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  • beensn 9w

    Love n care

    Thought, Love and Care are two faces of the same coin,
    But no, we have changed the definition.
    They both have terminated their relation.
    Love has started attaching strings,
    Care is listed as one of the paid services,
    Love and care in their true sense has become bakwas!
    Love you my child, love you dear, love you mom/dad,
    Have become just a formality, it's too bad.
    Though you have them at heart but don't say it aloud, you are old fashioned!
    Love without care is nonsense,
    Care without love is pure business.
    Let's tie them back with firm knots.
    © beensN

  • joybirdpoetry 18w

    Fragments of knots upon a beach
    ghosts nets washed in upon the tide
    hands of fisherman just beyond reach
    an ocean deep and an ocean wide.

    What journey must they have taken
    to reach their flotsam destination?


  • milankesharwani 18w

    easy to remove tangles from hair
    In comparison
    to removing tangles in a relationship

  • mysteriousde 18w

    #knots #knot #mirakee #miraquill
    #fear #ceesreposts #dark #life

    Alone night, a corner inside
    with desk of dreams
    she knitted a scarf of life..

    Mollis, pulchra, warmth
    and comfortably light
    like soothing memory in
    dark night..

    But that was so imperfect
    and again she mended it
    with emotional threads..

    But what's the point of mending
    that complex patterns
    What's the point of repainting
    that black and white life

    Again and again her
    humidum oculum
    tell her that mollis and pinky
    scarf that she's constantly
    weaving is actually
    a hive
    a gift for a coffin of life..

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    //Writing postcards in blank papers
    Why she highlighted some pink verse?//

  • _desaiagraja 18w


    जिंदगी की गुत्थी सुलझाने में,
    नजाने केसे खुद ही उलज गई।
    बस एक छोटी सी लॉलीपॉप से ही,
    जैसे जिंदगी के सारे गम खतम होजाते थे।
    अब तो दिल को समझना पड़ता है,
    ये जिंदगी है दोस्त ,
    गम और हम दोनो को साथ चलते रहना हैं।
    गम का शोक ना कर ई गालिब,
    ये कहना आसान हैं,
    पर फिर भी इस शोर के बीच,
    तू खुद को ही सुलझा।
    खुशियां मना।
    अंदर छिपे बच्चे को बचा।
    तब शायद यह जिंदगी बोझ न लगे।



  • rahmahdi 18w

    A one sentence poem from me.
    #knot #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    With a little wonder of words we knot all dreams,hope and bonds into one little infinity of emotions

  • itskirti 18w


    Knotting you in my heartbeat.....
    Stop pounding and Escape....
    Knotting you in my breathe..
    Exhale and Escape....
    Knotting you in my life..
    Back out and Escape.....
    And if u cannot dare ...
    Surrender yourself to me
    And let me knot you in my soul forever


  • anamika17 18w

    Knot, which suffocates you with burden,
    Can't make your life a beautiful garden.
    Dare to free yourself from this mess,
    Never to be down with unwanted stress.
    Knot, which gives you charming glow,
    Never barred your path to make you slow.
    A sacred knot, always to be taken care of
    Never untangle yourself from such stuff.

  • anamika17 18w

    With me ,the knot once you tied,
    Remembering those days, I cried.
    A pious knot to remember,
    A sacred tangle to stay forever.
    A tie with strange attraction,
    With numerous magical interaction.
    An unseen knot which tied us two
    So beautifully tied with strong glue.
    Don't ever,even try to tear the knot,
    Face everything whatever it brought.
    The knot brought few vows,
    Responsibility it also bestows.
    But destiny parted us two forever,
    Now I've only memories to remember.
    But the time, well-spent together ,
    Not to scatter memories, only to gather.

  • deepa87 18w


    We all have sensed that knot in our belly When...
    It's first day of our School
    It's first day of board Exams
    It's seeing our crush
    It's meeting our friends after a decade
    It's presenting our love details to parents for them to accept
    It's Starting A New Chapter In Life...

    That Knot will always b there.......

  • healer_007_ 18w

    Amid the varied flowers of hues and scents
    Amid the biting wind of betrayal
    Amid the brittle promises
    Amid the frail knots of love
    I choose you.


  • prem79 18w


    Either tie a knot so firm that it's impossible to untie
    Let it hold the bond to its roots
    Even if the strongest force tries to unfastened it
    Knot should get knotted even firmer
    Or keep it loose enough
    So as to be able to free it
    If the knot seems caged or strained
    As the knot that inflicts pain
    Is not to be knotted.


  • swordsnsane 18w


    The knot tied..
    When wounded was hand..
    And the knot untied..
    Needed when every strand..

    That was cloth torn..
    Knots tied for aid..
    Those hands when fold..
    Untied knots; cloth was made..


  • maestral 18w


    #knot what a weird prompt #miraquill

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    Soft Eyes and Knotted Rainbows

    the melting point of rainbows
    the strength of horizons
    I lose myself in soft eyes
    and find me in pieces
    scattered in fields of stones

    perhaps the ropes of a hauling
    broke, and knotted rainbows had to die
    perhaps the horizon came apart
    in the fading light of a dusk

    there must be redemption,
    an escape from those eyes
    a thousand stones cannot cover me
    nor my fragments be stitched together
    in a patchwork quilt of tomorrows

    the rest of dusk is darkness
    and wicked whispers of wandering winds
    as I cast aside my vestments of all before
    all hereafter lies untied

    soft eyes and knotted rainbows
    horizons that held fast against the tide
    a candle fights the lonesome alone
    it is just the wax that dies


  • colourful_berry 18w

    Aaj sablog #knot pe likh raha tha .....
    Maine bhi likh diya ����

    #knot #knots

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    Tu Jod Le Mujhse Yaarana
    Kar Lun Rab Ka Mai Shukrana


  • his_aesthetic_ink 18w

    Old draft

    #wod #knot

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    When head is flooded with
    thoughts the rope looks like
    hope , knot around neck seems
    garland to bid farewell for
    tiring Soul.....


  • prakashinin 18w

    We can't foresee the duration of a knot.
    The tangible knots are for the time being
    depending upon their meterial property and firmness of the tying.
    The unseen knots sometimes taken with vows utterly fails, The pomp and show can't determine the firmness of the knots.
    Some knots are tied using the threads
    Of love, affection and understanding ,we
    See ,even withstand the time and weather.

  • _desaiagraja 18w

    Infamous knots

    Intentional complication,
    Forming Intertwined loops.
    Fancy and functional,
    Are the two groups.

    Perfect chaos,
    That's imperfectly entangled,
    But are they really,
    What you saw them to be???

    The knot
    Symbolises the bond
    Unbreakable, strong.
    The Celtic love,
    Pledges in a folklore.

    Anchor knot,
    Saves the boat.
    Crashing waves,
    Holding it on a safe land.

    The shoe laces,
    His mom taught him to tie,
    With a bow knot,
    Safe and secure
    fancy to walk,
    Without tumbling or a fall.

    The knot,
    Has King of their own,
    Bowline is what they call.
    It won't slip ,
    When placed under load.
    saves spelunkers,
    being buried under rock.

    Two strings far apart,
    Adjoined by a Square knot,
    Brings them close,
    Making them a single rope,
    A rope of hope.


  • honeyedmaryam 18w


    Several disappointments

    Multiple disagreement

    Countless tears

    Myriad hours

    Complex emotions

    Affinity of love

    Affiliation of our feelings

    An entangled passion

    An unbreakable affection



  • clichepenname 18w

    A budding Rapunzel i met
    touched by lecherous thumbs
    that split open her innocent hair
    Tried to tie her naughts
    into earnest knots

    A bound lattice of
    her self assuring fibs
    were knotting her escape

    Inside this keratin maze
    of these paralytic circumstances
    She found answers to her
    feelings of naught

    Hungry for a spotlight
    Like a submerged lotus
    she began knitting naughts
    into knots using passion as her twine

    She plaited her follicles of fate
    into a sail knitting fervently
    under the guise of enacted harakiri

    A fine April morning with
    Her sail of passion complete
    She set forth
    using an innate compass
    To a dock where

    Naughts of her past
    Can be transformed
    Into knots of strength
    For the future.

    #knot #knots #wod #pod

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    Knots are not naughts.

    Knitting naughts into knots of escape
    She plaited a sail of passion