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    It's only 3 days for Christmas, and the vibes are already cold. Little ones goofing around, singing merrily "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells". Adults enjoy the way, how children are happy. I am yearning to see the snow and would love to enjoy it's 'coldness' and it's warmth. Anyhow, the cold is already unbearable now, already we are secured and almost shivering.

    In North Pole, The Christmas vibes will be awesome I know. It would be pretty cold in North pole, and you Santa would probably be sitting nearby, making yourself warm near the firewood place. Santa will be busy getting ready for the big night, delivering our favourite Christmas presents. The elves will be working on it, preparing our presents and to surprise us. The reindeer will be getting the sleighs done, for a perfect journey on delivering presents.

    For this year as my Christmas present, I shall ask Santa for a Happy beginnings in 2021, good things to come over our lives. To remove all the negativity away from our side. Positivity to sit by. Happiness to enter into our lives. Pain to let go. Past not to haunt us. Problems to fly away. Just to lead a Happy, Peaceful life. :)

    And I know, Santa will make this happen, if not today, atleast one day, not only in my life, also in each one of yours.
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