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  • khulasa 15w


    दुनिया वाले बोलो हमको की,
    तुम्हारे इश्क़ वाले तो ज़हन्नम जाया करते हैं।
    अब कौन बताये इनको की,
    हो प्यार साथ तो ज़हन्नम भी ज़न्नत बन जाया करते हैं।

  • khulasa 15w

    देखते हैं

    सोते समय सपने में तुम्हें देखते हैं,
    दिन के उजाले मे तुम्हें देखते हैं।
    अब तुम्हें कैसे हम बताये जानेजा,
    तुम्हारे सिवा अब हम कुछ भी नहीं देखते हैं।

  • agjproverbs 35w

    The Race We Run

    Queer by design.
    My resume is full of trans experience
    I've been described as coloring outside the lines.
    But why would I stay in your lanes when GOD gave me the whole book to use?
    So I dig my well deep, and keep drawing...I see my using my own water as necessary. You perceive it as a threat to you.
    In your traumatizing fear you paralyze my truth to a caricature on a stage. But I get up from the crippling, with sage for my age.
    Not shade to anyone, but my light is not a drag...I don't "dress up" for your enjoyment there is no song and dance to be had.
    I refuse to play your Medea just because your grandma's love failed you. And as I write this your "tips" are being refunded, because you cannot buy this freedom beau.
    But I do pray someday you find it, and your place in the sun. Because
    Leaping over stigmatized walls and powering through oppressive stereotypes is a race we're both called to run.

  • _ameeshii_ 46w

    There is a beauty in every love story.
    It picks two perfectly imperfect souls
    to weave in a perfectly
    heart-warming tale.

  • grotesque 47w


    Brand me with hate.
    I will paint you with love!

  • afzalhakim 48w

    Love like silence is sometimes too comforting, especially when you have been subject to chaotic wars in the past. And God knows that we have been subjected to countless wars throughout the course of history. Some of the wars for expansion, some wars for occupation, many wars have been fought to satisfy the insatiable human greed. But, each of these wars has caused discomfort and loss of human life that is immeasurable in any earthly proportions. How do you put an estimation on it I ask? Even if you do appropriate a number, do you also add to that the loss of life that comes in the aftermath.

    Now if you study wars and their impacts not only on human beings but every living being, a sum total of the entire biosphere, you'll come to the conclusion that no amount of reparations can undone the harms and torments of any war. You see, everyone only ever talks about the tangible losses of catastrophic wars. Losses to life, losses to infrastructure and to economy, losses to rebuilding, so on and so forth. Loss of love and the ability to love, loss of mind and clinical insanity, loss of the will to continue, etc, all of these are treated as collateral or unimportant. What about loss of hope?

    Human psyche has an incredible urge to pin everything on hope, even when everything around them is falling apart. Death row inmates who miraculously survived their executions were asked what were the final thoughts running through their minds when they were facing the gallows? Their reply? "I hope the strings holding the hangman's noose together snap at my weight and I fall free. As you might know, if someone sentenced to death survives his/her exectution, they are entitled to clemency and their execution becomes null and void. So, hope does not leave us even in the face of certain death.

    There can be many things that inspire hope in an individual. Many believe humanity to be the ultimate trigger here, but there is one that is an even more powerful an emotion, a more powerful expression and that is Love. In the tenth piece or draft of the Latin poet Virgil's famous works titled 'Eclogues', there is a very popular phrase which goes as, "Amor Vincit Omnia", which means Love Conquers All. Here, Amor is the name of the Roman God of Love or otherwise celebrated as Cupid. It was love that drove Paris of Troy and Helen of Sparta to elopement, causing the Spartan king Menelaus to summon an army of Acaeans (Greeks) and charge at the city of Troy in vengeful rage.

    Mid 1960s and early 1970s is a very interesting period in American history. This is the time when the American Civil Rights Mtovement was gaining a lot of traction, especially among the American youth. This was an all out anti-establishment and anti-capitalist drive which saw some remarkable changes happening across the length and breadth of America. It was also the time when the term popular culture or pop culture became synonymous because of the notable works of musical acts by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Beatles band. This entire movement has been termed as American counter-culture because it promoted a lifestyle called Bohemianism, which challenged the notion of a married life and instead advocated for free-living or an unconventional living style.

    It is because of these sentiments that a slogan got incredible hype, so much so that it became an anti-war slogan used in many context across the world. According to American historian Ben Truwe, this slogan, "Make Love, Not War" was first coined in an article in the New York Times Magazine by their journalist Mitchel Levitas. It gave much boost to the already raging anti-war sentimentalities because of the direct intervention of America in Vietnam. What's interesting here is that this was not the only war that it was being contextualised against. As many would know, 1960s was a particularly repressive period for gay civil rights or the right of the LGBT community, owing to largescale homophobia.

    It was in June 1969 that homophile organisations such as the Daughters of Bilitis took up the cudgles against a largely anti-pride regime and organised the first ever gay parades in New York City. It is there that this slogan also found a space as an expression of protest to conventional forms of love. 'Make Love' actually became a rebellion against the homophobic attitude and saw gay activists publically and boldly displaying affection in public spaces or parades. It was a vivid and clear display of choice and freedom to choose and thus became a benchmark for gay rights movements across the globe to follow.

    Upon reading a bit of literature on sexuality around this movement, particularly the book by David Allyn titled "Make Love, Not War", I realised that for civil rights activists in general and gay rights activists in particular, this was actually an undeclared war that they were fighting, and through love they registered their protest which eventually led to a comforting silence and acknowledgement of their rights towards the principle of "pursuit of happiness". On June 28, 1969 everything changed after the Stonewell Riots. A watershed moment, when the LGBTQIA+ community representatives at the Stonewell Inn Bar, set their foot down and stopped letting other people dictate the terms of their lives.

    I wanted to write about this on 28th June, to show support for friends and fellows from the LGBTQIA+ community celebrating the Pride Month, but I guess this served as a far better context, thanks to @miraquill. Also, I am sorry to have put you through this long read, and if you did read it all, thank you.

    #wod #choice #choose #pride #pridemonth #lgbtqia @writersnetwork

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    Make Love, Not War

    Let's harbour amity, not animosity.
    Let's spread peace, not hostility.
    Let's pick flowers, not fights.
    Let's trample hate, not rights.
    Let's leave compliments, not scar.
    Let's make love, not war.

  • not__so_poetic 48w

    I'm well aware of the pronouns but i just used he to represent it from the society's point of view #pride#sexuality#lgbtqia+#shade

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    Once lived a man
    Coping with life
    Living for dreams
    Careful with moves
    Then a word flew
    Out of his window
    Into the concrete woods
    Like a wild fire
    The secret spread out
    Again under the faded shade
    He continued to be the same
    People forgot him as a human
    A man aware of his sexuality is still a shame!!

  • _ameeshii_ 48w

    To all those who have lost their partners in suicide or other causes.

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    They say, "few things are not meant to be".
    Perhaps in a parallel Universe they look at us and whisper, "this is what forever looks like".

  • teensheldon_111 49w


    'Yes I can accept me as I am. Because all I know is that I love you..' ,she wishpered in her ears and landed a soft kiss on her forehead...


  • _ameeshii_ 50w

    Your eyes are poem
    Filled with oceanic metaphors
    Where I can dive in,
    Everytime my soul is exhausted
    And it needs it's favourite poet~



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    Your eyes are poem
    I craved to read since eternity...


  • sketcher 51w

    You and I can love freely
    We aren't at fault for whom we love

    #writersnetwork #mirakee #pride #pridemonth #love #life #june #happy #poems #poem #words #word #LGBTQIA+

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    Love expression

    The very being of independence
    Lies within the core of foundation
    That foundation being love
    Ability to express with utmost sincerity
    We can love wordlessly
    We can be loved boundlessly
    You and I become "Us"
    We are selfish warriors for love
    Let's fight for love
    Let's not fight the love
    Search for every kind
    Embrace the very root
    Let's find love in people
    Let's respect the feeling of love
    Let's not fight whom we love
    Let's choose love over and over
    We feel and we love
    Simple as it is
    Simple as it should be

  • rayhannahere 55w

    #rainbow #wod #pod @mirakeeworld @mirakee @writersnetwork #LoveTheeSoul #LGBTQIA+ #AllAreBeauty #LoveAll #BeKindToAll

    Tell me, there's 2% difference genetically.. why conclude by yourself on others?
    Whether Black or White
    Whether Small or much with Height
    Whether Lean or Fat
    Whether with Luscious Locks or Baldness hidden with Hat
    And the most common, most hatred one.. why judging the soul?
    Whether Straight or Gay or PanSex..?

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    Let's sort Rainbow colors as couple of flowers.. so-

    V_Violet ~ Lavender, Foxgloves
    I_IndiGo ~ Iris, Cornflower
    B_Blue ~ Periwinkles, Morning Glory
    G_Green ~ Zinnia, Bells of Ireland
    Y_Yellow ~ Sunflowers, Tulips
    O_Orange ~ Marigold, Bird of Paradise
    And the not the least,
    R_Red ~ Rose, Carnations

    Aren't they beautiful? So would you pluck them? Off of any garden?
    Then why you pick on humans? All are beauty in their own way..

    If Almighty himself planted Garden full of Beautiful Flowers, Who are we to pluck or poke on Others?


  • ntombekhaya_oz 56w

    My love for her grew everyday. It didn't matter who said what and who opposed to us being together. The heart wanted what it wanted and it was her.

  • bloom_like_a_flower3009 64w

    Our pronouns help us tell you who we are and how we liked to be called. We are humans too and we don't have any mental disorder we need our rights too.

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    The unspoken tale...

    They were in their room all day, thinking the perfect plan to tell the world who they really were, but what they didn't know was that the society doesn't support them.....

  • yayinology 81w

    Most of the women, like men.
    Some like both men and women.
    And some are only into women.
    There are women, who grow up into a man.
    And some fluctuate between both.
    Some are neither feminine nor androgynous, just neutral.
    Same with men.
    For some love is just platonic,
    And for some pain is a pleasure.
    You are not required to understand or accept them.
    That would be unfair for both parties.
    You shouldn't be forced, and they shouldn't need your permission to live their life.
    However remember, you aren't allowed to hurt them,
    And you are required to mind your own business.
    It's that simple!

  • grotesque 87w

    Love; a curse

    At Jewelry shop, the shopkeeper asked..
    'How about this design for the groom's ring?'
    Everybody loved it except her.
    She murmured 'But I don't love a guy...'
    The shopkeeper asked 'What?'
    Tears drops came out of her eyes.
    Her father pressed her wrist and said
    'She means she is a bit shy.'
    Of course a girl always has to love a guy only.
    The next morning they found her body hanging from the ceiling with a note stating in capitals--

    A Father lost a daughter. A lover lost a lover. Society didn't lose anything yet!


  • grotesque 88w

    Depression: 2.4

    A stringing pain threatens my heart
    With immense curse. It knows no bound.
    I am not at peace and I am neither sad.
    I am a lifeless burden of my own thoughts.
    The demon crawls through my bedsheet
    And chokes me from within and I do not
    Scream anymore. I am just falling into a loop.
    I have visions of my childhood. Lost childhood.
    Do you ever feel like eating your own flesh?
    It is considered as a grotesque act, right?
    Yet, I am in that state where my mind eats my
    Flesh and I am left alone with ramifications
    Of those thoughts. I am sober. I am silent.
    Yes I am! You won't believe that I saved myself
    From getting too much attached to severity.
    These feelings are so addictive and my mind
    Is a complex box. It is chatters and sends
    Singnal to act upon futility. There is life in
    Every thought and there is no space for
    Going back to myself again. These unwanted
    Ugly thoughts are my destiny now. The boat
    Has sailed. The water is calm & dreamy.
    I stand underneath a shower and comprehend
    How my day would go in advance. Then I read
    Re-read those words that would torture my soul.
    I am stuck in a beautiful loop that is taking away
    My life. I am not running. I am waiting for
    An absolute form to destroy my existence.
    Maybe, for some people it is already over.


  • grotesque 93w

    During our pride walk last year during December, Kolkata, India, we were told to walk in a straight line and a rope was held the volunteers to maintain a straight line so that the vehicles on the road could move. Me and my friends shouted we are not straight anyway how would u expect us to walk in straight line. Also, the rope thing was making us feel claustrophobic. Pride walk is that ONE FUCKING day we get to be ourselves. Why would we give priority to anyone except. We were letting the ambulances pass by, we didn't behave badly still those volunteers made us feel like closeted again while making us walk in straight line. In India even after homosexuality has been decriminalized the concept of pride walk is still somewhat compromised. It felt as if the flag bearers of the LGBTQIA plus community was compromising our freedom to even walk the way we want to so that they could please the government for our rights. Why would we need to please anyone for who we are? Straight people do not please anyone and still they get accepted and considered as the normal! They can fucking walk half naked on streets, kiss and do what not on every day. We can't do that even on pride walk! Such a shame.
    #pride #rainbow #lgbtqia+ #queercontent #homophobia #transphobia #freedom #heteronormativity #fuck_patriarchy #fuck_genderroles #binary #non_binary #otherlove #loveislove #condemnation #personal_experience #grotesque #kolkata #india #shameful #december #2019 #377 #social_stigma #pod #mirakee #writers @writersnetwork @mirakeeworld

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    Pride walk December 2019
    Kolkata, India


  • grotesque 102w

    Sudden ECLIPSE:-That dawn they opened the door of her room to find her body hanging from the ceiling. She did not die. She flew away somewhere. Somewhere, where she did not have to hide anymore. In her lover's arm maybe. Every body thought she acted cowardly, but only she knew she left a deep impact on hearts of the haters. It started melting now. Haters are now beginning to understand that love has the power to melt down the heat of any sort of hate, anger and even aggression. She flew far away only to come back as who she is. In the next birth maybe. Man, woman, or any other gender; are just words. If we feel love we don't see any gender. We see the human. Her letter of love and pride , implanted seeds of kindness in the hearts of her family members. Love won. Love always wins. Feel love; not body.
    © grotesque
    #pridemonth #lgbtqia+ #other_love #pod #mirakee #writers #diary_form #letter #feelings #harsh_reality #rainbow #homosexuality #gender_neutral #heteronormativity #human #i_am_queer

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    Dear family,

    What is love to you?

    For me it is one hell of a feeling. I don't see any gender while falling in love. I just feel love. It is so beautiful. Why are you so grossed out? Did I do anything wrong? Hope you could listen to me once. I am not different. I am also human. I have feelings and emotions too. So what, if I love her? So what if I cannot love any man. I am proud of myself. This world, which is so full of hatred, cannot accept love. It is not ready yet. Bring another life to the world when you are ready to accept love. Remember, I am not quitting. I am leaving my soul from my body to mark an impact on your heart. Hope love wins someday.

    Yours, still the same,

  • inaayat777 102w

    "I fall for souls, not genders",

    said the intellectual bisexual.