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    November it was,
    a month before Christmas,
    when an ordinary girl was born,
    with something not so ordinary for this world.
    In her greenish eyes the universe could be seen,
    but there lied something which ceased everyone's grin.

    Months passed,
    as days vanished.
    Now she could walk and talk,
    dance and sing,
    cheerful akin a bird without any wing.
    But something which drew attention of all,
    it was nothing but her shaking eye ball.

    Quite after sometime,
    they all became cognizant,
    she had got those nystagmic eyes as God's present.

    Born in family so stereotypical,
    her problem seemed so illogical.
    Being a girl is itself too tough at times,
    on top of that, if she is born with some defect,
    she becomes subject to absurd comments of all kind.

    She has to excel wherever she goes,
    this is all what she knows.
    No matter her sky is so full of cloud,
    she never leaves any stone unturned to make her parents proud.

    That she is me,
    and being compared with others,
    my whole life was spent.
    But I hope someday all this will end,
    the day when i will no more have to pretend.
    Soon I will make people realize,
    if I am not better, atleast I am different.
    © quotidian_ink

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    In the world;
    where everyone is in the
    persuit of becoming the best,
    it becomes very important
    for all of us to apprehend,
    "if I am not better, atleast I am different."
    © quotidian_ink

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  • sanvi2paliwal75 132w

    What Universe says

    Stop discussing your problems over and over and over again with everyone you meet. The more you discuss "the problem" the more attention you are giving to it and that is the vibration you are offering to the Universe. So the Universe says "Okay! More of that then".
    If you are discussing a problem with the thought of generating a solution to it, that is great. But if you are doing it just to "vent out over and over with everyone".. Well where is the solution in that. All it will do is leave you feeling worse than when you started.
    If you really want to change your life talk about the things you appreciate about your life, talk about the things that really make you happy.. And the Universe will say "more of that, then" :)