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  • james_taumas 87w


    Not a normal day
    Strangers with guns
    Fear and frozen
    Shroud pulled over
    Never see my family
    No goodbyes
    Darkened journey
    Tortured nightmare begins
    Identity stamped down
    Guns replace crayons
    Childhood into the abyss.


  • leahkaye 112w

    The end

    those innocent blue eyes
    she used to be mine
    almost 6 but still 5
    Stuck between truth or lie
    wish I could take you and hide
    I always picture it in mind
    cps kept you
    no goodbye
    I'm way behind
    barely coping
    no peace of mind
    I'm not fine
    government's design
    they want us to divide
    its the end of times
    We see all the signs
    suicide in mind
    but, I have nothing to leave for you behind
    just a world confined
    and im scared to leave you behind
    this worlds too cold and unkind
    resources consumed
    no room
    toxic fumes
    presumed so doomed
    mind also too consumed
    this world just a big tomb
    broken promises from the womb
    I swear I'd keep you safe I presumed
    they accused
    then removed

  • queenofhearts1491 120w

    Muted Horror

    "White is Black and Black is White"

    Blank ... empty ... numb ... I am waking up from an ear-splitting silence, returning from no man's land. I am surrounded by an unbearable white noise that seems to kill off everything that approaches me. I try to focus. My body is aching, every muscle is in burning pain. Still I have to be brave, I have to move, escape my silent prison ... but I can't. Something is holding me back like an invincible force.
    How is this possible?
    I try to open my eyes, every millimeter is a battle, a war against agony and gravity but I have to face it. Suddenly a heavy pain hits me as I am blinded by a bright glistening white light. I am struggeling to stay strong, to hold on ... but I can't and my eyes fall back into darkness.
    I can't stay here like this, I have to brace myself for this barbarous sharp pain and open my eyes again. It is the only way. Silent screams escape my lips as my eyes are torn apart by the light. Tears start running down my cheeks but I have to bear it, I have to stay strong. So I lie and wait until my eyes come back to life ...
    Glancing at the ceiling ... white. Trying to move my head a little bit but my brain is muted by pain again. Staring at the walls ... white.
    Am I in heaven?
    Am I dead?
    I doubt they would pin me down to my bed over there. My arms and legs are tied up with some strong leather straps bound by heavy iron buckles, making my hands and my feet feel numb. I can't move a finger or a toe.
    What happened to me?
    Where am I?
    And how did I get here?
    So many questions are running through my head but my brain still feels like a vacuum. Think ... Focus ... What are the last things I can remember?

    I see myself walking down a lonely avenue. There is no one around, no house, no car, not even a bird is singing. The road is dusty and every step I take, sparks a little cloud of filth over the ground. The air feels hot and heavy, it is hard to breathe. I keep going, not remembering what was my destination anyway. And then there it is ... A small house.
    At first I think it to be an illusion, that the heat has made my brain weak, but the closer I step, the more real it becomes. It looks very shabby, some windows are broken, many roof tiles have fallen off, the walls are covered in dirt. This house must have been abandoned for many years already.
    As I am stepping closer no sound can be heard. I guess I am all by myself out here. Walking around the house, peeking through the shattered windows ... Nothing. I am about to leave when I am struck by surprise and horror at the same time. There it is ... A totally surreal yet fascinating scene.
    A pair of lovers, a woman and a man I guess, standing in one of the rooms. He is dressed in a black suit with a white shirt and a black tie, looking formal, stern, intimidating. She is wearing a red dress with some pieces of white lace, leaving her arms bare and vulnerable, looking pretty, delicate, fragile. The man is holding her in a tight embrace while they are united in an innocent kiss. He seems to be in a dominant position as the woman is leaning her head upwards to meet his lips. Together they look like the metaphor of a merge of love and death, completely lost in each other.
    Still this bizarre scene leaves me struck by horror and disgust. Their faces are covered with a white scarf, erasing their individuality, stealing their humanity, turning romance into perversion. Like two contrary forces being confronted, the closeness through love and the impossibility to communicate. Everything is muted, there is no intimacy, just a blank space.
    Maybe the woman has been kidnapped and is forced to be here.
    Maybe this is part of some cult's sick ritual.
    What is happening here?
    Should I save her?
    I continue to observe the scene, unable to look away. No movement is visible, no breathing, no heartbeat.
    Am I going mad?
    Is this even real?
    Maybe it's a statue, a piece of art that someone has forgotten over here a long time ago.
    Wait ... Did the man just shake a little?
    He is slowly moving his head towards the window. I am terrified, there is nothing but white emptiness. No eyes, no nose, no lips, no ears, all senses muted, no face can be seen. I try to scream but my voice gets stuck in my throat, unable to be released. Panic is rising ... My heart is racing ... I am breathing heavily ... I can't move ... I am doomed.
    The world around me starts spinning in circles and everything turns black. Then I must have passed out because the next thing I remember, is waking up in this room.
    Black turned into White

    I am lost in my memories, still trying to put the pieces together, when I hear the noise of cracking locks being opened and footsteps getting closer. I am trying to move my head but there is no one to be seen and everything around me is falling silent again. Maybe I was hallucinating.
    Time keeps passing by without a trace of hope and I am sure that my mind is playing tricks on me ...
    Until a familiar whitened face appears in front of me, Once again I am struck by horror, fear and panic are washing over me in huge waves. I try to move but there is no way to escape. The face shows a silent and merciless laughter. His invisible mouth wide open, turning into an endless white void.
    He is moving closer to my face and my screams are muted by my own voice. I can't get away. He is pulling out another white scarf, getting closer ... Closer ... Closer ... Touching my face ... It is too late ...


  • purplecupcake 134w

    A KING part 2

    You know you've broken a rule
    Let do this
    As your punishment
    You're going to join my slave list
    No one disobey's me and go scot-free
    But as my new slave
    You'll be mine for as long as I want
    You mustn't speak to anyone
    When I say anyone
    I mean ANYONE !!!

    You must always be beside me
    24/7 or else
    Well let go slave

    Now I've a Queen
    Even if she doesn't know it yet

  • leahkaye 152w

    Ambiguous loss (2)

    When I picture happiness;
    I picture a beautiful young girl
    Shes just two weeks shy of turning 6.
    She's staring back at me
    With a devious smile
    Her nose scrunched up
    with blue eyes bright and inviting,
    her golden blonde hair illuminating her tiny face.
    In my memories, she will always be the same age
    As when she was taken from me.
    No matter how much she's grown and changed through out the years...
    She will always be the same little girl I was able to love without any barriers.
    Tell me how could I accept life without her in it?
    I convince myself life has to be worth living
    But, time will never ever repair what has been robbed of me and it only makes it harder as each day passes
    The only way I cope is to know one day she'll be able to make her own choices
    While, I'm tortured by my own choices that got us here in the first place.
    And that who she calls her parents are more of a parent than I tried to be.
    Especially now that I'm crippled by aching sadness that replaced my once happy full heart.

  • james_taumas 161w


    Marco kneeled before his naked queen. He reached out with his finger tips, hopeful and hesitant. He made it to her bare arm.

    His touch bit Carla's skin with static nibbles. She didn't react, she remained a smooth river stone against the emotional current.

    He leant forward, allowing his warm breath to caress her ear. 'You only have to acknowledge me and you'll be set free.'

    Carla forced herself not to cry and didn't meet his yearning gaze. A life or death sentence weighed upon her.

    Marco brought up the stainless scalpel and cut away Carla's gag. 'Go ahead, speak. Say my name.'

    She bit her lip instead drawing blood to drown her fear.

    He put the unsatisfied blade against her cheek, opening up a tiny nick for a taste. 'Say you will be my queen.'

    The banging on the door halted the scalpel's path.

    'Police! Open the door!'


  • justanotherdreamer 162w

    The sun

    felt warm on my skin, it felt good soaking in all the vitamin D.
    It was only for a brief moment and everything went black again as I realized I was dreaming. I remember the feeling, I could describe it perfectly.

    I haven't been outside since I decided to stay with 'him'.
    He changed one day, and now there's no escape.
    He killed my hope the first of many escape attempts, that was the last time the sun grazed my skin.

    I had a plan all thought out; I broke a section off the small handheld mirror hung on the wall and I waited until I heard the soft knock and the lock clicking. I hid behind the door and shoved the sharp glass in his shoulder and for a second felt bad, but his shock gave me a moment and I made it 3 foot outside before he caught up and grabbed my hair and pulled.

    It was that day I decided it wasn't in my best interest to fight him, after all he supplied me with the means to survive. I didn't even think about how good the warmth felt, I just wanted my freedom back.

    But damn do I miss the sun.

    Part One

  • a_poesy_dream 169w

    .....SO SHE CRIES.....

    Stars live in the sky
    Clouds are just so high
    Couldn’t touch them, so I cry
    Look into the sky
    Saw someone so high
    He was the eagle with strong wings to fly
    He looked into my eye
    I felt a bit of shy
    He made me touch the stars
    And made me sleep on clouds
    But never took me home
    Back to the lands, so I cry

  • travel_motivation_love 173w


    Naa Jaane Kaise Haalato me
    Uska Gala Dbaya Hoga
    Noch Daala Jism Saara
    Kaise use LatKaya Hoga

    Naa Jaane Kab Waqt Badlega
    Ladkiya Shaan se Chal Payegi
    Ye Media Jab Tak Bikti Rhegi
    Betiya Zinda Uhi Jal Jayegi.



  • leahkaye 175w

    Ambiguous loss

    When I picture happiness;
    I see a 2 weeks shy of being 6 young girl
    She carries a curious disposition
    Her eyes deep blue like the earth's oceans
    With glowing golden hair with a slight curl
    She has a grin that sits more on one side
    She's missing 2 front teeth
    you can't help but smile at her adorable awkwardness
    Her dimple giving her more of a childlike appearance
    Who knew she'd be forced to grow up that day
    so unaware of how sad life could really be at the end of it
    I will never accept that my life was meant to go on without her in it
    Time will never ever repair what has been robbed of me
    and it only makes it harder as each day passes
    The only way I carry on is to know that one day
    I will be apart of her life when she has that choice
    But, it doesn't ever stop the aching sadness that replaced my once happy full heart
    No matter how much she's grown and changed through out the years
    And when I think of her,
    she will always be the same little girl I was able to love with no barriers

  • not_so_good 179w


    Yes, I am kidnapped
    Kidnapped by my thoughts.
    By the anonymity,
    That in spite, I have wanted good of all,
    Actually, more than mine,
    Why people are suspicious about it?

    Maybe, I wanted 'too' much good of theirs,
    That 'too' provided them the substance to doubt it!
    I should not have thought 'so' much
    I should not have cared 'so' much
    I should not have worried 'so' much.
    Every 'so' is now a question to be answered!
    It isn't I can't answer those questions,
    But for it, they should ask me questions first!

    For all of you reading this,
    There are still selfless people
    And gladly they don't require to be your mother!
    For all those Me's who are kidnapped,
    This is what I have realised,
    Ransom is not what this kidnapper wants
    He just want you to think about it
    For thinking fills him and also bloats him!
    The only way out is, to clarify those
    'Unasked' questions
    To find out were they questions at the first place!
    Take a leap of faith.
    But be gentle in your ways,
    For you don't know who is the real kidnapper
    As he is still in anonymity!

  • aura_aura 180w


    There was hand choking me,
    As I tried to fight back,
    Pushing me down I try my best,
    Fighting for a fit of air that I lacked.

    My innocence murdered,
    When I was still a child,
    The wind tried to comfort,
    But I could barely see the light,

    Shining bright stars,
    I started falling for the night,
    The silence of the streets,
    Crying for help as the time flies by,

    Days and days but I was alone,
    No one came to help,
    Broken ankle and a ripped toe,
    They broke their promises,

    Slaps and cuts, I had a black eye,
    Whimpering when he flashed his sinister smile,
    I watch the clouds as they cover moonlight,
    The wind gushes as it sings a lullaby.

  • leahkaye 182w

    #motherhood, #depression, #dreams, daydreams, #daughter, #adoption, ambitious loss, cps, #childrobbers, #kidnapped child

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    Window pain

    As I sit outside your house holding gifts Im setting at your door I stop and look up at the window of your room.
    I think to myself, I wonder if your dreaming of me?
    My dreams are the closest thing too happiness besides the few visits I get to share with you a year now adays. But, most times its the same repeating nightmare. You and I trapped in some ship or faraway place, hiding in rooms within rooms, scared that boogie monsters will find you and take you away from me.
    I'm not sure whats the hardest, re-living the feeling of them trying to take you away from me and trying my hardest to keep you safe or Thinking that I still had you with me and waking up to the reality of you actually taken from me forever.
    Atleast, your with me every night.
    That's all I can do to cope is, just focus on whatever can keep me closest to you.
    I can hardly handle the thought of you being old enough to remember the worst day of our lives and In the past you've occasionally mentioned that day it happened or it haunting your nightmares.
    You were running toward me screaming and as I ran toward you I latched onto your little hand... they never let me say goodbye, they snatched you away like I was a blood thirsty beast and rushed you out as I was thrown up against the wall by 4 cops. I screamed your name at the top of my lungs and you had your arms stretched out screaming for me... as I watched you go.
    To think and relive that heartbreaking day over and over, my eyes fill with tears.. To think of your pain of only being 5 almost 6 at the time. Im sorry marmar, please forgive me...
    Since you were a toddler you always had night terrors, you would scream for me in your sleep and I would come running up to you, and run my fingers through your soft hair. You always had a sweaty head and I'd run my fingers through til it was dry and you were back in a deep sleep
    I wonder how long it took you to stop screaming for me but instead for them once you adjusted to your adoptive parents... Do you still cry for me?
    I hear your scream faintly echoing through my mind
    almost makes me feel too maternal. Like a bear protecting her cub wanting to force my way through your home.
    I'm at war with myself, my mind trying so hard to force it back to sanity.
    What if she feels my presence? Sometimes i feel so spiritually intune with her i can sense when shes upset.
    Shes such a old soul and so much like me, it wouldn't surprise me if she also had that gift.
    I picture your reflection in the window of your brightly colored bedroom.
    Because the thought of seeing your pretty little face through that glass window, knowing how happy youd be to see me standing there.
    I know you wouldn't even question why I was there, or even hesitate to run down stairs through that door and into my arms.
    All those hundreds of visits we had, not a single time that you didn't immediately stop whatever you were doing the second you saw me and yell out "MOMMYYYY!!!" as you come running toward me with both arms spread out and jumping like a spider monkey latching on to me the second you were in my embrace.
    But instead, I just sit outside on the sidewalk across the street, imagining the thought of knowing who you are and how wonderful it feels to at least know where you are, it makes me feel closer to you.
    I blow a kiss and force all my love and positive energy toward your bedroom window and pray to god that you will always feel peace, love and happiness.
    I turn to walk back down the street as it takes every ounce of strength I have to leave you again because even though I cannot see you, to be that close to you brings a certain comfort to me to know atleast exactly where you are because now that your gone, what kills me is to be non-existent, not knowing what's on your mind or what you like, love, or hate.. to not know anything when Im the one that gave you life.
    What's most heart breaking is that...
    I do not know that little girl tucked in bed sound asleep in that dinosaur themed room she picked out in this quiet rich suburb.
    Now, I am just a stranger stuck with only my daydreams of past memories and could be's...

  • leahkaye 191w

    De ja vu

    The silence is the most deadliest, you'd think the posion I inject in my viens could kill me faster than the sadness of silence. The echoes of your laugh now haunt this dark run down apartment i once called home. Once filled with toys like dinosaurs and monster high dolls, now replaced by dirty needles and disgarded trash from addicts. I stare at the smoke from my cigarette as it swirles up into the air. I sit motionless on the couch, my mind completely blank as I stare at the yellow smoke stained walls, my heart feeling heavy enough that it made it hard to breathe. As i slump my head down My eyes fill with tears and i think to myself

    "she's gone forever."

    then as i lay my head back on to the couch closing my eyes.

    I suddly, I awoke...

    I open my eyes and blink twice.

    "I'm awake. Thank god. That was the scariest dream I could ever have."

    Sighing in relief, as I see everything still in place like it should be. My whole
    apartment, bright and beautiful as rays of sun light up my living room.

    I see My 5 year old little girl standing on one foot with other foot resting on it. Monster high doll in one hand and a cup of gold fish in the other face glued to are 50" tv. Her little body swaying back and forth to the beat of music, her innocent voice singing the intro theme song of her favorite show. Admiring my love for her she then looks back at me with the biggest smile, two teeth missing and her beauty illuminating her little face.

    "Shes perfect." I say

    I take in the biggest breath of my life, and exhale like i never had ever breathed in clean air for a lifetime. Happiness filling in every void of emptyness I've held. I say outloud,

    "I'm complete."

    Then, disappearing like smoke in front of me. I feel my soul leaving my body, I blink and it all disappears into thin air and I am sit sitting in the same hell.

    My once happy life gone, only to exsist in painful flash backs as i sit in the shambles of my run down apartment. My heart and lungs feeling like collapsing with the weight of sadness and gloom replacing my happiest moments in my once lived yet distant memories of my past.

    "This is not a dream, I am in hell..." I say.

    I am never going to ever be the same. boogie monsters do exsist, but instead they take shape of people dressed in business casual, holding clip boards, expressing that they are there for the sake of children.

  • dishani_sarkar 202w

    Only she knew the tune of his song that he hummed in the darkness of the night.

    In the basement.

    A tune that drowned the noise of her clanking chains and her helpless screams.


  • livingwithstories 204w

    Antigenic Strangers

    "Hi!", she exclaimed with excitement while waving at him, in an effort to get his attention and talk to him, while he turned away from her.

    He was the only quiet one in the class.

    However, somehow he seemed like a good guy and she wanted to be friends with him.

    He wasn't a weirdo, rather he suffered from Xenophobia.

    That incident of being kidnapped by two strangers during his childhood, and being tortured during it had scarred him for life.

    Strangers were like those antigens, to which his mind reacted like an immune system.

  • swetaleena_mishra 206w


    I am kidnapped in his love,
    I am caged in his trusts.
    I am not actually a poet,
    But write in his thoughts.
    I never met him before,
    But felt knew since long.
    Then I realised I was dropped off,
    And it was just a rainbow,
    With the colours never thought off..
    ©The Crazy Heart

  • dachaoticmind 215w


    Nothing sacred is safe he sang, as he watched her silently satisfying his voyeurism. Nothing sacred is safe. The door shot open and there he stood at the threshold, silhouetted against the backlight a frightening sight.
    Nothing Sacred Is Safe.


  • dachaoticmind 215w


    She awoke from her drug-induced sleep, disoriented and afraid. Chained to a rusty padeye in the middle of a cold concrete floor, frightened, she wanted desperately to go home. She screamed until her throat hurt, but no one came. God was on vacation.


  • dachaoticmind 215w


    Nothing sacred is safe he thought to himself smiling, as he moved stealthily through the sanctuary. The smell of fresh fear he fancied, as he stalked his latest victim through the halls of the Abbey. Twelve-year-old Veronica had no idea, Monsters lurked in shadows.