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  • ambivert_amba 75w

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    She thought she wasn't beautiful
    But he looked through the windows of her soul and found her kalon in the abyss of her insecurities

  • niti_s_1 75w


    kalon words aesthetically dancing on pages making a potent sense though not simultaneously.

  • brahmleen_ 75w


    Sharp eyes that behold to see the
    abyssal essence of ideal
    senses beneath patchy
    nerves flowing under snarled
    goosebumps one beautiful
    life which
    rests within the
    collapsed frame
    hanging on the
    brilliant wall
    orchestra of beauty
    sits on the shiny
    smile of new hopes
    holding taller legs of
    woods in shattered
    chairs of life
    catching holy spirits
    above temporary
    tones of withered skins
    sharing fruitful kindness
    with bare
    plates of bizzare
    spreading liberal
    pinions of love amid
    every corner of
    traverse feet as
    Leonardo da vinci
    finds tasteful serenity in
    painting unknown
    canvases with colorful
    strokes of pleasure
    kalon lies in ochre
    orbs patting myriad
    bosoms of cosmos.

    - Brahmleen

  • bushra_tasneem 75w

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    My heartfelt thanks to @writersnetwork for their kind repost. I can't express my happiness in words....This is my second repost by them. I am truly grateful to you. Means alot. This just made my day. Looking forward to more of it. I will surely try to write even better now onwards. ❤️❤️

    @soulfulstirrings & @isma_sheikh Thank you lovely souls for mentioning WN here in my post. I am highly honoured and obliged. ❤️❤️❤️

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    In the end, what the
    world beholds is the
    finest blend of words
    and emotions called "poetry".
    But what we all fail to
    espy is the ceaseless
    efforts and thoughts
    which the poet puts
    to present himself,
    from his mind, through
    his pen, on the blank pages.
    Seeking inspiration from
    even those things and
    occurences which do not
    even make sense to many,
    he creates a masterpiece
    out of it.He does not only
    see those pale blue, black
    and mauve scars but also
    feel them and try to make
    them felt by the others as well.
    Making those mauve scars,
    his muse, he describes the
    plethora of affliction and torture,
    leaving readers' eyes teary.
    Practicing epeolatry, and making
    writing his only religion, he writes
    to enlighten the bleakish hearts
    and rusted minds of all kinds.
    Being the connoisseur of writing,
    he writes the depths and heights
    which can't be seen but only felt.
    To write, when he lifts his pen up,
    his work makes people bow down.
    When he delineates beauty, he
    makes people believe in kalon
    which is beyond any skin tone.
    He is a poet and he is blessed
    coz he can feel even a trifle of
    emotion in myriad of ways.

  • bclark2681 75w


    Humans see the beauty of items
    That are within our world
    The ocean of blue, face of porcelain
    Yet its the optimistic and agonized that
    Are the beings that recognize the
    Kalon, looking deep beyond surfaces

  • _an_on_ 76w

    In the end what is it? Self annihilation? But what's the reason?

    The concealed inselberg of tribulation under a delighted molehill? Disguised heat blossomed into a vigorous Ignus? Or untied Gordian knots intertwined for aeons?

    Knot? Love knot that has unknotted? Oh love such an intense feeling of deep affection. Isn't it just the literal meaning? Who cares whether you are Romeo or Juliet, Laila or Majnu, Heer or Ranjha since identical tale seldom acknowledged. What if the solitary darling lives alone in the souvenir of the beloved? Wouldn't then the love lives with darling's life?

    Life? Yes, life isn't eternal. Even so is self-demolition the only way to relieve solitude in the loved one's decease? If one can't love own self, can't bear the existence of own self why do they want other's presence? Aren't they meant to be alone?

    Or solitude accompanied with economic ruin? Internal conflict? Dilemma? Can't overcome the inflation? Suffering from depression? Yet monetary policy and fiscal policy are there to control it.

    Depression? Now the path of Satan seems absolute Kalon since even after nine days fall he resuscitates himself. Didn't he built the 'Pandemonium'? But in an immoral way? So isn't self-annihilation immoral? Nevertheless Satan it's just a tale.

    But hold...
    What's your story then?


  • thisisdani 76w

    Her cuts
    bled forgiveness
    she bursts
    with fondness-
    of all things good
    such as
    love and compassion

    No wonder why she loves the moon
    just like her
    it remains beautiful
    despite the scars or crater

    She is you
    and i commend you-
    for choosing to shine
    in this dark vast sky.

    Beauty is not seen-
    it is felt; it is shared.


    #Writersbay #pod #WritersNetwork #prompt #kalonc

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    Beauty is not seen-
    it is felt; it is shared.


  • anugraha_99 76w


    Fully around,
    In people all across.
    To the trivial color, not bound.
    Kalon, reaped only by the deeds you do,
    Residing in a pristine soul.
    Kindness and good will is,
    As a whole,


  • mma_eagles_eyes 76w

    She is a full package, you are only able to behold the outer beauty but there is more.
    #kalonc @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee

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    They thought she was a damsel in distress but she only had the face of an angel and the heart and mind of a warrior.
    She is a kalon

  • anneonymous 76w

    A wingless angel
    With kalon and candor
    Your radiant heart pulses
    With dynamic splendor

    You are the force of gravity
    That holds me to the earth
    You alone are the currency
    That determines my worth


  • misty_2004 76w

    So, This is a prompt given by @writersbay
    The prompt is to:
    Write a prose,poetry or quote with the word
    -(N.)beauty that is skin deep.
    Here it goes.
    Hope you like it ��!

    The relics that I showcase today,
    Are adorned with the amity of my bleeding heart's fray !
    Age old souvenir echo their pains,
    My sceptical blood rushes through my veins!
    Although you see it as dark as doom today,
    My love for you will be kalon in the incoming days .

    The aversion that I endeavoured to abet,
    Rationalised my sins and begets.
    My sunshines were then hued with grey...
    My old ruffles turned out to be the burning hay !
    Although I see it as a chance to have tried,
    My aversion for you will be kalon in the incoming collateral lies.

    The forever of the promises that we glittered with vice,
    We possessed the platonic sides of our hides.
    The remnants were then left akin
    The fallen stars,lost in dreams.
    Although I feel it as forever-ed never,
    The reminiscences of my vows will be kalon in your incoming ever.

    The torn pages that held our tale...
    Will hold your trail once I sail
    Down the riverine of doom's safe terrain.
    Huh! If you build them up ,you will refrain.
    Although the broken words mean nothing
    They will be kalon in your heart's incoming beatings.

    The memories of my curse will never hue your dawn,
    Neither will they show up in the morn.
    I bless you today for tomorrow I will be no more...
    My days end here and I leave you with mine amore.
    Although this pen drags me down my ruins
    You will see me akin kalon when tomorrow I will end up having been a bad dream .


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  • hyn_edwit 76w


    Fragmented shards
    fill my being
    Asymmetric features
    frame my humanity
    Views and thoughts
    have gone relentless
    To this one scorching
    This is who I am
    However imperfect
    I will always
    identify myself
    a Kalon


  • verbose 76w

    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind repost !

    Daylight never offers her the kalon soothing roughness of pillow fights with night or the silk that only moonlight knows. She curls her lips like romancing with her poetry with silence dancing on her bosom, sneezing and holding time. She knows that surreal romance, clicking noises of seizures and tears, of ink and words.

    Like Greek philosophers, she's also believing that expression of kalon may be in writing verses after verses, words after words, beautiful yet incomplete expressing the same old thoughts again and again, with the same old heart.

    Sometimes, she falls in love with trays of colors, a texture, an old faded wall, a rusted old page of a diary, a temple because they speak a language that tells her about spiral existence, tells her the omen of things to come, of kalon of pure art.

    She dreams in colors that drive away the blues. She wants to swivel in the freedom of the wind, her fragrance spreads gently with a breeze. She's the lover of words. She's the museum of shifted identities, a galaxy of romanticized dreams and passion.

    Kalon; for her defines the eyes that see beauty in everything, with a heart that expands with visions to write and read and explore, to live peacefully in oneness.

    Kalon; for her is where daisies sing like little birds, where life doesn't stop at one or few windows: it does takes a lot of courage to realise this and much more courage to lose few things.

    Kalon in dreams at night, her soul flies light
    Across the sky, across the ocean.
    What does it take to keep awake for hopes to soar,
    For dreams to roar?!

    Just a moment of eternal courage and eyes to see the moral beauty not over the skin or below it but the one which reflects one's heart on sleeves and stars in eyes and stardust in character which leaves starry nightlight wherever it goes.


    PS: This post is combination of my old posts.
    #kalonc @writersbay @writersnetwork #writersnetwork @mirakee @raika

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    K A L O N

    Kalon: the ideal of physical and moral beauty.

  • raika_ 76w

    ~�������������� ������ ��������~

    Writers look for words in everything they see, be it the sun, moon, flowers or ocean. Happiness, pain, sadness or emptiness. Their mind is eager to form constellations joining letters and filling the air between them.

    Them? Writers, they are lovers. They fall for words, for kalon. And when they fall for other writers, two worlds interconnect, two souls interwind and words take them to a world of forevers they didn't know exists.

    Love, it never comes alone. It brings along multiple feelings of every kind. It brings warmth and the cold. Love has power. It can fill certain voids and can create certain. How do I know this? Writers! It's their favourite topic. They say it's an abyss decorated with flowers and rainbows, but where the rainbow ends, there live monsters called aches. Love is an abyss they say, which ���� has an end, breaks you.

    Love is smart, yet so dumb. It chooses two imperfectly perfect people on the basis of beauty that is more than skin deep and collides their universes with each other. Sometime they grow side by side while sometimes it disrupts the whole system, toxifies the air and the vacuum. The stars align for a moment but soon they disperse to never feel closeness again. Writers say, "Pain brought us together, love ripped us apart."

    Love, it comes in many forms, maybe 1mol. But writers, they spend infinite seconds, infinite letters to describe it. They represent it as a beautiful paradise, but you got to walk in with caution cause it's full of holes. The chances that you ever come our are low.

    Writers, they are strong beings. So is love. They can withstand a thunderstorm, hurricane, cyclone maybe death too. But somewhere, someone, something has found a loophole and it breaks hearts, hence breaking writers, making a wreckage out of love. Fortune out of poetry.

    The end of love, writers make it look beautiful so you won't step away from it, in real, it is a disaster, no word, no metaphor can define it fully.ᵉᵛᵉʳ.


    #kalonc @writersbay

    @writersnetwork ��

    Bg-created by me. #loveandr

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  • writersbay 76w

    Write a poem, prose or quote using the word 'kalon'
    It means, beauty that is more than skin deep.
    It's the ideal of physical and moral beauty.

    Suggested by: @stained_glass

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  • anonymousquill 82w

    Kalon: beauty that is more than just skin deep
    Ancient Greek philosophers' idea of perfection.
    Please comment and post feedback.

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    @darkerthanblack @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @tomorrow_is_amazing

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    She wears Catastrophe like a crown,
    And plunges headlong into deep waters;
    There is Gloom sweetening her tongue
    Or poisoning it,
    As the occasion demands,
    A spark that gives rise to revolution;
    Or should you choose; celebration.
    Don't anger the goddess;
    She moonlights as the Big Bad Wolf
    In fairytale forests.