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  • shamimiruddy_ 2d

    Some Nights

    My lips on your neck each time you visit.
    My Nose perceiving the scent of your cologne.
    My hands on your sweet smooth cheeks.
    One look into your eyes,
    then I lock lips with you like they were created together.

    Your smooth moan arouses me to a peak.
    I put my mouth in a wet place, sour yet sweet.
    You press on my head, the exictement within.
    The pain you feel is what we call the sweetest pain.

    My Mademoiselle and Madamé of the night.
    You under me makes me feel like a charming prince or a knight.
    You are all that I want and all that I need.
    When you moan sweet music it registers “present" In my within.

    Writers: Ajir Shamimi Ruddy, Ojoma Engela Salome.

    Editor: Ajir Shamimi Ruddy.

  • himanshuchaturvedi 5d

    The Letter

    The pains, happiness, sorrow, memories, smiles and lots of other sensible and insensible things together
    Yes it's about letters
    All the letters sent or unsent have the lots of stories
    Nowadays in the time of mobiles and internet, maybe at the relevant time we didn't find them interesting or can connect with them
    But as the time passes.. page's color changes the ink become visible from both it's both the sides
    And on one fine day while doing some daily chores or cleaning the old stuff
    When we found the old inked piece of paper
    that brings lots of old memories, feelings and some tears of happiness
    Just like some old liquor... they gets more valuable
    And those mixed feelings in the heart
    You never felt before..when you read them again
    Each and every word will make more and more sense..makes person realise about how we mean to someone or how valuable the relationship was
    That piece of paper slows down your pace of life or I say race of life into the peace of life
    Some smiles, some tear drops on the cheeks
    and the soft melting heart will make you recall all the stories of the person
    And the best thing will be.. irrespective of the memories with them or about you..how good or bad you had.. you'll smile
    No..not because of the person or because of old you..but because of those words on that piece
    Yes.. now it's hard to get letter from someone
    But if you get one
    You'll experience lot's of mixed feelings after years.. when you was lost in the world, in you family, in new you
    You'll meet the old you or some old memories
    That brings smile of peace on the face
    And then.. you'll carefully put back the letter safely just to experience the same again

    Oh!! How just a piece of paper with those handwritten words and without emojis or stickers or gifs can seems so feelingful..?

    But that's the magic of time and the letter


  • devilfish 5d


    I touch a sunset and it’s warmth
    Freezes as it is my still memory
    Washed out in cool tones
    Indistinct and undefined
    Can I find my home?
    I call out of the conch it echoes as my home is hollowed
    My hollow home
    My heart as it follows it crashes like a comet into my throat
    I’ve always wandered the shadows of thought all alone
    These words comfort me because without these pages to translate my soul they can be there so at least you can if you want to find this one place
    Then welcome back
    I write so my thoughts don’t scare me with unfamiliar concepts
    I don’t want the truth to haunt my morning depth
    Coffee cakes and daisy’s midnight breath
    In between wires sparking my steps
    It’s not going to be of value if it doesn’t resonate in your head as something you can understand and it’s just like I’m stressed
    I’m a mess
    I’ve seen dark days
    I must confess I pray at the feet of my passion and love to see these things livened with ink and my thoughts that dance like flames behind my eyes
    Dancing inside as tired as I am wise
    Crystalline cracks up and down your white pearly composure and time to think over is all that I need tenderness will be my green clover
    Just get here, I’d like it if you’d just come over
    Come over
    Start over…

  • the_un_heard 1w

    कुछ इस कदर भर दिया है उनकी यादों से,
    कि अब शीशे में भी उसका ही चेहरा दिखाई देता

    रो रो कर भर दिए हैं समंदर ना जाने कितने,
    कि आंखों के दरिया में कतरा गेसु का एक नहीं दिखाई देता।

    तुम पूछते हो के अनन्य कितनी मोहोब्बत है उन से,
    कहता कि उनकी याद में क्या मेरा दिल चरागों सा जलता दिखाई नहीं देता?


  • raman_writes 1w


    मैं ही कमज़ोर निकला के फिर कभी उन्हें ख़त ना भेजा ।

    वरना हर रात हज़ारों अरमान मैंने सफ़हे पर उतारे है ।।


  • devilfish 1w

    Concrete Desert

    Instead of a tumble weed
    You see isolated people
    They used to be a part of humanity
    Now the rest of the world’s silence
    Becomes their cruelty and their endless life of crippling pain
    As if human life could be shoved into projects and use poverty as a weapon
    To let our blood run as we slip quietly into the drain
    Look at what we have to our names
    No help
    No hope
    A carriage on the sidewalk as the mother is attempting to exchange with strange men to feed herself
    To fill the family’s plate
    Because people have been subjected to a systematic process driven by rage
    Another Wall Street didn’t match up to the drawing now they can’t paint a pretty face
    Disgusting how history reared it’s ugly face to give them back their just place and stop the rage
    Subversion while you pick off their plate so hopefully the next generation will wane
    Hoping their hunger can weaken them
    Now we fall just like rain
    Evaporating before we hit the window pane
    I’m struggling to find the world’s heart
    But I believe it’s not going to beat again
    As I watch the war zone of an urban unspoken tragedy
    A curbside with bodies peeking out from tents with bodies terribly atrophied they were so scared and so tired I run these nightmares constantly those poor eyes I can see
    I know the eyes are the door to the only hope we know
    I have shelter
    I see your pain
    I’m so sorry
    I feel your pain
    Don’t you worry
    I cannot bear to see the sight
    But I must not stick my nose up in Privilege
    I only have my effort
    My hands
    My love
    I would part the ocean with my will if I can I’d make the whole world still just to hold you in my hand
    And give you a heart that’s filled
    And eyes that are hungry to see
    Hands that are quick to help
    A mouth that is always compelled to speak truth
    Feet that would take me to wherever I wanted to
    And a mind that has torrents of thoughts on currents that swell
    A tsunami of emotion
    The deepest well
    No words can raise my heart to the skies
    Too rattled by the dystopian Hell
    Too compelled to sing to the hurting
    By heartfelt broken strings of tied of lullabies and my empathic heart has been so horrified
    I feel your pain I feel your pain I feel your pain


  • jazbat 2w

    एक बार .. कहो तो सही

    कभी सुन सकूँ जो कहा ही नही ,
    इतना पास आऊँ, तुम कहो तो सही !

    ना पूछूँ तुम्हारी, ना अपनी बताऊँ
    फ़िर भी समझ लूँ, तुम कहो तो सही !

    कर दो इशारा कि तुम हो बस मेरे
    हद से गुजर जाऊँ ,तुम कहो तो सही !

    जो चुप्पी है लादी, दुनिया के डर से
    इसे शोर बनाऊँ, तुम कहो तो सही ।

    Ranjana B.

  • jazbat 2w

    ज़रूरी नही कि झूठे हों !
    जो नज़र नही मिलाते
    कई बार सच ज़ाहिर
    नही करना चाहते !
    Ranjana B.

  • jazbat 2w

    फ़िर इतवार करेगा बेक़रार
    जब मिल बैठेंगे तीन यार ..
    मैं , फ़ुरसत और इंतज़ार !

    Ranjana B.

  • thedeadink 2w

    Maybe I should write about it, maybe I should let myself atleast feel back again, what she went through!!!
    December 2018, she called me! This is about Shreeza, I use to call her Shree, named just after the sweet shop a few miles away from my house. No I m not kidding, she loved Sandesh! She was a typical dumbo with an evergreen smile. Just like Agatha Christie's books, we simply loved thrillers, she & I! She was more like an epiphany to my mused life. If from somewhere in this universe you can read this, Shree, my girl, we still had too many sick AF manifestations to be fulfilled but you left anyway!
    I miss you.
    We never called too much on phone, unless it came to those assignments from our tuitions and school! The monsoon here in northeast was probably the only reason which made her pause so much more than her mathematics test scores! We walked our ways to home only on somedays, while the rest of the days it was her mom who picked her up.
    It was 19th December 2018, it was raining, as we walked our way to house no.28 after our evening tuitions! It was the day when she unfolded her stories just so casually, that it took enough time for me to comprehend her realities just like her. Casually! The fact that she could only decorate the chartpaper during group projects & that she was not allowed a mobile phone even to have a google search, wearing full sleeve shirt and leggings on top of wearing a skirt even on the hottest days of the summer, often with a broken voice in the middle of the last period, the dark circles which grew darker as the days passed, the scar behind her neck which wasn't a birth mark as she forced me to agree the last weekend, it all made sense to something which made me too close to insane! For a moment, I thought I was unable to react to her, because I myself never went through such situations! Nobody could ever guess she was going through this shit with a smiling face.
    I was shook at the level of trauma, plus mental and physical violence she was going through! Basically her parents were abusive. She was beaten to near death when she refused to take their orders, spitted dirt from their mouths when she was vulnerable, refused lunch after school if she was tired, brought her a dress and torned it infront of her, gave her death threats if she couldn't top her school on 10th boards this year & a ton of different things which broke my heart into pieces!
    She went numb for a moment & told, "You can leave now, I'll just go by this small kaccha road, it's a shortcut & ya take care!". I couldn't think of anything else that time nor could I react to her situation further she was in a rush to leave too, so I just mumbled "okay, just take care of yourself too, will see u in class tomorrow!" I left.
    I rushed too to take a bus to my place, I was feeling a bit uneasy, I was stucked with too many emotions, further I thought to myself, "did she say, take care!!! which she in hundred years never uttered." I was baffled with too many negative thoughts, as the bus suddenly stopped at my location!

    December 20, 2018,
    She didn't arrive to class today. While returning back I thought if I should go at her place & ask if she's alright! I was equally fearful of her parents blaming her for my arrival at this time (8:30 pm) of the night! I normalised my worst thoughts by saying myself that I'll call her tomorrow morning sharp 5:30 am to ask if she would wear her PT dress or not!
    As I reach my room, I see her missed call. Oh the dumb me, kept it in silent! I quickly called her back, she picked up and it went like:
    Shree: Oye, u went to class today?
    Me: Afcaurse I did, why u didn't came?
    Shree: I was busy reading that book you recommended, plus my mama came today.
    Me: AHH okay. Are you fine now?
    Shree: Ya I m. Wait, do you have our pictures together on Madhav Sirs birthday?
    Me: yaa I have, do u need em? wait I am sending you.
    Shree: no keep them with you, just wanted to confirm.
    Me: what?
    Shree: whether you really keep my dusty face in ur gallery or not! (giggled) Also I have just texted you, all the book names, I want you to read.
    Me: Shree, don't speak rubbish, Ik u don't click that much but you don't even know how many of ur "not ready" pictures are still lying in my gallery! Wait for your birthday!(I was feeling a bit awkward because she never talks this hell much on phone)! But where's Ur mother?
    Shree: Ohh she is having dinner with mama!
    Me: okkhai well! But you don't worry about all that thing whatever you said yesterday. I won't judge you, & listen we are going to figure this out, I'll talk to my cousin brother who's a lawyer, about this!
    Shree: ya Ik, I obviously do know! Also dont fall for this law thing and all, its all sorted now! Anyways bye, take care, read all those books, catch the school bus on time and rock the boards! Bye, Moms arriving.
    Me: (I knew, she never spoke like that, maybe her mama has sorted out something today). Bye & bring ur math copy tomorrow. ( Just to assure. God knows what!)
    Shree: I'll text Abhijeet to do that for you, bye! She hanged up!
    Me: why not you? But there was no response!
    20th Dec, 2018,
    3:30 am in the morning, my mom banged my room's door at this time, what was she doing!! I told her, mom Ik boards are coming but who wakes up at this time, this is too much. I was just about to bang the door at her face when she said get ready, Shreezas mother just called! A series of negative thoughts piled up at my head! Her smiling tired face flashed up infront of my face in a millisecond.
    But why? Why she called? What the hell? Can you say something? What happened? As I was struggling with a series of questions to my mom, Abhijeet called! He told, Shree is no more! She suicided this morning at 1:30 am & was found hanged!
    My heart throbbed, my brain crashed, my impulses stopped. My ears couldn't believe what I just heard! It was just 5 hours back that she called me! I was numb & couldn't cry until I reached her house!
    Shree, the girl who knew me a thousand times more than anybody else in this damn world within this 10 years, was no more! All the stories that she ever shared with me were so fresh to mean nothing now! She left me with questions, she left me with books, she left me with everything I never wanted her to! Did I cried? Afcaurse I did, it took me two whole years to come back to normal but still spend days bleeding about her struggles and love.
    The roads are empty now & there is no one by my side to walk this lonely road. House no. 28, I just left it a few mins back!
    Shree youll forever be remembered & loved from the core of my heart, meet you on the other side.


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    Shree: Anyways bye, take care, read all those books, catch the school bus on time and rock the boards!

    Who was Shree?
    Shree was an epiphany to my mused life!

  • ink_leaker 2w


    I, I don't know why,
    I rise above my head
    my head love my eyes,
    may I go to bed
    am I that tired?

    I, I don't know why,
    I just didn't catch the breaks
    when the lights were red
    Oh wait, did I fall dead?
    No, my heart can't lie.

    I'm walking past a storm
    my time is intertwined,
    I should have known
    that it's a suit and tie,
    so it's raining inside
    the room has never been dry,
    a broom too big to jump.

    I'm so thrown
    and I just came to realize,
    I am just a feather
    attached to a dead ground
    It keeps swallowing my smiles,
    the untogether is getting colder
    I need fur
    I need to go further
    I know I can't go back to that bird
    Neither can the wind take me
    nor can I take me past the sky,
    I feel caged
    though I'm not bound
    my opened nostrils waiting for the dust
    feels like a rainy day is born again
    and that baby bears a smile,
    would it take me outside?

    I, I don't know why,
    I just feel caged
    I can't lie.


  • ak_anjali_daydreamzz 2w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #miraquill #writersnetwork
    #imagery #childhood #wod #pod #letter #ak_wn_repost

    All rights reserved
    8 July 2021 9. 10 am

    Pyrrhic Victory / A Letter ~

    To cradles n' cackles

    I remember not, the soft panels of a baby blue cradle swinging an infant me to the subtle beats of lullabies. I remember not, the plush blankets and warm bosom that wrapped me with the heat of purest love. I remember not, the honey sweet spoonful of sugar treats and banana milk bottles that fed me to my heart full.
    But I remember swaying on the wings of treacherous time and lolling to the beat of ticking clocks. I remember cold blankets that left me to froze and armed hands that pushed me off the cliff, a tainted love. I remember sour secrets and bitter truths that emptied my mind to starve on the lonely streets of hunger.

    On the charcoal footpath, I'm a lonely layman wandering in pursuit of a purpose. While my eyes scout for vision of light amidst the stygian blues, all that I descry are despair stenched scenarios, which makes me yearn for bygone days of buoyance and benevolence. While my ears hunt for soothing symphonies amongst the cacophonous commotion around, all I that I discern are desperate wails and sinful sirens, which makes me long for former fundays of melodies and mermaid fantasies.

    Foraging for resplendent rainbows of once lovin' summer, I've found saffron sacrifices, beguiling blues, gruesome greys, blinding blacks and raging red. I fail to figure out the map of my soul while the pathway is adorned in bloodsplotches and graffitied horror. Creamy white lilies, pink candy floss, light blue paperplanes, lilac skies with purple balloons are all glossy memories in my melancholic mind.

    A lifetime of Aurora and Selene switching the altar in my empyrean, I have shed my skin a million times a mile to grace my reflection pure yet the years drizzle doubt and dust on me, intent to taint. Star-dust don't shine in mere existence but in life. Silhouette don't glow in insisted stillness but persistent motion. I run, I walk, I crawl, whatever to keep moving to my destiny, even though my destination is vague.

    One by one, each day shaped my coffin in making and every heartbreak was a nail in store for the inevitable end. Each sunrise was a half sipped coffee to boost whatever desires left in me and each sunset was a mouthful of poisonous wine I quaffed to withstand the nightmarish puppet play of the darkness.

    I'm fed up with the hide-and-seek and fallout farcries evolving and echoing intermittently. Wrinkles on my skin are braille of wreckage and grey roots on my hairlocks are folklores of fallen. The candelabra lighting throughout my scenery have run-out of source, I'm left with numbered candles burning overnight. And I'll burn it until I pen down all my aches into epics, blues into ballads and sorrows into sonnets.

    I wish to have a glimpse of my once serene smile
    I wish to have a touch of my once velvet bones
    Someday if I could meet the happiest version of myself,
    It'd be you - my inner child
    A four-leaved clover long-lost in the phantasmagoric verdant of life
    Somehow maturing to adulthood turned out to be
    a Pyrrhic victory
    Leaving my heart as hollow as the outcome of it,
    an incurable void

    From candles n' caskets


    Thank you so much for Repost and EC @writersnetwork

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    Pyrrhic Victory

    A Letter

    To cradles n' cackles
    From candles n' caskets

    I wish to have a glimpse of my once serene smile
    I wish to have a touch of my once velvet bones
    Someday if I could meet the happiest version of myself, it'd be you - my inner child
    A four-leaved clover long-lost in the phantasmagoric verdant of life
    Somehow maturing to adulthood turned out to be a Pyrrhic victory
    Leaving my heart as hollow as the outcome of it, an incurable void


  • oceanbreeze 2w

    Dear Youth

    What happened that made you lose all your trust in this world?


  • mad_sad_tales 3w

    Today morning,I received his letter
    With a message of parking Gazal(place)
    To meet at 5 in whistle(train)
    That passes by my home nearby

    Dear Shalu
    The love of mine
    Do you bother if I call you to say goodbye
    I meant to be a source to chase
    The fame in your city which I already gain

    It’s all done by this selfish being
    Now I am here to break your dream
    of me with you and the family forever with us
    In a disguise to be anonymous as a part

    It’s all done here with this end
    Our story of love will dissapear
    like many already drown in the rivers and seas
    and some engulped by the deep drain
    of midways in pacific

    #letter #memory #love #silence
    @poetry @mirakee

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  • libra_fey 3w

    @miraquill @writersnetwork #letter

    Dear my future self,

    I hope everything is going well. My life is going great, but some questions are blowing my head. Everyone says they want their childhood back, people start freaking out when they grow up. Childhood is the best they say. Is it so? Is the world very rude? Am I gonna face big disasters when I grow up? Is being an adult not easy? I hear everyone saying that they wish they could turn back time, why is it so? What is the mystery of life, I ask this every day to myself. Am I gonna have trouble following my dream? Do I have to prepare to be strong for whatever is gonna happen? Aren't adults allowed to cry? Why does life change when we grow up?

    Is life not what we read in fairy tales? Is not everyone kind to you like they are to me? Is it true that people break their promises of giving you time to do something good? Is it true there are a lot of backstabbers in there? Is it true that trustworthy people don’t exist? Are there no good friends in your life? Am I going to be forced by my parents to what they want me to become? Am I not gonna allowed to follow my passion? Am I not gonna have time to be happy? Not even to cry? Am I gonna be depressed like everyone else? Is depression really dark? Am I gonna be all alone if I want someone? Why is the world so bad? Are demons not imaginary? Does any angel exist? Can I stop myself from growing up? The curiosity of the future is eating me in here. I don’t want to grow up if it's really like this. Please help me, I am scared. Is the world gonna make me evil? Why is life so bitter? Is euphoria going to be just a word and misery to be the original name of life? Is happiness gonna be trapped in a cage? Will this childhood memory T make me cry? Save me, I don’t wanna get caught in this bad life. Are you happy, am I gonna be happy?

    Yours loving,
    Your childhood self,

    //A letter to my future self.//

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    Is it??


  • seraiah_smiles 3w

    // A Gentle Touch | Soft Taps //
    Miserable are we when trouble ravages us like a typhoon in its maximum. But brothers and sisters, remember that we have God. God covers us with His pinions. Sufferings would be, sufferings will be, indeed, it is, then, are soft taps of refreshing raindrops on our faces. Sufferings are soft taps of life.

    // A Hymn of Love | Agape //
    You're so deeply loved; and I hum it within me. I pen these; and as I pressed my love inside an old journal, it will endure, eternal. In His time, these words shall blossom their fragrance, to come their way unto you. Eternity will show itself, and the scent will rise into its epitome; but even today, my love is made known to you as with my whole being, I pray.

    The above passages are dedicated to everybody.
    This below, however, is meant for my brother that is so, So, SO dear to me.

    // Kuya Ry, Smile | Eternal Embrace //
    To Kuya Ry,

    I cradle my broken childhood, and grasping fragments of yours, I hug them too. I saw the twinkle of your eyes and an unidentified force pulled me closer: perhaps, a void or a black hole sucked me in. A miracle, I tried to vanquish the mist of darkness that looms. Since it emerged, a light strived and strives to enlighten the predestined cosmos. Know that the chaos won't persist; you will. Even if the heavenly bodies collide and collapse, Wisdom planned it in order to create a paradise. The earth may crumble, but the restored and glorious New Earth will last forever. Yes, I hope in eternity I will see the fullness of your happiness, because I'm utterly convinced that by God's love and grace, the stars in your eyes shall live longer than history. There, in no time, will be the realization of everything I had ever and can ever wish or pray for. For one, there, in no time, will I lovingly embrace you and everybody... eternally.

    Before, Right Now, After,
    Your Brother In Christ

    P.S. The storm and thunder stirring in your heart... Here,
    From God, the angels, saints, and I: ������
    The combinations that I used are as follow:
    Paragraph 1—A Gentle Touch | Soft Taps: miserable; sufferings are soft taps of life.

    Par. 2—A Hymn of Love | Agape: pen; I pressed my love inside an old journal.

    Par. 3—Kuya Ry, Smile | Eternal Embrace: I cradle my broken childhood; the stars in your eyes shall live longer than history; before.

    #combination #letter #miraquill

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  • seraiah_smiles 3w

    My Lord and my God,

    I passed the tests that I passed because of You, and You alone. You are my strength... O, my everything.

    You have come to show me that Your will and plan are for the good of all; it's the best of all.

    Then, whether I turn to the right or left, forward or backward, I hope You always show me the way, show Your will. Show Your will, and with Your help I will follow. For if I'd have a myriad options, with many of them that seem to please or prosper me, I'd still want to choose Your will. I am, however, weak and frail, and I may falter and go a bit astray. So sustain me and give me Your heavenly supplication... That I may even abandon the greatest earthly exultation in exchange for Your utmost glorification.

    Seeing with Faith that You are with Me Eternally,
    The One Who Walks With You

    This is my write-up after I read a Facebook post by The Letter Ministry. The post is in this link below.

    #letter #Lord #God #journal #post #FB #miraquill

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    That I may even abandon the greatest earthly exultation in exchange for Your utmost glorification.

  • silent_killer2111 3w


    Dear Childhood,
    I miss everything about you. That time was the precious time of my life. I miss the innocence, I miss the girl you were. A girl full of innocence, full of playfulness, full of cuteness, full of wonders. You were a child full of wonders. Every person loved you. Miss you everyday. But now I am a grown up girl ready to take up challenges, full of opinions. Everything has changed between teenager and Childish me. I miss the school days. I miss everything. I am happy that I have had such a wonderful childhood.

  • sillysadar 3w

    Dear me
    I know those screams terrify you
    Make you run to your sisters for comfort
    But one day, you'll comfort yourself
    Yet they won't ever stop
    It'll become normal

    And I know you'll be given scars
    We will bury deep inside
    As we push it aside
    Hoping things will get better

    But the greatest things we had we lost
    Yet we risen even when we kept falling
    And all the bad will ruin us at first
    Yet rebuild us

    The hurt that burned us
    Will re ignite the fire of passion
    That will let it all out
    With words we were too silenced to say
    And happiness that was buried in sadness

    - Sadar

  • _writer_at_heart_ 3w

    A letter to my childhood

    Dear childhood,
    I use to own you as you are a part of my life. With each passing day you become an older past. The feature of past is that even if it is something that's gone, still it has some impact over our mind. The impact i have with the memories of my childhood is special, not because it was easygoing, compared to the teenage or adulthood but because it was the beginning of my life towards my growth ever since i became conscious.

    It's not that for a child that age is easy. There are certain things which if once done, learnt, realised or gets over by us, seems easier when we look back upon that same thing. Like we feel learning and memorising alphabets and numbers are very easy but it seems easy to us. It appears cup of a tea to us now, but for a child that same thing is not easy. They take time to learn.

    One may think that children are free from tensions, they are often playful and cheerful with less loads and pressures on their back. But it's not. A child too has his/her own tensions , among which some could be childish and easy for us to deal with, but for them it is a matter of great attention. Like a child may get stressed if their parents switch off the cartoon channel and ask to not watch much, but at that time if the child's wish is to watch more, then they too get tensed or unhappy, just like we get unhappy when undesirable things happen. Their reasons may be small in comparison to ours but for them, it is a matter of great tension at that time, at that age and at that moment. Its not that childhood was easy or childhood is easy compared to other grown up ages.

    Children don't bother much about future rather they act in the present or directly we can say that children mostly live in the present and they live for the present. This is the greatest quality we had during our childhood. At times, when today we feel too much messed up, we must switch on to this quality.
    We often miss childhood for the jolly happygoing person we were at that time but its not because it was actually easy but because we have a habit to compare our present problematic days with the happy blissful days.
    We do not only, miss the small kid we were, but much more than that. We miss ourselves for the kid's qualities which we had. Kids forgive easily, forget easily and stay happy living each moment to its fullest. We miss those days for these specialities, i mentioned above.
    We miss the people we had at that time who loved and took care of us.
    We miss that purity of love and happiness. And when we miss such things we can relate it with our childhood days thinking, "Ahh those were the days...."

    I too miss you for the same. When i see the pictures of my childhood, it gives me a feeling of nostalgia. I feel as if i get lost in the blurred memories i had with those pictures. Yes, i miss you for what that time used to be.

    From getting up from bed after hearing mother's lovely voice and sometimes scholding to sleeping with my mother and sister in between ; i miss those days also for these special memories i have with my loved ones.
    The past which is over yet remains so impactful, that it makes its home in the memories' named department. From getting ready to go to school to preparing for exams ; from sitting on a rickshaw to go to school to coming back and seeing my mother waiting for me ; from getting my favourite doll to crying when one of my relative took away that doll from me ; from playing with my sister and neighbour to sitting infront of my father on the bike, tons of memories i have with my childhood which carries emotions straight from my heart.

    I admire the curious wandering soul of my childhood. I smile looking the old picture of my childhood where there's a spark of innocence on my face, resembling serenity and satisfaction.

    Though i would like to visit my childhood if possible but there's no regret or disheartment inside my heart even if it's not possible.
    There's nothing to re-do or re-live since the faded memories are enough to re-visit and feel the gone childhood days through the eyes of mind. It is in our mind where we can treasure our memories to embrace.

    The best thing about childhood that should be taken along, ahead in our life are the good qualities and life -lesson, it gives.
    Life-lesson like forgiving, being happy and keeping others happy, living like there's no tomorrow, having a smile on face, being cheerful, crying to release the pain out when needed, being playful as well as active, living a life without overthinking, not isolating oneself from others rather living in togetherness, being curious wanderer, being pure hearted, living at peace, having contented soul and living each moment to its fullest are some of the things we should own inside us and was most dominated during our childhood days. These qualities must be carried along through all age.

    After consciousness, with you dear childhood, i came up till here and this means a lot that i have had the opportunity to live ever since i have known you. I did mistakes, i learned from it, i lived , i loved, i got loved, i received education, care, concern and what not. Life itself is the greatest gift. It is this gift that made me live my childhood and hence i am here.

    I wish to nurture and keep the good qualities of childhood like liveliness and childishness still intact with me. I can't thank enough this universe, for giving me the opportunity to have a life i am still living, in which childhood was the first phase i already passed.
    Thank you,
    Yours part,