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  • vs_thoughts 1w

    Even legends will have an end one day.

  • simplymel 9w

    "In Oceanic Eyes"

    In oceanic eyes, a titanic lies;
    Once filled with music & festive cries;
    Two hearts that soared, but one remained;
    Now sleeps in hushed corals, a legend ingrained;

  • priyanshusinha 9w


    There was a legend in my town that, if a student is getting low marks then they will die before the next exam. Each of the students were working hard to get more marks.

    The one who had got less marks was still not studying. He was scared at all of being killed. I came out of his closet and made a slice.

    From next day, again each of the students were getting high marks.

  • beensn 14w

    Major Dhyan Chand

    His stick was the point of attraction,
    And the goals scored grabbed appreciation.
    With such dedication, he used to practice during night,
    On the railway track, under the moonlight.
    That is the reason, Dyan Singh, the legend,
    Became Dyan 'Chand', the hockey Wizard.
    Played over 185 international matches,
    Decorated his crown with over 1000 goals.
    If a ball is stuck to the stick, it used to score a goal,
    Patriotism was in his heart and soul.
    India could achieve her first hat-trick Olympic gold,
    Beating the best of best nations of the world.
    Adolf Hitler offered high post in his army,
    The legend refused the proposal politely.
    Padma Bhushan Major is remembered today,
    With great respect and pride on the national sports day.

  • kozart 20w

    Good fela
    Bad fela
    In the end we're all fellas

  • avesta 24w

    The Flying Sikh

    Dear Milkha Singh,

    Thanks for making us believe that humans can fly too.


  • javaverma 27w

    Aadat (kaifi aazmee)

    मुद्दतों मैं इक अंधे कुएँ में असीर
    सर पटकता रहा गिड़गिड़ाता रहा
    रौशनी चाहिए، चाँदनी चाहिए، ज़िंदगी चाहिए
    रौशनी प्यार की, चाँदनी यार की, ज़िंदगी दार की
    अपनी आवाज़ सुनता रहा रात दिन
    धीरे धीरे यक़ीं दिल को आता रहा
    सूने संसार में
    बेवफ़ा यार में
    दामन-ए-दार में
    रौशनी भी नहीं
    चाँदनी भी नहीं
    ज़िंदगी भी नहीं
    ज़िंदगी एक रात
    वाहिमा काएनात
    आदमी बे-बिसात
    लोग कोताह-क़द
    शहर शहर-ए-हसद
    गाँव इन से भी बद
    इन अंधेरों ने जब पीस डाला मुझे
    फिर अचानक कुएँ ने उछाला मुझे
    अपने सीने से बाहर निकाला मुझे
    सैकड़ों मिस्र थे सामने
    सैकड़ों उस के बाज़ार थे
    एक बूढ़ी ज़ुलेख़ा नहीं
    जाने कितने ख़रीदार थे
    बढ़ता जाता था यूसुफ़ का मोल
    लोग बिकने को तय्यार थे

    खुल गए मह-जबीनों के सर
    रेशमी चादरें हट गईं
    पलकें झपकीं न नज़रें झुकीं
    मरमरीं उँगलियाँ कट गईं
    हाथ दामन तक आया कोई
    धज्जियाँ दूर तक बट गईं

    मैं ने डर के लगा दी कुएँ में छलांग
    सर पटकने लगा फिर इसी कर्ब से
    फिर इसी दर्द से गिड़गिड़ाने लगा
    रौशनी चाहिए चाँदनी चाहिए ज़िंदगी चाहिए

  • monicker 28w

    The Innominate in Thirteens: Part 4, The Old One

    That's when the old lord lost his sight,
    And in a way his health,
    All caused by when the cat sìth sprang
    His senses overwhelmed.

    Then when his head began to fall,
    And tiredness had set in.
    With one eye blind and one eye closed,
    In discomfort from limb to limb.

    That's when his appetite was lost,
    And the cravings came to quit.
    That's when the old one chose to fight,
    But his body cried 'submit!'

    That moment his wolves became alert,
    Aware their lord had sunk.
    But not from wine or spirits,
    Not from the frequency, he drunk.

    And as his magic fell apart,
    And as his spells unknit,
    He fought to hold the darkest ones,
    Incantations he'd cast with wit.

    That's when the weakness began to form,
    Like fatigue and rust on chain,
    Though this is nothing of that sort,
    It held an emptiness and pain.

    A dark thing in bonds and sensing wrongs,
    Which Witch had unwittingly wrought,
    From chasing souls to keep her full,
    Nine lives were not enough.

    And when the immortal's heart attacked,
    And Thought had felt it too!
    That instant that the raven's twin,
    Had eyes been slashed right threw.

    That's when the dark thing saw its chance
    To escape from ancient pen,
    And forced the binds designed for time,
    To stay it for all ends.

    So as the muse found ways to loose,
    Climbed out of the bastille,
    Could finally stand upon our land,
    Tasting ruin that all would feel.

    That's when the torches in the room
    All suddenly went out.
    And all the others with the lord,
    Had had to cast about.

    Then when clambered king to coma,
    Entering the deepest kind of state,
    He'd left the world with knowledge,
    And a smirk upon his face.

    That's when the old lord lost his sight,
    And when it all went dark.
    But there is always hope so bright,
    When youth picks up a spark.


  • monicker 28w

    The Innominate in Thirteens: Part 3, The Soul Consumer

    The thing that sought the ravens,
    Now creeping with a sickening smile.
    It was a folklore type of horror,
    And full feline sort of wild.

    The coat was dark as midnight,
    With no stars to show the rest,
    The only mark defining
    Was a small moon upon its chest.

    The bird was just too focused,
    And no longer had a friend.
    The stalker saw its moment
    It could taste Desire's end.

    Along the road, a sound, a crack,
    But then a solid thud.
    That's when both cat and bird lost tree.
    And fell into the mud.

    That's when the old lord lost his sight,
    And in a way his health,
    All caused by when the cat sìth sprang
    Scoring raven from the stealth.

    That's when our traveller heard the noise,
    And saw the two fall flat,
    But thought it was the way of life,
    A prey and predator sort of spat.

    Then when the beast had pinned its feast,
    After the blinding of Desire,
    Set out in trance, the cat it danced,
    While toying with life acquired.

    The hero watched the fight in spot,
    But with this cruelness had enough.
    So charged the pair and set to scare
    Grabbed cat by back of scruff.

    But this was no kitten subdued by reflex,
    Nor a moggie that just caves in.
    The hiss, claws and mess that came next,
    Was not the expected discipline.

    Instead, the hero had caught a curse,
    A furious ball of knives.
    And after the first few torturous shreds,
    In pain, flung the cat very wide.

    Then thinking on the bird,
    It was still flittering along the ground.
    A wing appeared broken, but that's not the worst,
    The eyes were both scratched out.

    Knowing the stalker had just been tossed
    And might wait to finish the war.
    The hero wrapped the bird in torn shirt,
    And placed on pack to bore.

    The witch that stalked the raven,
    Now observed the youth that stole.
    The cat sìth watched with anger,
    Tailing young thief and immortal's soul.


  • monicker 29w

    The Innominate: Part 2, The Shaman’s Sentries

    And left at dawn in guilt and pain,
    Of all that had been heard,
    Patrick's ousting of the dragons
    And the enfields' grounds disturbed.

    The fading of the fae forts,
    And such loss of leprechaun.
    The horrors that were told, the last knight,
    Of all things gone so wrong.

    All the selkies swam away
    Or refused to shed their coats.
    While merrows chose a life in depths,
    Those uncharted by the boats.

    What boiled and bristled the broonie,
    To withdraw from all our homes,
    Wasn't caused by left out clothing,
    Nor the missing creamer bowl.

    With the absence of the clúrachán
    Came the spoiling of the spirits.
    The dryads left for far away
    Went to places none will visit.

    The malfunctioning of the magic,
    The collapsing of the charms,
    That had started the extinction,
    And the industry of harm.

    The chronicles still scribbled down,
    What do they mean today?
    If all the wonders in the world,
    Have simply flown away.

    But flew or soared and at a height
    Two ravens watched their ward,
    Which they'd surveilled for many years
    Bringing whispers to their lord.

    They had heard the Story Holder,
    Well aware of its strange spell,
    And knew this time was coming,
    They had waited for the tell.

    For one was Thought and Fortune,
    In Memory, the other, Desire and Luck.
    They were sentries waiting patiently,
    For their charge to get unstuck.

    Thought flew, to go and whisper,
    While Desire stayed to spy from far,
    There would always be one watching,
    The child must always have a guard.

    But in sundering, there's a danger,
    And one prophetic that comes to pass.
    The Royal book murmurs of this moment,
    A raven vulnerable at last!

    And left at dawn, and left for good
    The hero's heartache to explore,
    To find if all of natures' magic,
    Is lost to Nevermore.


  • ana_sankriti 30w

    Katerina Petrova

    Take two steps forward,
    Makes 'em three steps back.
    Give it a break,oh honey!
    It's not a life-hack.
    Thugs in my mind,
    Wonderin', "act out".
    Oh no,too bad,
    It gives no clout.
    Agreed; tough life,
    Whose not though right?
    Alibis? Not working!
    Be a show as might!
    Plans up my sleeves,
    Gotta "B" for my "A".
    If that doesn't work,
    Here's a "C","D"..'kay?
    The myth, the legend,
    Baddest bitch of 'em all!
    You know who's me,
    It's only me standing tall!

  • monicker 31w

    The Innominate in Thirteens: Part 1, The Story Holder

    Oh that, that morn, that quiet fore storm,
    And the slugabeds fast asleep.
    But a hero stood, at the edge of a wood,
    Reflecting on the murky keep.

    The setting out, or starting in,
    With hopes to find those things...
    But came the loss of welkin,
    And the shadows the forest brings.

    Bore down upon this hiker's crown,
    The temper of the trees,
    To argue the outsider,
    And to drive it to its knees.

    During a blink, the trail kinked,
    Then limped off into an abyss.
    The treader trampled forward
    As the clouds let out a mist.

    Through all the wet the traveller bent,
    To find some kind of cover.
    But boughs allowed the waters down,
    And spilled it all like gutters.

    It showered a span and soaked a spell,
    The end was well past noon.
    But now the trespasser was at a loss,
    The mood was swamp and gloom.

    Then out of pines, a sad song sprang,
    A voice of great affairs,
    In language lost through neglected past,
    Solemn words, as if sung by bear.

    And sung by a bear, the trampler found,
    Or a bearish kind of beast.
    For bear it was, and upon its back,
    A small forest of greenery.

    The beast was aware of its audience,
    But continued in lament.
    The fear that overtook the wanderer,
    Stilled at hearing the verses spent.

    The lyric grew to a bewitchment,
    Then floated into dreams.
    Stories that were shared that night,
    Those abandoned histories.

    Well, perhaps we can share them hereafter,
    Too much sadness before the late,
    The mythical extinction,
    Stains of humanity’s mistakes.

    Before the next day's dawn appeared
    The fur-robed forest-friend,
    Guided the traveller back to home,
    But that's not how this story ends.

    Oh that, that morn, that quiet fore storm,
    And the slugabeds still fast asleep.
    But the hero frowned at the edge of town,
    And left that place in grief.


  • princessprink 31w

    Tribute to Imran Khan

    bechara kahan janta hai... Khalish hai ye kya khala hai
    Shahar bhar ki khushi se... ye dard mera bhala hai
    jashn yw raas na aaye...mazaa to bas gum me aaya hai

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    Happy English language day guys❤️
    And today we have birthday of our idol , the legend William Shakespeare


  • pandichitra_r 34w

    Live Legend

    When you change the Game
    When you challenge all Ordinary
    When you make the journeys Count
    When you refuse to stop at the Finish Line
    When you keep going with all your Faith and Might
    Towards a New Destination ,
    Fearless and Free
    U are a Legend

  • queenforever 37w

    #miss u dz ❤️ #fambruh forever ��#legend never really dies ��

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    Happy birthday to the heartthrob Danish Zehen #our coolest bad boi .

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    change my mind
    Repost karo dukhi aatma ����

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    Can I be the one?
    Who always makes you smile.
    Can I be the one?
    With whom you can share all your tears.
    Can I be the one?
    You can't live without.
    Can I be the one?
    With whom you could stare at the sky
    Can I be the one?
    Who always trending in your mind

  • kothari__ 42w

    Will you be my valentine
    If i reach ur heart through my poetry.?

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