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  • ivy___ 13w

    He met like a moon
    On my open beach

    He was a river of meeting
    That dazzling night
    In my melancholy breaths.


  • ivy___ 13w

    I don't matter to anyone
    Besides these blank spaces
    I dangle inbetween
    "Hidden" and sometimes " caught "
    I have chances
    Like boundaries on my fingers
    I seeing wind brushing by
    And traffic signals are wrongly lit
    Reds but still on the run
    Green and rain started
    To overturn her thunders
    On my feet
    Yellow has love for radio
    I lost myself
    When i lost you

    In crossroads
    In alleys of our name

    You and I
    New bridges turned
    And we become our forgotten melody

    God knows I tried
    God knows I tried.

  • ivy___ 13w

    What you dont tell
    You can tell me.
    I want to stay somewhere
    Near your flow of tears
    You are very brave
    Holding the bitter cinnamons
    Between your teeth
    War is over
    We can have our lemon tea
    Under sycamore tree
    To see sunsets bloom
    Against all the dews
    You can write letter to me too
    I am not scared
    You can pull our heart
    I know you are brave
    Brilliant blue
    I am attracted to you.....

  • ivy___ 13w

    My billionaire myth
    Cocaine in blue
    Heroine new
    Psychedelic pop
    Nirvana and you
    I reliving
    Our truths
    Our lies and lives
    Piano notes healing me
    I am writing songs
    Through my sickness

    Do you want to read?
    I have a stack straight to heaven....

  • ivy___ 13w

    Soft lanterns
    Hanging on the tree
    Where we first dance out
    Our smiles
    Kissing love
    With gentle jolts
    Of train of thoughts
    Our eyes meet

    We danced all around our blues

    We are not over yet
    Just lie down next to my soul
    Let me sing you the songs of butterflies

  • ivy___ 19w

    @murryben @aqstar
    @writersnetwork ���� thank you for reading this����

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    Between flesh and
    I am experiencing you
    With exhaustion
    In my heavy chest
    Middle of this
    sinusitis attack
    And light stampede upon
    The catalogues
    Of our photographs
    Sheltering me
    In those sacred memories.

    I am missing you
    Calling you like a ritual
    Reciting in archaic language,
    Hinged flowers
    Learning our names
    Awaken roses
    Awaken sorrows

    Oh! my beloved
    Why have you become
    This hurt
    I want to fall everytime.

    Rosemary and thyme
    Bedrest and wine
    Day bleeds
    Swallowing my moon
    Swallowing my stars
    Turning my lights off
    Curtains dancing
    In harvesting blooms

    My heart is beating
    I beaten;

    Into melancholy

    Into escape

    Into dandelions on messy hair

    Into Impassioned heat of torn bedsheets


  • ivy___ 24w


    Of my throat
    I hushed in

    On side
    Blame it on me
    If you want

    But first change
    The locks

    This isn't taking too much
    Just few kisses
    From your narcissistic lips

    Keep me up all night
    You know i am new

    It is all in groove

    So tell me
    Will you undone
    Me from my ghosts

    My reigns?

    Or just going to lick my wounds
    In backseat
    Pardoning me.


  • ivy___ 24w

    @thedrunkhypocrite you wanted this kind off poem right?


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    Cultural Vultures

    You want love
    From me in
    With some validation
    Little bit in
    Or maybe in recombinations

    Silly didn't you
    Pay attention

    I ain't a
    Moderate person

    Baby it is hustle culture

    There is only rings
    Of smokes and guns.

    This is no adolescence

    You just have to
    See it through

    In tension
    But you dont have to be rude

    Your head is already
    The bow
    What arrow
    You want it
    When you
    Got to know

    What you are asking for:

    I laugh on it.


  • ivy___ 24w

    Taking reins
    As the artist
    I came
    From the ancestors
    Who lived in me

    The essence
    That magic
    Leaning all over my soul
    Even if it is
    But not
    To ridicule

    I'm catching up
    With Love
    As not the sense
    But the Love
    I born into.

    I am catching up.

  • ivy___ 24w

    To the sea and shores

    Turned into December
    Blue the crossroads
    Of rivers
    Punk mellows
    Breeze drifting
    In new dangers
    It feels
    All chills
    If spring
    Sleeps on my wrist
    My God
    Has already kissed me
    To heavens
    Where my Orion is waiting
    Among the stars.

    The rosemary beds,
    No superstitions bedded me
    No cure
    For this

    Where the dark sky rifts
    Circling barefoot
    Around the wilderness
    The Goddess
    Is born
    Where everything

  • ivy___ 24w

    You are not good for me

    Naive blue skies
    Stirring above the head
    Making margarita
    Of cloudy dews

    It's all lime
    Sinking then again surfacing
    The gurgling sky

    Stare and I put it in writing
    Writing for whom
    The vacancy ? Or the devoid?

    Besides, lost sights
    Just on the kitchen window
    My stomach standing still
    Reciting, and you hearing my will

    This bitter battle I'm holding

    Me, my dignity and this strange poem.


  • ivy___ 24w

    Baby, I am non-existent

    But nobody warns
    You before the fall

    And still no
    Wakeup calls

    This culture is lit
    Startling starlight
    Of dusky July

    I'm singing off tune
    Longing on and on
    Like dancing
    Under the thunderstorm
    Burning under her
    Keeping her to
    My lonely nights.

    Traveling all the galaxy
    In our dying dawn

    Life on Mars is just a song

    I am signing off

    I am singing
    Low and gritty

    I must drive



    With this time....



  • ivy___ 24w

    Callous fallouts
    Of my make overs
    When stories rewind

    I am sitting in
    Neon lights

    In rhythmic
    Retro cries

    Body electric
    Finger tips

    All in red

    Like me
    Like you
    Like our bleeding heart
    In love song

    Per music
    The glamourous
    Jazz nights

    In empty eyes.

    ~born to die.

  • ivy___ 25w

    Does Van Gogh disease has a crush on me?

    So what we do with
    The memories
    Which are unable
    To make us feel something
    Those moody walls of
    Yellow and tainted grey colors
    We kept looking
    Impregnating it with
    Our forced-induced reasons?

    I used to think our brain
    Has some kind of duct
    Which bring in fresh air
    And spit it out
    The foul taste before
    We hanged on to say

    Something is not right,
    I'm missing out something,
    I'm losing it

    But this is not how it work
    And we kept looking at it
    Kept coming back
    To those stains
    Just to know
    If color has changed
    And if not
    Then we wait.

    Maybe this wait
    Make us move on too
    But we know
    Deep inside we know
    We have never forgotten to return
    To see those
    Moody walls
    Of yellow and tainted grey paint.

  • ivy___ 25w

    It's all metaphors, damn

    It's a long journey
    You know
    You ever wanted
    But it'll all serve
    Ivory plates
    Dipped in

    But believe
    Your stomach
    This digestion
    Its been doing the moment you
    The acid
    It attacks
    And you never
    Die on dinner plate

    So believe it
    You won't
    Pass out

    But woah
    God damn
    You'll be there
    In longing
    While having dinner.....

  • ivy___ 25w


    I like this version.

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    Of all the sentiments;
    Inconspicuous victim
    In auction;
    Sins of roman governors
    On the stretch
    Over these poetries
    I, kissing my lover
    In telephone booths
    To dance in whispers and tongues

    "Quit hurting
    Wipe yourself spotless

    There is green
    In your Alaska
    If black is not yours in
    Pin ball."

    I remove little skins
    From the dried lips and
    put my head
    Under the water

    "What do you see?
    What did you said?"

    What an immaculate knife
    I have pinned
    Against my chest!


  • ivy___ 25w

    Nox- roman goddess of night!


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    In sleep
    Night born in me
    Over the moon
    The 13 moons
    I became;
    The equi-NOX
    Peripheral of Sun
    Damaging light
    Folded in occurance
    Just in-case.

    Is there a way to alleviate the accident that damage both the sides?

  • ivy___ 25w

    Its like
    Balancing rock
    On the edge
    Of living death
    I talk to walls
    This head on my hand
    It makes me write blue
    No strings attached
    Just vibes
    Per heartbeat

    Loosing sweet sea
    On sand castles
    Looking too far
    Circling sharks

    Strong significance
    It's all going
    The burning sun.

    Make it work
    No hike
    No undercover

    Writing tours
    From my home(lost)
    To yours(breaking).

  • ivy___ 28w

    Love is feminine.

    The suspension
    Of suspenseful
    I am living out
    The bridges
    Of Norwegians
    Breathing heaves
    The dreamy
    Carving the reds
    On my chest
    Throwing caution
    With smile
    I search the last
    Burnt finger
    When they
    Reaches for life.
    Love; came as healer
    Of many kinds.

    Feminity dilutes
    The miraculous
    Mother nature
    Unravels me
    In slow motions
    In paused

    Feeding me sunlight
    Feeding me rain
    Feeding me the soft whispers
    Of magic
    Even if it is in vain.

    It dances in my veins
    Disentangling Gods
    Breaking ice bergs
    Howling the moon
    Intelligent fire: rage.
    Fever is breaking
    Love no more in scrutiny


    Love is feminine

    Love is me.

  • ivy___ 28w

    @thedrunkhypocrite @writersnetwork

    only if acceptance could be the gun

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    What is your use?

    Acceptance is the
    Rolled up sleeves
    Of ruled out sighs,
    Caught between
    The madness of
    Membrane, duly demise.
    Fog: cutting carcasses,
    The dermis
    What to find?
    What to hide?
    Cigarettes hide in
    The vapors of tea
    Showing me how riddled
    The exhaustion is
    Yet beat the static
    Toning the head
    Ghosts are connected
    Ghosting me
    Bed to the dead;
    Claim it heart
    Impregnated restlessness
    And womb of anxiety
    On swollen gummy teeth.

    This paradox of existence
    Draws centimeters of future
    Feasting up in imagery findings

    I am closing her
    With every entrance
    In this ridiculous