forget the feeling of strength,love and smiles He gave us is forgotten.//

    © Harfkaar 23-10-2020 #jandjforever

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    Dream girl of Joker Bro
    By no means am l a catch
    a girl with some sense
    Will surely see that
    And so I do know
    I'm not perfect by any stretch
    Yet If I had to put pen to a paper
    So a picture of a dream girl
    I could sketch

    She would be like everyone else
    but not the same
    Know that football is not just a game
    She'd have to laugh even at my jokes lame
    And if Manchester's playing I'll postpone our date.

    Beside that she should
    Have a thing for silver linings
    I keep seeing the dark clouds
    If both of us are same. That'd be tiring.

    In return I promise
    To learn when to speak and when to shut up
    To hold her hair up if drunk,
    And then even help her sober up.

    She doesn't need to worry
    About me going on a run with Johnny Walker
    Neither am I in a hurry
    To smoke it up and Pre-pone meeting my maker

    I know that's not a lot to go about
    Well the truth is I don't have a dream girl
    Or atleast a clear picture of what that means in this world,
    All I know is she can have her flaws
    But her heart should be in right place She should have the kindest smile
    But from her inside and not just the face
    Joker wrote this as part of collab we were going to do about his dream girl and my dream man... I couldn't write my part for my exams were announced...but he did..and because of Kini I got this again...

    It shows what an amazing husband he would have made...just like the awesome poet and person and friend and brother and son he was!!
    23-10-2020 #jandjforever #partners_jandj

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    kuch baton ki bat hai,
    kuch lamho ka sath hai,
    kuch unkahe se jazbaat hai,
    hasna khelna chalta rhega,
    jab tak tera mera sath hai,
    fir yadon ki barat hai,
    har lamha fir bhi toh tere sath hai,
    aankhe num na kar,
    bas ek bar fir se muskura de,
    bas abhi chal rahi farishto ki hi toh bat hai.

    October 22, 2020

    ({[Once he wrote this hindi poem/shayari when we were exchanging our hindi shayaris..]})

    #elixirc #pain #life #relationships #staystrong
    #humblebee #kehta_hai_joker #jandjforever
    #writersbay @mirakee #writersnetwork

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    छोटी सी आँखे,
    जिनमें कितने फरिश्ते जा बैठे हैं ।।
    उन्होंने हंस के दो बातें करदी,
    हम रिश्ते बना बैठें हैं ।।

    वक्त कुछ मुनासिब नही,
    य़े पैगाम फरिश्तों तक पहुंचा दो ।।
    सुबह तो कर देगा सूरज,
    पर शाम रिश्तों के हिस्से नही ये बतला दो।।


  • zoya_charmz 59w

    The destiny designed the path for you
    You fill it with your zeal and desires
    Spread smile wherever you are
    'Coz you are a soul
    to be cherished
    I never talked with you but I have seen your awesome posts since last few days. I never knew that you were in so much pain. Very sorry for you brother.. ��
    Like I have ever hated premature death and will hate until death.
    Rest in peace you beautiful soul. ��
    May God give all the strength to your family.

    #jandjforever #condolences
    @kehta_hai_joker @my_cup_of_poetry @kin_jo @colourfulgreys @artistano1

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    This is raw and rough. Please don't judge. Take care everyone.
    #jandjforever #mirakee #wn #octoberodyssey

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    The world, in which we live in, has been revolving around certain rules more than it revolves around the sun. The first and the most obvious is, anyone who has existed here must confront death. Death, is not an end but the genesis for a new-fangled existence to something.

    Every being has to grow old, and once the time comes, has to leave their transient abode to an eternal silhouette. The flower withers after weeks of spreading its essence everywhere. After wilting, they could either remain in your diary soaking your melancholic ink and pictures, breathing against your tears. Or, they could decipher themselves into mother earth for being an inextricable part of such a colossal force. Or, they could let themselves be squeezed to linger around the edges of our memories.

    Likewise, a person as and more special as the flower, won't leave once death embraces them. They would be the sillage to the memories, you cherish until you transcend to be one among them. They would be etched between our stars, in the sky without clouds. The stars, we could never forget to have a look at, even after an overwhelming day. The stars, for assuring us to keep going. They would breathe everytime our heart beats along their resonant memories. They would smile when our lips would stretch and curve upwards while voicing their name. They would become a part our very own extant, an abstract of our soul.

    They never leave, they stay with you among their words and emotions you adored.

  • jaya___ 59w

    Sharing one of His poems...

    I take myself to the loft
    I pace about wondering,
    Calculating what I've lost
    as the world is still slumbering.

    I feel the walls closing in,
    so I reach for the balcony where I am soothed by the wind
    And the cicadas playing symphony

    A full moon in the sky
    takes my mind of melancholy,
    or atleast it tries
    As it reminds me of somebody.

    In the alley,l see cats
    fighting over their territory
    Atleast they've got that
    While I'm anchorless tragedy

    The rain clouds appear
    but not for the first time
    It's always been this way
    in a new place, on the first night.
    Sharing one of his poems again...

    //I get anxiety around sunsets
    While others enjoy the sky undress
    I see the sun drowning,
    Running as if the Moon lit sky is a threat
    He'd be cajoled into lending light by moon,
    Simply increasing his previous debt

    My single mom worries about what she calls my lunacy
    Or says that I have garden variety sciamacy
    My enemy is not imagined but extremely real
    while I want to talk, she'd rather conceal

    Doctors, I think can group and name my sensations
    Because every website tells me I have depression.
    And it's why I feel:
    lazy at pretty sunsets
    Afraid of sun's confrontation,
    why'd my mind fret
    Empty about beautiful sky
    in all its glory
    every night lie restless,
    Repeating the same story;
    no hunger, even for chai
    And see the dark,where others see light
    Or when sun goes down,think about suicide//
    Love you my bro... #jandjforever

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    We all owe our life and successes to our families. here we dedicate our thanks to our mother and brother.
    Collaboration with the divinely talented and sensitive brother @kehta_hai_joker
    For FunTask#12 by @mirakee_ki_naanima

    Tick tock, tick tock, time was going too slow
    Tick tock, tick tock, but still it’s finishing fast
    An epoch of conundrum been the year last
    Unable to let go, so drowning in my past
    Scorched by the gloomy reflections of misty panoramas
    And suffocating helpless lying in self-made dilemmas
    The memories of my mother I fondle to survive
    In my Cimmerian nights, hope they revive

    The way she fed me grapes as I returned from school
    The way she made me sweaters from soft, warm wool
    The way she oiled my hair and combed it too
    The way she dressed me up in pretty hues
    The way she made the best of food for me
    The way she struggled to make me – me
    The way she taught me all my life
    The way she helped while I faltered in strife
    The way she encourages her sad daughter today
    The way she decorates with dreams her ongoing way

    Scintilla of love to brilliance of stars
    Small and big her kisses on my scars.
    Lucky are we to have the blood of our mother
    In her resides divinity and I look no further.

    How is your conscience molded?
    Your sense of right and wrong
    where does it come from.
    The voice that tells you where you belong.
    Among the most important reasons
    is your family values and upbringing
    Everyone is a blank black slate
    Till a person starts writing.
    As a younger sibling,
    the first to scribble,the first role model
    Was nobody else other than
    My elder brother, his words were a gospel.
    I was a apostle
    To what he did and what he said.
    I tried to copy what he did
    But almost always badly failed.
    He was a class topper,
    while me the class clown
    I made my parents angry
    While he made them proud.
    Always composed,
    even with bloody nose,fractured limbs
    They called us Dravid and Sehwag
    Atleast we were still in same team
    So if you venture to ask me
    what's the colour of my morality
    Whats the shape of my mind
    The driving force I would find
    Is my brother words and actions in kind.

    I don't know about you
    But my lazy conscience is
    Molded by the memories
    that plucked the blazing moments of
    Our Brotherhood's stories.
    Copyright Harfkaar and Kehta_hai_joker
    October 12, 2020

    (Team Hogwarts Express)
    Pic credit:daddy
    Bg. mom and me

    Catch my other collaboration at #j_collab #jandjforever
    #pod @mirakee_ki_daadima #daadisbae @writersnetwork #epochc #creativearena
    PS. Read my blog. Link in bio.
    PPS. Don't tag. Use hashtag readthisJ

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  • jaya___ 60w


    First part by the sensitive and kind @kehta_hai_joker and second by me.
    2020 has been a odd year
    We've been denied health,peace, and respect
    All of us have lived in fear
    Freedom to live,laugh and love has been wrecked
    //Men,their rights, and nothing more;
    Women,their rights and nothing less-Susan Anthony//

    What all of us have been denied this fall
    Has been denied to only women for eternity
    Homilies and lofty promises made to dress up the unfair treatment to a half of humanity.
    //We've begun to raise daughters more like sons but few have the courage to raise our sons more like daughter-gloria steinhem//

    It's high time, to amplify
    her voice,for our equal future
    Shes nothing more than a boy
    But also nothing less than other Human creature.
    //Above all,be the heroine of your life,not the victim//-Nora Ephron

    Why do I need to be considered Lakshmi-
    A harbinger of wealth and fortune?
    So that I can be loved.
    Why can’t just my being be a cause of happiness?
    When my brother was born he wasn’t called Ganesh to be loved
    He was just adored for being born and was the apple of everyone’s eyes
    I was considered good enough as I was Lakshmi bringing money, good luck, and was fair, and was the only girl among five brothers

    I feel less human than my brothers
    I feel less loved, more pained
    I bleed, I protect my body from hungry eyes
    I give birth and also justify my wish to earn
    I cook and get laughed at for using make-up
    I serve food and sex, my satisfaction however never crossing anybody’s mind.

    But enough is ENOUGH!
    I’ll study, have sex, do a job, adopt kids, love myself and do as I please!
    October 11 is International Day of the Girl Child. And this year's theme is "My voice, our equal future."

    Catch my other collaboration at #j_collab #jandjforever

    #daadisbae #pod
    PS. Read my blog. Link in bio.
    PPS. Don't tag. Use hashtag readthisJ

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  • jaya___ 62w


    Episode 1

    This is my first attempt at creative storywriting. For so long I have wanted to be “Afsananigar” this is the start of it. All this is possible because of the constant and excessive support and love of people here at Mirakee. This is a story posted in three episodes, dedicating each to my closest ones here. I dedicate this part to my brothers @kehta_hai_joker and @the_speccy_outsider and sisters @sunenasharma @lovethatneverfades and @love_whisperrer

    Say Ree “Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!” said Mrs. Chaddha cajoling little Reeti into saying Babaji’s name. “Wahe Guru! Wahe Guru!” mumbled the little girl with mouthful of halwa Mrs. Chaddha had prepared as Prasad for Sankrant. After a while of playing with old chaddhaji’s beard, ree ran to the door as her parents honked the horn of their car, signalling time to go home. The young couple had both working and almost every day left their three year old daughter at their neighbours Chaddhas. Chaddhaji was a senior bureaucrat going to retire in two years’ time, a jovial and large-hearted man, with a wife most gentle and loving. With no children of their own, Ree was as close as their own, having helped constantly in her birth till today caring for her. Ree had feeble idea of her own mother and Mrs. Chaddha, making no differences, calling her chaiiji with love and abandon.

    Years passed with Ree growing into a delightful young maiden. Interested in the fine arts, she was planning to enrol in Amritsar University for Bachelor of Fine Arts but life has its own designs. Man proposes, god disposes. One rainy day in July as Chaiiji and Ree were sipping tea listening to Chaddhaji singing a song in his thick burly, Punjabi voice, their househelp Dev came running, flustered and crying. Ree’s parents had had a terrible accident at Chowk while returning from work and finally succumbed to injuries while being taken out of their car. At first unable to process the devastating news, in a few minutes the hurricane had left them decimated. Ree’s Masiji who was Ree’s mom’s younger sister, had arrived from Calcutta and took her with herself, there being no other relative to take responsibility. The Chaddhas requested her to leave Ree to their guardianship and even begged when she didn’t agree, but to no avail. Ree was too numb to see her future, let alone decide for herself.

    In Calcutta, masiji enroled her into Calcutta University in Fine Arts, she was a kind woman like Ree’s mother, though more pragmatic and with a keen eye for discipline. Ree had gone into her own shell, not recognisable as her old vivacious and garrulous self, always hopping from one place to another. She had not spoken full sentences in ages, and on phone calls Chaddhas could not help but wail at the state of their dear Ree. Yet time diffuses pain if not wipe it out, and Ree started making friends, first one being her cousin Roshan himself. In second year of Physics honors at the same college, he was the serious, studious and responsible ideal son and even as a brother now, he was caring and concerned for Ree, being an only child, he was also doubly attentive to his brotherly responsibilities. Always helping Ree out in college formalities, and dropping her and taking her out on weekends, he was a backbone Ree needed in the tempest her life had become. Together Ree and Rosh started gelling well and gradually, Ree had started smiling and wearing clothes of colours.

    It was then one day, Rosh had come home with his classmate Varun for a project work. Ree was also in the same room completing one of her artworks on canvas. Varun was tall and lanky, handsome with a chiselled face and athletic build. Being an average student he had come to Rosh for help. His youthful abandon and candour attracted Ree, who was too shy and demure to even smile back. In a few days’ time though, both had the ice melted and used to bond well, with Rosh also joining them off and on. Ree in her naivety and grief had found a friend she needed, someone who has no knowledge of her loss, and can crack jokes in her presence and make her laugh. Varun was exactly the kind who she enjoyed being with, until, he caught her hand in the yard behind University Labs one day, where she was waiting for Rosh’s class to get over. He looked into her terrified eyes and could hear her thumping heart. There among the thick bushes, he had proposed her and tried to place his lips on hers, but she had snatched back her soft hand from his strong grip and ran without looking back.

    It was a new and unknown emotion she hadn’t felt before but one she was ecstatic to feel. She wrote a letter with her childlike innocence, accepting Varun’s love and that night in her room, with the heavenly smell of Harsingar flowers entering the room through open windows, she slept engrossed in dreams of love and belonging.

    #daadigotyourback #pod #jandjforever #genuine_readers
    Other episodes at #storiesofJ

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    Episode 1

  • jaya___ 65w

    My last collab for a week at least ��
    With the funny and out-of-box thinker @kehta_hai_joker on a serious topic for a change ��
    So this is actually a sister poem to his original poem using this hashtag (Do check out, it's amazing, his best IMHO)


    Stringing words
    Of what I felt
    In those lonely dorms
    Yet all lorn.
    It's not that easy you see...

    Depression diagnosed
    Is less scary
    Than when unknown

    It takes a lot to fight it
    An uphill task if not for peers
    A process slow, may take weeks
    Months, or sometimes years.

    Yet in all this cimmerian lull
    There is still a scintilla of hope
    It's indeed a tenebrous etch
    Yet not impossible to cope.

    Professional help and empathetic friends
    Good diet and healthy sleep
    Reading, writing, exercise
    These are the habits to keep.

    It takes eons yet it happens
    That clouds of darkness dispel
    Courage, hope, prayers and love
    With help of these, recovery gets spelled.
    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar 6-9-2020
    Catch all my collaboration at #j_collab

    Sending more power to those fighting their demons. May God be with you :)
    #etch @mirakee #pod @writersnetwork #genuine_readers
    Pic credit: paintingsbysnehal on IG

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  • jaya___ 65w

    Today is the birthday of one of our sweetest friends!!! Siddhesh @the_speccy_outsider �� so here are few silly birthday wishes from your friends!! Have an awesome day sweetheart ��
    it's been a wonderful
    experience to have met you
    in the platform named Mirakee
    though spent less time
    interacting with each other
    i do believe that you are an
    wowsome person
    who'd love to spread
    smiles around
    so here i am spreading smile
    on your face and wishing thou
    a happy birthday
    Loads of love...
    Pragya @pragya_a_dreamer
    Speccy outsider is a potterhead , Indian, affected by collabvirus. So he is like me in a sense.
    But he is also great wordsmith,a genuine person and writes beautiful writeups.So I guess we are also very different.
    May you get all the happiness,
    You deserve and desire,
    You are one of those here,
    For whom I love to be constant,
    Feeling a connect with your writings,
    And also getting inspired,
    Thank you for explaining me that,
    We should never ever call,
    Our work as lame,
    Although I like all your works,
    But your post on cartoons will always be special for me (and you already know why ��)
    Stay always Blessed,
    Happy Birthday!!
    Watching the world detached
    As an outsider
    A quality rare
    With a freshness of perspective
    Lovely teammate
    Taking challenges and ready to do it
    Deep thoughts and measured words
    Signs of a truly talented poet!
    Here's wishing you a happy birthday
    May all blessed happiness shine your way!
    Sept6,2020 #pod ����������#jandjforever #birthday_wish_j

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  • jaya___ 65w

    Everything that sunsets means to a poet....

    My seventh ever Mirakee collaboration was with some of the most loved and talented poets here, the sanguine @sangfroid_soul and
    the hilarious @kehta_hai_joker and the superbly sweet @sifar It was one of my best time spent here indeed!! My heartfelt thanks to all such amazing wordsmiths.

    First part is sangfroid's, second is sifar's, third is joker's, last is mine.
    The four poets' works were long and lucid, I pruned them a bit do check their respective profiles for the full artwork.
    Sunsets have always intrigued me ever since I could see. Certain chains of thoughts and unsolved mysteries latching into the unknown corners of my mind. Were sunsets a secret meeting? Or a mourning? Or an eulogy? Or a love letter written with tears and blood? Or a passionate embrace?
    The sun slowly sets down and the night began to arrive,
    Dark started fainting dazzle, all over the horizon, among infinities.
    And I too started fading along with it, in the evocative obscurity
    Is this suffocating sunset deemed to be the setting of my life too?
    I get anxiety
    around sunsets
    While others enjoy the sky undress
    I see the sun drowning,
    Running as if the Moon lit sky is cajoled into lending light a threat
    by moon,
    Simply increasing his previous debt...
    Beyond the distant horizon
    The sun walks away yet again
    Leaving lamenting twilight
    On her own in pain...
    Her lace of pink and deep orange
    Darkens into murky shades
    Her kalopsia
    With the sun around
    Breaks tonight.
    With the setting sun in Waters deep
    And she here in parched out sand
    This sunset was zemblanity...

    Yet finally a peace on her restive soul
    It's not only the sunrise of hope
    Which is pulchritudinous so
    It's lonely sunsets like these
    Where Independence is sowed.
    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar (and above mentioned poets) 5-9-2020

    Catch all my collaboration at #j_collab
    #pod #daadisbae @writersnetwork #everythingc #team_famous_five

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  • jaya___ 66w

    My second collaboration on Mirakee. So glad to have done it with the inquisitive and humourous Joker alonwith the talented and lovely @sunenasharma :)
    The first part is of @kehta_hai_joker the second is Sunena's and the last is mine. This is about meteors in real and the ones in our minds :)

    The Persieds rocks were just about
    descending in the Earth's atmosphere
    It was a good life they had; no doubt
    But they would burn,so there was some fear.

    They found the time, right to reminisce
    about zooming past the vast universe
    Going alone with pace and peace
    They had many memories so diverse.

    They heard collapsing black holes hum and sing
    In all their glory they were a deadly thing
    They saw the furious Jupiter red spot
    And also stared at Saturn's ring.
    Overwhelmed by these mega things!

    But eventually the fear of burning was no more seen
    Afterall what a journey it had been//
    Witnessing lives in their minute form,
    Far away, seeming it to be a colourful spree,
    Fastening up the pace, to enjoy the same,
    But Suddenly facing trepidation of being so free.

    Humanity may not have been living it's best,
    Still fear for an end is being sensed,
    Making a difference is still a hope to let it prevent,
    As echoed from those speculating the event.
    Yet the meteor's fall is an excited rise
    Of wishes in the eyes of a child
    Ecstatic to pray to almighty this way
    A shooting star it is they say!

    A fall is not the end learnt the meteor
    Lessons hide in each mistake galore
    Shining brighter with an ignited fire
    Life is an adventure and no consequences dire
    Many had said that he's a rock and not a star
    Today he proved that all their talk is just a farce!

    Copyright Jaya Harfkaar, Sunena Sharma, Anonymous bro. September 3,2020

    Catch all my collaboration at #j_collab
    @writersnetwork @writersbay #meteorc @mirakee #pod

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