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  • sanveda 3d

    Have you ever believed in magic
    Instead of searching logic
    Have you ever believed in fantasy
    Instead of worrying over destiny
    Have you ever being emotional
    Instead of being practical
    Have ever wandered in the world
    That lies within you
    Have you ever tried to discover
    What miracle are you
    Have you ever tried to stop from the busy schedule
    And understand yourself
    Have you ever knew when you lost your childhood
    And started trying to perceive a mature self
    Have you ever listened to screaming of your heart
    Thats asking you to start over again
    Where you have a way to heal your pain
    Where you can live a life insane
    Do you escape reality and want to be lost in magic?
    Do you want to be free from this cage of tragic?

  • dosbambi 12w

    In the Yoruba culture, which is my culture, we have a popular proverb that says; "if a lie should travel or run for a thousand years, it will only take a minute for the truth to catch up with the lie".

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    Truth is such a boss
    he doesn't care if you
    believe or not
    he's not bothered
    about your efforts
    to silent him
    he just sits back
    for time to do her job


  • dosbambi 15w

    All over the world, more cases of depression are springing up daily. Seems like, life is really dealing with humanity far more than we can afford.

    This age of information, has somewhat add to the problems in the way, we didn't see coming, nor can we stop now that it's here.

    Too many information everywhere,
    Too many things begging for our attention...

    If you don't pay attention, you might just miss out on what's going on, making you feel like, you are lost.

    You are dealing with one, yet to get your footing, and many others are already begging for your attention too. And they all just becoming overwhelming to the point where you don't know what to do.

    We used to complain of not having enough, now we have too many! It's such a difficult time for our mental state.

    #dosbambiwrites #dosbambiinspires #lifeissues #lifelessons #lifepoetry #lifepoem #nigerianpoet #africanpoet

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    Many a time
    I've felt like throwing
    the towel far away
    life asking too much of me
    got me pent up like
    a volcano ready to blow up
    Life got me in the corner
    like a fighter boxed up
    by a ferocious opponent
    Many a time
    I've got lost in my thoughts
    like a tourist lost on a desert
    my mind pressed against
    the wall helplessly
    Many a time
    I've got overwhelmed
    with this age of information
    too many information to deal
    with, morning, day and night
    impossible to miss them
    once your eyes see light
    Many a time
    I lay there, tired of everything
    that I just want to do nothing


  • _knox_ 16w

    That lady

    You were always like an open book to everyone.
    But whenever you are around people,
    I can see in your eyes, your way of speaking
    You hide your true self as you trust no one.
    As if every page is written as a poem or as a riddle
    Even in this chaotic world
    You didn't let a single soul to figure you out
    That's truly admirable
    You only show what is essential
    And what isn't, you pretend to be in denial
    You told me once, I remember,
    " Only your heart needs to know what you are
    And when you let your guard down,
    You are giving them power "

  • anu420 22w

    सवालों की लड़ी

    ज़िन्दगी इतनी उलझ सी गयी है , आज को देखती हूं तो कल के धोखे याद आते है ।
    और कल को देखती हूं तो वही सवालों की लड़ी लगी हुई दिखती है ।
    सवाल आज भी पूरे है , पर जवाब अधूरे से है ।
    किसको दोष दूं या किसको ना दूं कुछ समझ नही आता ।
    सामने वाले को देखती हूं , तो उसकी जिंदगी बहुत सही लगती है ।
    खुद की ज़िंदगी तो बस उलझी - उलझी सी लगती है ।
    घूम फिर के वही सवाल वही जवाब , जवाब भी खुद को तसली देने के लिए खुद को ही दे देती हूं ।
    मेरी ज़िंदगी है ना जाने कब सुधरेगी , या फिर मेरा ही बनाया हुआ जाल है जिस में मैं खुद ही उलझी हुई हूँ ।

  • by_maya 27w

    "I can't even hold your hand,but I love you with a love that no one can understand."- Unknown

    It's good to dream, but it becomes even more beautiful when you get a reason to dream.

    #mirakee #miraquil #dreamagain #lovequotes #lifepoem #writetoinspiresoul

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    Made me Dream again!

    I was completely broken;
    Untill you came like a beam from a distant.

    I closed my eyes to hide from it;
    But you step in and made me dream again!

    Accidentally, you embraced those scares;
    Like a father protects his daughter.

    That soft touch on my broken soul felt;
    As if a painter drew a painting on an empty canvas.

    You became the poem I never knew how to write;
    And your smile made me dream again!


  • meghna_thakuria 35w


    I was writing a story
    I can't find a title
    I was writing it,
    Expressing it,
    Through the sorrow and joy.
    I went outside,
    I forgot everything, everyone
    ' I saw myself avoiding myself '
    I looked up,
    I smiled, carrying a bundle of life...
    Though it was only one life...
    That time, I saw the title of my book
    The title that suits it...
    I saw it through the joy of my life.
    I saw it through my heart.
    Though there was sorrow sitting on it...
    I knew that this book was about happiness,
    I thought many times
    I pushed myself so hard.
    My back carrying it,
    My life handling it,
    My joy separating it,
    My happiness covering me,
    Through the days I passed...
    Through the night I was scared of...
    Through everything I couldn't even handle it.
    This story is complete...

  • arvindcps 39w

    हे मन वापस लौट आना तुम
    चांदनी रातों में आने वाले
    अनगिनत स्याह सपनों से
    जैसे मीलों फैले थार की
    अपनी तपती यात्राओं से
    एक दिन लौट आते हैं
    रेगिस्तान के जहाज़
    कठिन समय की लम्बी उपस्थिति में भी
    अपनी उत्तरजीविता की जिजीविषा को
    हे मन निर्बाध रूप से बनाये रखना
    जैसे 'कुटज' अनंत काल से
    अपने होने की गवाही देता रहता है...
    जीवन में आने वाले
    अकल्पनीय निराशा के मध्य में भी
    हे मन तुम चेतन-प्रहरी बन
    लड़ते रहना झंझावातों से
    जैसे दुर्जेय मरूस्थल का सीना चीर कर
    खिलते रहते हैं 'ओकोटिल्लो' के फूल......

    © - अरविन्द कुमार मिश्र

  • lakshmi_k 41w


    तू मेरी सबसे बड़ी प्रेणना है, ए किस्मत!
    कितना कुछ तू मुझको बस यूं ही सिखाती है।

    जब लगता है सब सही, जिंदगी खुशियों से है भरी,
    तू एक पल में सब ओझल कर, सपना था बताती है।

    जब लगता है जीत गई, बस एक कदम मंजिल यहीं,
    तू एक पल में आगे खाई है, दिखाती है।

    जब लड़ते - लड़ते लगता है, अब तू हार गई,
    तब शरारती मुस्कुराहट से वापस तू फिर आ जाती है।

    मैं भी जीतने के लिए लड़ती हूं।
    तू भी जीतने के लिए लड़ती है।
    तू भी तो कुछ - कुछ मेरी जैसी ही लगती है।

    तू मेरी सबसे बड़ी प्रेणना है, ए किस्मत!
    क्योंकि तू भी कभी, हार नही मानती है।
    ✍️ लक्ष्मी कौशल

  • charlieka 44w

    Travel Worn

    it's the sound of the west in flames of sunset with singing spruce that calls my name
    just quietly
    soft like yield
    subtle tempting
    I'm hungry for the Colorado rivers rushing staccato
    the mountain path
    stone to alpine
    the climb to tip top
    breath bubbling with the scent of pine and smoke and fresh
    I crave sharp frost
    the creak of shoes on top
    the hot sun burning through the pain
    creeping thyme into sight
    the climb is so steep
    the view is so lonesome wintergreen tinged ice is melting
    like a heart shown fire
    flames licking the beating rushing into drowning
    help me
    I'm lost


  • charlieka 45w


    coldly blue colliding
    with hidden arch of shadow glancing blow unfelled
    the dew dusted
    beneath green pools
    pressed into hot sands
    silken to brittle
    embalmed to stillness time


  • charlieka 45w

    Taking Space

    the dresser drawer is almost empty
    the hinges hang haphazardly
    and in the center is a note
    that crawls into my head to live
    I love you always
    it says and then
    Walk forever by my side
    and then
    I can't wait to see you again
    and then
    a single hot tear from my eye
    and I put the folded socks into the space that used to be
    only mine


  • wizardofwords333 45w

    Ek safar- khud ki talash mein

    Peeche chute Raaston ki
    Aksar talab nhi hoti
    Bekarar Krti manzil
    Ke thokron se fursat kha
    Sawal ye hai ki
    Kya in Manzil me mile
    Musafir ki kahani Yad rahengi?
    Ya kho Jayengi Ye bhi
    Us Kitab ke gulab ki trah
    Un peeche chut gye raasto ki dhundh mein
    Gumshuda rishto ki mehak
    Kya kbhi fir sataygi?
    Safar khoobsurat hai, manzil ki filhal baat Nhi krte
    Wo maikhane ki chaka-chaundh
    Us gali me Uski khushboo ka ehsas
    Us Kitab ka gulab Aj bhi daastan suna jata hai
    Zindgi hai sahib
    Toofan ki Kashti ko
    sahil ke shor se Kya bair?
    Anjaam se Kya bair?
    Safar lamba hai par manzil ke safar se khauf kaisa
    Kinaara dur hai abhi
    ghaav ka naasoor ban na baki hai abhi
    Khud ko tarashna baki hai abhi
    khud ki talash mein nikle raahgir
    Aksar laut kr nhi aate
    Khud ko paya bnde
    tune khuda ko pa lia.
    To niklein khud ki talash mein?
    Zindgi Ka suryodya baki hai abhi
    Basant ka aana baki hai abhi

    To chalein niklein khud ki talash main??

  • charlieka 47w

    Resting Riverbed

    So you tell the attic your plans - the dust on cracked roller skates and albums warped in crisp papered sleeves
    and the small window looking out across town blurry and cob webbed
    you tell them about the sunrise you've never seen or the sunset of your dreams
    spend time laughing
    talk about doodles of artwork hanging on the refrigerator
    new reports and media bleets
    and about paper clips and staples, shelving
    summers of baseball
    the future
    the past
    the galaxies
    spill out everything
    every last thing loosened
    come to me empty
    in quiet hollows of my thigh your hand will trace circles as you smooth into peaceful slumber never releasing one word to me
    my eyes open to the night air and highway hum
    rattling memories in corners, under the bed, in storage
    cracking yellow with age sepia curled fading
    ghost town in black and white tumbleweed strewn streets
    with swinging saloon doors creaking
    grit and fields blown into derelict glasses
    dead leaves and dust devils spin down the streets
    no winter snowmelt tumbling frothed white caps leaping with life and whispering reeds
    but oceans of rocks in silent riverbeds sunburnt shadows at rest


  • charlieka 47w

    There was venom in the air last night
    Serpents writhing
    Tormented souls lamenting
    Lunatics cavorting beneath the half moon beams
    There seemed to be a concerted effort
    to verbalize untruths and mix them into the atmosphere
    The hot sting of acid fell from the foggy sky and burned the face of hope gazing to the heavens
    Somehow the world kept spinning and tho devils were near I remain unchanged and still among the living


  • charlieka 47w


    can be found in
    velvet thickets and marbled forests
    her head raised to the clouds
    quenched in downpours resting in verdant fields
    tumbled in perfumed meadows
    huddled beneath umbrellas of hissing trees
    bathing in mists
    drunk from the singing larks
    painting stars and stirring sunrise with words
    she draws the edge of night blooming with poppies and roses silvered with ringing notes
    of wood thrush and whippoorwill
    loving the sun topped white caps of wind torn waterways
    licking the snow capped mountains
    slipping into canyons and running across the plains
    she searches for the beauty in everything she sees


  • charlieka 47w

    I had a dream

    You were with me
    and my family and friends
    It was like the missing piece to the puzzle
    Was found
    I woke up feeling complete
    Refreshed and rested
    Grateful for your visit
    I'd never slept so sound
    I'd never felt so at ease
    The one regret I felt
    when I opened my eyes to the real world
    was that you weren't still in it


  • charlieka 49w

    Another Day Gone By

    building gardens in wooden boxes watered with tears
    this floor worn smooth
    by so many bare feet
    is a graveyard for
    tears and petals
    of all kinds
    bitter denial love you sorry
    happy birthday in sympathy
    epitaphs of future memories
    and those already made

  • charlieka 49w

    Mine Fire

    you're a million miles from here
    angrily churning the clouds in your mind hollow eyed
    not eating right
    travelling through caves
    shouting names to hear
    an echo echo
    but here
    it's the same every time
    steady burning candle
    every window an invitation
    the offered hand would take yours in warmth
    fold you into
    arms of comfort
    listen to the words of your heart feed you from the hearth tell you everything's gonna be alright
    my friend
    taste of dirt
    eyes full
    gravel scabbed
    between the lines you learn to pull close and hold on
    lest you burn all the bridges down
    sometimes what you know is best kept inside and sometimes you gotta let it go
    the best remedy for bad choices is to use your gut not your mind
    Shit I dont know
    Talking inside curtains and caves might excite the drinking or the drinking might ignite the talking
    but all leads to the same
    there are fleeting moments that sizzle flare and fizzle then
    there is the burning mountain that you only miss when you find it gone
    An eternal flame


  • charlieka 49w


    On the skirts of shadows beneath the canopy of moth dusting streetlights I ran . I ran for miles every single night after 10. I tried not to. The streets were dangerous people said but I couldn't break the urge to go when the moon was out and stars thickened the sky. I tried running in daylight but I hated the stares from people driving by, the glaring sun in my face...there was a starkness, a certain unpleasant tang in the air that darkness softened . I ran at midnight I felt lucky to be alive and and witness to weather of all kinds. Mostly tho I remember the rains. My favorite a sweet little mist that would sneak down from the heavens and sink into my working body. How clean and good and strong I felt. How beautiful...how young My heart was pounding steady My lungs were filled with lilac, honeysuckle and peony. How I loved those rainy nights blooming into the woman I was becoming...