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    Na hai yeh pana ,
    Na Khona hi hai,
    Tera Na hona jane
    Kyun hona hi hai

    You are the one forever I wanna hold onto I look for love and behave desperately in your absence, The world flatters with me for you are nowhere but near my heart Your face is an epitome of Success and your wide smile and innocent folly talks takes me to new world where your own a galaxy Of twilight, You're my sunshine, you're my love!

    Aankhon mein ankhen teri,
    Bahoon mein baahein teri
    Mera na mujh mein kuch raha hua kya
    Baaton mein baatein teri
    Mein kahin bhi jata hoon
    Tumse hi mil jata hoon Tumse hi

    The galaxy you own in my eyes, the place you have in my heart is always in need of you presence, I remember the first time we exchanged eyes and the sight embarked with the sweetness of your warm hugs. the blackness fade and hues of magenta with glittering stars shines even louder, the loitering of snub heart bends when it finds your fragrance! whenever I go, where so ever my heart flies and it finds you:>

    Aadha sa vaada kabhi,
    Aadhe se zyada kabhi,
    Jee chahe karlu is tarah,
    Wafa ka. Chhode na chhute kabhi,
    Tode na toote kabhi,
    Jo dhaaga tum se jud gaya, wafa ka.

    The day has merrily came, maybe I should face my love, my eternity of patience, I should ask you out and confess my feelings, why is it raining? The moment I stepped forward to touch you, goddam I woke up it was a dream so beautiful at least my eyes were conspicuous to get your glimpse, I know my promises are partly left to be completed, my heart pumps tremendously! The silence after rain. I have woken up to that. I have stared blankly across the room. The memory of your love is the smile on my face. You have managed to hold me from so far away. All the darkness in me has turned into soft whispers of rain. A tear trails down to my lips. Tonight, we meet again:)

    Immortal love, I hope you destined their journey from holding hands to holding tied knots!
    Penned at 2:15p.m.
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    Chore na chute kbhi,
    Tore na tute kbhi,
    Jo dhaga tumse judh gyaaaa
    Wafa ka....❤

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    Stop criticising

    Why should we trust anyone who's coming out now and blaming salman khan directly without any single proof, if they have guts and salman khan is wrong then why don't they show the proofs out there??? Where were they since that long while, Now suddenly someone did suicide and people have started blaming anyone whoever they want....Why don't they take stand at the time things happen... why they suddenly come out and start throwing blames on Someone just like this???? I want to Ask those whoever said that we knew it that he's going through this and flana dhimkana then why the hell you guys didn't stopped him at that time?? Now you all want publicity over someone death and showing disrespect and blaming someone just like it as you are sone god or what. Guys Stop behaving like an Asshole in every fucking second, Go and Get some life because it's too easy to put on blames without knowing someone, Now i know that why crime rate of India is increasing day by day because they're too busy to blame others Rather than improving themselves. You guys always do that blame someone easily without proofs and trust just because someone said it so, everyone is supporting kangana ranaut for speaking up but i believe what she speak was utterly a nonsense nothing more than that, i just wanna ask that when she's producer and Director itself and she knew everything so well than why didn't she casted Sushant in her projects, Good people help someone if they know that they're in pblm not start throwing shit on social media after they die...Totally Ridiculous it feels like a crap whenever i open up any social site these days full of hatered, violation and negative...... Everyone who's blaming anyone just like that You guys Rest in Peace while Alive......I Rest my words here only...