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  • beensn 13w

    Flower blooms to create another plant,
    When it is plucked, some plants are lost.
    Mother bears pain to rare the kid,
    When she is hurt, it's a curse to the mankind.
    © beensN

  • dark_abyss 15w

    #running_thoughts #random_thoughts #Mirakee #kid

    Thank you everyone for liking my post...��

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    Come what may... never lose that lil kid in you,
    That lil kid is the only proof... life lives in dead too.


  • silentechoes 18w

    I have a Trans daughter son, a son that is poly, an uncle that loves kids, a mother that is a lesbian, a gay nephew, my uncle is my baby daddy, I never knew my father but certainly, the only thing that makes sense is that it was a person with a "male" looking part and my mother being naiive, fell for its rainbow hat and buck teeth and walah! Here I am and I'm fabulous! And she didn't even know it was a "man" or whatever, she just jumped on the ride because of that snazzy rainbow hat. Anyway my aunt is a nu*d**t and she likes me to be one too when I go to her house. Oh, and my God mother is Lady Gaga, if that tells you anything.
    #lgtbq #Disney #pedos #gay #poly #nudist #mom #dad #uncle #auntie #brother #kid #son #nogendersallowed #fabulous #daughter #transgender #antigender #antistraight #antikindness

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  • borahae_07 29w

    Never let that kid die which is inside you, no matter how big you grow up


  • ep_poetic 32w

    Poppa's Poem (Part 5)

    i remember

    FIGHTING BACK more than tears.

    i hated him for leaving

    while wishing that he was here

    i was just a kid 

    It was a complicated hate

    To have his image haunt me

    in mirrors 

    all of my days...

    Enoch Piankhi (EP)

    IG: @EP_Poetic

  • palaki 50w

    I killed sweet child inside me ....In search of maturity ♥️

  • slaughtered_heart 52w

    My heart still believes those who have left, will someday surprise it. I don't know how to confront it. I don't want to kill it's innocence.
    #heart #love #innocence #surprise #kid @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    My heart is still that same old kid I used to be, when I believed people trying to leave, were just hiding to give me a surprise.


  • shivani_acharya_0406 52w

    Expensive world....

    Hey little one,
    Do not cry,
    That toffee-little like you,
    Is better than other one...
    This toffee tastes same,
    Don't run behind the brands having Fame..

    They just change the look,
    Those which all of your friends took,

    You've got what your daddy could afford,
    All you can do is say "thank you my dear lord"...

    Big brands are just a trap,
    It's your time to let your wings flap;

    This world is unaffordable,
    We will just have a small toffee,
    And more can be just a cup of coffee,
    We are happy with it!


  • nbt1999 56w

    #parents #guardians #light #darkness #kid

    P.S my previous account was nbtasnim but I can't access it anymore so I created another account and will be reposting all those poems here again.

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    Written on: 09.10.17

    You're not a saint.
    She was a kid,
    She was alone,
    You were there,
    But you weren't home.
    You had a kid,
    But that kid had no parents,
    Just Guardians.
    She was there waiting for you.
    But you, you never cared.
    Cared enough to wait.
    She kept waiting for her parents,
    Waiting for their time,
    For her.
    But that day,
    That day never came,
    Never came.
    You're not a saint.
    And you can never be
    A true parent.
    You might be a God, a Saint, a Lord in front of people.
    But you're nothing in her eyes.
    Nothing less than a cruel, sly deceiver.
    You vent your frustration on her.
    But she still kept you close to her heart.
    But not anymore.
    She's through.
    Through this pain,this life,this heartbreak.
    You are no one to her.
    She is alone.
    Loneliness is her life.
    You can't be a saint.
    You left your daughter in the dark,
    While searching for the light.
    She got swallowed by the dark,
    Because of your selfishness.
    You're not a saint.
    She still kept waiting for you,in the dark,
    Waiting for the light,
    But it never came, neither did you.
    You can never be a saint-to-her,
    And you,you are not a true parent.
    You should've been there with her,
    Waiting for the light,
    Waiting in the dark.
    But you left her all -alone.
    You could've taken her with you,
    Searching for the light,
    Searching in the dark.
    But you let her stay in the dark.
    She was alone,
    She was there,
    She called for you,
    But you weren't there.
    She was scared in the dark -all-alone,
    You left her in the dark.
    So, you're not a saint.
    You could've been a good parent.
    If you would've just cared,
    For her.
    But you,you never did.
    You just cared for yourself,
    Cared 'bout your life.
    Cared 'bout your joy,
    Cared 'bout your own wellbeing.
    She-she had to stay,
    Stay alone.
    All of her life.
    Just her, she herself,
    All alone.
    She needed you to be -with her.
    But you,you were never there,
    There for her,
    There in her life.
    You say,say that you'd no choice.
    But she is not so sure.
    Sure 'bout your words.
    You say you just didn't have time,
    Time for your own kid.
    You're not a saint.
    And you can't be a true parent,
    In her eyes,
    Just Guardians.

  • benhurbedford 56w

    The Pushed Over Lad

    The young man abhor his sound.
    It echoed deep and was hollow around.
    Blissful joy was an abberation to him,
    He fleeted his ground as he truly sinned.

    He always acquiesced their lonely frown.
    The crowd roared loud as his fragile growl,
    Began to violently shiver his knees.
    Suddenly, he, began to please.

    He needed appease, to get on the line.
    He tripped and fell on wood this time.
    The impudent folks laid old and grey.
    Their stubbornness is what has caused his sway.

    He cried untill the incisive truth became,
    a washed out stain, he fathomed his pain.
    He was indolent to the evidence they claimed.
    Suddenly their reality became his way.

  • survivor_soul 62w

    Trust your kid more than the insecurities exist in the world .


  • beensn 65w

    Voice of kid

    If you want to stay young forever, be with your mother,
    You are always a kid for her, age never matter.
    Moms are always beautiful and cool,
    They are so wonderful and their actions are thoughtful.
    Mothers give a special feeling which cannot be bound by words,
    They are tireless, selfless and does lot of sacrifices.
    Cares, cooks, plays, teaches, enjoys, cries, pleads,
    Prays, wipes our tears, pampers, scolds and inspires.
    She is not only our mom but a friend, a sister and a partner,
    Can assure everything possible under the sun- a sweet liar!
    This day is to acknowledge and wish all that something special,
    For mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers who are incredible.
    © beensN

  • dreamer_kris_ 68w

    The Kid In Me

    Hey you kid,
    I know that you are Mad at me and Sad
    at the same time...
    I know that I promised you
    will go to the Moon,
    have Rollercoaster rides of life together...
    I know, I shared my thoughts and
    I know, I told you stories about
    how the world is,
    How beutiful this universe is...

    Kid, I know your dreams
    I know the stars in your eyes will make
    way for us to make our Hearts One,
    to see our dreams come true...

    Kid, hey kid
    I know I promised you that
    I will hold your hand and
    jump into the galaxies of stars
    Hey kid, hey kid I love you
    from the bottom of my heart...

    But now, I am going through a choas
    and I don't want you to let in
    I know you gave me your spirit to
    come out of this,
    Our burning desires will burn this chaos,
    And this time we are not gonna make any promises...

    The day the chaos melts through our love,
    I will hold your hand and
    take you to the moon kid,
    You will take me to the moon...

  • moonyblues 70w

    This thing that I Am

    Satan, this thing that I am

    No ring on no finger is the ring that I have

    The way that you've lingered is the thing that I laugh

    With no grip in my hand there's no thing that I grab

    The swords out of reach, but enemies to stab

    The Lord? Were out of speak so the entropy's bad

    It's too late for us see the distancing's had

    I care for you none while no ones missing me back

    So As I sift through the darkness for the killing of black 

    You should sit and just harken 'fore the killing attack 


  • shamli_mali 71w

    It's good to be a kid sometimes
    Logic does not solve all the problems


  • shinko__27 72w

    I wish I had spoke truth since the beginning.
    I lied to my myself someday,
    I lied that everything's fine,
    Nothing will happen...
    But it creeped me out when I found myself in the dark.

    I wish I knew how to deal with anxiety,
    I’m a victim of self doubt,
    and that’s not good at all.
    I feel judged every single moment,
    that takes the breath outta me coz most of the moment
    I realise how I have spoiled all the stuff in my life.
    Right now, I don’t know if I’m worthy of living or not.
    I see myself in the mirror everyday to promise myself that this day would be a better one .
    everyday is good, but how my mind simulates for the worst,,
    I just,,,
    don’t know,
    I’m trying best to get out of it. But cannot, . at this time,
    i’m nothing..
    neither a good student, nor a nerd , nor a lover,
    nor good daughter,..
    I’m just most extra thing that people have got in their life.
    I always have been slave of the devils inside my own..
    I don’t feel like living..
    somehow humiliation scares me,
    my mind thinks all of worst I can have,,
    and unfortunately,
    I get the worse somehow..
    I always feel a line between me and humans, either I had to change myself or act like all okay,, or they just leave me somehow..
    It really feels awkward when people put the beauty of my heart aside..
    they don’t respect it at all.
    Why,, humans are like this??
    aren’t they supposed to live happily with flaws of their own and others?
    I don’t feeel like sharing anything with them, I know , they would complain about how dramatic I’m ..
    but, I swear I’m not….
    I’m a grown up creature,
    but I don’t wanna act like grown up,,,
    coz I have been actinh grown up since my childhood,, I’m fed up of
    All good ,
    all cool,
    all mature personality..
    I wanna breath with my flaws in rest,
    I wanna be a child for a life,,
    please don’t try to make me understand something, dude!
    I know it better than you … I just don’t wanna act like that….
    that’s it….

    #dark #depression #anxiety
    #curse #humans #humiliation
    #childhood #parenting #betray
    #truth #love #hoax #child #kid
    #adults #awareness #soul #venom_thoughts
    #suicides #correction #death #dead
    #women #girl #mirakee

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    If my soul could ever talk..
    [The story of a "perfect" child]


  • mehna_2006 75w

    Story of my life .
    Part .4.
    My preschool days were really good.
    They were good because I was a kid and a person who would be happy for even a little thing.
    Never did I ever think of of how I will be in my life after my preschool.
    ( What an idea of an 4 year old thinking about life after L.k.g) ��
    And that did make my middle school a little hard I guess.
    The funny thing is I was going to a school where my mom was already a teacher.
    And the thing more funnier than this is I was such a cry baby at my first week at school. Just don't ask me . I would be crying because I would miss my mom. Even though she right next to my class.
    And the irony is that I never once complained when I was in preschool . Far away from my mom. But then here I was. Crying a river when I was in the same school as her.
    I would laugh every time I hear someone sharing their school experiences .
    But then slowly I started to evolve from a river to a human baby. I stopped crying but didn't stop complaining to go back to preschool. I guess I liked preschool better.
    I was a really quiet person than I am right now. I wouldn't participate in any competitions ever. I hated everyone there including my mother who would ask me to participate. I never made friends in 1st grade but i was okay in second grade.

    That's how my 1st grade went ..


    4th part ✔️

    I forgot I wrote this series.
    Sorry for the late update on this.

    @mirakee @margaret_anita @shrey2310
    #storyofmylife #life #me #kid

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    The story of my life .
    Part IV.


  • twinkky_insane 76w

    To do thing!

    In the midst of being
    Matured, dedicative, responsible, caring kinda soul...
    Give some time
    To the kid inside YOU!


  • arunkrishnavivekananthan 76w


    When i was a kid i used to afraid of ghosts and darkness. And after all grown up, when i starts to understand the real world and its reality the true nightmare starts.


  • akshay_vasu 79w

    The kid inside me who never received a doll for itself has opened a store and giving away the dolls it made to others.

    - Akshay Vasu