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  • thebhavnasaxena 2d

    The sky is dotted
    The moon bleeds
    What an exquisite night,
    What a beautiful tragedy,
    I gather the moon in my arms,
    And its scars sing to me,
    Those without light,
    Aren't without hope,
    Broken hearts somehow,
    Have spaces to hold dreams
    And from scars, verses spill
    Out, like rivers of poetry,
    There is magic in the mundane,
    And when you have to look for it,
    Close your eyes to the world,
    Darling you will find it within.

  • pallavi4 1w

    Life advice

    I was a very troubled teen. I was young, rebellious and would not listen to good advice when it was given to me . This caused me great grief in life. I had to learn things the hard way. But I never gave up and slowly learnt how to fight on. I learnt somethings along the way and some were taught to me by people who acted as anchors for me in troubled times. I cannot say that all the following advice is my own but yes this is a list of all that helped me get back on track and acted as a guiding light whenever I lost my way- which was often in the last decade.
    Listed below is the life advice I would like to give to my younger self -

    1. Learn to trust your instinct - what you feel inside your gut the first time something happens is usually right. Trust that feeling.

    2. There is no substitute for hard work- you may or may not be the most intelligent person in the room, but you can certainly become the most hardworking . And hard work always pays off .

    3. Don’t let anything get you down- you need to learn from mistakes and move on again. If you let things get you down, you’ll never move ahead in life.

    4. Perseverance- you need to keep at a task if you hope to achieve the impossible. If you let go of it the minute you sense failure, you’ll never succeed.

    5. Failure is a stepping stone, not a dark hole- every time you fall down, get up, dust yourself , learn what needs to be learnt and move ahead.

    6. Depression is not the end of it all - you can be depressed and yet work towards your betterment. Being depressed is not the end of life. Talk about your depression and get the help that is needed to solve it. Therapy helps.

    7. Never lose faith - or sight of what you want. Yes there will troubled times and times when nothing will go your way . It is then that you need to be steadfast and hold on to your faith (in god, in others, in yourself and life).

    8. Never assume - anything about another person’s thoughts or intentions or their abilities.

    9. Do the right thing- even if it kills you, even if you are angry , even if the one you are trying to help hurts you. Doing the right thing make you not have any regrets later.

    10. Always tell the truth- except when the truth will hurt someone. Value honesty and tell the truth , always . The lesser lies you tell, the lesser you will need to keep track of what you’d said earlier. That is simply exhausting and not worth it.

    11. Never hurt people- by your actions or words. Be aware of what you are saying and doing to and for other people.

    12. Never expect goodness to be rewarded- you need to do the right thing and not expect to be rewarded for the same . Doing good never hurt anybody.

    13. Do not confuse sarcasm with wit- no the most sarcastic person is not the smartest one in the room, they are simply small minded and mean. Good things do not happen to mean people.

    14. Be sensitive to others feelings- there’s more to life than just your troubles and your difficulties . Some people are fighting greater battles than you. Respect them and that fact.

    15. Don’t judge a book by its cover or the condition of the same- stop being prejudiced and conceited and stop turning your nose down on people who do not look/ seem to be up to your standard.

    16. Be kind and generous. Kindness is the greatest gift you can give to another person.

    17. Don’t let anger destroy you - raging over things is not the right way to deal with what’s wrong. Instead of seething, learn to take control of your rage and gradually simmer it down. Anger makes you do and say things you will regret later.

    18. Don’t hold grudges- if you hold on to negativity, it will attract even more negativity. And nothing good ever came out of being negative. Holding a grudge will not affect others but will cause you great mental harm. Forget and forgive even if just to save yourself grief and pain.

    19. Do not give into peer pressure- do not feel pressurised to do as your companions/ friends/ peers are doing. Do what you feel is right for you not succumb to what others think you should be doing to fit in.

    20. It is ok to be different- you were made different and it is not imperative that you fit in . Be proud of yourself and who you are. It is ok to be different from others. Great things have been created by people who simply thought out of the box and were labelled odd. Be yourself. At all times.

    Bonus- Greatest advice that I can give : Learn to say no and cut ties with negative people- if you say yes to everything you didn’t want to agree to, you will left with a feeling of great dissatisfaction because then you would have done things against your will. Cut ties with anyone who is negative. Negative people are poisonous and drag everyone down to their level of negativity . Find your bubble of happiness and learn to thrive not just survive .

    I hope my life lessons help someone somewhere .


    29th of November, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

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  • ssunayana 1w


    We don't stay at one place, not really. We move along with the earth, and what keeps us moving along with earth is gravity - the one force that binds us together.
    But we keep moving together and that's how we find our stable ground.
    It said so in my Geography Lessons.

    And probably, it's the same with people in our lives. You keep growing together without any certainty whatsoever of what life brings along. 
    At the end of the day, as long as there is that one force that binds us together, know that you have your stable ground.
    It says so in my Life Lessons.


  • enchantedmedium 2w


    During this journey of your own making You may find there are times when you have hurt others perhaps unknowingly. Once you have the knowledge that this is the case it is up to you to take the responsibility and apologize. It will then be up to the person to decide if that will do. You can only offer sincere apologies and must respect whatever decision they make regarding your actions. This is also true reversed.

  • keatsazla 3w

    Living In The Clouds Rent-Free

    ~cont. of 'little boy's adventure to growing up'
    #life #lessons

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    Living In The Clouds Rent-Free

    by Keats Azla

    It was a gloomy, leafless
    winter, a boy ponders
    wistfully, his mind lives
    rent-free up in the clouds

    Where he always finds himself
    at, re-living and stuck in,
    the past; days, months, years
    have passed

    The clouds are turning gray 
    and melancholic, just as him
    turning into one, that rhymes
    with the latter word

    If only he can see
    the vibrant, fruitful
    spring approaching, the
    flowers will bloom again.


  • scriblost 3w

    Wait for the one, but don't wait for someone to be the One

  • keatsazla 3w

    Little Boy's Adventure To Growing Up

    #life #lessons

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    Little Boy's Adventure To Growing Up

    by Keatz Azla

    It was a bright, lush
    midday, a little boy,
    cheerfully meanders around
    his neighbor's succulent garden

    A dainty, elegant, beautiful
    daisy captures the little
    boy's attention.
    Enthralled by its beauty

    He plucks it heedlessly,
    oblivious to the myriad
    of consequences, still,
    he hides it in his very room

    He stares at it, selfishly,
    when it should've been
    admired by the sun, the wind
    and the whole world

    But he's just a little
    boy, what does he know?
    alas, he was too late to know,
    dainty elegant beautiful daisy died.


  • full_auto 4w

    A Letter to the maker

    Dear God, can you stop this facade?
    I'm tired of livin in fraud/
    Don't agree but I just nod/
    Because all my fight is gone/
    Dear God, I'm done livin life they titled me Odd/
    Every fight I fight I'm seen as an underdog/
    All my fight is gone
    Dear god... I want to believe in you I want to believe it's true I want to stop feeling blue if I could just hear you
    Dear God
    If you could just speak to me like you did Adam and eve then I could believe and my mind could be free
    Why not... if you really did exsist then I'd have to believe that this horrible world is what you insist on letting us ruin is it and why not.
    Dear Odd this is the one you called God
    I'm the one you called fraud letting you live in a facade and why not
    The choices you've made just like the choices many make are the reason you feel pain and if your stressing your brain around trying to blame anyone but your own name then blame God, why not, Im just the creator and spectator I've given you haters a freedom of choice and to be dictators but you all blame God. Why nod.
    When you know it's wrong and you want to solve problems all gone then you have to debate like ping pong except with your words on actions in verbs it doesn't take long... and if you want a better life then make your choices right and don't lose the goals in your sights think happy thoughts at night so your dreams don't bite and after a few hard years of bringing some light there's a good chance you'll gain back that fight but that's a choice only you can strike because I gave you that right when I made you so don't take it lightly every decision you make think on how it might be good or bad do things that bring you joy never get annoyed cus the life i gave you will go void and it can happen whenever so dont live like life lasts forever and remember allways tell your mother you love her, dear Odd.
    From God.

  • hafisha98 4w

    Better to live in Hell than to live with
    Secret Breakers..!


  • hafisha98 5w

    Make your self proud. Work hard. Hard work makes dream come true. So don't worry about your failures. Always focus on your success. success it's easy but if you try it's just a thing in your hand. Always dream to be a successful.not every day is your day, but one day you will be a brightest star in the sky.Keep trying your way until you get success.ALL THE BEST IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUCCESS .��♥��

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    Success is behind you..
    You have to bring it to the front of yours!


  • misty_taless 6w

    #ज़िन्दगी #ज़िद्द #life #lessons

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    वक़्त को पीछे छोड़ आगे बढ़ने की चाह रखी थी
    गुमां कुछ यूं हुआ कि हथेली पे अपने आग रखी थी
    और जले तो ख़ूब जले की सहमे एक कोने तले
    फिर राख झटक एक नयी शुरुआत मैंने ठान रखी थी


  • vky043 6w

    #short #poem #life #lessons

    To be continue.....

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    From Dusk till Dawn...

    From Dusk till Dawn
    Be a warrior or a clown
    Learn to swim or drown
    If you want to be the king
    Then fight for the crown...

  • badhandwritingguy 7w



    If you are waiting for them to say "Goodbye" :)
    It's already "over" my friend :)
    Move on .....

  • dr__aditi 7w

    Have I lost my mind or
    am I finally sensing it all right;
    the true nature of things around !
    Are curtains falling or
    is it skin peeling off corpses?
    How to see this sky turning grey
    and twinkling subliming into darkness..!


  • smithav 7w


    Its that time of the year
    When we are made to remember
    That there is no bigger truth
    Than death

    It stares at us in the yellow leaves
    That we marvel at and wonder
    How can one add so much beauty
    Even at the fag end?

    And in those that lie fallen
    Tuscany oranges and French wine reds
    Shades of the setting sun
    before they turn brown

    And become one with the earth.
    It makes one pause and ponder
    If the trees are saying
    Blaze brilliantly, don't shy away

    Make heads turn
    and look up in awe-
    One last time
    Before the final fall.

  • angels_halo_shines 8w


    With your words, you can do so much
    Tenderly touching all you can
    Through your love & strength
    You can inspire more
    Wise now
    only through my past did I learn to be
    Grown to love everyone I can
    Through hate others had towards me
    Taught to let it be through madness
    A certain kind of madness
    The madness I claim as my own
    Can’t ever be what others want me to
    Through many lessons, I am who I am
    That’s all I have ever asked of myself
    Some lessons repeated
    Some are learned 1 time around
    Through growth I realized I am human
    I feel what I have to tender or not
    I do my best to get through
    That’s all I know how to do
    Tender or rough here I am
    Reaching to the universe for guidance
    I also learn to trust the guidance
    As it will never guide me wrong
    That’s when I learned to trust myself
    Very hard to learn
    Possibly the hardest yet
    With that message, all is possible
    Within the limits of the universe
    There are no limits
    Just growth & learning
    So you can take it or leave it
    As I chose to take it, I am grateful.


  • badhandwritingguy 8w


    M tired of "getting used" by people :)
    N I still couldn't say "Stop it please"
    For them "comfort mattered more"
    For me "relations mattered more"

  • jpwriter 8w

    Long Ago

    I learned an important lesson long ago
    Hold on to the ones that respect you
    Let go of the ones that don't
    Dare to not have a care in this world
    Stay focused on your hope
    Life can be unfair I swear
    But that won't stop me, nope
    I've been to the lair down there
    And the blackened smoke made me choke
    A Wise man may tell his prophecies
    But that's never all they wrote
    Open your eyes to the fallacies
    And keep your goal pinned in your scope
    It's good to be a problem solver
    But don't fix it if not broke
    When it rains it pours I know this
    But you can always dry off after being soaked

  • iampraveena 8w



    The people who don't celebrate your victory and achivements, doesn't deserve your attention anymore.


  • mute_my_mind 5h

    People always try to fit into things
    That don't even match their sizes