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  • thehealer10 43w

    Words Unspoken

    I extended myself way beyond the point of no return. Dove right into your abyss and embraced your unique chaoic fantasy. You will never see the best of me, you could have been set free.

    Unfortunately, memories are all you'll own. If you could have known the magincent thrown erected in your home. A home you'll never know, a world you'll never get to experience, you were way too Delirious, I was just curious.

    My generosity meant with your own curiosity. You just wanted to see something new, lamentation, should have known to postpone building that thrown.


  • alankruta 182w

    Let's go back ❤️

    Let's go back to seven years, the nights we spent on call. Maybe let's go back to the thousand texts we wasted on us per day or to the days we hold on to us.
    Remember, the days with the good morning sweetness or the nights with the cheesy kisses, the sweet nothings or everything in between.
    Let's go back to the blush I had when my friends teased me with your name or to the smile I wore with your name on my phone.
    Let's go back to our 1:30 am calls, which now I see nowhere in my log.
    I never thought I signed up for this kind of progress where our lives are on pause.
    Let's go back to the 7 years, 7 birthdays, 7 anniversaries, 7 diwalis, 7 eids, 7 lives.
    Let's go back?

  • twistedmind 219w

    Acįd Tear§

    Somewhere between real and pretend
    Trust was broke
    You lost a friend
    All thats left are memories shared
    Memories trigger the acid tears

    Acid tears sooth the eyes
    Leaking dust and wasting time
    Scar your face and kill the pride
    Acid tears never dry

    Sit and watch as time goes by
    Sit in limbo under pregnant sky
    Hope you ponder and reconcile
    That it haunts and robs your smile

    All the times you sit alone
    Hear my voice in your undertones
    Residue of me in your head
    Lessons taught and words unsaid

    As acid tears sooth the eyes
    Leaking dust and passing time
    Dissolving love and killing pride
    Acid tears never dry

    Hurt gets worse as days go by
    Burns more with each tear you cry
    Every word ever said
    Resonates within your head
    Reverberates until your dead

    Family calls and friends check in
    Sleep evades, impending doom
    Bottles scattered all around
    Three month prescription is long gone

    Convulsions raging out of control
    Body arches braking bones
    Light fades out as heart rate peaks
    Eyes roll back, lightning strikes

    Open casket, your mother cries
    Acid tears fill her eyes
    Leaking dust and wasting time
    Scar her face and kill the pride
    Acid tears that never dry

  • manitvaishnav 220w


    kisi ko khush dekh ke khush hua karta tha...

    kisi ko rota dekh , ro padta tha ...

    Ab Na jaane Kyu , Duniya ki bhagdod me ghum sa gaya hoon

    Shayad me apne bachpan ko bhul sa gaya hu.

  • tasyac5 280w


    I wanna be a kid once again
    I wanna sail those boats in the rain
    Once again i wanna turn to four
    And i wanna smile wide from the core
    Again I wanna see those eyes spark
    That once did, as she hugged me when I cried in the dark.
    I wanna hold his finger in my hand
    Once again I wanna learn to walk this land
    I wanna sleep at peace and wake up to a smile
    As they take me in their arms and love me for another while
    I wanna kiss my mother as she drops me to school
    I wanna once again wear the uniform that makes me cool
    I wanna again say the rhyme and hear the tale
    I wanna see me flying even when a lot many tests I fail.
    I wanna again cry for only toffees and dolls
    I no longer wish to whine for the heartbreaks and falls
    I wanna let them love me till my cheeks turn red
    I wanna again cuddle with daddy in my bed
    I wanna free myself from this grown-up cage
    I only wanna destroy the guilts and the rage
    Again I wanna run through the road and hide behind a car
    I wanna be found by my mom who cares when I go afar
    I wanna be free from the world and darting on the map
    No worries to take, no duties to fill the gap
    I wanna be again my Mommy's kid and daddy's queen
    I wanna break all the bonds that are only mean.
    I wanna stop this journey right here in the mid
    Cause now all I want is again to be a kid.

  • book_of_daisy 298w

    No good

    "We're no good for each other, you know that, right?"