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  • straypoems 28w

    The World Against You

    If you are tired of living,
    close your eyes for a minute,
    go scream without a limit,
    but learn to be forgiving.

    Forgive the world,
    without any word.
    Accept your fate,
    without a hate.

    You can be mad,
    but never think bad.
    You can cry,
    but never think that it's a good choice to die.

  • theafricangirl 101w

    #stopdepression #listen #realiseplease #noearlygraves #lifeispriceless

    I wrote this piece based on my mood today. Sorry I was gone for so long❤

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    Realise please

    Craving for deeper cuts
    Those ones weren't deep enough
    Heck they didn't bleed a lot

    Long sleeves
    Covering up dark emotions
    Hiding unimaginable pain
    Beneath forced smiles
    Cause it's easier to smile
    Than explain why you're sad

    They cover it up
    But what the actually want
    Is for you to REALISE PLEASE

    Time's running out
    Tears drying out
    Excuses blurring out
    Suicide calling out

    They hear -but don't listen
    Not because they're cowards
    Or because they're vulnerable
    They have guts
    To go deeper -To cut deeper
    But they don't
    Not because they can't,
    But because deep down
    They DON'T want to

    Too many scores left unsettled
    Too many grudges unforgotten
    Whether it was anger, pain or hate
    Inferiority worthless or even incompetence
    There's that rope -toxic or not
    That they refuse to let go

    Realise please,
    Before its too late
    Before they listen to that voice
    Cautiously calling them to death

    You should learn from it- that voice
    It's more persistent that you've ever been

    Realise please
    Before they cut deeper
    Selling their souls a little cheaper

    Realise please
    before it's too late
    They DON'T need a speech

    Realise please
    Before they give up
    Running life's slippery race
    And you lose a battle
    You never actually fought

    A poem dedicated to an intensively vulnerable era prone to depression and suicide


  • theafricangirl 103w

    I wrote this poem in view of what's been going on lately, because it's saddening
    #blacklivesmatter #lifeispriceless #wematter
    Retweet, and let people know, they are not alone in this fight for their worth ❤

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    Black lives matter ❤

    For centuries, we lived like this
    A slave to our fellow man
    Do we not breathe the same air?
    Do we not have eyes or ears?
    Are we aliens or some foreign material

    Back then we fought for our freedom
    Now we fight for our lives
    In the midst of wrongful distinction .

    Do we not have blood flowing through our veins
    Our hearts bursting with emotion
    I get it, it's our skin colour right?
    But what gives you the right?
    To trample on our rights?
    And decide what is right or wrong

    Are we not also humans
    Do our colour now define us
    Does racism now define our fates
    Is death the only way.

    You have shattered our dreams
    And degraded of means
    Trampled on our worth
    And discriminate against our existence.

    It's this damned skin colour right?
    But hey, it's just a skin colour
    We breathe the same air
    We have two legs
    Two eyes, we were born the same way
    We're running the same race

    Yet you treat us like foreign animals
    Like a taboo in human form
    Is it a sin to exist
    Are we just another piece
    Another page in the books
    Of extinct history

    You say we're different, I say we're unique.
    You say we're savages, I say we are humane, and yes we make mistakes.
    No matter what you say
    Our lives matter
    Black lives matter.
    We deserve peace
    To live to breathe
    Freedom because just like you
    We're priceless.

    Everyone's lives matter,
    So do ours

  • likwidsay10 199w

    I was raised to appreciate all the little things
    Embrace all life has given me despite what fate may bring

    I know life ain't worth living if you ain't happy
    And as long as you're living, you should consider yourself lucky

    No, you can't say you nothing
    You have all the air you can breathe
    And as long as you're living
    Your life is priceless to me


  • ___pe___ 207w

    This one's a message to every student! Please repost and share this as much as possible friends! This mark is not worth their lives�� I've done my part, please share this and contribute������ #Resultsareout #Stopsuicideattempts #Lifeispriceless #Bebrave #Mirakeeworld #Examsucks #Repostitplease

    I know it took me a while to post this, sorry for the delay! I hope this one is useful yaar! @aakashgta

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    To all those warriors whose results are out,

    Congrats for surviving the battle!Listen,this mark that you have secured is not the end of your life, its just a bend in your life Trust me, you are way more than your marks Why let these silly exams define you, my friend? Its all about winning the war that counts and not winning every battle.☺ Chin up Champ!! You are born to win✌ You have a purpose in this life and don't ever underestimate your capabilitiesNever attempt to end your life as it is disrespecting God's creation. Let the society laugh, don't give a damnAll they can do is criticise! Grow in such a way that people who rejected you will admire you The world will never stop pulling you down so don't you stop growing!Life is not easy my friend, but suicide can never be a solution! So never indulge in such activitiesIf you are reading this, I pray that Almighty showers his grace upon you and blesses you abundantlyWill be happy if this has some positive impact in you!

    With love,
    A fellow warrior