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    @miraquill , I started my journey more as an intriguing, interesting app. Doodled for fun but today it's more like a family. I may not be as active like earlier days and even agree with peeps , lots of changes occurred but still you guys are love. Absolute no complaints ❤️


    @the_speccy_outsider @jaya___ @love_whispererr @fromwitchpen @inked_selenophile @/kehta_hai_joker @/sunenasharma @soulfulstirrings @pj_animation @shambolic_heart friends from the starting days. Much grateful

    Edit. Thank you soo much @writersnetwork ❤️ you are love.

    Thank you each one of you for liking , commenting , reposting. It means a lot . Will personally reply soon

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    We are in the ocean of love
    Where poets mob and scrawl
    Spilling stories bourn and thread

    Often of twisted tales
    That once murmured in their
    Conundrum deep
    Holding back enchantments
    Felt between the ring

    Of the mysteries that traversed
    And the fear that stayed
    Of the grief
    That impatiently lurked
    On the other side of the flame

    Of the quill
    that seasoned and hatched
    Of the thoughts that
    Heart and mind scratched

    A haven in wonderland
    A place with no end


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    After long! Thank you so much @writersnetwork . You guys are love ��


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    ᴇxᴀᴍ ɪɴ ɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ

    Tick tock tick
    Beaming of sun
    Ruptures the stillness in air
    small and adult feet
    off their hallucinationary state

    Ruining peace,
    Kitchen, utnesils and tiffins
    Big black bags full of anxiety and lags
    Running , rushing, finding their escapes
    behind the cascading imaginings

    Cripples and panics
    Void and depression
    Doubts and insecurities
    childhood to adulthood
    Losing oneself to future victories

    Grade A or the vague digits
    A baseless perimiter
    Dragging through obsolete pages
    Drowning in the halycon of life chases

    Barely together, we hide
    Masquerading behind delusional wall
    Vandalize our sufferings
    With plastic coated smiles
    And big bang philosophies
    Forgetting In the end
    What remains is us!
    Alone in the rugged hole

    Yet when asked about life
    We wear a fancy facade
    And stands silently shunned
    Where you me and everyone else turns a poet


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    #kept #wod

    Edit - Thank you for all the love @writersnetwork. Deeply grateful ❤️

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    Melancholic Friday

    I took some lemon yellows from my childhoods fabled dreams and scrubbed my tainted pan in hopes to undo my present screams

    I plucked some golden sunshine from grandmas yester stories that behold courage and threaded it carefully to my each broken dreams.

    I preserved fake smile of my Ma to cure my muted disorders and folded my rainbow crayon drawing in paper boat of hopes.

    I set on a sail to my grandpa's grave to apologize for my petulant behaviour towards this disgraceful society for failing him in his nonviolent fight towards freedom of my country.

    I verbatim my dad's falsified truths smile which he used to provide a empathetic warmth chilhood to me ~ now a broken crayon.

    Trapped in a dreamy shadow , I step out to chase the shattered rainbow - one step away from hell , a tattered certificate that reads my birth time and date flies across from my preserved memory, validating the reason of me being alive .

    I smile teary eyed to find my stolen crayon in this rhythmic colourfull world.

    ~ An unknown hue


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    Been a while . I think writing has left me .

    #alliteration #kwnreposts
    Edit :- Grateful and honoured @writersnetwork ❤️

    @heartsease you are love !

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    ʙɪᴅ ᴀᴅɪᴇᴜ (ᴀᴜɢᴜꜱᴛ)

    Under the palacate of pastel shades
    I let pieces of pellucid metaphors, painted with prolific memories of past, permeate and percolate my pactolian page.

    Sumptuous syllables and some sonnets saunters under the sunset, Stirs my smitten soul to shine in sepia tone
    Soundless cries of this shattered heart squelch silently beneath the silent demise of August raindrops

    | Small star of hope still beams eagerly awaiting august verses to bloom again |


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    ������������ ������������������

    Much I marvelled
    At my lonely moroseness
    The twittery tragedy travailing
    and so I muttered, 'is that a lifelessness?

    Remembering many mozartian, smelly letdowns
    Much I marvelled
    Eagerly looking for the sullenness
    And so I screamed, 'Is that a deadness?'

    The unshaken unoriginality unfaltering
    Unconvinced and unsatisfying
    Much I marvelled
    What could there be more purely adjoining?

    All my soul within me diversifying
    The bluff breakpoint bundling,
    Back into my memories twanging
    Much I marvelled

    Edit: Honoured and much grateful @writersnetwork ❤️


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    Dismal emptiness


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    Edit :- @writersnetwork thank you so much. you are love❤️

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    What is love ?

    A single heartbeat made up of dual energy

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    Your presence stood as a burning light
    When darkness loomed inside my brick courthouse,
    ~an empty abandoned home~
    Submerged under tumult of cemeteries
    Windows tightly shut warped with regrets
    Walls turned cold wallowing behind the mires of self-doubt

    Your magical visage embalmed
    My uncorked bleeding skin
    Ingesting the stories of betrayals left behind
    Seeding a flicker of hope
    Deep Inside my frozen walls
    Scrapping the rusted layer laden with repentance
    To create something new

    Your spark added fiery ink
    Into my dull graphite tiles
    Scribbling yellow all over my calloused floor,
    once Heaped with crumpled hopes
    And long forgotten dreams
    Making me believe forevers do exist.

    Your love smells of a transformation
    Adding grace to my silent home
    Degreasing my ugly gloating
    Cogged under doubt and fog of mistrust
    Putting an end to the internecine struggle of my waif heart
    By spinning and entwining me in thread of whispered vows

    Edit :- An unexpected surprise gift! My 2nd PoD
    Thank you @mirakee for making my already special day so much more special today. Thankfulness for such an awesome gift.

    Will reply each one of you personally
    Be back soon❤️❤️


    #kwnreposts #kjpod

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    Thank you for your generosity @writersnetwork ❤️
    You are love!


    I've been told I am an average, not so bright
    My grammar is weak and cadence, not of pride

    I lack the ardour which ignites the playwright
    My ideas are just obvious and trite


    Little did they know,

    I am a forlorn literary hack cloistered in a metaphorical garden
    Rescuing myself from my own soul’s infernal horizons
    Restructuring my choked up well, frozen in the petal shaped obsidian flower
    Reincarnating the soul that died thrice in search of a four leaf clover

    Unaffected by critics' conclusion
    Working to bring calmness into my fear
    From thoughts that has now darkened
    Dousing my incendiary plumes
    I write! I write lines without meter or rhymes
    For writing, is my only saviour.


    #nightmare #wod #fear

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    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind re-post . You are love❤️

    #pod #writersnetwork
    #wod #synonyms #ceesreposts #kwnreposts

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    @writersnetwork Team thank you for the kind re-post and Making my journey all the more memorable. Love you❤️.

    #wod #superstition #ceesreposts #kwnreposts #learnsyllables #kehta_hai_joker -miss you bro!

    This is my 100th post, a small milestone in my mirakee journey. Grateful to you all. Thank you for all the love. Blessed to have you all
    ( both accounts included)

    Have tried haiku ((5-7-5 syllables )

    background is a tanka poem with ( 5-7-5-7-7 syllables)
    Please feel free to correct me


    Comforting shadow
    To blame, to account failure,
    For the helpless tolls

    Inverted Horseshoe,
    Rabbit feet or lucky charms
    Mockery of faith

    Blindfolded to truth,
    culminates self prophecy
    On colour of cat

    A blind pursuit
    no logical reasoning
    Credulous belief

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    A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.”
    ~ George R.R.Martin

    Ever so grateful @writersnetwork❤️❤️ for the kind re-post

    #writersnetwork #wod #nobooks
    #ceesreposts #pod #kwnreposts

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  • kin_jo 39w


    She is delicate as jasmine
    She is graceful like a tulip in spring
    ~ Bends its stem to reach the best possible source of light
    She is like a lotus, taking rebirth after sinking in mud
    ~ Reblooming next morning with unwavering faith
    She is like a gladiolus, Fiercely fighting with undefying strength
    She is innocent and beautous like a lily
    ~ Shedding her soul's perfume even in the valley shades of death
    She is fragile and soft like a violet
    But wait, do not consider her weak
    Do not romanticise her willful sacrifice and consider it as her shortcomings.
    with that you are just celeberating masaacre of dreams.
    She is a wildflower, blooming with candor and virtue In every nooks of the earth

    To all the women around, you aren't just a insignificant spec of dust in this universe. A single ripple can cause gigantic movements. However small you be, you do create a difference to this mankind. You are the magical creator , you are the maker!! Happy international women's day !

    #writersnetwork #pod #ceesreposts #free #wod #kwnreposts

    Thank you for your kind read and re-post @writersnetwork❤️❤️love you Team.

    @phoenix_in_ashes thank you soo much ���� for always encouraging me to write
    @fromwitchpen thanks witchy for being a constant❤️

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    Poems are mirror to the journey within
    Within, where words are buried in brine of silence
    Silence from all the noise that has been sucked out of ones life
    Life, a tale of unspoken words unvoiced


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    Thank you so much @writersnetwork ❤️ for the kind Re-post

    Gone astray

    As the last ray of light leaves the horizon
    Darkness takes a ride
    Into the roller coaster of my mind
    Whirling within the
    Pain drenched pool of regrets

    I feel like a Lighting bug
    Trapped inside a jar
    Fighting for its existence
    Slowly falling apart
    Screaming in defeat
    Agonizing my death.

    Drowning into ambrosia of waves
    Coiled up, away from my reality
    Always in search of a new anchor
    To jump from, Dive into depths
    swimming through the sludge
    When shore is just right next to me

    I take a freefall,
    Until I realise I am still stuck to
    the emotions, the relations,
    And realise my mistake
    I try to unspool the cobweb
    And search for the rope
    Moving my limbs, frightened
    Just to end up being more

    That's when I snap back to reality
    The reality- where there is no
    Sun in my domain.
    No light around
    No pity full shadow to accompany

    Only, soaked paper boats of hope
    Floating in the death throes.

    #wod #sijo #readthisj #ceesreposts
    #writersnetwork #pod @absynth #kwnreposts #origami

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    Thank you @mirakee and @writersnetwork for the kind repost. Team, you have my deepest gratitude❤️❤️

    My 1st ever Pod and 5th Wn re-posts


    Vincent Willem van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter who posthumously became one of the most famous and influential figures in the history of Modern art.
    He took up painting with almost no formal training. His landscapes, still-life's, portraits and sketches with their vibrant colors and subjective perspective would revolutionize how the world viewed art. He fought depression and mental illness while creating an intense and arresting universe of images. Van Gogh’s art became astoundingly popular after his death, especially in the late 20th century.
    Source : google

    Picture credit : google ( picture is of his famous painting starry night)

    #writersnetwork #poetry #tailrhyme #pod #wod #mirakee #ceesreposts #kwnreposts


    The lines in background are a tailed rhyme with a triplet with rhyming scheme a-a-a and ending with a non rhyming tail line.

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    Team, love you so much.
    Thank you @writersnetwork for the kind re-post ��

    Words in background is a questionku poem
    Consisting of 3 lines of 4 -5-6 syllables respectively

    Here 'she' refers to Mother Nature
    And ' we' refers to Humans


    Humans have an inherent ability to mark everything as their own. May be that's the essence of Humankind . We did not even spare mother nature's beauty. We disgraced her sparkling shades into monochrome of black and gray for our own greed and purpose.
    But isn't it the need of an hour to preserve this remarkable environment around us, to offer gratitude to her instead of our selfish attitude.

    #wod #pod #writernetwork #questionkupoem #questionku #ceesresposts #mirakee #readthisj

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    @writersnetwork you guys are just love. Thank you so much for the kind repost ❤️❤️ #kwnreposts

    Braver than a soldier
    I stand unbound
    In my mind's battlefield
    Fighting my own self-doubt.

    On days when downward depression hovers upon me
    I stand lonely within my home ground
    Thriving with my confidence
    Fighting waging war inside, crying out loud.

    Standing like a royal Queen on high days
    Building castles along the lonely waves,
    Flying through the bitter clouds, Chasing impossible dreams
    Even when the shadow bash my armour thin.

    Drowned by the madness and chaos inside
    I still look for the pastures that lie ahead before me
    With the self ignited light, and the hope left inside me
    Fearlessly I fly, I swing
    I fight like a little brave bird with broken wings

    #Fearless #writersnetwork #mirakee #insidec #brave #wod #pod #metaphor
    #writersbay #readthisj @soulfulstirrings #ceesreposts
    Thank you @phoenix_in_ashes for helping me with corrections

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    //Not all trees grow in pristine manicured gardens//

    Your jagged roots were exposed to the elements. Your little self was thriving against all possible expectations, grabbing on to life for whatever little nourishment you could possibly find.You despite of all odds created a space inside my failed system. The way some trees are stubborn and they contumaciously chisel out their own place in the world, against all set norms and conventions. My fragile heart fluttered with happiness. The walls of my heart widened and created a room. A room for unknown, for a life surviving inside me. A spot that could never be felt by anyone else.

    7months 2 days later:
    The waves were turbulent that night. Nothing seemed right.
    The summon was sent out and boat was to set out in this open sea. But the waves battered the sojourn. Sea wrath accompanied by the storm wind of equinox scourged the toiling sojourner inside, drifted and uplifted him afar in unfathomable depths of the sky.
    That night my restless heart wrestled hard with the tides of fate, with shattered heart mourned a gray day at the sea.

    1 year later:
    I can still feel the rippling effects of your movements on my body. Those little kicks still vibrate inside me. Like electrical impulses, my hormones, swirl to every facet of my being. But my heart no longer shudders with happiness. Our house, stil awaits your baby steps. The white walls that awaited for your peek-a-boo, your chirpy giggles and your random scribbles, are now faded and filled with my mourns and silence. Even the empty space you once created inside my four walls echoes in grief. Unsaid feelings trapped inside burning me within. But do know, even if God reserved a special seat for you, I love you as one loves the last seed saved within a vault, spawning the heritage of our roots.

    19th January, 2021

    'lingered long enough on the shores of the cosmic ocean.'
    These lines I have used as quoted by Carl Sagan.

    Omg @writersnetwork Thank you for the Re-post❤️. You just made my day . My second re-post. Love you Team.

    #writersnetwork #pod #readthisj #cees_soj_chall #kwnreposts

    Inspired by @veloc1ty_ post on 'miscarriage'

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    #pod #kwnreposts
    @writersnetwork can't thank you enough. Just made my day.
    Thank you so much for the repost ❤️

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    Under the starry dark night
    Amidst the violent gust of wind
    Before the eyes go heavy
    Let's get lost between our frivolous dreams and unheard loops of conversation
    For I know,
    Stars are smiling upon us