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    Couldn't have had a better third pod. Thank you so much for this overwhelming gift and surprise reposts @mirakee and @writersnetwork ❤️ (67, 11)
    Krish adores you and will miss you both ��

    | A life without a facade |

    My mother advised me
    to have a bigger mouth
    but to make some
    ornate filigrees as my
    borders so that
    the population of my
    conversation doesn't
    drown due to overflow,
    and anger accompanying
    can make my words
    dipped in sinister letters.
    She said that people
    judge by my parlances,
    and I should neither
    bring droughts nor floods.
    -- L i m i t a t i o n s --

    My father ordered me
    to read about the
    Statue of Liberty for
    some motivations and
    applications for straight
    spines while walks,
    but warned me to
    transform my copper-parts
    to layered and steady
    stainless-steel crockeries.
    He believes that rust
    cannot have paints upon,
    and a plate can relish
    and make savour too.
    -- T o u g h n e s s --

    I said to both of them
    that living alone can
    still be a priority,
    but wearing a facade
    is not. Speaking is a
    choice, talking an
    option, and being
    myself is an essence.
    My postures are my own,
    and being somebody
    else kills my existence,
    my breakage can
    only happen when I give
    a chance, and I do not.
    I said change isn't
    The law of nature, and
    my jingle is "to evolve,
    improve and amend"
    -- (R) e v o l u t i o n --

    They said I do not
    understand the world,
    I said they did not
    understand what being
    myself meant to me.
    -- S e l f  l o v e --

    ~S r i K r i s h n a P S | Dec 20, 2020

    The previous post is meant for farewell itself, so let's make this a nice and normal literary post :)

    ornate filigrees- a metaphor for fences

    @writersbay #skp_writes #twosidesc #jinglec #wnnkrish

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    #jinglec #picturec

    Taking furtive glances at the lovers in the window
    Her heart pined with longing.
    The jingle in the bells on her tree,
    It did not bring her any joy.
    This year had been a year of sorrow,
    One too many family members and friends passed away.
    Watching the love and laughter shared by others,
    It was akin to a spear through her heart.
    The pain would take a while to heal,
    And she knew she needed some time to get her life back in order.

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    Christmas Jingle

    Season of the red and green jingle
    And the love of friends, family mingle,
    Stockings full of meaningful ideals
    As upon tables are beasts for meals,
    Feel the love and friendship gathered
    These December moments do treasure

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    May this Christmas
    Brings jingle of
    Happiness and prosperity
    In everyone's home**
    Dear santa!
    Bring lots of smile with
    Lots of hope
    To enlighten every home**

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    Jingles ring across the city
    lights dance in windows
    jubilant faces on children
    as excitement builds
    only six sleeps to go
    joy and laughter shared
    goodwill to one another
    blessings to all
    and peace on earth


    #jinglec #writersnetwork #writersbay #smily_aina

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    Snow hailing and kissing the earth , the children at the other side , uncovering the presents , singing aloud - " Jingle bells Jingle bells ..."

    And the Christmas eve , wears away with the jingle of the nature!!



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    Jingle of the Christmas Night!

    Joyous was the Christmas eve, circling 'round the christmas pine , decorated with a pair of jingle bells, which the child swirls with a touch!

    Incandescence blankets their tiny faces , making the night the most luminous one, the screams and cries of happiness , jingles in the ears of moon, which shines with glee!

    Neither the night calms , nor the children perish their playfulness , for they were dancing and whirling with the melody jingling from the Walkman!

    Gazing at their playful acts , warms the mother's heart , while the father pedalling his cycle , gesturing his arrival with the jingle of his cycle bells!

    Lousy and weary grew the night , children put to bed with the sweet lullaby of the zephyr jingling past their ears, caressing them to sleep with the feeble hands of the mother!

    Engulfing the starry spheres , Santa fabricating his paces for his reindeers to follow up, the anklets of the reindeers, jingling with delight , awakens the day ,as the sun rises , children leaping out with ecstacy!

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    Masturbation mornings
    A consequence
    Of her lucid dreams.
    A feeling of bliss and glory
    In the beautiful private moment
    Of her relationship with herself.
    Her fingers driving fantasy
    From a hooded joy
    Her confidence of being able
    To please herself on her own
    As her lust and pleasure
    Blends into one.
    In the moments of climax
    Her mind turns a crazy blur
    Her meandering moans
    Sound a jingle to her.
    She shares an intimate, passionate, understanding love
    With her body and her mind
    A girl who cherishes her sexuality
    With her own hands and might!

    © Harfkaar 19-12-20

    //I know that you say: I get mean when I'm drinking, but
    Then again sometimes I get really sweet, so, what does it mean?
    If I tell you to go f**k yourself
    Or if I say that you're beautiful to me
    It's affection, always
    You're gonna see it someday
    --Affection CAS//

    Girls! Take the power and pleasure in you hands (literally). Go fun yourself!
    #jinglec BG. My favorite singer AURORA

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    Merry Christmas everyone! ����
    May the peace and joy that Christmas brings
    always be with you and your family.

    Image credited to the rightful owner

    #christmasspirit #love #poetry #thoughts #jinglec #inspiration @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee @readwriteunite @mirakee_words

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    Jingle bells
    Way up in the Christmas tree
    Same as the stars perfectly for mE
    Snowman with Christmas lights around
    Keep the children busy running on the ground
    Church bells ringing, choirs are singing
    Christmas songs on the radio
    Sounds like disco or a show
    People smiling and gifts giving
    People singing and dancing
    Peace on earth, goodwill to men

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    Word of the day: Jingle

    Tag and share with #jinglec

    Jingle Jangle Jungle

    In the jingle jangle jungle
    When the jumping jackals jive,
    All the leopards like a-leaping
    And the lions look alive;

    Watch the wary warthogs writhing
    As they waggle and a-wiggle
    To the drumming disco dancing
    Of the jingle jangle jiggle!

    - Tryst Aug 2014 (Hellopoetry)

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