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    If we're talking so much about mental health, we could also help people from suffering it, right? Share!

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    She deserves!

    If you remember the film Kedarnath, Sushant was upset as the media and people gave importance and credits to only Sara Ali Khan as it was her debut. Now, in the film Dil Bechara, let's not talk about only Sushant. We love him and he deserves every compliment. But Sanjana Sanghi was phenomenal in the character of Kizie Basu. So let's not forget her too. So, for Sanjana Sanghi as Kizie Basu, we loved you in the movie. You played the role better than anyone could.

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    Ek tha Raja ek thi Rani
    Dono mile or Shuru Hui kahani❤��
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    Dear Manny and Kizie

    Mr.Killer and Miss Kisser
    Wow sounds amazing
    You both are wonderful soul
    You both have beautiful heart
    And you both have beautiful Smile
    I know your first kiss was so special Kizie just cause of him you alived he taught you how to live beautiful life..
    He loved you❣
    He was arrogant and irritating still you loved him❣
    Your favourite Puspindar and slowly Manny also became your favourite person..
    Your smile was just magical when you remembering his words "Chal Jhuti"
    You were so much happy to meet him..
    And then..
    What happened..

    He left you with his memories..
    With blissful smile and his last words..
    "Seri, Kizie Basu?"
    Made me cry almost

    Sikha gaya vo iss movie ke jariye khul ke jeene ka Tarika..
    Sikha gaya vo khul ke hasna..
    Aakhir kyu vo movie se aur real life se chala gaya..
    Aakhir kyu..
    Aakhir kyu ..."Life ko hasi or khushi dono se nafrat hai"

    Uske bhi bade sapne the fir bhi use Kizie ke chhote sapno ko pura karna tha ..
    Why ?
    Just to see her happy face
    And he taught us "Khushi dusro ke sath rahkar unke sapno ko pure karne me bhi milti hai"

    Emotional kar diya yarr usne toh
    Had se jyada..

    "Manny and Kizie" ke fav song ko mera fav song bana diya unki khwahishon ne..

    Tum na huye mere to kya
    Mai tumhara,mai tumahara,
    Mai tumhara raha

    Their traveling experience from Jamshedpur to Paris gives hopes that "True love never dies"
    Whatever happens "If there is willing, there is a way"✨

    You left with a silent note for us,
    "So Kizie Basu, yeh raja to mar gaya.
    Par meri rani abhi zinda hai , Aur tab tak
    hamari kahani bhi zinda hai." Making her life
    Little more with a pain of your absence yet
    her giving the courage to fight with everything.

    "Immanuel Rajkumar Junior urff "Manny"
    We will always miss you not in movie but in real life too..
    You're forever imprinted in our Heart

    Sach me life bhot incomplete h

    Lots of love✨
    Someone who needs Manny in her life

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    "We don't get to decide
    When we're born or we die
    But we do get to decide how we live our lives"
    So 'kizie basu', the prince is dead,
    But his princes lives.....

    Seri, Kizie Basu
    ~Immanuel Rajkumar Jr. (Manny)
    (Shushant Singh Rajput)