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    The Ice Tale

    Once, there lived a Princess. She loved cold coffee so much. She used to drink it every day, but she always had to wait for a long time before she could get it cold because ice took time to form.

    So the Queen held a competition amongst her subjects saying that the one who turns water to ice the fastest will get a reward. Everyone got one bowl of water and they got the same freezer.

    Some people made it cold before putting it in the freezer and some people kept it as it is. There was this one guy called Kapeed, who heated the water before putting it in the freezer.

    They all put their waters at the same time in the freezer. They all that the waters which were already cold would freeze first, but they were surprised to see that the water which was heated first froze first.

    The Queen was happy and gifted him a part of her land.

    They lived happily ever after.