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  • biha_soundarya 9w

    Heart : Arghhhhhhh
    Conscience : Ok what happen..........

    Heart : I need to quickly book to a nearest Island,
    Langkawi Island at least... I CAN'T ANYMORE!
    Conscience : Okkkkk then do it.

    Heart : Yeah.... International Borders are not open yet..
    It may only be early next year... Maybe end of the
    year earliest. I need the sand in between my toes!
    And get that bad sunburn on me! GAHHHHHH!
    Conscience : Ok check the dates, the flight, the hotel.
    Heart : Yeah tonight! By end of October I gotta do it!

    **She just can't wait anymore. She needs a break. SHE DESERVES A BREAK. 1st STOP:LANGKAWI ISLAND!
    Now let's check the flight, hotel and dates for Oct**

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  • liz 178w

    A nice getaway
    From bustling city lifestyle
    To a serene place

    A short beach retreat
    To rejunvenate our
    Mind, soul and body

    A great beach resort
    With awesome amenities
    Free popcorns and drinks

    The best travel mate
    To enjoy the goodness of
    Food and wine again

    Cheers to the first night
    With loads of fun adventures
    On the next two days

    Looking forward to
    Our jet ski and zipline
    Buddies' adventures