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    In our own scenery of life
    always a sun of ours
    showers light upon us.
    Our dawns,
    our dusks,
    Looking at that, we grow,
    we shine & gloom,
    we rise & fall.
    Sometimes, the clouds painted with grey colour hover above our heads,
    Halting the beams of light into our scenery
    Taking away our colours,
    Deceiving us into thinking, downpour of light has been stopped.
    look above
    look far
    look at the sky
    look at the clouds
    The blue is still gleaming in the sun's rays
    the sun is still above
    shining bright
    above the clouds.

    //All the lights,You cannot see - Anthony Doerr is taken from the title of the book by Anthony Doerr//

    //Light doesn't disappear.
    It doesn't leave.
    It's just you sometimes not able to see or some clouds of your life hide it for a while but you still can see its gleam//

    //All the light, you cannot see
    is all you need
    to find your way//

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    Sun of Our Own Scenery


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    Be you

    We are entities born from a single explosion of universe. Yet, Unknowingly seldom we forget the elemental state of our existence and gets drenched behind the facade of this glittery World. We live our whole life portraying what we are not, rugged under our insecurities.Our day rises in rays of hopeful yellows and ends with diving in murky blacks. But we forget our own colour hues. We meet unexpected strangers and let them add hues to our canvas, called life.

    As the time passes by, I have begun to understand we have more flaws then we think we have and it's a inseparable truth. So accept your flaws and just flaunt it your way. It's okay to be average filled with flaws, in the world of overachievers and under performers. Not necessarily be the last bencher or the first bencher, it's okay to be the middle bencher.
    / life isn't measured by the number of success or failures. It's counted by the Moments lived /
    To keep moving on is all that matters irrespective of the ways- run, walk or crawl. Its better to be one unseen wildflower, safely nestled between the thorns of life amongst all dandellion.

    We are always on an endless mission searching for our missing pieces. We always forget that we aren't one puzzle, which needs to find its missing piece. We ourselves are a masterpiece, a very creation of our own. Under this cloudless sky, all we need to find is a viel of light, a light of our long forgotten strength. we need to dust off the weights that weighs us down and paint our beguiling soul with our actual breathing shades

    / Peel off the facades of glitters and be vulnerable YOU /

    Thank you for the kind repost @writersbay. You just made my day. Humbled ��

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    The line used from @say_me_krish is "so accept your flaws and just flaunt it your way"

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    Set your soul free
    Before world loses its spark in thee
    Be thankful to life, who set you on whirling spree
    For, it lead you to the world of glee.

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    Sweet 16 forever
    To be young a shivering fever
    The sun is bright
    And the moon brings light at night
    'Never will there be a time light would seize'
    I thought so I made my lids freeze
    Swirling around with the summer breeze

    The world is dark
    The hope that shimmers our youth
    That beams with bright shiny eyes
    And flies with wings like a dove

    The shinning beaming light
    So bright
    I shut my eyes tight
    ´Tomorrow would be bright again’ I thought
    'Forever young' I thought

    Our hope that shimmered now wrinkles
    No light to make it red behind our lids
    Darkness under the morning sun
    Darkness under the night moon

    Sweet 16 went forever
    Wrinkling brought a fever
    Not seeing the light is our plight
    Our bones too weak to swirl with the summer breeze
    Our lids are glued ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE

    #lightc @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay

    This could be the journal of my grandma ��

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    Behind our lids

    Sweet 16 went forever
    Wrinkling brought a fever
    Not seeing the light from the sun and moon is our plight
    Our bones too weak to swirl with the summer breeze
    Our lids are glued now ALL THE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE

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    Mind is my own
    My world I must form
    If inside I cannot see
    Then outside how could it be

    My reality a blinding lie
    To beguile how far I could fly
    The quo against my potential to be
    What to see is up to me

    The real I see full of illusion
    Deep in the unseen must be my solution
    Now I see must inside be
    All this light we cannot see

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    The real I see full of illusion
    Deep in the unseen must be my solution
    Now I see must inside be
    All this light we cannot see


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    that every time , You tried ,
    to drift , the tedium , the listlessness ,
    beguiling the entire arena ,
    with your sweetly seductive voice ,
    feinting towards both , wile and cajolery ,
    as some risible , or for the least , feasible choice ,
    hadn't I allowed You ,
    to bewitch me , with enchantments , waylaid ,
    hadn't I permitted You , the access ,
    to the core of the scars , beneath the flesh , bloodred

    it wasn't never the case ,
    that I enacted nescient or was pampered by your aura , charm ,
    just I was trying to delude myself ,
    from the very romanticism , due to fears of some innate harm ,
    fomenting some rebellion ,
    against your love , bellicose and genteel ,
    wasn't ever my cup of tea ,
    maybe , the moonwalks ,
    in those flabbergasting darks ,
    had blocked my vision , for all the light ,
    I couldn't ever see ,

    notwithstanding the tempting oblivions ,
    of some calmly amorphous and soothing sleep ,
    my heart always cherished those scintillating memories , of that Nirvana ,
    posing myself , for some incarnations of faith ,
    a desirous leap ,
    away from the rationale ,
    distancing myself from the tendrils , delicate ,
    of sumptuous love ,
    did I ever sound ,
    for my lack of vulnerability ,
    like mellifluously austere melodious trove ,

    for , to love or being loved ,
    it's what the destiny , it prescribes for You , to be ,
    in process , creating brightest hemispheres , wherein , zephyrs serve to blow in darknesses , and Love , it happens to be ,
    All the light one cannot see .....


    #beguile #lightc

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    Reflections , of Love


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    Through the fingers of
    your bloodstained palms
    scarlet shaded streaks of sand
    slip quickly into the sea
    and in the blink of an eye
    are swallowed by the waves
    in the distance, your
    face is a mere dot
    it is Morse code, a
    language I never quite
    was capable of mastering
    I do not see your
    flailing arms and when
    I learn that the tides
    washed you away, I
    try to convince myself
    that I couldn't have done
    anything to save you
    but my heart knows a
    lie when it sees one
    and my ears seem to
    detect traces of your
    whisper and some days
    I can almost convince
    myself that I saw you
    walking in the streets.

    The candle must flicker
    if only to teach us what
    it means to live in shadow
    before it plunges us into
    this utter and complete
    darkness, a darkness that
    is but the prelude to a
    tragedy that was preordained
    years and years before
    we even set foot in this
    world and took our first breaths
    what can be chased is
    a dream, even if it is only
    held together by the loose
    threads of hope, what can
    be followed is a road that
    looks empty, yet holds the
    promises of the unknown
    Near the mountaintop, where
    the cold is biting and the
    snow merely a gorgeous
    figment of our imagination
    it is lonely, with the sort
    of quiet that makes your
    heart ache for human speech
    near the top, it is lonely
    and we must embrace the
    shadows and seek the light
    all the light we cannot see.

    - Avitaj

    #lightc @writersbay
    @raika @dopamine @thegreymetaphor

    Picture credit- Oleg Illarionov

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    All that we are, all that we need
    They're different things
    Oh, maybe what we are and what we need
    They're different things

    - Non Believer, London Grammar

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    Darkness with its ruses overruled my esprit to urge the yarn of fate, quoted as NOT A MATCH.

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    bg: rightful owner
    Edited: By me

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    All the light we cannot see, holding the corner quietly.

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    All the light we cannot see

    Lying still on a bed of sticks
    My eyes closed for ever
    I wonder where we go when we die
    After all our ties are severed

    No wind to brush against my face
    No water to feel good in
    All the light I cannot see anymore
    Or warmth that I can feel from within

    Stagnant and stranded I am right now
    Waiting for someone to guide me again
    To show me the path to salvation
    Away from the cycle of loss and gain

    Where will I roam now that I am free?
    When does the afterlife start?
    I am free from fright, pain and regret
    To always remain a whole never a part


    4th of September, 2020

    Pic credit: picture credited to its rightful owner

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    (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) Lament of a Potter's Wheel (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)

    Don't know when the wheel was
    installed mid in my yard
    by my forefathers to give
    you pots real and hard.

    The wheel went on circling
    from time too primeval
    making shapes of clay
    for our survival .

    Ergo, my ancestors worshipped
    this with all honour
    lighting incense lamps,
    offering sweet all the flower.

    The God of clay scintillated
    and filled stomachs ours
    gleefully whirled you
    eliminating sad all hours.

    Doughed the clay hit smoothly
    with my wooden ribs
    blew life in lifeless soil
    by magical finger tips.

    Art of heart moulded in clay
    looked so graceful
    keeping heap of hay and sticks
    burn rightful.

    Colour selective smeared on them
    to set a look awe
    thus, clay stuff became handy
    from its origin raw.

    Sweat of potters yeilded better
    pitchers and toys
    also lamps of clay for worship,
    clay carts played by boys.

    Where have gone the days of potters
    and their wheels
    many of us turned to labour
    broken are our wills.

    Now wheel is resting in peace
    quite an item forlorn
    once reverberating pleasant sound
    stand still in mourn.

    4th September, 2020
    #writersnetwork #social_g #pod #lightc
    @writersnetwork @writersbay

    Image credit to Printrest.

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    @writersbay @mirakee

    Planning on killing yourself? Cool, seems to be a pretty good idea to me at least. Go ahead, won't stop ya this time. Go ahead, kill yourself, and kill that itsy bitsy spark within you, kill the many dreams which your messy brain, has somehow managed to keep entangled within the mess, kill those many microscopic beams of hope that you once radiated, along with those many cords of intimacy clutched to the veins that hold your beating heart from falling apart. Go ahead, put an end to it all.
    Like a big, permanent fullstop●
    Go ahead, give them more reasons, to mock you, humiliate you, and shame you, even after your lungs have stopped inhaling. Despite knowing now, your ears won't take it anymore and your nerves will no longer reach it your brain which will then set streams of salt water down your cheeks, it will still not stop them from labeling you. They did it and they will keep doing it, probably now, even louder.
    If you think, your lifelessness could bring out the tidbit of sympathy their hearts hold for you, you're wrong. Because they don't have any in the first place. If you think seeing your blood will evoke the human in them, you're wrong. For they rear monsters under their skins, which will only be more tempted to taste it, and spit it out in disgust.

    //they will make your life even more miserable after your death//

    If anything, it will give them reasons to fuel up a fire that has now stopped burning entirely. Only more assurance to their accusations of you being a coward. But-- are you really? They never bothered to ask. And neither did you spare a second to think.
    Which is where things went wrong. You never spared a second for yourself, to think about your needs, your priorities, your people, your likes, your dislikes, your opinions, your thoughts, and most importantly-
    Just like everybody else, you decided to shut your eyes to their criticism, your ears to their false accusations and eventually your mouth, for your justifications, for being you.
    No you don't have to explain yourself to everybody in the room and no you don't have to go around justifying the reasons for being you, but you've to speak up, when you know the water has started to rise and before it chokes you to death.
    But it's fine, it's totally fine... Go ahead and end it-
    if you still wish to. Just like your corpse, those few good memories and the little rewards, the nicknames, the evenings spent stargazing, those cookies your grandma made for you, the sweater your sister knitted for you, the hope in the eyes of that street dog who waits for that one pat on his head every morning, your favourite playlist.... Gradually, everything, everything will be buried just like they did you.
    And with the rise of a new sun, will they move on.
    And you will be nothing more than the millions of autumn leaves that fall only to fade away.
    I wonder why you rather wouldn't want to be like the tree itself, who does shed when it's the time to, but only to bloom out as a new one.
    Maybe you're stuck inside a dark tunnel of dreadfulness 'now' and you can't seem to be getting nearer to the end of it because it's way too dark,
    but trust me--
    // All the light you cannot see, resides within you//
    And the reason you've been stuck in this tunnel?
    Is because all this while, you've been looking for it, in others.


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    Don't let the feeling of worthlessness make death seem beguiling to your beautiful eyes.

  • amree_the_little_cactus 65w

    She lost her crown
    Its him, who snitched
    By his beguile spray
    When truth ran to her ears
    She hared off to the dark
    But was glowing
    Like a bulb
    even after broken
    Reminding herself
    Her Pain and his gain
    won't last forever
    Her heart mended
    Wounds healed
    And started glowing
    Even brighter
    Like all the lights we cannot see
    Powerful as gamma ray burst
    like one cannot see
    In naked eyes

  • pragya_a_dreamer 65w

    Life has always been ups and downs for me.
    Not only for me but for everyone around me.
    Just like the graphs of interference...
    If constructive, things get added up or
    If destructive, you start losing them...

    But at the end, you are left with what you started...
    Yes your origin(0,0)
    This happens with everyone...
    Believe me every single one...

    Then what is the difference???
    The difference is all about of Karma...
    Yes deeds of your life...
    Rather it be of your past life, present life or after life,
    I don't know...
    But yes only Karma

    Let what over be the fruits of your deed...
    Expected ones or unexpected
    Just go on performing your life...
    And if things get wrong or otherwise
    Do not worry... Just go on

    It's alright to set your sails along the wind..
    Cause not all the storms are yours...

    And above all the light we cannot see...
    It's the Almighty that controls everything...
    Believe me every single thing...

    #lightc #writersbay

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  • pragya_a_dreamer 65w

    I looked up at the sky and asked
    What is the easiest thing to do?
    It replied,
    "It is easier to be a sun because you just have to stay where you are... No changes in you!!!"

    I looked up at the sun and asked
    What is the easiest thing to do?
    It replied,
    "It's easier to be a flower because you don't need to burn yourself with gases everytime to light up others!!"

    I looked up at the flowers and asked
    What is the easiest thing to do?
    It replied,
    "It's easier to be humans because you can easily pluck out things you like!!"

    I looked up to humans and asked
    What's the easiest thing to do?
    They replied,
    "It's easier to be sky and do nothing at all!!!"

    But above all the light we cannot see
    I perceived that the most easiest thing was to betray me...

    #lightc #writersbay

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    The most easiest thing is to betray me...
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  • antheia_ 65w

    #lightc #beguile

    The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.-Robin Sharma.

    The power to conquer your mind lies within yourself.
    Nobody else can do it for you. So take charge of your thoughts & become the master of your mind.

    "All the lights we cannot see" is taken from the title of the book by Anthony Doerr.


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  • love_whispererr 65w

    O love, the August is over now
    the penetrating September is arrived
    The embittered raindrops & your bewitching kisses
    can't give me the August vibes darling.

    That sparrow, sitting on the mango tree
    chirruping or mourning for my seraphic August
    I don't know, but the breezes among
    those leaves can't warble my August song.

    The fragrance of your nuzzle wants to
    abut my soul in this restrained month
    But the heart closes every door and
    perhaps the zephyr is searching the way to touch.

    My enchanting dreams are hammering
    on my submarine cum chaste hopes darling
    And inside the somber cupboard
    the sacks ; full of naked courages, are laughing.

    Those suffocating bullets of these dark days
    always run behind my brown skin
    And the death is sitting on my bed
    Shhhh !!! I'm hiding behind the mattress darling.

    The September never beguile me
    it always snatches my August verses from me
    Can't perceive the lights of August calendar
    and everything blurs, these eyes can't see.

    ©Bidya B.

    #beguile #lightc #dark_september

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  • writermalika 65w

    To everyone who is working hard for success,
    Every drop (of dedication) your drop would be the drop which will drop you!
    Don't drop just because there is a comma!
    Always remember, comma is extension of full-stop. So, if you think it's taking time for you to reach your goal, keep working for it. It's not the end, it's just a resting phase for you to rehearse more!!
    Some places have power to pull out the strongest and deepest feelings from you and make you free from all bondages your mind is trapped in. Such places have power to calm uniform down in your deepest sorrows and liveliest anxiety!

    #lightc @writersbay @sapna2019 @ovais43 @writersnetwork @thewordplayer #writerscommunity #writers #writersnetwork #writersbay #writermalika #challenge #writerscommunity
    Picture credit: The owner of the account

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    || Light inside you ||

    All the lights we cannot see
    Is hidden deep under the sea
    Steering on your triumph spree
    Anticipating your perfect glee

  • the_speccy_outsider 65w

    All the light we cannot see
    Draped under a rug
    That is weaved with pretence
    Of sheer darkness

    Beguiling one with lust
    Or temptation
    To devour a valuable fruit
    That might not be pious

    But it depends on us
    Whether to be trapped
    Amidst the rug
    Or to shed it off

    And give light
    A chance
    To shine
    For eternity


    #beguile #lightc

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  • harshad09 65w

    Imperfections and impurities
    are to every human life
    Just as branches and leaves
    are to some lush green tree
    Beguiled by mystic mirages
    of fascinated perfection
    Magnetized by the darkness
    of hoodwinked sapience
    We get allured by those stratagem strolls
    And keep walking in the dark ,
    unknowably , searching for
    All The Light We Cannot See ....


    #beguile #lightc

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