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    To - do

    To rub my eyes and shed the teary salt covering my lashes. Yawn till my jaws wake up too. Stretch my arms as a short exercise as that's all i could do.

    To make my bed. Leave no creases of nightmares still on the sheets of dreams. Fold the fur blanket with which i cuddle. And dust the pillow to release my silent screams.

    To brush my teeth. Gargle enough of strength. Brush out the germs of negativity. And spit the thoughts which wrench.

    To take a shower. Let the falling water wash away my anxiety and fears. Scrub my soul too with vivacious sonnets. And let the lather hold what my mind bears.

    To have my breakfast. Take a bowl of mindfulness , add some cereals of patience, some milk of prayers, a spoonful honey of poetry. Dip the spoon and munch it in once.

    To study. Let my novels feed my heart and let the theories and reactions fuel my mind. Let the words stay in the walls of cerebellum.

    To walk in the backyard. Glance at the moon from time to time. Let the moonlight of metaphors stitch my scars and apply moon dust.

    To go back to bed. The earlier i come the more i wait for the sleep to arrive. The later i come, my demons make it turn into never. Try to sleep until the thoughts lose the battle.

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    #dare tried. #wod #pod @miraquill
    Oh my goodness, this wasn't expected. Thank you so much for the EC(20)❤❤����
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    Story by berry

    When you start adoring the strange(r) insecurity, dare to be the one under control.
    When you are talking your heart out to the curses , dare to be the one to remember blessings.
    When you are on a walk with loneliness, dare to be the one to sneak your hand in the hands of prayers.
    When you are on a date with distress , dare to be the first to walk off.
    When you fall in love with pain , dare to be the one to not go beyond.
    When you learn to kiss your troubles, dare to be the one to not get too involved.
    When you are under the sheets of depression, dare to be the one who moves on without a second thought.
    When you argue with the soldiers at the battlefield of your heart , dare to be the one to not let them affect your beats.
    When you are tired of a relationship with expectations , dare to be the one to fall in love all over again with hopes.
    Still , when it comes on the verge of break up , dare to be the soul which never gets hurt easily.

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    Are you ppl testing my fast with today's challenge or what?�� i can't be poetic when it comes to food, because berry and food are just different words with one meaning!!!����Lol! Anyway i tried!
    #snack #pod @miraquill
    Yayy!! Thank you so much for the EC(18)����❤❤����
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    The Berry's Dessert

    In a bowl of poetic realm ,
    Add some flour of words ,
    Sugar of scrumptious sonnets,
    Crack eggs of enlightenment ,
    Add butter of belief and
    Sprinkle baking powder of faith.
    Blend it and bake it in the pre-heated oven of adjusted patience.
    For the ice-cream take a
    Milkmade of mind made fantasy,
    Cream of compliments,
    Some sugar of syllables,
    Milk of magical metaphors and
    Essence of love.
    Freeze it in the heart of imagination for few poetic nights.
    Now mount the yummy ice-cream on the lovey dovey cake base ,
    Top it with chocochips of similes and chopped berries.
    //And honey , the poetic dessert made by my delicate fingers tasted like YOU!//

  • pink_berry 23w

    #letter maybe #justberrythings
    Two posts in a day on the same challenge ��
    I was just taken aback into nostalgia so wrote it. Inspired @mbyfdmk

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    Little berry

    Huh ! So you are turning 12 ! I know you coz I'm a grown up version of yours. You are a little girl who dreams of being in a candy land , licking her fingers dipped in the rivers of chocolate , sliding down a caramelised popsicle , wearing a dress decorated with toffees and wishing for a jinnie. (Well I still wish the same wishes.)

    Being excited about your birthday a month before , just to compensate everybody's excitement. Coz there's nobody who cares about your birthday !
    I remember your excitement at 12:00 waiting to get a tight hug and lots of kisses and blessings but you only dreamt of it while sleeping. But nothing has changed by now. Everything's the same. Sometimes being the eldest sucks.

    Your eager eyes waiting to see the fire crackers. Your innocence which ppl took as dumbness. Your kiddish attitude which have turned into a serious reserve aura. Your silence which was never took in a way that you are shy or introvert rather that you are arrogant and you misbehave. But I'm here not to guide you but to be under a saudade shade. As I miss that old me. The carefree me. As now I need to be careful with everything i do.

    I miss that silence of mine. I am talkative. But sometimes I prefer silence but I'm scared of being SAID something which I don't wanna hear. I need some peace and it rests only in some silence far away from the noise of toxicity.

    I miss that let go attitude of mine. Where I was never bothered about what ppl said me. But now I've realised that you can't always ignore statements, as you are living in a society where these opinions and judgments define your character as a girl which is freaking ........ shitty !

    I miss those mornings of mine when I use to wake at 12 and nobody questioned me or enquired me of being so late. I miss those nights when I only use to dream of fantasy of being a berry in a wonderland. I miss that sleep cycle of mine, busy snooring and ignoring the alarms. Which now have turned into a sleepless ones , I wake up before the alarm even ring's.

    All I want to say you is don't change , I love the way you are simply beautiful and carefree.
    Lots of love berry.

  • pink_berry 23w

    Letter to little berry,

    Holaaa berry ! Hope you are doing great and mentally fine which I know you are not. But honestly it's your fault because you gave love and attention more than required. Your efficiency was taken for granted , your love, your care and YOU were taken for granted. I know you regret loving people and caring for them as your efforts were never reciprocated by them. But let me tell you that the almighty is watching it all and you will get all that love an care from someone else.

    Be a little more fussy about things , adjusting all the damn time is not making you a perfect girl but a perfect servant. Sacrifice your time and yourself only for ones who are worth it. Don't keep showering your love UNECESSARILY on strangers. You are sweets soul I know that. Being straight forward with people makes you feel that you are being rude. But it's not that when they can be rude and arrogant towards you why can't you be a bit straight forward? I hope it's all making sense to you dumb head.

    Coming to opinions by ppl and their judgments, huh ! It's a shitty crap, that's it ! You do something good or bad, best or worst , people are gonna judge you anyway so let them do their job, and you carry on doing your wish. Listen berry , the spaceship of your dreams and passions didn't take off to land on the runway of their expectations or happiness. It's your happiness, it's your smile that matters. Do you want your dimples to dissappear, no right , then smile dumbo !

    I know you are scared of darkness and crowd. But don't u feel that these fears are pulling you down? I remember back in 4th grade when you were bullied because of your name , which is so damn beautiful and rare , you cried a lot and decided to say your surname as your name, but later when your senior guy appreciated your name , you were happy. You were proud of it. It's the same story , but the difference is that you won't have your senior guy here or someone else. YOU yourself had to be that SOMEONE for you. I know you are good enough at appreciating yourself but you are moody with that. Don't be so. I know your hearts mad and your mind is messed up so you work out things according to your mood. Hella moody person .

    Coming to the end , let me tell you that you are beautiful the way you are. You are capable enough to follow your dreams. You are the best. Don't you ever hate yourself, ppl are dying to be like you (ok ik it's to much) but honestly ppl do love your personality be proud of it , there's no Shame. Now if you wanna be medicated and have all the courage to ho through that mental war , then hate yourself. I know you understood my point. Keep smiling. Stay happy.

    ~a grown up yet young berry❤

  • pink_berry 30w

    To the berry inside me

    ~ You are strong ! No matter how hard people try to put you down , rise again like a phoenix.~

    ~ You will be okay ! Things go wrong, but they will be right soon. A berry needs the coldest season to nurture, just like you , the coldest embrace will bring out the warmest personality of yours. ~

    ~ It's okay to be sensitive and emotional. Be proud that you are not like those dead emotionless souls wandering like demons. ~

    ~ Patience is all what you need berry. The almighty tests his favourite person. Don't complaint for the tough question paper , feel special that you will be rewarded.~

    ~ You are adorable and sweetest. And people call you fake , because they can't accept your beautiful reality. Chill out. ~

    ~ When people around you bring out flaws, remember, that a garden full of blooming flowers and lush green leaves need some withered buds and dry leaves too. Nothings perfect, but you are. ~

    ~ I know we are scared of darkness and touch. It's okay, there's nothing wrong with that. You'll be fine soon honey ! ~

    ~ Don't wait for them to appreciate you , tap your shoulder yourself. Sometimes even self appreciation is important. ~

    ~ Being sad eventually leads to crying. But stop it now! My eyes are running out of water!~

  • pink_berry 31w

    Lazy berry

    I wake up early in the morning
    I can't sleep at nights.
    I struggle with sleep and fight with thoughts.

    Late in the night I bleed metaphors.
    I yawn similes and I snore haiku's.

    I wake up and stretch verses
    I take a shower of poetry and shed dead words.

    I eat away pain and drink hope to digest agony.
    I go for a morning walk,
    Breathing believe and exhaling acrimony.

    I read a novel, and get lost between the lines.
    I scribble words and drink alliterations made of wines.

    I fantasise love from a stranger
    I ink down my imaginations.
    I leave behind the cruel reality and
    Have a telepathic conversation.

    My routine is filled with imaginary love , dreams and pain.
    I live in a fantasy, cherishing a tale.
    Good days are filled with ecstasy
    And bad days leave my poetry pale.