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  • divyanshi28_03 5w

    I breathe,wait and hope again
    for you among the passing clouds.
    Restless thumping conquers my heart
    why are you taking so long to light up my sky?

    Every line I ink bridges my heart to your soul.

    Our love can sustain growth
    If I hold your hand and you hold mine
    Above the clouds among the stars
    Our spirits align
    We touch the moon
    We touch the stars
    We touch the land of divine.

    Flowers of love
    blossoming in divine garden
    Stars watching them bloom at night.

    Kept( list poem)
    I have kept the delicate memories of us
    deeply rooted within me
    Wind slips down the window
    Whispers to me
    I never let it steal our secrets that I keep
    Under a blanket of coarse rustic love
    I have kept all of you and
    broken decayed part of me.

    Wind singing through window pane
    Touched me,wishpered your name
    All the secrets you parted with her
    have reached me again
    When the wind took my hand in air
    She felt my frozen pain
    Running through my vein.

    Walking through the garden of love
    when I passed through the memory lane
    I recollected all the happiness that we gain.
    Once upon a time
    The two nostalgic souls loved each other
    And later they found love forever.

    While exploring all of her
    He found mysteries hidden within her
    While looking for stories within him
    I found a poetry of imperfections
    Lying by him.
    The two decided to surrender to each other
    Accepting the imperfections
    Embracing each other forever.

    (You once told me)
    You once told me that you don't need feathers to fly
    You just need me to touch the sky
    You once told me that I was the centre of your world
    And I own your pen and you own my fancy words.

    Let's travel to the moon
    Let's breathe amongst the clouds
    Let's promise in the universe
    Let's pull each other in gravity
    Let our bodies rooted on earth
    But souls in the sky.

    (Color) white
    White moon quiet,soft and dear
    Comforting the sleepy souls
    Sits back,watches and hear
    The story of our love
    The story of two saints
    The two white roses
    Losing each other
    In each other's pain.

    It was a battle of love
    It was a battlefield
    Losing in time
    Winning in hearts
    was the destiny indeed
    All you believed in me
    All I believed in you
    All we believed in us
    We took to embrace our pain
    All we knew was we are
    suppose to meet in heaven

    This time I came up with something different
    So far I have taken to many miraquill word prompts and challenges.I have blended few to give it a color of love.
    #metaphor #wod #combinaton #monostitch #haiku
    #growth #kept #personification #nostalgic #enso #youoncetoldme #travel #color

    Combination= You and Me
    Monostitch.= heart to soul
    Growth = love
    Haiku. =Flowers
    Kept = Memories
    Personification = Wind
    Nostalgic =Memories
    Enso = Imperfections
    You once told me = secret
    Travel = moon
    Color = white
    Metaphor = Battlefield
    @writersnetwork @miraquill
    #writersnetwork #miraquill
    #love #wod

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    Jar of Blended Love


  • cruisey 10w


    Things I thought I would have collected
    at the end of my school:
    Ink scribbled uniforms
    Dirty slam books
    Late night chats
    24/7 podcast speakers
    Curvy love letters
    Multilingual abuses
    Friend's multiple contacts
    Life long friends
    But I didn't.

  • insearchoftheseaandthesoul 10w

    Sets of things

    We anchor our lives in fleeting things
    a job, a career, a pay cheque
    a husband, children, marriage
    books, movie halls, coffee shops

    Measure our worth through other’s words
    a praise, a raise, a compliment
    a gesture, thumbs up, likes
    retweets, mentions, endorsements

    Find happiness in material goods
    a car, a house, a television
    a watch, clothes, gadgets
    gold, shoes, play-boxes

    Leave behind incomplete dreams and desires
    a poem, an idea, a book
    a lover, notes, songs
    voyages, visions, veneer

    And live,
    like we will be given another chance.


  • nocturnal_enigma 10w

    * 26.9.2021; 4.41 P.M (Malaysia)

    * For: My #crush #AHBA

    * #AlphabetPoem #Alphabet #Poem #NuEmAlph

    * #NuEmLists

    * I did an Xray many months ago when I was still skinny. My upper back bone is bented. Doctor said I have scoliosis.

    #ListPoetry #List #Poetry #Kept #wod @miraquill

    * Rears = Buttocks

    * Cape = A very large piece of land sticking out into the sea

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    Things I preserved for U ~

    There are some things that I preserved.
    They are only for you, that I've reserved.
    Unchanged feeling for U, over 2 years.
    Used to your voice. Echoes in my ears.
    Vivid dreams of U. In my mind it's kept.
    Vast memories of U. Not large as a cape.
    Well, I'm fat. For me & U, I'll get in shape.
    Won't reject me again. Hope U will accept.
    X-ray of my bones. Scoliosis. Far from rears.
    Xoxo. Love & kisses for U. Plus, my tears.
    You'll be given gifts by me. Cuz' U deserve.
    You're in my heart. So, please conserve.

    © Nuruliffa Emirah
    @ nocturnal_enigma

  • bellemoon99 10w


    I've kept all of your memories hidden in my heart.
    Your scent, and the loud music that announced your arrival.
    The way the warmth of your chest made me feel safe from the freezing claws of my demons.
    Everything you were is beating along my heart.

  • kaydeedubb 10w

    Sometimes it's good to be childlike. In the essence of appreciating the things that matter and be forgiven and compassionate. It's good to preserve your childhood.

    #kept #wod #catalog #childhood

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    I Preserved My Childhood

    with the many bears on the closet's shelf,
    an overflow of my favorite children's book,
    watching old cartoons I enjoyed,
    listening to music I grew up with,
    keeping memories alive in my youthful eyes,
    by showing gratitude in the face of small things,
    being in my curious stage ready to learn,
    and through keeping the adventure alive.


  • _astitva_ 10w

    I preserved over years a(n)

    Abandoned abacus accounting asphyxiated aspirations
    Bicameral bag of burgeoning beliefs and betrayal blotches
    Cracked coffee cup cluttering colourful crayons
    Dusty diary disguising distressful dawns and dusks
    Elderly earring entwining enamor and experiences
    Four fragrant flasks filled with fascinating fireflies
    Gazebo's garth gushed with Ghalib's ghazals
    Horizontal hourglass holding hope for heavy hearts
    Ill-lit inkpots inking idyllic imaginations of (im)permanence
    Jewelled jars of jocund journeys jotting journals
    Kaleidoscopic kites keeping kindled kinships
    Lone letterbox loitering for letters of lost love
    Morphed maples muffling monotonous musings
    Nameless novels narrating nineties' nostalgia
    Obsolete organ oozing obsesseion of orchestra
    Pallid pages preserving pleasures and pains
    Quiescent quilt questioning quietened quarrels
    Red rose reverberating rhymes of rippled relish
    Scented scarf soaked in sentiments of sayonaras
    Tall teddy titillating in tensions and tenderness
    Unused urn uttering unurban's untold urges
    Violet velvet veneering vagabond's virtuosos
    Wrecked watch waiting for winsome warm hearted
    Xenial xyris (e)xpressing xilinous xo
    Yellow yarn yearning for youthful yowndrift
    Zealous zizz zipping zoetic zeitgeist


  • lovesunflower20 10w

    #kept ⬅️maybe ��

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    The truth untold!

    To my
    Precious lover....,

    Your flowing in my veins
    I'm missing all those unfulfilled promises of yours!
    I kept holding your narrow pledge stretches like bandages,

    "This time your absence feels like a poem"


  • sarnaz7 10w

    I have preserved my precious conscience
    In a land where humanity is murdered by humans
    Inside the safest chamber, behind the ribcage
    In a beating organ that fears and stares
    In horror, for rivers of blood flow in abundance,
    To speak when the world has married silence
    With a mouthful of sheer privilege!

    I preserve my generosity where kindness is a rare gem
    Garden of empathy, where tears carry no weight until they're your own
    And the alchemy of love as free as the air we breathe
    For the universe is thirsty for compassion
    I preserve the ideal in me
    Lest the inherent demon deviates
    the firm self dwindling underneath.

  • bonitasarahbabu 10w


    In the depths on my heart,
    There is a box filled with memories; both good and bad.
    My childhood, it carries memories of disgust,
    My teenage years, memories of shame,
    And my age and years now, I have memories of times that could have been.
    The disgust, the shame, and the could have beens,
    Have created a jaded and cynical human.
    With the exception of few,
    Every interaction with people comes a question;
    What is their angle?
    Through the box,
    I look for moments of joy,
    Those are few and far between.
    I have learned to keep my distance,
    And to never divulge anything serious to people.
    Only few know the me, hidden deep within,
    That is all I need and care for.

  • pris_musings 10w

    Sitting on the shelf of my room
    In the farther most corner
    Is that almost forgotten box
    Holding all those things safe
    Which might have just
    Saved my soul from being lost
    Eraser borrowed from a school friend
    Does she remember that day too?
    A pen which does not write anymore
    But reminds me of that lecture in college
    That postcard from a  pen friend,
    Lost touch while growing up
    An earring from my late grandmom
    Separated from its twin
    Those childhood pictures with cousins
    Memories of a life long forgotten
    This box full of treasures,
    A lifetime of memories relived..

  • sia_sissi 10w

    Heart is vacant,
    Yet heavy with illusions,
    Living in silence,
    Yet louder than chaos,
    Enjoying with the world,
    Yet happy alone.
    Ups and downs of days,
    Yet greeting each day to come.

  • liepa_malijauskaite 10w


    Waking up,
    Feeling empty,
    Standing up,
    Still not alright,
    Seeing people,
    They are walking,
    There were you can't be.


  • ecstaticbloom 10w

    Eighteen years ago, I collected a heart.
    It was beautiful.
    It was plastic, it was transparent.
    It was covered in mud.
    I took it home and watched it.
    I cleaned it up.
    It turned out beautiful.
    I kept it.
    Yes, I kept it safe.

    Six years ago, I found a needle.
    I thought it was very strong cause it sewed stone.
    I kept it safe too.
    I kept them both safe.

    Yesterday my heart broke.
    I wasn't concerned, I had the strongest needle ever.
    What was plastic compared to stone?!

    I tried to sew my heart back with it.
    But it broke.
    Yes it did, the strongest needle I'd found broke.

    Now I held onto two broken things.
    My broken heart and my broken needle.

    #kept #wod #pod #miraquill #writersnetwork
    In loving memory of the woman who always smiles and the man who loved me more than life.

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    I collected a heart.
    I collected a needle.
    I needed the conviction that if my heart broke I could sew it back.
    But then even the needle broke.
    Beautiful and seemingly strong things are the most dangerous.


  • lovethatneverfades 10w

    #kept #wod

    Edit - Thank you for all the love @writersnetwork. Deeply grateful ❤️

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    Melancholic Friday

    I took some lemon yellows from my childhoods fabled dreams and scrubbed my tainted pan in hopes to undo my present screams

    I plucked some golden sunshine from grandmas yester stories that behold courage and threaded it carefully to my each broken dreams.

    I preserved fake smile of my Ma to cure my muted disorders and folded my rainbow crayon drawing in paper boat of hopes.

    I set on a sail to my grandpa's grave to apologize for my petulant behaviour towards this disgraceful society for failing him in his nonviolent fight towards freedom of my country.

    I verbatim my dad's falsified truths smile which he used to provide a empathetic warmth chilhood to me ~ now a broken crayon.

    Trapped in a dreamy shadow , I step out to chase the shattered rainbow - one step away from hell , a tattered certificate that reads my birth time and date flies across from my preserved memory, validating the reason of me being alive .

    I smile teary eyed to find my stolen crayon in this rhythmic colourfull world.

    ~ An unknown hue


  • wizard 10w


    Source of energy,
    For many,
    While it sat,
    Minding its business,
    On the shelf,
    It was a summer afternoon,
    Only Boost and me in home,
    Anything can happen,
    But I had self control,
    I had left half of the jar empty,
    Only it was full previously.


  • silhouette_of_a_poet 10w

    Paper trail

    Crumpled papers
    Uneasy chair
    Star-pricked sky
    Clouds of doubt
    Gently easing
    Profusely bleeding
    Glasses clinking
    Peacefully sleeping


  • eyeteejay 10w


    The second me

    My candle in the room
    My compass in the field.

    My hurdle on the track
    My megaphone in the crowd.

    My chirper in the woods
    My float in the seas.

    Though you are not always around
    I know you're always around.

    I cherish you
    My second me


  • rehnumai 10w


    I possess a drawer full of my obsessions, collecting my hopes that were thrown to winds by my loved ones, some novels , some thoughts that never came true, some dreams on which I was never allowed devote myself to and some memories full of agony still creating turbulence in my life.

  • soft_zephyr 10w

    There are things
    That made me
    And there are things
    That break me

    Kinks and nooks
    Surrounds me
    Telling about
    My entity

    A handful of faith
    A ray of hope
    A childlike smile
    A touch of life

    Smell of rose
    Love that's close
    Changing seasons
    Colourful rainbow

    A trusted friend
    A strangers help
    A happy life
    A memorable time

    I don't need much
    As I changed through time
    I kept this list
    Priorities of my life
    #kept #lists #wod @miraquill @poetrydelivery @writersnetwork @poetrynowar

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    A handful of faith
    A ray of hope
    A childlike smile
    A touch of life

    Smell of rose
    Love that's close
    Changing seasons
    Colourful rainbow

    A trusted friend
    A strangers help
    A happy life
    A memorable time