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  • menmozhiyaal 4w


    Have you ever felt that bombardment of energies happen inside your cells?
    It will, when you meet someone from the farthest galaxy, who time travelled from future and destined to connect with you when days and months were rolling heavy.
    Where there was no hope for light or life,
    Where there were no tunnels you could travel,
    Where there were no mountains you could turn, To take a leap of faith.

    He happened, then.

    You never can imagine how a day might put you in a different ball game that was unexpected.
    Well, credits to our first rendezvous.

    From day one to last date night, the talks, the connection, the closeness, the untold confessions, the inexperienced cozy hugs,
    We are organic, authentic and a wholesome package.

    You find this extraordinary excitement for growth. From within and around. You look forward to it everyday. You look forward to grow wild with him.

    Because, it's Us❤


  • kashyapraj3010 5w

    90’s Vs 20’s!!!
    - By Raj Kashyap

    De time flies over us,
    But, it leaves its,
    Shadow all behind.

    In 90’s we had concern,
    Now, its depression,
    Barbers shops were bloom,
    All turning into Saloons.

    Gully cricket was fun,
    Now, online games all spun,
    Cough & cold as flu’s,
    Covid – 19 filling its shoe.

    Pc & TV as rummy,
    Both losing their tummy,
    Petrol, then a jewel,
    105/litre now, too cruel.

    Photo album, means memories,
    To tell stories for centuries,
    Books, read by turning pages,
    Now, swipe left/right to change.

    Post letters seems lame,
    Video calls changed de game,
    Skies full of colored kites,
    Now, Drones making flies.

    Floppy disk, a nostalgic,
    Pen drive changing dynamic,
    Manners, seems boulder,
    No respect for elders.

    Desert Coolers giving chills,
    Ac’s, threatening electricity bills,
    Festivals now, are too sick,
    Each wanting a social media pic.

    Morning Walk, reducing disease,
    Treadmill, An artificial seize,
    Those fresh airs from farms,
    Now, Pollution raising Alarm!!

    Stalking has become easier,
    Thanks to Fb and Tumblr.

    In 90’s, love is a cake,
    Which everyone can bake,
    Now, love isn’t in the air,
    Kind hearted, be aware!!!

    Tom & Jerry as bestie,
    Now, dieting a health zesty,
    There’s no age to dreams,
    30’s as the new 20’s.

    Hide & Seek is now lost,
    Childhood seems too frost,
    Friends having no time to met,
    Talking only through chats.

    - By Raj Kashyap…

    #ThenvsNow #Timefiles #poetry #lifethen #lifenow

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    90's Vs 20's


  • thanewb 193w

    May I be honest

    May I be honest? If you're going to love me, it's gonna take work. Not cause you have to work for my love, it's just that I've been excruciatingly hurt. I'm not saying that you haven't, but to be honest, we can work together and make healing a habit. To be honest your smile makes me smile and honestly I need more of them in my life. Some where along to way I forgot how to be me and if I may be honest, you remind me how to be me. Honestly speaking I'm dead on the inside but you bring me life. I honestly don't want to treat you like everybody else cause you do something different, you make me proud of myself. I allowed myself to get lost in the music and comeback as needed, but tbh, you were what I needed. It's like you bring me back to life, back to reality, and living in a world with someone like you is incredible and 'ly indescribable honestly. Tomorrow isn't promised today but if I could be honest, it's okay because you brought me a little more joy to last forever and a day.


    Tha new B.

  • voiceless_brine 221w

    Sculptures on sand

    The scars,
    from the garden of roses,
    will always remain there on the skin.
    Amid the dunes,
    through the desert,
    somewhat they'll remind of the treasure,
    life sculptured on the sands of time.