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  • surajnsm 107w

    In a Daze

    They mumbled on me,
    For something I never did.
    You were my alibi there,
    But you just disappeared.
    Was my suavity the reason?
    Or am i a knave to you?
    I was in a daze,
    And all I needed was a tender touch.
    Don't know the reason for your wrath,
    I can only blame these rotten days.


  • sakshidubey 122w

    Their story became the cycle of love from ages and hence
    #love lethal #knave # #pod

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    He Left Her In Muddle...

    Lethal was the love he poured through those words in her ears before leaving her forever.

    He left those beautiful eyes filled with tears when he called off the bond of love which she thought to be last forever.

    He left her in a muddle when he gave a last kiss and bid her adieu forever.
    She was broken shaken from inside as if alive in disguise of life all dead inside forever.

    She trusted him and loved him he loved her face her eyes her beauty without loving the real her superficial love which would not last forever.

    He was a knave and loved the world and his adventure she was just a riddle holding his attention but attraction did not last forever .

    She was burning with agonies inside like a furnace but kept her secret concealed in her smile forever.

    The tides of time took away her beauty her smile left a pale face and a dead soul though she was alive.

    He killed her with his deception in love, she never said a word of blasphemy for him never when alive.

    He returned to seek her forgiveness and repent his sins though he found nothing but a grave with her name engraved forever

    He found no peace in this world without her until his death she waited for him even after death to reconciled with him forever.

    This was their story and they are watching it from heavens how it still happens passion fantasy love loss all circles in world leaving marks for every lover to live with for ages and ever .


  • samratprashar 161w

    I said he is knave and she heard me naive and that's how she rolled out in West .


  • arveetmaan 228w

    The feeling of a BLUE heart is PINK thing.