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    By unknown writer

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    They will judge you by the cover and you didn't even want to be a book, just a flower ...

    Jazz Badwal

  • kalpakpatil 1d

    If you think you can judge any thing easily, then you are surely not a perfect judge...


  • holybible 6w

    Isaiah 41:1

    Listen to me in silence, O coastlands; let the peoples renew their strength; let them approach, then let them speak; let us together draw near for judgment.
    © HolyBible

  • teokannan 9w


    Judgement Day is for God to judge you; not for you to judge God!


  • bicyclesandpens 10w

    I Am Fine

    While judgement held my arms back,
    With a rope of jealous eyes,
    Gossip clothed my mouth shut,
    With a ragged piece of my own shy.

    As my voice was muffled into silence,
    The society laughed from behind,
    And with a blindfold of oppression,
    It covered my eyes.

    Expectations entered the room, shocked at the site,
    I heard it's footsteps and thought a help had arrived,
    But as my shoulders became heavier with bags of responsibilities,
    I went down on my knees, almost paralyzed.

    Yet I could feel depression silently observing from far right,
    It had been growing with me, one day at a time,
    And as it covered the whole place, anxiety and stress appeared out of nowhere,
    Then echoed fake concern's “How are you doing?”
    And I replied, “I am fine.”


  • angels_halo_shines 14w

    Impressionable World
    (Part 1)

    Too many fake personable expressionistic narcissistically characteristics in close proximity.
    Unbearable to me almost always.
    I have to the old, gotta remove myself from it all. Immediately. That’s never fast enough, unfortunately. To be impressionable, why isn’t being yourself enough? Why put a mask on, for people to see a characteristic of your choosing, version of you? I see this in many people, unfortunately. Hiding your most unique ideas & pleasures mostly because you are afraid of the judgement being passed.
    So what. I say let them pass their judgement. It shows there empty personalities & narcissistic madness going on inside their minds. All they know is how to flip on a button for their mask mode.

    It must be a simplistically rationalization for them. It isn’t for me.
    I won’t ever understand it. Masking mode, it’s not for me. I don’t know how to be anything else but myself at all times. We all have our characteristic traits. The ones that define us. The ones that make us our unique selves. Uniquely us. In a world that is so fast to throw judgements on another being. Some push & push more until a small child can’t tolerate anymore. As they were as tolerant as they could have been given the circumstances. Imagine being bullied & bullied until you wanted to die. I wonder how those children are raised.
    Maybe in a home where judgement day was every day for them. So hey we can take it out on someone else just like dad does me. That’s not who they are. That’s who they have become. A learned behavior. Hiding behind a mask to bully another being.

    When does bullied get their chance? Because they are who they are. There are no masks available. See they were not raised to hide behind who they aren’t. They are who they are. Period.
    So be it. I mean if others can’t deal with it, just leave them be. It’s so very simplistic a young child can understand. We have teenagers & young adults bullying the innocent & vulnerable. Just so they can feel better about themselves. I mean I guess. Then they go home to the alcoholic dad, that then bullies them. Night after night, day after day. Intoxicated, ferocious, subsequently attacking behaviors. Such behaviors lead to self hate & a need for control. To control all they can because without it they feel powerless. A hatred built off their own fear, but seeming superior & almost grandiose.
    Nobody knows what goes on inside a childs mind when treated that way. Most can speculate. Some may know but too afraid to speak up. Keep that in mind next time you feel the need to bully someone. That it could be you on the other side of that fence. How much could you take? As much as you have given of yourself? I know that answer but I will let you ponder on that. Bullying is ignorance. Just because it was taught to you doesn’t mean you do onto others. Make it end. Do get help, someone will listen to you.

  • iamsatyajitrout 15w

    Yes I am an open book

    Yes I am an open book...
    But read me slowly...
    Gain some briefs...
    And tell everyone...
    What I did...
    What I do...
    You can add something...
    You can judge everything...
    I just wanted you to read me...
    You were that special person...
    So I allowed you...
    Yes I am an open book...

  • meyohwrites 16w


    With blood stains on its hands, society still wondered why the young woman was lying on the sand, lifeless and cold.

  • spirit_13 16w

    Aching creator

    What aches the creator more...

    A person loved by everyone yet feeling alone that he kills himself


    A person hated and killed by everyone with all fragrance of creator lost in him

  • a_shrinking_heart 22w

    You trust my judgement, even when I don't...

    I appreciate that.


  • myleswalkerjr 24w

    If It Ain't Judgement Day

    You should be arrested for impersonating a judge

    If you couldn't settle for less than the appreciation for not being toxic like sludge

    You can't be apart of a jury

    If you can't get to the heart of your own fury

    This makes it less fun when you ain't getting none

    As it takes one to know one

    If you can't take action without being hypocritical

    It becomes wasted satisfaction making it unforgivable

    This is why I've had enough of it for goodness sake

    As I don't want any part of anything if it ain't judgement day


  • priya_vemsani 25w


    Please don't judge people based on looks.. you never know what they are going through..
    Please don't judge people based on work.. you never know in what situation one is doing it..
    Please don't judge people based on opinions they express..you never know what made them make that conclusion..
    Please don't judge people based on surroundings they live in..you never know what made them build those..

    Talk to people,make them comfortable and understand them. Help them if they are in any difficulty. Explain them what you know, discuss and come to a conclusion.
    This makes you a better person

  • nora88 27w

    Let Go

    Code of conduct..
    What is right?

    What is the truth?
    What is fair?
    What are the rules?

    Can we be free of judgement?
    Free to live our lives without our moral being question?


  • bushbaby 28w

    #religiousabuse #excusingabusewithreligion #povofvictim #obsessedwithreligion #judgement #lies #delusion #writersnetwork #mirakee
    content warning:
    several references to Christianity and Christian symbolisms/metaphors

    this is not a religious poem nor is it meant to offend Christianity/any religion or its believers; references are only to reflect the mindset of people who use religion to excuse their own acts of violence and abuse; this poem is sort of satire

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    carry your cross

    Carry your cross
    Accost me with it;
    Weave your sackcloth
    Into a noose.
    Turn the water into wine
    And drink your fill,
    Till your foul breath
    Preaches the truth.

    Carry your cross
    Blind me with it;
    Pose for the crowd
    Dressed like you.
    Paint on every mirror,
    The Good Samaritan's features;
    Till the Good Samaritan
    Follows you.

    Carry your cross
    Nail me to it;
    Forty sunrises and sunsets
    I saw with you.
    Yet, alone I burned,
    Your glaring judgement
    Carving shards out of sandy desert;
    My story rewritten
    As the devil sent to test you.

    Carry your cross
    Murder me with it;
    Stage your crucifixion
    Upon blood-stained soil.
    Cast me into the abyss
    Ten times, for ten grave sins,
    Then, feast as you glimpse your resurrection,
    Upon the rotting grave of truth.


  • masterdquotes 31w

    Advice I'd give my younger self.
    #mentalhealth #eggshells #trauma #triggers #judgement

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    Know this, my love.
    Sometimes, people can be patient with us to their wits' end, but unwittingly, we are unfair to them.
    We project our fears and insecurities on them, and despite their support and effort, we can't believe their intentions are true. We feel we don't deserve it: that it's too good to be true or that we'll mess up eventually. We wait for them to break, validating our self doubt, sabotaging ourselves in the process.
    Free your heart, my love. Open it to love; open it to hurt again. Don't judge everyone you meet based on people in your past.
    They didn't stay, but this one might.

  • 7th_manu 31w


    A punishment comes
    Only after a judgement.


  • charithaburri 33w


    You might only listen or read out my story but I have been through it.....

  • stevenlgoosby 34w


    There are two sides
    to us all, the part in which
    people have come to know
    And the part that they will never
    come to perceive

  • soundlesss 34w

    In a court of justice two lawyers put forward their respective relevant arguments taken from the authorized law books to decide the point.
    But it is upto the judge to decide the case in favor of one among two of individuals.
    When the opposing lawyers put forward their arguments, both of them are legal and bona fide .
    But the judgment is given as to which argument is applicable to the particular case.
    And we have to accept everything favorable to the circumstances. As similar in case of real life too wether it's in favor of yours or not, accept it as if you had chosen it. As the ring of justice would never ends on wrong side So the one who did so just have to bear it

    #justice #consequence #judgement #result #acceptance #wod #pod

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    For Time Being, Taking Into Consideration The Age,Time and Object, methods are sometimes rejected even though bona fide. And Everything To Be Tested By It's Practical Result.

  • _snapsdiaries_ 35w


    Racism is everywhere. Your friends, colleagues, relatives etc. judge you indirectly sometimes in their talks and feel no offense like they said nothing. This sick mentality needs to be consulted otherwise racism will prevail for a long long time.