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  • annrita 15w

    Sweet Lies
    Poem inspired by a deceptive kind of love.
    An illusion
    A relationship built on the comfort of lies

    #miraquill #lies #love #writer #healing #deception #brokeness #safety #grace #jesus #jehovahrapha

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    Sweet Lies

    Your tongue dripped words of love
    Feeding my soul with strawberries
    Your tongue dripped with words of comfort
    Soothing my sour broken parts
    Your tongue cultivated trust within my soul
    Embracing all the bitter and sweet in my mind
    You nurtured and protected me
    Feeding me with the finest foods
    You embraced my imperfection, accepting me
    When rejection had filled my cup
    Your presence gave me safety
    Little did I know your actions were vain
    Your tongue dripped with lies as sweet as honey
    Your actions were as delicious as strawberries
    You took me up only to bring me down
    You made me turn out to be a clown
    You played my heart like a violin
    Stroking each string of my emotions
    You danced to the tune of my devotion
    Decepting my soul with love
    Your tongue dripped with words of rejection
    Driving me to the road of deep dejection
    Your sweet lies crushed the brokenness
    You temporarily mended in deception
    Driving me to the abode of healing