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  • sanskriti08 1d


    Every person who ever lived on this earth is great
    But when that greatness is all they ever talk about..
    Well, not so great...!

  • _lucid_ 1d


    I wish you would choose me as i chose you,
    but i realized that,
    I live in a fantasy where you're mine,but it is just a coping mechanism,that i made up in my mind because i wanted you to be mine, desperately.
    and i should just wake up from this fantasy of mine, that's only making me lose my senses.
    I'll go insane with all the lies my mind feeds me.
    And you're not helping me either.

  • mutilated_marionette 2d

    Drink Deeply

    Drink deeply the lies of those you care about
    Ignore the holes in their stories, as well as your doubt

    Because if you pretend long enough, maybe it'll be like it never occurred
    But you just hang onto their every word

    Restless nights of depression and crying
    Slowly turning into anger at all of the lying

    Bitterness and resentment fill you with sorrow
    Hesitantly curious about what lies you'll hear tomorrow

    Maybe they'll tell you they love you and pretend to care
    Each lie passes through you, your heart is beginning to tear

    Then you begin to question everything that you once thought you knew
    Were they always just playing you

    Was it nothing but a game to see how long they could toy with you
    To see how you would react, what you would do

    But you'll bite your tongue and smile
    As you listen to their lies, all of their wasted guile

  • mmbftd 1w


    I understand now
    Your fear
    Your cowardice
    The way you violently
    Kept us in line
    To make yourself feel important.
    And I've been your sounding board, since I was four years old. I was a wise child even then, because I had to be, to survive your rule.
    Now, even after your coma and near death sequence miraculously gave you more chances to live again ...
    You change nothing
    You have always been a liar
    A manipulative man
    Seeking out sympathy from your daughter before she could even ride a bike.
    Your marital strife, was a saga you versed me in.
    Now, you are almost 90. Ancient. Their should be wisdom acquired by now, but there are only more lies, more boiling hatred for anyone around you who thinks for themselves. Because you are a follower, begrudgingly. You do it to be a martyr. For sympathy.
    But I've none for you old man. I'm to blame. I've coddled you my entire lifetime and I've suffered from it. You never stood up for me, never got to know me, never heard me or cared to question anything. Your weakness sickens me. Have you never been grateful for anything?
    You tell me how you and mom fantasize about how much better your lives could've been if you hadn't had us kids. With glee you told me this! Even if it's true...why speak it? You want me to know that you are sorry we exist?
    We never asked to be here, under your thumbs, manipulated and diminished by your violent outbursts of fists and screams.
    I used to watch you beat my dog through the window. Horrified and terrified and all at once grateful it was not me in that moment. But I loved my dog so much. He was my one spot of joy. You hurt him. You hurt me through him. You planted seeds of terror in my soul. Your eyes black like hollow holes of rage. I could not save my dog, nor myself. You were my father, the secret monster. Smiles and songs for strangers, jokes and laughter to draw them in.
    And then other times you made me sing. Trained me to be your partner in ways my mother could not. You wanted to be famous. You wanted adoration above all else. You still do. And when I was little I sang and thought we sang together for the joy of song. The purity of harmony filling the air around us. But I was your monkey. You fooled me. You pretended to know me. As I tried my best to communicate with you through song.
    I'm so angry all this time later. Mostly at myself. For not seeing through you sooner.
    You created a jester that only a child would accept.
    I kept your secrets because you told me your life depended on them. I grew up angry at a mother you made into my enemy, with your lies. Your groomed me to be your soldier, your mascot, your shield against her.
    And even now, with your second chance at a valuable life...you cannot step into a life lived with integrity.
    You can only brag, about yourself incessantly.
    Old man, I loved you so, idolized you, took punches for you, gave you so much of my time and protection. Above my own life, I cared for yours.
    You are a bad man.
    You are on your own now.
    I can't save anyone but myself now.
    And you'll not even notice me gone.

  • darthgaaru 1w

    I guess these lines are just the simple, everyday lies we tell ourselves. Particularly, as a foodie, I've had my fair share of "this time is the time" moments where I knew for certain that I would not binge on any more indulgent food, but ofcourse, just one more day of indulgence has been the norm every single day.

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    Everyday Lies

    But actually, you see,
    I am definitely starting on my diet tomorrow.
    So just for today, I’ll binge on hot garlic bread,
    A delectable pie of cheesy Margherita,
    Crowned with a dollop of marble Burrata,
    One final meal, before the workout dread.
    But actually, you see,
    I am positively starting on my diet tomorrow.
    So just for today, I’ll gulp down hot wonton soup,
    Sweet and sour crispy corn frittered fries,
    Spicy sauced dumplings and garlic fried rice,
    Indulgence, before I workout and diet in a loop.
    But actually, you see,
    I am certainly starting on my diet tomorrow.
    So just for today, I’ll savour the Tandoori Kebabs,
    Butter Naans dipped in mild slow-cooked lentils,
    Biryani by the kilo, well beyond my fill,
    No, my workout claims are no false garb.
    But actually, you see,
    I am surely starting on my diet tomorrow.

  • musings_of_a_writer 2w


    The only time I lied to you was when
    I found you breaking into my arms
    The girl who had a smile etched on her lips
    Was crying inconsolably;trembling in my arms
    I tightened my arms around you
    Biting my lips to hold my tears
    As I was scared too
    I was blank I didn't have any words of comfort for you
    I was going through the same storm
    Everything was devastated inside of me
    But I had you in my arms
    I couldn't fall weak
    I wanted to fall on my knees and howl so loud
    That even the walls would have been afraid of my screams
    But I didn't break I stood there like a statue
    You matter to me more than my own pain
    And it was piercing my heart to see you in tears
    That time I lied saying
    'Don't worry , everything will be fine'
    Though I didn't have the slightest hope they will
    And wiped your tears and hugged you again
    As if imbibing all your sorrows into me
    I muttered the same words again and again
    And tightened my grip further
    As if even my soul wants to keep you warm and safe
    Then when you stopped crying
    I thought I saw rainbow on those teary eyes
    We passed the storm together
    I know my girl is strong
    But if such situation comes again
    I would lie again
    As I know I did no wrong

  • akshay_vasu 3w

    They watched in silence while the lies they said turned themselves into reality, one after the other.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • poetrynz 3w

    A lie may take care of the present , but has no future.

  • xyzzzzzzz123 4w

    Eternal Life

    I wish I could fly very high
    I wish I could share my pie
    I wish I could have someone to deny
    I wish I could deeply cry
    I wish I could have someone to reply
    I wish I could be little shy
    I wish i could go without goodbye
    I wish I could die from this eternal lie

  • jpwriter 7w

    Real Eyes

    When you finally realize
    Many people tell real lies
    Instead of speaking real lines
    Fooling with Eye contacts
    Contrary of their real eyes
    When I contact
    It's the real I
    So Why combat
    Just to reel lies
    In with your eye contact
    I feel I
    Deserve respect
    I can see why
    You've burnt your tracks
    So Believe I
    Won't turn back
    Because you're senile
    Flowing lies like sea now
    I got to go
    So I'll let you be now


  • indrani_mukherjee 7w

    Mirror mirror on the wall
    Tell me who's the truest of the all!
    For I have been betrayed again in love.
    Mirror mirror on the wall
    How shall I mend this broken heart?
    As he has walked away from my life
    But I am drowning in my sorrow tonight.

  • kaydeedubb 8w

    One of the biggest lies starts with the word everybody. There are billions of people that make up the world and we've not met them all.


  • african_nate 9w

    You promised love and loyalty, said you'll be the best thing I've ever had in a while, so I thought you are the one to have a future with.Pictures of our beautiful "family" playing on my mind like a distant dream. I thought I would have you forever but now all I got is an ashtray full of dozens of cigar butts. Half smoked cigars in my pocket and I think I might end up with damaged lungs from all these smoke I inhale just trying to replace the taste of your lips in mouth.

  • dr__aditi 9w

    People get offended after doing wrong
    And act as if you did something bad to them
    Believe me there's no need to do anything
    Other than to leave them alone.
    Because if they can't accept their fault and act accordingly, they would never learn;
    As there's one wise saying,
    "Old habits never die."


  • _barbie__ 9w

    Sachhai ek aesa raasta hai
    Jiski pehel mushkil hoti hai
    Manzil nhi

  • egnolnuges 9w


    When they brought you
    Our fathers smiled and our mothers leaped
    A feast at the palace marked your erection
    Finally, action match words
    'We have been remembered!'
    Electricity beckons; darkness be gone
    Cement pole

    Returning from elementary school
    We admire your gait and share tales of your coming
    How we would watch men in boxes;
    Bright courtyard
    Ironed clothes to school
    Alas it was never so

    Now, boys have became fathers
    Black hair turned gray
    The poles have turned green
    A host for parasitic plants
    We look forlorn at the pole
    A symbol of lies and hope that will never be
    The government officials have simply used the poles to get us to the polls.
    After winning they abandoned us.


  • writtersfeelingz 10w

    Instagram user....

    Nowadays it's the one
    I see everytime someone
    Leaves just because
    We loved them truly
    Lust won the aces
    Breaking my heart into pieces

  • unsung_seagull 10w

    A moon-ful of
    Paradise in a
    Full-blown daylight.
    He assured me
    White Lilies on an
    Abandoned island.

    Stars would grow
    Wings one day
    He said.
    Riding the winds
    That spread colors,
    Fairies would
    Come to ward off
    Blues of winter.

    Fireflies in the
    Month of December,
    Bike rides by the
    Coast, over break
    Of monsoons.

    Oh! Stop it.

    Serving starlight
    In ceramic saucers,
    To force hope
    In deserted islands.
    Is bad mannerism.

    Planting dreams
    In somebody's
    Mind is an act
    Of terrorism.


  • faulty_puppet 10w


    You won’t find words
    Behind my eyes
    You won’t ever know
    The truth and all the lies
    You still ask all
    That’s in my head
    But you still question
    Everything I’ve said
    I am a sweet liar and
    That’s what you just craved
    But now my lies
    Are choking you instead

    You keep saying
    Be real or nothing
    But it blinds you to see
    The black in my mind

    Now I am just a lie
    As much as you are
    But I live with them
    And you can never run too far
    Now you ask how
    I do it everyday
    Coz my mind has
    Grayed beyond my age
    I am a pretty liar
    For you to disgrace
    I know my truth will
    Just laugh at both your faces

    I won't fall in
    Love with your follies
    So why don’t you find a new
    Patsy for your jibes

    I don’t want to
    Give you the truth
    So you can just
    Destroy my heart
    I will lie on to
    Save and go on
    With my soul and
    Find my paradise


  • gauravdwivedi 10w

    In the world full of lies.
    Your blessed if you have the one
    Who speaks the truth, no matter how difficult the question is !