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  • husnachikwela 1w


    First I should thanks and congaturates #wod and #miraquill on how they have remember the importance of lighthouse.

    At now lighthouse since it have being foundaout it have decrease some problems and be aware at our home and outside of home Like in the office and else where.

  • andthen 10w

    Setting Songs

    Some people are shaped like light houses
    The passage to safe harbor or a warning
    Left from a by gone age
    Left for the seabound

    There is nothing to find here
    Your ship spear itself upon spires of rock
    Do not hide here
    The storm will chance you better
    Than this harbor

    We sail by them, in our motorboats and sunhats,
    And wonder at their majesty
    As they try and tell anyone who would look a little closer
    That the sea has no mercy for us
    We're alone in it's hold without eachother


  • hota_sia 12w


    Innocence adds up a charm to her beauty.
    Her softness will pour love to that's dirty.
    Aligning to her smile leaves baffled even the rivals,
    Her clutches could make you rise from the falls.
    Diving into her pure cosmos could tear up your flaws,
    Without her, your soul would weep for a loss.
    Her unjewelled look isn't a bother but your despair,
    Her unworthy rage is her void heart for your care.
    Her tender tears gets polluted with your ill words,
    Your shadow is just what she needs when in curse.

  • nevermoreending 17w

    The Lighthouse

    Tried and true. A Guardian above.


  • hota_sia 19w

    My self-esteem is much greater,calmer and serener than their slander and ego.

  • hota_sia 19w


    No, I don't believe in soulmates.
    Whenever you pass through my breathe,
    leaving aside you isn't a feat?
    Slowly splicing all my scattered senses,
    Pushing me out of those biased fences.
    Providing me a shelter underneath you,
    whenever my tears trickle down in flow.
    And when this strange,wild world shows his shoe,
    You're the one Mumma, who's gonna say"l love you”.

    Nalayak Beti:)

  • hota_sia 21w

    My Beautiful Evening

    Along with the rhythmic stream,
    Gazing at the elegance of every kind
    of trees questioning me what I dream.
    Tuning with the soothing warble of birds,
    Walking on the lucid straight road,
    Is that me who's loved the most?
    I said with a smile so broad.
    Oh yes! It's leading ahead forward
    splitting up the tiny greeny grass.
    Ending up the path,turning back my feet,
    heading towards the home again,
    leaving back my tears in vain.

  • akshay_vasu 28w

    Stop turning every battle of others into yours. Sometimes, amidst all the wars, all you need to become is the lighthouse, not the sword.

    - Akshay Vasu

  • jaysri_writes 29w

    My mother is my inspiration
    My mother is my strength
    My mother is my backbone
    My mother is my living lighthouse
    My mother is everything for me
    Happy Mother's Day

  • bonitasarahbabu 29w

    PC: psiloveyou.xyz

    A woman I have never met,
    But I know her through Mirakee.
    At first, I was nervous,
    Because her prose took me to far away lands.
    Her words were powerful,
    And they were a source of absolute joy.
    Today, I consider her my best friend,
    And she know many of my deepest secrets.
    With her I find no judgement,
    She provides support and encouragement galore.
    In my darkest nights,
    Her light is what brings me safe to shore.
    She is the light at the end of the tunnel,
    And thankfully the light is not that of a train.
    Thank you for my peace,
    And you are gift from God and the Universe above.


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  • joybirdpoetry 29w

    #lighthouse #mirakee #writersbay #writersnetwork This is the Fraser Island lighthouse off the coast of Queensland, Australia

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    If I find my soul wrecked
    on the reef of life's hurts
    I will search for the light
    that leads me to your door.


  • panda_queen 29w

    Sun gleaming through tall canopies
    Mist basked grass wet on my toes,
    Warmth creeps into my skin
    The aching cold long forgotten:
    Morrows are untold lighthouses
    Or so say the rustling leaves.


  • chasing_the_serene 29w

    The lighthouse

    We are alive...
    Living healthy and happily
    Isn't that much enough..
    To be wanting for more and striving for it...
    Yet we choose to ignore that what's given and feel devastated towards that what we don't have..
    That day looking at a stranger in a completely helpless situation made me realise.. How hopelessly stupid I was and how trivial my worries were...
    That person that smiled through it all as there was nothing he could do about it shone bright as if he had a halo surrounding him...
    Yup I wasn't shown how or where to lead to find my peace...but I could learn one thing.. How to look towards the light...

  • hota_sia 29w

    What's bad for others may not necessarily be bad for you; even the bad can help pour the good in you.

  • tuiethetweety 29w


    Time is something for me,
    that never ceased to teach
    harsh reality to me,as passing.
    past was the beginning of the
    enlightenment that i learnt.
    through hardships,setbacks,
    bad phases,worrysome things.
    Both poverty and prosperity.
    Time also healed my pains.
    present situation silently shows
    glimpse of hopeful new starting.
    Currently passing time whispers,
    in my ears,there's good things
    coming all the way to me finally.
    Auspicious moments are on their
    way,which i long awaited,eagerly.
    Future is about to be precious.
    Golden times are going to knock
    the door of my destiny with shiny
    Bright light emitting from within.
    Time therefore is the lighthouse,
    for me,time acted as something
    throwing light to my thoughts
    over life and many other factors.
    Time is and always will be the
    lighthouse for me with all mightily
    glorious,priceless golden ray emitting
    only positivety,hopes and achievements.

  • naomi2000 29w

    What is love ?

    Is love a lighthouse ?
    Is it a jewel that shines, dispelling all darkness ?
    Is it more precious than emeralds and dearer than fine opals ?
    I heard, it is what is,
    When all of the world's beauty is gone.
    I heard,
    Endurance is this gift's name.
    I heard,
    It is sometimes called, "mine only treasure",
    "Mine only sweet jewel.
    Is it true,
    That gifts given by he who has love in his eyes,
    Stand, a reminder as,
    Of times happier ?

  • surabhig 29w

    Some of the best things,
    acted as lighthouse for me,
    Which helped me sail,
    Through this ocean,
    Called life.

    Those times when I realized,
    Being available,
    Is different from being a priority.

    Acquaintances at work,
    Are just temporary,
    Once the project is done,
    So is your friendship.

    Those times I waived off,
    Waiting for something,
    And those time,
    I offered willingly,
    Which wasn't valued.

    Those times,
    When I was left alone,
    Those moments,
    When all alone,
    I found a million

    Those times,
    When I expected,
    Someone would bring me a rose,
    And it took me years latter,
    Just to realize,
    That it hardly took me,
    Some seeds, soil and water,
    To grow my own rose on the front.

    It took me years,
    To explain myself,
    Self sufficiency - the foundation of living,
    Is not about education,
    Its about gaining the wisdom,
    Because if,
    Knowledge is learning something new everyday,
    Then wisdom is letting go of something everyday,
    Because give and take,
    Makes life balance and easy going getaway.

    This way TIME
    And my growth,
    Correlating with the same,
    Made a lighthouse for me,
    To carve my journey ahead.


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  • geraldine_mary 29w


    A Living Light House

    A lighthouse is she
    Unites many individuals as we
    She brightens the dark spot in our heart
    Emitting rays of hope seem more of an art

    Whenever in darkness , turn towards her for light
    Every being finds shelter in her might
    Unknown is she of her light
    Illumines others forever bright

    Desires nothing but the joy of others
    Of what material is she built further
    Her own smile she places on others lips
    Artistically her tears silently she sips

    None has ever been able to measure her might
    In all adversities she's never out of sight
    Ready to take upon herself the turmoil
    Of the family's lamp she's the oil

    Readily she shoulders all responsibilities
    Though unaware of her own abilities
    She stands tall as her family's lighthouse
    Dispels darkness from everyone's lives

    Find her in every home
    She's the center of the family's zone
    She wholehearted unconditionally lives
    And we all live because she lives

    #mirakee Thanks for selecting my post as Editor's Choice

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    A light house is she
    Unites many individuals
    as we
    She brightens the dark
    spot in our heart
    Emitting ray's of hope
    seem more of an art

  • sonu99 29w

    My Lighthouse,My Father

    In the storm of life,
    Amidst the dark abyss
    My guiding light;
    My pole star;
    My firefly;
    My lighthouse;
    Is my father.
    The torchbearer in my life,
    The source of power and strength,
    The glimmering silver lining,
    The beacon of hope,
    To guide me to the shore of safety by letting me to rise above up of all difficulties;
    Is my father.

  • tamanna3 29w

    It's a tough thing to feel a lot, and be unable to write about it. I wonder how much longer I could've gone that way.

    Hoping for things to get well sooner, so this can all be a nightmare we can say we've finally woken up from. Also, hoping everyone's doing well :)

    Here's the 1st of -
    ~1 #existences_T #lighthouse #wod

    And, thank you dearest @writersnetwork ❤️

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    A sinking existence

    Sandbanks of the Brahmaputra call out to me,
    With the peachy horizon gulping wave after wave.
    I've been living between snippets of aftermaths,
    Trifles of their existence still taper my peace.

    Little brothers of faith break hearts in a breath,
    Happiness suspend necks from ceilings of death.
    The air smells putrid and I'm to breathe until end,
    Matters of concern now shake hands with indifference.

    Lines of tomorrow lay distorted like split ends,
    Crows now pity tainted doves flying homeless.
    The town sleeps under beds with broken legs,
    White chocolates look whiter than aprons in diaphoresis.

    Defeated bodies wear plastics, not white robes,
    Pin drop silence of halls darken already dark corridors.
    I'm tired of walking away from cacophony of prayers,
    Hopeless lighthouse sinks like Titanic into the Brahmaputra.