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    Love is absolute.

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    What is better? To live in slavery or run towards a point that gives absolute freedom? In true essence, we do not value what we have and always run after something that is not actually valuable, just because of the unending "wants" !! Why is that we do not get satisfied and appreciate things we do not possess? Why is it better to live life as a slave then be robbed of it? Thr sole reason that we don't value what we possess is of nothing but undue and unnecessary comparisons! In a bid to get more and better than the other person,we sacrifice "individuality" !! Alas, we realise this too late and then it's almost time to pack our bags from this planet, to go to a different abode! Even the Lord might be thinking, why did I make humans, who are more hell bent on belittling others and even show very less mercy for other living ones?? Perhaps, it was his dream project that bounced off track once it deviated from the original path! Also be HE wanted us to savour every moment and find our own path and reach the goals on our own! Maybe, it's his way to explain us that self-discovery happens when we look within us, and not what occurs outside! The world might show you flavours but it's up to you which style to sip in, your own distinguished one or just be a copy! Be unique, BE YOU... SO ALL THE BEST!

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    It’s been long, I know, that I haven’t been opening up recently.

    I’m always tired and don’t want to reflect on bottled up emotions, or I was stubborn on a few things.
    I wanted to tell you that being emotional is normal.

    It is okay to cry over a movie.
    It is okay to cry on how your entire day had gone from bad to worse.
    It is okay when you see someone in pain, someone you know nothing about.

    I can say it is okay to be volatile and cry your heart out if that makes you feel better.

    I believe that you will dust yourself up once you have vented out your anger and frustration, and get back on track with life.

    I want to hug you for being able to survive all the little hurdles that come up your way on this journey called life.
    It is okay as long as you don’t regret the spilled tears and what has already happened.

    Ps: Remember, what makes a person complete is their emotions and feelings.

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    I write this hoping it will find you at peace, when you are at bay with one-self, a righteous and spotless soul, with a kind heart full of love and blemish of rage, when the mind is not under its own cage. A face with no scar with a smile that hides no tears and knows no fear.

    The world is filled with empty promises
    A love that leaves you in pieces
    Your kindness taken of advantage
    A moment of self therapy
    Silence that is filled with noices

    I wish I could meet you, but time travel rules don't justify, the timeline may face out our phase. The most I would tell you, but the letter must be discreet.

    I wish I could tell you, of the emptiness that fills you
    I wish I could tell you, of the mental getting unhealth
    I wish I could tell you, of the tragedies to come
    I wish I could tell you, of the bottomless pit
    I wish I could tell you, only if when wishes were true

    I let the tears drop down into my stomach, for I dont want the ink to fade from my tear drops. I cover the scars, for the message to be tender and flawless. I turn the frown upside-down so as to bring joy with the dove of a message.

    To you
    My younger self
    As you are selfless
    And sometimes sleepless
    The mind might be a mess
    But you'll always find a happy place

    Alot of friends you'll meet
    Some get lost some you loose
    The bonds get strong as the circle grows
    For the love you share and the heart will bear

    Your poetry will touch a soul
    So never stop inking
    And never stop thinking
    For your therapy of words
    Will heal a soul or two
    Just always be true

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    Dear Self;

    Listen to the words in need of being spoken.
    Your soul is battered;
    Not broken.

    Ms. Jackson;
    You are far from weak.
    Along your travels you lost sight on how you are a soldier.
    Forgot how pain and struggle lie within growing older.

    You WILL bare the weight placed on your shoulders.

    Chin up Jackson;
    Secure that armor!
    Never forget that no matter the fall;
    You will ALWAYS remain tall.

    Care for your wounds.
    Carry no shame for your battle scars.
    Along with each scar;
    Underlies a story on how you traveled thus far.

    Your strength within.

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    Just saying..No need to stop beating. �� ��

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    Dear Heart

    Maybe you're so screwed up because you're still seeking approval of the people who treated you like trash.
    –Sincerely Brain.


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    To my future self,

    Hey, remember me?
    It's been long. So how are you?
    I don't really know if you're already something you wanted to be.
    Or maybe, you're struggling.
    Well, it's possible you've chosen a path completely different.
    But, I'm not exactly here to guide your career as of now.
    I just want to tell you, years back
    When everyone was giving up on you.
    You held on to yourself.
    Even when the times were hard you loved you.
    I mean of course you had your fair share of ups and downs.
    But you embraced you.
    Maybe, it has already paid of,
    And life is somewhat like a piece of cake.
    Or maybe, you're still waiting for the light at the end of the tunnel to come back.
    Like it always has.
    Each time you fell,
    You've taught yourself to rise higher.
    For you always knew your setbacks will
    be your stairs to top.
    Even if life goes South,
    trust yourself.
    You've been through a lot.
    Maybe the situations are different than what they were back then,
    But the problems still seemed big.
    And you didn't stop.
    There's a reason you're where you are.
    And life's gonna be fine.
    You'll be okay.
    Take a moment and breathe.
    Appreciate what you've become and
    welcome what life has to offer.

    Your younger self


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    Sometimes we try too hard, act too strong and some heartbreaks make us believe that we weren't good enough. Here's a shout-out to all of you, you did your best and before allowing someone else to love you; first love yourself. Have the courage to forgive yourself for mistakes you did, it's okay to be pricked by a thorn when fetching the roses.
    It's life, we all will fall,face rejections,feel worthless one day or another but in the end, we have to pull ourselves together and love ourselves. Once accomplished, you are one of the happiest person because loving yourself isn't an easy task.
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    A letter to SELF

    Hey there! You are really being hard on yourself,
    so just stand infront of the mirror and say it aloud:
    I love myself.
    I'm beautiful and I don't need second person
    to make me feel that.
    I will be easy on myself.
    I won't fester over previous wounds.
    I will not lock the doors of my heart.
    I will give myself the wings to soar high in the skies.
    I will always make myself a priority and stick to the dialogue of JAB WE MET,"Mai apni favourite hu."

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    We are facing an apocalypse right now and we don't know if we are going to survive this.
    I am writing this to piece of letter to you so you never stop loving.

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    A note to my 15 year old self

    Hey buddy,

    I can bet you might be busy in texting her right now, no worries keep doing that but don't just drown in that one window. You have got many more people with you who will be important for you in this journey pay attention to them also, care for them.
    They will stick around in your highs and lows, I know it better because I know them for a longer time, I am friends with them for like 8-9 years now, I am nobody but just a 10 years older version of you.
    I have seen all your future plans failing miserably but don't worry the very moment you are going to hit rock bottom, you are going to find yourself.
    Your true self, but just remember just because your heart got broke in an attempt to love unconditionally you do not have to stop believing in it.
    Because I did and I regret it.
    You now, we are facing an apocalypse right now and we don't know if we are going to survive this.
    I am writing this to piece of letter to you so you never stop loving.
    Love has got no form or boundaries.
    It doesn't mean it has to be bounded in a relationship.
    You can fall for a moment of happiness or a place.
    Or your best friend's friendship.
    Life will give you amazing chances never ever lose them. Those chances these people waiting in your inbox for your reply, never.
    And if I say to you that the introvert part of you will just get invert in just a few years and you will be a loud stage person. You be in a room lifestyle will change into being at a different place every day you will not believe me, right?
    But trust me you are going to far more places be with far more people than I did. Because you are not going to lose on those chances these people, be with them love them to travel the world.
    Promise me that in the next 10 years you will not be regretting on the things I am doing right now.
    Ok. So I gotta go now...
    Need to live these days out loud if the world is ending.
    And if we ever meet again in future I will make sure I am going to write about the things I did not the things I regret not doing.

    - Your future self

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    My old self❤

    However it is too late to realize that I am ruining you.
    I am sorry that I lied that I will give you a good life. But from today onwards I will try my best to become a better person every day.
    So that we don't live a life of regret.
    Let's live a healthy life together.
    And I promise I won't betray myself this time.


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    I just found out that I am hurting you too much by overthinking about him and not completing your requirements because of it.

    Dear self......please forgive me for this.

    Apologises from

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    A Note To The Past.

    Dear past,

    No matter how good or bad you were, but you were me and I was you. Even to this day, I lot in me is you. Sometimes I wish to run away from the memories you gave me, sometimes I wish to recreate them, in my own peachy ways. Alas! A dream too unrealistic to come true!

    I am making a promise to you: your future would be much better than you were, because I'm working on my present to make that possible. And trust me, you'll be proud of it.

    With love and regret,
    Always ingrained in you,

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    A letter to my younger self

    It's okay to be broken,
    And its okay to drain your heart out
    As long as you pull yourself up,
    Every morning
    After the nights your own heart told you
    You shouldn't,
    You couldn't.

    And I take very much pride in you
    © Bhumika katyayan

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    If you could write a letter to the "Baby You", what would it say?

    "Dear Baby Me!"

    It's not about what this world can offer you,
    but rather the impact you will have upon it!"

    ~ ©KaLena 2019


    Visit my new website at: www.kalenabowers.com


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    © KaLena2019

  • kalena 126w

    If you could write a letter to the "Baby You", what would it say?

    "Dear Baby Me!"

    It's not about what this world can offer you,
    but rather the impact you will have upon it!"

    ~ ©KaLena 2019


    Visit my new website at: www.kalenabowers.com


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    © KaLena2019

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    Letter to self

    Dear Self,
    This letter is to apologize for not loving you sooner. See the problem was that, I got caught up in ensuring everyone else's happiness with no intention of forgetting you. I promise you, I did not mean to hurt you. The sad part is that I noticed your pain and the need for help long time ago, but because of your strength, I left you on the back burner. Without realizing that you were empty without hope. I promise moving forward, I will ensure that you are number one on my list.
    Sincerely Self

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    Letter to Self !!

    Hey you , yes you !!

    Stop wearing that mask in front of the world . Instead of hiding those scars ; allow them to come out . Only the moon kept count of your sleepless nights ; no one else did ; so stop feeling insecure of what others think of you . Just be you , the real you . Start sharing your wounds with your parents rather penning it down.
    I know ; of course the diary and the phone memo is your true friend but they are lifeless ; they won't come to conceal your scars. The battles you fight with yourself every night is not your weakness ; it's your ability of becoming your own superhero. And in the morning you woke up with that 36 on is your result that you won with flying colors . So live your life to the fullest in the real world not in between the pages of your diary .

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    Letter to self.

    Dear sweety,

    You need to understand, when it's about breakup it's okay for just ones consent. But when it's about patchup, it's mandatory for boths consent. So, You have to adjust . Take care of yourself and love yourself.

    Hurted heart.


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    #lettertoself #purpose @writersnetwork

    Just thought of sharing this letter that I wrote a month ago.

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    The Ultimate Letter

    Dear me,
    This is the ultimate letter to you as an official child because you are going to turn 18. Yes, I mentioned ‘OFFICIAL’ because the true child that’s within you is never going to fade away. The letter is about reminding the purpose that you are wired for. Just as an old Sanskrit saying goes like this- ‘When you were born, you cried while the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, the world cries while you rejoice.’ Always remember that every beautiful soul on this earth is born heroic and so are you my dear. You have always been a brave soul. A decade flew away that you have been away from your family and home. It was a pretty onerous but alluring course of your life where you have learnt and evolved a lot. There were plentiful blunders made and each one of that taught you a lesson. Today, if you have come this far and yet smiling, you must know that life isn’t straight and primitive. It were the worst and best twilights that have mentored you this far. Learn to live heroically and merrily because one fine day, the novel has to conclude and it’s just one round of existence. Someday in the future, you would again be writing a letter to yourself and yet smiling. So my dear, thank for what’s gone and take endeavours to create an epic odyssey. Remember the saying from the Gita- ‘We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.’ Feel your breath and your heart. If it’s still working, you must know that you are alive for a purpose. Go!! Find it and get it.