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  • soundsofsaddness41 11w

    Ageing beauty

    In the house there's an old dusty box,
    In the box, there is jewellery.
    On the girl there's a slightly faded smile,
    On a face, that time left it's mark, surely.
    The jewellery rusts.
    The girl is rushed,
    Into a world, that keeps moving.

  • utkarsh_sinha 12w

    All'bout You

    I want to unfold you in bits and pieces,
    so that I can absorb all your pain,
    making you drip in desires .
    I want to trace all your lanes,
    unwrapping your layers and layers of shame,
    I want to reach to your hidden dried up den .
    I just want to help you heal,
    help you feel, help you ease your pain,
    to make that dried up river flood again

  • bellemoon99 12w

    #jewellery #wod

    A single pair of simple silver earrings were my only jewelry until one day your necklace started hanging from my grateful neck.

    Not a ring, but still a sign of our engagement I proudly wear. Carved from a shark's tooth, a dragon to protect my soul and heart. A beacon of hope in the darkness of your past, and a symbol of love for the years to come.

    When life pulled me away, the black string around my neck tied us together. It's not a diamond, it's not fancy or shiny, but it's far more valuable. A bond so strong no doubt or pain could break it. True love at last.

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  • deepdownsomething 12w

    The brooch

    The brooch that was of tin
    It came across my kin
    In a childhood bet to win
    Which caused all sorts of din

    Thus i lied knowing it a sin
    To hold that shiny pin
    And thus i fled, to take a min
    Through the alley behind that inn

    But then i met my twin
    His fist came hard to my chin
    I saw my world spin
    And the matter came to fin.


  • a_writers_paradise 12w


    O Beloved; You can be worn as a Jewellery, and I can proudly say it's mah best accessory!!

    ~Sheza Umar

  • the_world_insid_my_head 12w

    Hijab is my jewellery!!

    They asked me, what the most valuable jewellery was.
    And i told em, "Hijab"

  • engineerwrites 12w


    I had no costlier Jewellery
    in my gazana it's empty but
    I have own a jewellery called
    smile that's really costlier
    than the all other ornaments
    in the world!

    My smile is the weirdest
    Jewellery I have!

  • the_world_insid_my_head 12w

    @a_writers_paradise #jewellery
    JUST tried. Might delete it��.

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    Every moments are the gold beads of the lovely gold chain!!

    And all the beautiful moments we share
    Has turned into Dahlonega
    It's so precious and rare.
    Every little fight,
    Every little smile,
    Every little fears,
    Every little tears
    Turns into the golden beads in our lovely and high priced friendship chain,
    And yet we call our bond simple and plain?

  • megamarie 12w

    (April 15 2022, 4:27 AM)

    it was love at first sight
    it was just like in the fairytales
    the script is reversed but who cares?
    i'm tough as can be and,
    if my knight needs saving
    then, this princess will sweep you off of your feet.

    i knew you didn't like my type of girl
    so i modeled myself to your ideal type
    i wore dresses, became meek
    ditched my brothers to persue a love
    that i thought will last.

    but, it felt like i was never enough
    not girly enough, not sweet enough
    not smart enough, just not enough
    however, one day you agreed to date me.
    did the sun rise from the west?
    you finally "see" me
    thought i finally moved your heart.

    then, i met her
    she looked just like me
    or it could be that i looked like her,
    since she came into your life first.
    she wears dresses
    like how you'd like it to be worn.
    she is girly- girly, smart and
    in your own words, just perfect.
    then, i saw the promise ring on her finger
    it looked the same way with what i had in mine.

    i clenched my hand,
    trying to stop my heart from breaking
    trying to stop my thoughts from running wild
    i reached out to hold your hand,
    wanting to find comfort in your warmth
    but, you avoided my hand and drank a glass of wine
    then, you were called to make a speech
    as the brother of the bride.
    you stood up and made the most wonderful speech
    i heard you asked the groom to take care of her as you would
    you asked the groom to keep the promises you have for your step sister.

    the speech broke the camel's back
    it dawned on me.
    you were not "seeing" me at all
    but, seeing her though me.
    all the promises you told me were the promises you never get to tell her until that day.

    at the reception, i excused myself to the bathroom
    booked a flight back to my state
    packed my bags and left him
    eyes bawling in tears, heart shattered
    it felt like i was dying
    i was at the airport, waiting for my plane to take off
    i then, glanced at the ring you gave me,
    took it off and threw it at the bin.

    you give me a ring when it's not me you want to spend the rest of your life with?
    why accept my love when you like someone else?
    why break me when all i did was love?

    @miraquill #wod #jewellery #pod @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    it was love at first sight
    it was just like in the fairytales
    the script is reversed but who cares?
    i'm tough as can be and,
    if my knight needs saving
    then, this princess will sweep you off of your feet.


  • jennau 12w

    #wod #jewellery(UK) #jewelry (US) #grandmother
    When we lost my grandmother it was like losing a mother as she was the only one to raise me.

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    Vintage Ring

    Though I will probably never see it again
    The memories of it will never leave my brain
    Nor the memory of who and the hands that wore it
    Wrapped up in her arms in the rocking chair we sit
    Gorgeous black hills gold wrapped round her finger
    These are the memories I'm glad linger
    With precious golden etched leaves, grapes and vines
    And just like her heart it gently shines

  • kalaprincess 12w


    My huge silver ring
    Sits on my pointing finger
    It looks round and rotund
    For a few grams of pure silver
    Whenever I go out to dine
    My silver ring shines brighter than a ghazal singer!


  • msushil 12w

    Word dreams
    To become
    My intended.
    The ring in my ring finger
    And better half
    Of my life
    Snatches for a moment,
    The magazine
    To show anger.
    Impromptu I croon
    A half-remembered poem
    To which
    She renders
    Word of love
    That mingles
    With my unprotesting ring.


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  • sou_scribbles_ 12w

    Don't know what it was literally...might delete this later��
    #jewellery #wod #love #pain #miraquill #writersnetwork
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    The Wait...

    Letting go of his doubts,
    Letting go of all his fears,
    He smiled,
    As the naughty winds carried to him the songs of her anklets.
    Adorning her feet,
    They tinkled, as she ran up the stairs, onto the terrace
    To stare at the moonlit roads
    Eagerly awaiting the home coming of her beloved
    In some distant land....

    The jingles of her bangles
    Echoed in his heart,
    As she moved her hands
    To perhaps wipe off a tear or two.

    He looked at the ring on his finger,
    The one that she had given before his departure...
    Shining like a little star, under the moonlight
    Just like the earrings, in her moon like face.

    He smiled....
    She sighed....
    And the moon remained the lone witness to their sweet pain of separation.

  • inkandfable670 12w

    The pendent of patriarchy, she is wearing since after her birth is still hanging there, adored, kept nearer to her heart as she was told it's an amulet from all harms and while taking care of it she forgotten how to believe in her own charm.

    The bangles she used to play with when she was a kid is now dangling in her wrist, she's asked to maintain their frailty if they break she will be questioned, blamed or might be punished. The idea if they get shattered scared her always and she never could amass the courage to hail adventures.

    The ring she loved to wear but couldn't get for having little fingers is now perfectly fitting in it.
    She is advised, it would look more stunning if she wears it in that finger which will sit on her lips whenever she'll be asked to speak.

    The silver chains, she never knew which are called ankelets are now ornamenting her feet. People telling her to never detach these as they are the replica of those unseen chains which always measure her limits.

    While getting ready for a new journey when her mother was ornamenting her with her own jewelleries she never knew she would need the same polish (sacrifices) which once furbished her (mom) by burning.


  • reetkmk 12w


    Down her toe,
    It craved for a tinkle.
    Swaying right and left,
    Even the slay allowed a bell to jingle.
    Snowflakes and reindeers,
    Always go hand in hand.
    A shimmering Ruby on the lobe,
    Right beneath her head.
    Joyous the occassion ever it seems,
    Ever wondered? Among the lights,
    Why does her eye always gleam?


  • saarah_kalin 12w

    Cross necklace

    My necklace with a cross
    My golden necklace
    Given to me by my mother
    Always made me feel like
    God was sooo close to me
    And my mother's love was real!
    But it broke
    And though it did
    It still holds the same meaning to me!
    I cherish it

  • ramya04 12w

    Her smile,his jewellery.

  • bhawanaa 12w

    Jewel of Blessings

    Blessings are the actual true jewellery
    To whom we can wear without fear
    Not only on auspicious occasion but forever
    No tension of lose and burning
    Only small efforts to earning
    Food for hungry ,water for thirsty
    Hug for orphan console for frusty
    The feeling of satisfaction when reflect on face,We changed in masterpiece with most beautiful grace।

  • altafmurtaza 12w

    Often in our society

    Exhibition is primary
    Words of chicanery
    Feelings they bury
    Marry for dowry
    Loaded with jewelry
    Display of glory
    Ruled as necessary

    Being rebellious?
    That's too scary
    You might be isolated instantly

    Bonded together yet a mystery


  • itzmina 12w


    I still remember ��...
    Those sparkles ✨
    In that precious soul
    Made her more elegant

    Her eyes were the twinkling
    Diamonds ��
    And her cheeks were the
    Best example of a
    Ruby ��
    Her lips were as
    Pink as a rose ��
    (Imagine pink here ��)

    She was elegant in everything
    Yet i didn't valued her...!! ��...

    She was a piece of
    Precious jewel...
    And i was her careless holder...��


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